Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos
  • Car model: Renault
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2008
  • Body Type: SUV

Renault Koleos is a French car of medium size niche SUV. Just in this car “the French” and “entered” the niche of crossovers (unless you take into account the “raised compact van” Scenic RX4). This car appeared in 2008 and is the flagship of off-road vehicles of the Renault Company. Recently, this car has been positioned as a “premium class representative”. The whole model range is Renault.

Car history

The history of the French car Renault Koleos began in 2008, but the novelty did not become very popular, as for 8 years the French were able to sell only less than 300,000 copies. However, all the situation was corrected by the second generation of Renault Koleos, released in 2016.

Before the release of the last family of this crossover, it has been updated several times, about which you can learn from our article. The car itself is produced at the Busan plant in South Korea. Interestingly, the model is sold under the Samsung brand in the South Korean market.

I generation (2008-2016)

The conceptual version of Koleos was demonstrated in the media back in early 2000. In addition, the concept car was shown in 2006 during the Paris Motor Show. Interestingly, the concept corresponded to almost the entire serial version of the machine. The serial version of the French Renault Koleos was shown during the international automobile show in Geneva in March 2018.

It is noteworthy that two competing models – Citroen C-Crosser and Peugeot 4007 – were demonstrated together with it. In the European countries the car was started to be sold in the summer (August 2008), and Russian buyers were able to test the novelty closer to the autumn of the same year.

Renault Koleos 2008

The company’s management wanted to produce a car that would resist such popular SUV as Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. In addition, the novelty even had to compete with the crossovers Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Tiguan. The front of the “Frenchman” is distinguished by a stylish diffuser.


The Renault Koleos I generation exterior is quite harmonious, where all the elements – the side part, high ground clearance and wide wheel arches – clearly show good off-road characteristics of the car. The front part is very similar to the “Clio”, but in our case, in the exterior of the car there are no avant-garde and controversial elements (which could be noticed in the models of previous families.

There are no bright and aggressive elements. The radiator grille seems to be divided in the middle, where the nameplate of a French company is clearly painted. On the sides of the front of the Renault Wheeler beads can be clearly seen large optic plafonds. The bumper looks nice and does not protrude strongly. On its sides you can see round fog lights.

Renault Koleos I generation

In 2008, Renault Koleos passed Euro-NCAP crash tests and received 5 stars for driver and front passenger protection.

The first-generation side of Renault Koleos has pleasant piercing lines and large glazing. The roof rails are also painted harmoniously. The height of the ground clearance is 206 millimeters. The stern of a French SUV usually looks like that of all “classmates”.

Side view of Renault Koleos IRenault Koleos IRear view of Renault Koleos I

The back is a bit convex. You can see the massive rear window, which has a repeater at the top of which is a stop light. The beveled rear window highlights the dynamic characteristics of this car. Rear lights are also large. The stern of the French crossover Renault Wheeler 1 generation in the lower part of the bumper received a fairly large diffuser.


The inside of Renault Colos 2008 looks “spartan”. Perhaps this is due to the off-road nature of the car. Its creators are sure that they managed to achieve the best (among the rivals) forward review: 31 degrees vertically and 36.3 horizontally. The rear view also pleased – 27.5 degrees.

It is clear that this cannot be called a full-fledged record, but this indicator is quite a worthy result. In addition, this car boasts an unusual height of 946 millimeters. This suggests that the passengers sitting behind will not feel any discomfort, as there is plenty of free space above the head and in the shoulders.

The company’s specialists have devoted a lot of time to the noise insulation of the Renault Koleos salon. Inside this crossover is almost complete silence, which is not disturbed by the sound of asphalt and even off-road.

This is partly due to the multi-layer windshield, a special sub-frame of the powertrain. Also during the production of the car used effective soundproofing materials on the motor shield, in the arches of the wheels and under the floor of the cabin.

Specifications I generation

Renault Koleos 2009 has a “Nissan” gasoline 2.5-liter engine, which develops 171 horsepower. This engine is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission or variable gearbox. This version was equipped with front or all-wheel drive.

In addition, the range had a version with a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine, which gave 150 or 175 horsepower. Specialists of the company synchronized it together with a six-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive system. For the Russian market, a gasoline-powered car was first provided, but later it was possible to purchase diesel-powered cars with front wheel drive.

Interestingly, in the South Korean market this crossover is known as “Samsung QM5”.

