User Agreement

This user agreement regulates the relationship between the Administration of the Site and users of the site on the use of the site, to post comments on the site and the use of materials located on the site

Please read this Agreement and the rules carefully before using the website (the “Website”). You must comply with the terms and conditions of the Agreement and the rules by accessing this Site, using its content and using any services offered on the Site. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and the rules, you may not use the Site or use its content, any services offered on it, or visit the pages located in the domain zone of the Site.

1. general provisions
1.1 Website is a publicly available information resource for users and operates in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.2 Relationships related to the use of the Website are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and this User Agreement.
1.3 The User Agreement is a public offer. Starting to use the Site, the User automatically joins the User Agreement and fully accepts its terms and conditions.

1.4 The current version of the User Agreement is available at:
1.5 The Website Administration can change the User Agreement at any time at its own discretion.
1.6 If the User does not agree with the User Agreement or its separate terms and conditions, he must stop using the Site and any of its materials.

2. copyright
2.1 Exclusive copyrights to the site, its name, articles and other works placed on the site (except for photos) belong to the Site Administration.
2.2 The Administration of the site has non-exclusive rights to the photos posted on the site. Part of the photos are taken from sources open for free use and used by the Site Administration exclusively for information, non-commercial purposes.
2.3 Any use of articles from the Site, as well as any other materials, including reproduction and distribution by any means, public display, publicity, copying (full and partial), translation, modification, is prohibited without the consent of the copyright holder (Site Administration).
2.4 Quotation of articles is possible in compliance with the conditions specified in paragraph 2.5. User agreement.
2.5 When citing any articles from the Website on the Internet, reference to the original source (subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 of Article 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) in the form of an active reference to the article, not closed by search engines from indexing. When citing articles from the Site in printed publications, reference to the Site is mandatory.

3. Settlement of disputes related to copyright infringement
3.1 The Administration of the Site negatively evaluates the infringement of copyrights on published materials and makes every effort to prevent such infringements on the Site.
3.2 If you are the author or the owner of exclusive rights, including the exclusive right to reproduction, public display, disclosure, and believe that your rights are somehow violated through the use of the Site, we ask you to immediately contact the Administration of the Site by letter in electronic form.
3.3 According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Administration of the Site is ready to consider any disputable issues within the framework of pre-trial (claim or other) settlement procedure.
3.4 For this purpose it is necessary to send to a scanned letter signed by the Owner of the Rights or his authorized representative, in which to specify the following data:
– information about the object of copyright (name of the work or product, document confirming the ownership right or copyright for the image, etc.);
– information about the Owner of the Rights (for a legal entity – full name of the organization, legal address, scan of the document on state registration; for an individual – full name, passport data);
– information about the representative of the Right Holder who signed the letter (full name, position, scan of the power of attorney, for the General Director – scan of the order/protocol of appointment);
– address of the Website page, where the materials are located, the rights to which belong to the Licensor (the link should look like );
– Description of the essence of the violation of rights (why distribution of this information is prohibited by the Rights Holder);
– date, signature;
– Contact details: phone number, e-mail.
3.5 The Website Administration considers the request within the term not exceeding 10 (ten) calendar days. In case if the Administration of the Site recognizes the appeal as reasonable, the corresponding materials will be removed from the Site immediately.

3.6 The Administration of the Site pursues the infringement of its copyrights, including in court.
3.7 If you want to use any works located on the site, you must contact the Administration of the site by e-mail to obtain consent. Otherwise, the use of works will be illegal, and the Site Administration reserves the right to file a claim in the pre-trial settlement of the dispute or in court.

4. Comments on the site
4.1 Users can leave comments on the site. In comments users can express their opinions and distribute any facts, except for those that are prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as paragraph 4.3. User Agreement.
4.2 The user is responsible for the content and form of information contained in the comments. The User guarantees the Administration of the Site that all the information contained in the left comments are reliable.
4.3 User comments are premoderated and published on the website after approval by the Website Administration.
4.4 The Site Administration has the right to delete, edit, change comments at its own discretion without explaining the reasons to the authors of the comments. The Administration removes any comments that do not comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and / or paragraphs 4.5. and 4.6. of this user agreement.
4.5 Comments which contain comments are prohibited on the site:
– insult and slander, dissemination of untrue information,
– information on privacy, personal and family secrets,
– an abnormal vocabulary,
– Extremist statements,
– advertising, commercial offers, links to other Internet sites;
– Spam and trolling.
4.6 Comments that infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties are not allowed.

5. Other provisions
5.1 The User is solely responsible to third parties for its actions related to the use of information from the Website.
5.2 The User agrees that articles on the site are accompanied by advertising. The Administration of the Site does not bear any responsibility and has no obligations in connection with such advertising.
5.3 The User is forbidden to carry out the actions directed on infringement of normal work of the Site.
5.4 The User is warned that the Administration of the Site is not responsible for visiting and using external sites, links to which are posted on the Site.

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