Honda Civic is a brand-new car, but not for us

Honda Civic is a brand-new car, but not for us

A new family of sedans from Japan was presented at the exhibition in Frankfurt. Honda Civic of the tenth generation was modeled on a completely new modular base, which will gradually be recognized as the basis for many models of Honda, which can include a crossover Honda CR-V 2015.

Despite this, the new Honda Civic will be distinguished by the multilever suspension installed at the rear, while the current cars are equipped with a semi-independent suspension.

Honda Civic

Due to the appearance of a fresh platform, the structure of Honda Civic has changed dramatically. If then the passenger compartment was moved as far forward as possible, which is why the previous Civic had its own recognizable appearance, now it is the opposite.

By the way, the profile of the new Honda Civic looks the same way – the roof lines have got more sloping outlines, and the luggage compartment, the useful space of which has risen by as much as 20%, has decreased. Therefore, from the outside, the car resembles a hatchback.

Photo of Honda Civic

Speaking of the car’s dimensions, the Japanese man has become 50 millimeters wider, but 25 mm lower with its length of about 4.5 meters. The size of the wheelbase has grown to 2.7 mm, increasing by 30 mm, so that the rear passengers will be very comfortable.

Honda Civic Salon

If from the outside Honda Tsivik turned out to be a little out of the ordinary, in the salon, on the contrary, it is quite traditional. Instead of a difficult architectural structure – there was a regular, but well-designed in a sporty style salon. For example, there was a wide central tunnel and a lot of inserts for metal, in matte and shiny design.

It is clear that the new Japanese sedan was presented with a new multimedia system and a lot of technological functions, such as adaptive cruise control and automatic stop before a hindrance.

For Americans, two engines will be produced for Honda Civivivc – an atmospheric, 2.0-liter engine with an output of 150 hp and a turbocharged, 1.5-liter engine, the power of which is still unknown. Two modifications will be delivered with a variator, and 2.0-liter and 6-speed manual transmission.

It will be produced at the American enterprise. A little later, it is planned to produce a coupe as well. 2017 heralds the appearance of a hatchback. However, none of the models is likely to reach Russian consumers.

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