As for the speakers, here everything is in order at Renault Koleos I generation. 2.5-liter engine, operating on gasoline, accelerates this SUV to the first hundred only for 9.3 seconds, but it is worth noting that at the start of the engine will have to spin well. It is also interesting that the SUV has a fairly rigid grip. The maximum speed does not exceed 185 kilometers per hour.

Renault Koleos of the first generation

During the ride on steep mountains and sharp stones in the car is used all-wheel drive system (which was partially borrowed from Nissan X-Trail). For the inexperienced driver who wants to overcome obstacles, provided a large number of auxiliary systems (All model, Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control), which help to drive down the hill and go down “without adventure”.

I would also like to mention the angles of entry and exit – 27 and 31 degrees, respectively. It is very interesting that Renault Koleos 1 was checked at first on bad roads of Morocco, in Africa. Unusually, but the car was ready for the African realities and in practice proved its off-road ability. The engineers also approached the issue of safety scrupulously.

Renault Koleos photo car

Judging by the Euro-NCAP crash-tests, Renault Koleos deserved the highest marks, so he could be safely advised for family people. When the car was created, a group of engineers tried to connect the SUV, minivan and sedan. I would like to admit that this time this “hybrid” model turned out to be quite successful.

As of 2008, the basic version (Expression) of the car could be purchased from $13,145. Maximum equipment of this SUV was estimated at $17,113. In 2010, the car was replaced by an updated version, which will be discussed further.

Renault Koleos I Generation Upgrade (2010-2013)

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in the autumn of 2011, the French demonstrated a restyled version of Koleos. The French company set a goal to increase sales in such a saturated and at the same time promising niche of family vehicles for active recreation. This car can hardly be called a full-fledged 2nd family.

To a greater extent it can be called “an attempt to catch up with the outgoing train”. The world society could not estimate not ordinary exterior of the first generation that was reflected in the quantity of sold vehicles. In a company management thought that it is necessary to let out as soon as possible the updated model.

Renault Koleos restyling

It is also interesting that the experts decided not to wait for the chief designer, who has recently moved from Mazda. It is for this reason that some were confident in the release of another restyled version, which happened.

Appearance I restyling

Looking at the improved Renault Wheeler for the first time it is difficult to imagine that the car is capable of conquering the real off-road. Many motorists got used to the idea that the crossover should have a certain brutality and aggressiveness, but the appearance of Koleos, on the contrary, has soft lines, rounded shapes.

Some experts even believe that the updated Renault Koleos 2010 has not received its highlight in appearance. On the one hand, everything in its place, the front part has huge blocks of headlights, a fashionable radiator grille with 3 bars, located horizontally and made of chrome, sculpted bumper, which received a protective ski under the aluminum. On the sides of the front bumper the updated Renault Koleos received round fog lights.

Renault Koleos front view

The side of the French crossover is light and airy. It has a high window sill, folding down to the stern roof in a sporty style with a powerful rear rack, inflated surfaces of doors and wings. In addition, you can notice the beautiful stamping of the profile of the arches of the wheels.

The clearance height of cars with a gasoline engine is 206 millimeters, while for diesel versions it is slightly lower – 188 millimeters. In the wheel arches you can see 17-inch alloy wheels. Optionally, it is also possible to install 18-inch light-alloy rollers.

Side view of Renault Koleos

The color of the bodywork has got different options. The list of colours of enamel possesses except standard white: white metal, silver, ashtray-beige, dark grey, red, orange and black colour. For additional colors will have to pay extra about. The updated crossover stern also attracts with its massive and beautiful compartments of parking lamps.

Also pleases with the correct and large luggage compartment door, neatly cut and compact bumper. It is interesting that separately the front part, side and back look bright and original, but in the overall picture for some reasons are not going to. The answer is obvious: many people are simply accustomed to aggressive and assertive elements of crossovers, so we try to compare everything with the same Nissan X Trail.

Rear view of Koleos

It is necessary to remember, how the new ambiguous appearance of Mitsubishi Outlander 2013 looks, then at once it will become clear that Koleos was not deprived of bright charm and individual features. However because of hastily carried out updating, the French car Renault Koleos 2011 turned out a little impersonal and similar to all modern Asian crossovers together.

Internal part of I restyling

Inside, the renovated Renault Coleus looks unusual. The crossover salon is a pleasant experience with the help of quality finishing materials. These materials are pleasant to the touch (soft plastic, fabric and leather). It is worth noting that the inserts under the carbon fiber on the central console look stylish.

