MAZ leaves MAZ-MAN

MAZ leaves MAZ-MAN

Unexpectedly… Belarusian Automobile Plant has decided to leave MAZ-MAN and sells its shares.

Nice start, bad end

In 1998, the companies Lada, MAZ and MAN established a company, which was engaged in the production of trucks. They consisted of Belarusian/German spare parts. At first, the Germans supplied almost all the stuffing: engines and gearboxes, braking systems, some suspension elements, even wheels. The Belarusians took over the axles, power steering.

MAZ-MAN photo

The spare parts ratio has been changing for 18 years. The latest versions of MAZ-MAN are almost entirely Belarusian, but with “Manovian” engines. The shareholding structure was not permanent either. Today the shares of the company are distributed as follows:

  • II&V GmbH – Austrian company, 48.2% shares.
  • MAZ – Belarus, 44.43% shares.
  • Trustbank CJSC – 7.37% shares.

According to Belta, Minskers sell all 44.4% of MAZ-MAN shares. The total cost of the package was estimated at only $1.8 million! Moreover, the Belarusians are ready to make concessions and provide the installment plan to the real client with the possibility of payment within 6 months.

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