Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si
  • Car model: Honda
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 1999 – 2015
  • Body Type: Hatchback, Sedan, Coupe

Honda Civic Si is a compressed version of Civic, supplemented with sports functionality, produced by Honda. Literally, Si is translated as Sport Injected or sports-charged. The world saw this innovation, presented by the third generation of Honda Civic cars in Japan and North America.

However, the desires of adherents living in the USA were taken into account in 1999 in the interval of restyled version of Honda Civic of the 6th generation, having made Honda Civic Si, but not as everybody thought in the body of hatchback, but with a two-door coupe and B16 DOHC VTEC unit. The advantage of this production exceeded all expectations. The whole model range is Honda.


Japanese car from outside looks exactly how Honda Civic of the sixth generation should look. The pronounced headlights are almond-shaped, gentle hood, slightly extended wheel arches and an energetic profile. The basis for the design of Civic C became the coupe in the variation EX, that is, the European similarity – SR. From the outside they have a lot in common, but still there are differences. The elements of aerodynamics are immediately noticeable.

Rear and front aprons, which, in addition to increasing the pressure on the machine, also have an aesthetic function, make the machine more energetic. The aggressiveness of Honda Civic C and the slightly different grille of the false radiator – instead of plastic mesh material – make it easy for the car to breathe. In contrast to brands manufactured for Europe, American Honda Civic does not have repeaters of direction indicators placed on the wings.

Honda Civic Si photo of the car

In everything else, the American variation, without taking into account the petty differences, is similar to the European. Wheel rims, too, are ways to distinguish Honda Civic Si between his brothers – these are 15-inch light alloy rims made by Honda, which were produced in limited edition and were introduced only on the model C.

It is important to note that the Si version came into being during the pull-up of Honda Civic’s 6th line of molds. Essentially, the changes had a cosmetic temperament. The main external transformation was a modified bumper placed in front, on which there was room for fog lights, and the air inlet was slightly smaller.

Honda Civic Si car

Moreover, the moldings, together with mirrors, are painted in the body color. Honda Civic Si’s stern has changed only in the compartment – headlights lost their orange color and found an updated red and white. Similar updates were absorbed by Civic C, which appeared in the last year of the twentieth century.

Americans decided to paint the car in three main colors – pearlescent blue, pearlescent black and metallic red. It is worth noting that this car took part in the shooting of a film on a world scale – Forsage (2001). It was used by raiders who robbed trucks.


It is not fair to mention that the internal design of Honda Civic Si has become more revolutionary. If you compare the design of this model with the previous one, called the 5th ruler, you feel pleasant feelings, but no more. It looks more comfortable and ergonomic, and it is felt that you are in a Honda sports car. Differences in the interior are hard to see.

Among them is the name “Si” on the speedometer and the famous “9” at the end of the speed meter instead of the standard 8. Honda has often not set itself the goal of improving the interior until recently. However, without taking this into account, the ergonomics of the interior are excellent.

Interior Honda Civic Si

A clear and distinct dashboard dial, a leather steering wheel and a good side support for armchairs in a group with good gearbox performance make it possible to close your eyes to the grayish plastic Honda Civic. The advantage is the reality of adjusting the height of the front seats, the presence of an armrest for the person sitting in front and the driver, a couple of gloves, door pockets and a couple of cupholders in front.

A convenience includes a smoothing rear seat, which will increase the cargo space. The rear seats can accommodate three people in peace. The Honda Civic C electric package is equipped with electric rear-view mirrors, electric windows and a large electric hatch. In addition, there is a cruise control with air conditioning. Later, the model was supplied with good-quality factory six speakers, CD-player and radio.


The Honda Civic Si was supplied with a 4-cylinder atmospheric engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters and an output of 160 hp. The unit is synchronized with 5-speed mechanics. Restyling also touched the independent suspensions. Now Civic has a reinforced factory suspension. The upper strut is in front and the stabilizer is in the back. Harder springs are also available. Restyled wheels and wheels are now fitted with 15″ light alloy wheels and Michelin tyres.

Powertrain Honda Civic Si

Price and equipment

Buy Honda Civic Si can only used from S2345,25. However, if you want not only to spend money on repairs, you will have to give more.

Photo of Honda Civic Si 2014

We sum up

Honda Civic C was very popular when she was her age. Among its advantages, its power, mobility, quality of management, acceptable appearance and low fuel consumption. The disadvantages include the absence of ABS, insufficient quality of air conditioner in hot conditions, low functionality of interior and comfort. However, this car will remain forever in the memory of many motorists.

2002 Honda Civic Si

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Honda Civic Si photo

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