The seats installed in front have unobtrusive side support and heating function, which provides a comfortable and comfortable fit. Maximum equipment Luxe Privilege is equipped with an electric adjustment drive for the driver’s seat. The range of seat settings on the front row allows the driver and passenger to sit comfortably, even over 190 centimetres tall.

Renault Koleos salon

The new Carminat TomTom navigation system makes it easier to navigate the area. This system is only installed as a separate option. But as for the complete electrical package, seat and mirror heating, fog lights, six airbags and a keyless engine start system – all this list is available “in the database”. Again, it is possible to highlight the quality of noise insulation and spherical interior mirror.

The driver is presented with a steering wheel, which has a chubby rim that fits comfortably in his hands. As for the steering column itself, it can be adjusted in height and depth. The panel in front of the driver is equipped with informative devices, which received white backlight and on-board computer, which gives out the data in Russian.

A huge front dashboard with stylish round deflectors of the ventilation system seems to hang over the central console of small dimensions. The latter, by the way, is overloaded with air conditioner control units and music. The music system includes a CD-MP3 recorder with Bluetooth support, as well as six speakers.


The motor start button is not set very conveniently. The same can be said about the button for controlling the modes of operation of the gearbox ALL Mode 4×4-i (very low on the console, and the handle of the gearbox complicates access to them). Despite some hurtful ergonomic mistakes, the owner of Renault Koleos can get used to the controls in a short time. In reality, everything looks simple and intuitive.

The second row of seats no longer provides as much free space for the three passengers as the first one. The space available is minimal above the head, in the shoulders and in front of the knees. The best option is to sit down only for two passengers. The transmission floor tunnel is almost invisible.

Rear sofa Renault Koleos

As for the separate backrest, it can change the angle of inclination. On the second row of the updated Renault Koleos will please the tables installed in the backs of the seats in the first row, armrest, which has cup holders, as well as sun blinds. The whole salon is very rich on various capacities for safety of trifles.

There are compartments with lids in the front door armrests, pockets in the door cards with niches for bottles. It is nice to see the hidden drawers under the back sofa and almost endless glovebox. Luggage compartment of the French car has received quite modest sizes. If Renault Koleos has 5 people sitting in it, it has 450 liters more.

However, if necessary, a second row of seats can be folded together to provide about 1,380 litres of usable space and a flat floor, which is also an advantage. If to speak for possible transformation of the second row cabin – it is simple and easy. The Easy Break technology, which is installed as a separate option, can be noted separately.

If it is necessary to transport loads longer than 2,600 millimetres, the passenger backrest of the front seat can be lowered forward. The rear door has been assembled in 2 parts. Its upper half is made of glass, which can be opened, and the lower half is made in the form of a board, which is able to withstand a load of 200 kilograms.

The technical part of the upgraded Koleos

Speaking of the technical part of the updated crossover Renault Koleos 2010, it is worth saying that the model has received enough ready-made solutions from the “foreign” Nissan X-Trail II. A solid set of power units is available for the European market, which cannot be said about Russia. Motors, which were forced, are not supplied to the territory of Russia, as well as versions with front drive.

For Russians are available only ALL-Mode 4x4i, which received electromagnetic couplings. A gasoline power plant with a capacity of 2.5 liters works with either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a variable speed gearbox. The diesel version has only an automatic transmission. After the update, there is no need to talk about any big jump in dynamics.

Renault Koleos 2012

The gasoline engine helps to reach a mark of 100 kilometers per hour in 10.3 seconds. The variant with a diesel engine requires 12 seconds to reach the first hundred. Koleos steel sub-frames have McPherson’s front and multilever mechanism at the back. It is noteworthy that the suspension turned out to be energy-intensive, so there is no strong swinging.

The French updated 2013 crossover for Russia can be purchased only with a gasoline 2.5-liter 171 hp engine. But the transmission is available with a manual 6-speed or variable speed gearbox and all-wheel drive system.

Updated Renault Koleos

Diesel engines are not available for Russians. The basic version was estimated from $15,129. Machines with a variator cost from $17,977. (Dynamique Confort version). The top version of Luxe Privilege costs at least 19,415 $.

