“Urals” that you haven’t seen yet.

“Urals” that you haven’t seen yet.

At the equipment exhibition the Ural plant demonstrated several new versions of the Ural-Next series. The presentation was called “Construction Equipment 2016”. All the participants of the event could see new products, including a car with a methane engine, a special bus for driving in difficult conditions, a tractor and a truck crane. The whole Ural model range.

Ural-Next cargo

Ural-Next photo

Look at this thing! Under the hood – YaMZ-536, there is a hydraulic manipulator. The engineers decided to place gas cylinders behind the cab and a couple more on the frame sparrow. At a pressure of 200 atmospheres it is possible to fill them with 250 cubic meters of fuel. Inside the module there are seats for 6 people, a separate toolbox and a table. The main purpose is to work in difficult conditions, transportation of shift crews.

Bus “Ural-Next”

Ural-Next Auto

The bus performs exactly the same tasks, only designed for a larger number of passengers. The YaMZ-536 is equipped with a capacity of 240 horsepower and a 6×6 wheel configuration. The body is made of a strong metal frame, insulated with heat-insulating material. In order to make the conditions as comfortable as possible, there is a “furnace” with the capacity of 10 kW and a separate heater for 2 kW. In addition, there are two heaters with a total capacity of 8 kilowatts. To prevent the windshield from freezing, there is an electric heating system with the capacity of 700 watts.

Ural-Next tractor

Ural-Next tractor photo

The Ural tractor with 6×6 base and hydraulic manipulator allows to load and unload various large objects (slabs, iron beams), and also to transport them. Here, the engine is more powerful than in the bus – the same YaMZ-536, but with 312 hp. The boom outreach is at least 7 m.

Crane “Ural-Next”

Crane Ural-Next photo

The severe Chelyabinsk crane has an arrow of 21.7 meters. The main purpose of the crane is to handle loads of up to 25,000 kg, including hazardous facilities. Under the hood we find 285-strong YaMZ-536. Transmission is five-speed mechanics, traditional formula of wheels is 6×6.

“Ural Refrigerator”

GAZelle NEXT photo

And even though this vehicle is not a construction site, we couldn’t help but show it. It was also shown at the exhibition. The main feature of the vehicle “Gazelle-Next” is the presence of a built-in refrigerator in the cargo compartment. It allows you to maintain the temperature from -20 to 12 with a plus both hot summer and cold winter.

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