Opel Antara

Opel Antara
  • Car model: Opel
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2010
  • Body Type: SUV

Opel Antara is a “classic” SUV from the German manufacturer Adam Opel AG, which is part of the General Motors Group. The car became the first in this model range of the company. The crossover presentation took place in 2005, a new production model was launched in 2007, based on the platform Chevrolet Captiva. In 2011, a new Opel Antara was released. The whole model range is Opel.


From the external point of view, the improved Opel Antara is almost no different from its own “younger brother”. The difference lies only in the slightly modified front and rear light-amplifying technique, fog lights and radiator grille. It turns out that the car has retained its attractiveness and stylishness in appearance and is fully capable of meeting the modern standards of crossovers.

The appearance of Opel Antara is probably one of the strong points of the new SUV. Here, the design staff has tried as it should, having considerably redesigned the crossover, if to compare it with the pre-restyling model.

Front view of Opel Antara

The nose part of the car acquired a modified false grille with a single large and a pair of small chrome bars, which are arranged horizontally. They installed the latest optics with a non-standard shape, which only emphasizes the advantages of the car.

The front bumper turned out to be quite powerful, and did not forget about the crossover protection and standard foggers, made with care, which have a round shape. On the side of the car you can highlight the inflated arches of the wheels, which hide the 17-inch wheels easily alloy, which look quite stylish.

Side view of Opel Antara

You can also see the window sills that are quite high up, the roof rails that found their place on the roof, and the rearview mirrors that also look stylish and have LED turn-around repeaters. Some words deserved air ducts, which are located behind the front wheel arches, making the car more youthful, athletic and dynamic.

The car looks interesting and modern. Visually, it seems as if the car has been blown up, if we compare it with the previous model. Opel Antara Feed provides a successfully assembled luggage compartment door, updated rear bumper and rear optics, which is very stylish. Therefore, if to speak about external moments of a restyled crossover, it has stepped forward.


Everything in the cabin is made to the highest standards. The interior has become even more thoughtful and luxurious. Only high quality materials are used in upholstery and finishing, so, for example, it is worth mentioning the incredibly chic finish of the interior with Light Titanium leather. It is possible to choose a color scheme for the finishing material.

And, of course, Opel Antara has become safer and more comfortable. This is ensured by the electric parking brake, which is activated by means of a button, a sufficient number of airbags, functional belts and repair set of wheels. In spite of the quite solid dimensions, the designers managed to squeeze the maximum out of it, and as wisely as possible to dispose of each centimeter.

Opel Antara interior

The driver’s seat provides a brand new multifunctional steering wheel, which is made in the style of sports cars. It is very comfortable to hold, and all the keys were arranged very cleverly and intuitively. The front panel has modern sensor radii and an on-board computer.

On the console installed in the center, the multimedia system, audio system, climate control unit and a list of other options that are available in the car found its place. In general, there are no questions to the seats installed in front and behind.

The level of cladding is acceptable, assembly and fitting of parts has improved, and side support has become even more confident and pronounced. Ergonomics and free space provide a comfortable ride to any of the 5 people.

Multifunctional steering wheel

For example, the driver’s seat has been made very secure and it has adjustable positions in all available directions, a special small joystick which has found its place to the left of the chair – it is easy to find it. It is interesting that paying attention to the seat, you understand at once that German specialists worked on it, because everything is thought over there in terms of ergonomics of all keys.

To press any button does not require much effort or execution of any acrobatic tricks. The free space between the front seats has been increased due to the absence of handbrake, which also made it possible to install hand luggage. It is worth recognizing that despite all the updates and changes, the interior of Opel Antara is not fundamentally different from the prerestyling model, as claimed by the developers.

Opel Antara front seats

It is clear that the update has been useful, but it has not been completed. The multimedia system on the centre console, a new gear shift lever on a manual transmission machine, was a pleasure to see. The layout of the centre console has changed.

