The history of Honda

The history of Honda

Honda is a Japanese multinational corporation operating in a wide range of industrial production and research. Well known in the world for its high-tech cars, motorcycles and other equipment. Honda is the leader in gross production of internal combustion engines – over 1400000000 every year. The whole Honda range.

Honda factory


The first fully self-constructed Honda Model D motorcycle was launched in 1949. In just fifteen years, the Honda Motor Company has grown to become the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer.

Honda model D

The first-born among the cars from Honda was T360 – mini-pickup, which began to be produced in August 1963. In order to reduce the tax was equipped with a small four-cylinder gasoline engine. The first production car from Honda was the S500, a sports car launched in October of the same year.

Honda T360

Honda S500

In 1965, Honda built a two-door commercial van called Honda L700. The first four-door air-cooled sedan, a four-cylinder, gasoline Honda 1300, appeared in 1969. Civic, which appeared in 1972 also had a “younger brother” called Honda Life.

Honda L700

Honda 1300

Honda Cīvis 1972


Over the next few decades, the company has been working to increase the range of models and increase both domestic sales and exports. Honda introduced the successful Acura brand to the American market in 1986 in an attempt to occupy its niche in the range of luxury cars. 1991 – Supercar Honda NSX – the first all-aluminum car with a V-6 variable-phase engine.

Honda NSX

The company has assembly plants in more than 20 countries. Honda, depending on the country, can produce machines designed specifically for the region. A few examples: the latest Honda Odyssey van and Ridgeline pickup truck were designed and manufactured for North America. Another example of exclusive models is the five-door Honda Civic hatchback, sold in Europe.

Honda Odyssey 2002

Honda Ridgeline 2009

Honda strives to apply new technologies in its products, first as additional equipment and then as a standard. Thus, most of the company’s models have anti-block brakes, power steering, and multipoint fuel injection system. This desire to be the first to try new approaches is clearly visible in the designs of the first Japanese luxury car Acura and all-aluminum, with the central engine location, the sports car Honda NSX, which, among other things, uses the original Honda VTEC timing technology.

Honda VTEC

In North America, Civic is the second-largest Japanese manufacturer in terms of continuous operation, only its longstanding rival, Toyota Corolla 2015, has been in production longer.

Honda Civic 2012

Honda produces Civic Hybrid – a hybrid electric car, as well as hybrids Insight and CR-Z. His first Ridgeline pickup truck was named “Truck of the Year” by Motor Trend magazine in 2006. At the same time, the improved Civic also won the “Truck of the Year” prize. Honda Civic Ciwick, the price of which is from 150 t.p., is a compressed version of Civic Ci.

Honda CR-Z 2012

Honda Insight 2012

In 2008, Honda reorganized its global production to meet the increased demand for small cars and hybrids. The company reorganized its American operations to improve production efficiency and increase the yield of finished products. The production of minivans and SUVs was reduced in favor of smaller models.

Honda Jazz 2009

At the moment the company continues to develop dynamically. At the moment, the list of cars produced by the corporation includes about 70 items, and the model plans voiced by Honda extend for several years ahead.

Honda in Russia

Negotiations on the organization of production of Honda machines have been actively conducted in Russia since 2010. Even one of the thirty possible candidates for the establishment of a joint venture, the Irbitsky Motorcycle Plant, was named. However, the project has not yet reached the stage of implementation.

Honda Pilot 2012

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