Honda Pilot 3

Honda Pilot 3
  • Car model: Honda
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

Honda Pilot is a medium size crossover manufactured by Honda. In general, the model has been produced since 2002. After the update, which happened in 2008, the second family of SUV began to be sold in the Russian Federation. But Honda the Pilot of the third generation was presented this year, 2015 at the car show in Chicago.

Restyled SUV is already the third family in the line of cars under a similar name. It is clear that the management has tried to take all measures to avoid the main disadvantages of the car, which appeared for many years of active use of the car. The whole model range is Honda.


The car has received original design, thus loss of the brutality which has successfully changed smooth and dynamical outlines. Update has hit the nose of the car not on the joke. Here Honda Pilot 2015 crossover acquired a radically new bumper, a radiator grille, other appearance and equipment of lighting equipment, including fog lamps. So now it is an angular optics, which has LED stuffing, which encircles the 3rd grille and L-shaped rear LED-lamps.

A confident look is provided by the SUV’s relief bumpers and inflated wheel arches, which can accommodate 18 and even 20 inches of wheels. In addition, at the side of the Honda Pilot 2015, original variations of wheel rims will be installed, which will be available at the company’s showroom. Moreover, you can see the plastic bezel, which stretches from the front of the bumper.

Honda Pilot 3

The back of the car is very attractive to us. It is a good impression of the lamp, which is made in the form of a comma, on the sides. A new, updated luggage compartment door and additional body protection in the form of plastic elements are also available. The ground clearance is 185 millimetres, which should be sufficient considering the condition of our roads.


When you get to the Honda Pilot 2015 crossover salon, you immediately feel that it is not a budget car. The quality of the materials used in the cabin shows the prestige of the car. All details are set very ergonomically. Judging by the feedback from many people, the noise insulation of the cabin has improved significantly.

The interior as a whole has become more modern. The nozzle of the ventilation system changed its shape, a new steering wheel and a new dashboard were installed. The steering wheel has become multifunctional, which hides the speedometer in a digital “window” and analogue sensors of engine speed, fuel level, etc.

Honda Pilot 3 interior

Between them, a 4.2-inch on-board computer display found its place. The gearshift lever moved from the torpedo to its usual place, the central tunnel. Located in the center, the console looks stylish and solid. Decorates its considerable 8-inch screen multimedia system, with support for touch input, to manage what helps the operating system Android. Below, the climate control system and a little archaic tape recorder are located. The finishing material is soft plastic, metal inserts and high-quality leather.

Honda Pilot Salon Photo

From the factory, the updated crossover comes as an 8-seater crossover, but optionally a pair of separate “captain” seats can be installed. The first two rows of seats are heated, and the first row has a ventilation function. The luggage compartment can hold 453 liters, but if necessary, you can easily increase the free space by folding the 3rd and 2nd row of seats, which ultimately provides 3092 liters of free space.


As a powerhouse for the Honda Pilot 2015 crossover, the manufacturer decided to install a gasoline, six-cylinder i-VTEC engine with a volume of 3.5 liters, which is capable of developing 280 horsepower, which is 30 horses more than the younger brother’s. Moreover, the third generation of Honda SUV was based on an improved chassis from its kin, which is also installed in the car Acura MDX 3. Synchronized operation of the power unit with a 6- or nine-speed automatic transmission.

Honda Pilot 3

The car can be equipped with a front wheel drive as well as a four-wheel drive. Manufacturers promise considerable fuel economy, comparing it with the 2nd generation pilot. They have managed to do this, they assure, due to the improved engine, which acquired the option of start/stop and the option of switching off half of the cylinders at low loads.

Moreover, the weight of the vehicle was reduced by 136 kg. Accelerate such a large car, the engine is capable of 192 km/h, and the first hundred is achieved in 9.1 seconds. The declared average fuel consumption was about 15 liters per 100 km.

Complections and prices

The exact price of the Honda Pilot 2015 crossover is still unknown, as the car will go on sale in the Russian Federation at the beginning of 2016 and only with a 3.0-liter PI VTEC engine with a capacity of 249 horsepower. However, it is assumed that it will be about $46903,44 for the basic equipment, which includes leather trim of the cabin, electric adjustment of the front seats with the option of heating, heating and electric drive of all mirrors and audio system with 7 speakers. Complete set of Lifestyle has still stabilization, sensors of light, pressure in the wheels, a rear view camera, cruise control and a system of assistance in moving on the rise.

rear view Honda Pilot 3

The Executive version also includes LED optics, rain sensor, rear and front parktronic, keyless car access and remote engine start, 3-zone climate control, third row seat heating, electrically operated luggage door and Honda Connect multimedia system with touchscreen display support. The top version of Premium will add an electric hatch, 10 loudspeaker audio system, retractable second row passenger monitors and front seat ventilation.

We sum up

In the end, summing up the results of the updated Honda Pilot 2015 crossover, I would like to briefly say that the Japanese have managed to make their SUV even better. Among its advantages are excellent appearance, plenty of free space in the cabin, convenient transformation and rich complete modifications. The interior just attracts attention. The improved engine will allow you to feel confident on any part of the road, when driving up and overtaking. The car will be perfectly suited for family and trips with friends on rest.

Front view Honda Pilot 3

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Honda Pilot 3 2015 photo

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