Rear passengers usually feel uncomfortable in parquet flooring because of the small free space for the knees, but in the Opel Antara here very freely! Antara has acquired a new navigation system, which has a display and supports touch-screen input. The car company plans to install them in all subsequent cars. Separately, it is worth mentioning the improved noise insulation of the cabin.

Opel Antara back sofa

As a result, the interior of Opel Antara has plenty of free space at its disposal, without losing a good volume of luggage space. If you don’t lower the backrest of the seats, the trunk provides 420 liters of useful space. If necessary, you can lower the backrests of the rear seats and then the free space will grow to 1,420 liters of free space.

In addition, the loading bay is so even that not all Opel’s competitors have the same loading bay. If plastic was not of the best quality in the past, soft analogues have now been installed. The result on the face – it is silent noise, squeaking, radiation of unpleasant smells.

The comfort inside the car is a responsibility:

  • Power steering;
  • Adjustment of the steering wheel in one plane;
  • Headlight washers;
  • Electric windows drive;
  • Electric drive of mirrors;
  • Electrical adjustment of the driver’s seat;
  • Adjustment of seats of passengers;
  • Heating of mirrors;
  • The conditioner.


Power pack and fuel consumption

Restyled crossover has four variants of power units, a pair of diesel-powered and a pair of petrol-powered ones. The basic car has a gasoline atmosphere, the volume of which is equal to 2.4 liters. This 16-valve engine with a distributed fuel supply system is capable of producing 167 horsepower.

The first hundred of the SUVs reaches the speed limit of 175-185 km/h in 10.3-11 seconds. The average fuel consumption is 9.1-9.3 liters per 100 km in a mixed cycle. The top version of the Opel Antara comes with a V-shaped six-cylinder power pack with a volume of 3.0 liters and is capable of producing 249 horsepower.

Opel Antara engine

With such a strong engine, the machine reaches the first hundred in just 8.6 seconds, with a speed limit of 198 km/h. The average fuel consumption is 10.9 litres in mixed mode. The diesel engine is the only one, but it has two modifications.

The first one has received 163 horses, and the second one has 184 horsepower. The diesel engine has a capacity of 2.2 litres and has a turbocharger and direct Common Rail injection.

The diesel engine allows acceleration to the first hundred in 9.9-10.1 seconds, and the maximum speed is 188-191 km/h. It eats about 6.6-7.8 liters in a combined cycle.


The three-litre engine is only synchronised with the six-band automatic transmission. The 163-horsepower diesel engine is delivered only on “mechanics”, and the 184-horsepower engine received an automatic gearbox. There is also an automatic all-wheel drive system, which includes a multi-disc clutch, which can distribute torque up to 50/50.


The technical part of the upgraded Opel Antara has a Theta trolley, McPherson-style racks at the front and a multilever system at the back.


It is represented here by the rack and pinion type control with integrated hydraulic booster.

Brake system

With regard to the braking system, there are vented disc brakes on the front wheels, ABS option, EBD and other electronic services.


The length of the Opel Antara is 4,596 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,707 mm, a width of 1,850 mm and a height of 1,761 mm. The ground clearance of this crossover is 200 mm, which is, in principle, quite good, because on our roads it can feel more confident. The vehicle weights range from 1,750 to 1,936 kg, depending on which version. Overall dimensions, especially the length, indicate that it meets the requirements of a full SUV.

Opel Antara dimensions


It is already common for Opel vehicles to be equipped with a comprehensive SAFETEC safety system, which can cover various active and passive safety devices and services. With the help of the various functions already included in the standard machine version (ABS, ESP, CBC, ARP, DCS), the restyling model can be proud of its high level of active safety.

And in the event of an unavoidable accident, a complete set of passive safety devices reduces the risk of injury for both the driver and all passengers. The bodywork of the Opel Antara has been made rigid, and its high strength steel occupies 37% of the total weight. This makes it possible to build a safety frame, which is designed to protect the cabin.

SAFETEC security system

In frontal impact, the frame parts, which are mounted longitudinally and transversely, together with the elements built into the wheel arches, redistribute the collision force, taking it away from the passenger compartment in four directions. It turns out that the deformation is reduced to the minimum values.

There is also a load-bearing cross beam, which is made very durable. It can also “eat” the collision force that comes through the front side parts of the metal frame. The front doors have also been reinforced with middle and upper sections, which has a positive effect on overall body strength.

Photo of Opel Antara

The stern was also reinforced by the large side beams and the fuel tank in front of the rear axle. There are specialized box parts in which deformation is programmed. They are integrated into the bodywork at the front and rear.

In low speed collisions, they take all the impact on themselves, reducing the cost of repairing the vehicle. Moreover, the car has a galvanic coating, which is designed to combat areas that are prone to corrosion.

Security systems:

  • Presence of front airbags;
  • The presence of side airbags for the chauffeur and front passenger sitting next to each other that protect the chest and pelvis;
  • Safety shutters mounted on the front and side seats;
  • Three-point seat belts;
  • Presence of belt pretensioners and limiters for front seats only;
  • Height-adjustable head restraints;
  • Presence of an alarm device for unbuckled driver’s and passenger’s seatbelts;
  • Possibility of fastening of children’s seats ISOFIX.

Crash test

Complete sets and prices

The cheapest version of Opel Antara with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine with a six-speed manual gearbox in the Enjoy version will cost from $20,053. Such a car includes front and side airbags, as well as inflatable curtains, ABS, stabilization system, climate control, front and rear power windows, heated front seats, MP3 audio system and wheels designed for 17 inches.

Opel Antara photo car

The cost of the car with the strongest engine, the volume of which is 3.0 liters, which is synchronized with the automatic transmission in the modification of Cosmo will be equal to $ 24 926. In addition to all the above mentioned, this equipment includes xenon head optics with headlight washer, chrome door handles, light alloy wheels for 18 inches, thermal windshield, cruise control, trip computer, parking assistance option, rain sensor and leather interior upholstery.

Comparison with competitors

Due to the fact that the Opel Antara is referred to as a medium sized crossover, its analogue is not so difficult to find. Among the rivals can be distinguished Chevrolet Captiva, Citroen C-Crosser, Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Cherokee, KIA Sorento, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Murano, Nissan Qashqai, Nissan X-Trail, Renault Koleos, Subaru Forester and Toyota Venza.

Tuning Opel Antara

The German crossover turned out to be quite a successful vehicle. This is clearly visible from the feedback about Opel Antara and because the car has been produced for a long time. The model has received balanced characteristics and is available in a large number of configurations, so it can meet the requirements of different customers. However, there is nothing reprehensible to start tuning your car.

Powertrain Tuning

For example, some people use chip tuning or, to put it another way, re-interview the electronic control unit. This is not so hard to do, but many people find this method of changing the characteristics of the engine questionable. To a large extent because it can significantly reduce its motor resource. This does not mean that it is necessary to reject this method, but it is advisable to initially apply a list of additional works.

It is possible to use additional treatment or to replace the piston group at all. Despite the strict quality control of the products, the pistons still receive materials that give them excess weight. Along with this mass, the inertia of moving parts grows. This, in turn, is a loss of power. How can this be eliminated? Remove the casting layer from the pistons and connecting rods and chamfer the skirt edges. It is also possible to install lightweight, extra-strong elements.

Spreader shafts can be replaced

There are companies that provide shafts with a profile that differs from the basic one. By installing such elements, it will be possible to change the phases of the GR, increase the power and torque.

However, it is important to understand that the power itself will not be taken – the driver must prepare himself for changes in gasoline consumption.

After all, the inlet and outlet system can be reconfigured. It will not be enough just to set up a “direct-flow” system, as young drivers like to do. It is important to replace a conventional air filter with a zero resistance device and polish the inlet and outlet manifolds.

Body tuning

The field of development of quality design solutions and bodywork surfaces is one of the most difficult tasks in the automotive industry. If you take this moment without realizing it, you will get only “collective farm tuning”, as it is customary to say now. The market is dotted with a considerable number of specialized studios, which are able to solve the issues of changing the appearance and interior of the car at a professional level.

Opel Antara Tuning

Such companies are able to produce front and rear bumpers, superimposed thresholds and other exterior dodgers that fit well into the exterior of the machine. In addition, many people forget about the internal tuning – installation of other chairs and steering wheel, pulling the interior leather, finishing with wood or alcantara. In addition, there is a wide choice of aerography for non-standard body painting.

Reviews from the owners

Most motorists point out the fair advantages and disadvantages of Opel Antara. Drivers like how the powertrain and transmission function, steering is light and transparent, and the braking system is quite adequate. The four-wheel drive system is connected in time during slippage, and it is easy to feel.

Drivers call the interior cozy and comfortable, the seat of the passenger sitting in front can be folded into a table. A little annoying is the on-board computer with an antediluvian display in the style of the nineties, the multimedia and navigation system works hard, so some advise to replace it with any other (Android).

For the seats installed behind, the heating function is not enough. The volume of the luggage compartment wants the best. The wheels have sensors, so to install another set of disks will not work, it remains only to change the rubber. Slightly rigid suspension does not allow you to feel comfortable on any road. Car owners also note that the car is quite reliable and comfortable, and also has a good equipment, noise isolation and stability.

Efficiency can also be called the advantage of the model. If you type in Internet Opel Antara reviews of the owners, then more Germans will be praised than blamed, so the crossover turned out to be really successful. You can watch the Opel Antara test and see for yourself. In our article you can express your opinion about this German car.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Slightly improved appearance of the car;
  • Acceptable ground clearance for crossover or parquet flooring;
  • Pretty priemistye power units;
  • Not strongly the big expense of fuel;
  • Good dynamics;
  • The improved interior;
  • A lot of free space;
  • Pretty big luggage compartment;
  • Presence of the touch screen display;
  • A good complete set;
  • Level of safety;
  • Good marks, based on the crash-test;
  • The second generation of the model has become much better, more modern and more pleasant;
  • Improved newest front optics;
  • More expensive materials were used for interior finishing;
  • The quality of assembly at the same high level, as befits German cars;
  • There is a four-wheel drive system;
  • Comfortable steering wheel with buttons of different car systems control on it;
  • Good and rich equipment;
  • Many modern systems, allowing the driver to be less distracted from the control of the machine.

Cons of a car

  • Not much of a change in appearance;
  • Unfinished restyling (because little has changed);
  • Weak powertrains, as for off-road vehicles;
  • The second generation is much more expensive than the previous releases;
  • The luggage compartment could have been done a little more;
  • The car is still far from being a real SUV, rather a city car.

We sum up

In the end, I would like to say that despite the fact that the Opel Antara crossover has been restyled on a small scale, the German specialists have worked for fame. And we all know that the Germans are among the best designers and engineers, especially in the automotive industry. It was nice to see the appearance of a color screen with support for touch input and navigation system.

There is, though not a record, but, nevertheless, a choice of power units that can operate both on diesel fuel and gasoline. There is plenty of room for the rear passenger’s legs with his head. 200 mm of ground clearance will help to swallow unevenness and holes with confidence, but still, do not forget that the suspension is not eternal and it is not accustomed to Russian roads.

Opel Antara photo of car

It’s nice that the Germans once again pay a lot of attention to the safety not only of the driver, but also of other passengers and even children. All available safety systems were used for this car. It is suitable for driving both in urban mode and for driving on light off-road roads. What it includes is that you’ll see for yourself when you drive an Opel Antara.

We advise you to read the article: Opel History

Opel Antara photo

Test drive

Video overview

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