Second generation I restyling (2014-2016)

At the end of 2013, the French could not find anything to replace their “flagship crossover”, and since time does not stand still, changes are required. Therefore, the company Renault has decided to release Renault Koleos, which has already undergone the 2nd restyling. The novelty was debuted in Argentina, where the 6th international auto show in Buenos Aires took place.

Front view of Renault Koleos 2014

This update was the 2nd in a relatively short life of the car, but thanks to it, the car has come close to the new corporate style, which was successfully implemented in 2014, and the rest of the new Renault cars. Unusual, but even the manufacturers themselves admitted that the restyling, which took place in 2011, was hasty and superficial. Perhaps that is why it did not affect the increase in customer demand.

Appearance II restyling

Renault Koleos 2014 was equipped with a new grille and a modified front bumper. These new elements were able to give the French crossover a more aggressive appearance, which, according to some, was very much missed. The color palette of body colors received an additional version of “Ebony Brown”. In addition, Renault Koleos 2014 received stylish chrome plates. The headlights were changed.

The side part is decorated with stylish light-alloy “rollers”, which received the newest look. In all other things, the novelty remained the same, as the overall design version of the car remained intact. Take, for example, the same rear part. Sometimes there is a feeling that the development department was not inspired to revise it.

Renault Koleos photo carRenault Koleos view from behindRenault Koleos side view

The crossover feed seems lost and unfinished. The roof ends with a solid spoiler. For what it is possible to thank the French engineers, it is for the big luggage door which improves practicality and convenience of loading/unloading of luggage.

Rear headlight lamps could be made more as for the “crossover” version. It is worth mentioning the practical and comfortable lower part of the aft door, which can now withstand loads that exceed 200 kilograms.

Salon II restyling

The inside is not equipped with flashy changes. For the sake of justice, previous versions of the vehicle also had a good ergonomics of the front panel and a good layout of the interior in general. The presence of numerous niches and pockets, where you can put various trifles pleases. To make the Renault Koleos salon fresher, Renault’s specialists used new finishing materials, which became better.

Also, the top equipment was equipped with a panoramic hatch with a glazing area of 0.75 sq.m. It is clear that the restyled version of Renault Koleos 2014 simply could not have only cosmetic modifications of the exterior and interior. The new model received a new multimedia system R-Link, which has at its disposal a 7-inch touch screen display that offers much more functions.

The interior of Renault KoleosRenault Koleos SalonThe trunk of the Renault Koleos

It also supports touch control in 26 languages. In addition, the updated version of the crossover is equipped with new technology Blind Spot Warning, which is responsible for monitoring dead zones. The rear camera is synchronized with the parking sensors, and the image with the necessary markings and tips is transmitted to the screen of the multimedia system, which greatly facilitates the work of the owner.

French engineers are also proud of the Easy Estate system, which allows you to fold the rear seats with one easy hand movement. Interestingly, if you fold the rear seats, you get a spacious luggage compartment, which can hold 1,380 liters.

Renault Koleos 2015

The technical side of the updated model remained intact both in the undercarriage and in the chassis and transmission. There are 4 Renault Koleos 2014 options to choose from: Expression, Dynamique, Dynamique Confort and Luxe Privilege. The minimum price starts at $15,145. The basic equipment has a gasoline 2.5-liter engine and a six-speed manual gearbox as well:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Electronic system ABS;
  • Six airbags;
  • Motor start system without a key;
  • Front seat heating option;
  • CD/MP3 player;
  • Fog lamps.

The most expensive version costs from 19 461 $ and has a gasoline 2.5-liter power plant, as well as a variator. Complete set “Lux Privilege” is equipped:

  • Leather salon;
  • Aluminum thresholds;
  • Adaptive biksenonovym head lighting;
  • Electrical adjustments of a driver’s seat;
  • The system which supervises blind zones;
  • Multimedia system of premium class.

Generation II (2016-present)

With the advent of spring 2016 during the Beijing Motor Show, the French company presented the second generation of the Renault Koleos 2016 crossover. The second generation, like the previous versions, is produced in South Korea. This car is a modern all-wheel drive crossover in the Premium class.

The novelty is ready to compete with many successful cars of other manufacturers. If the first generation and its updated versions were based on the same platform with Nissan Qashqai and Nissan X-Trail, the new generation is a “full-size crossover” according to European criteria.

Photo by Renault Koleos II

The new Koleos has turned out to be a rather large car, which has considerably grown in size and position – it is definitely D-SUV. An improved version of the French off-road vehicle Renault Koleos 2 began to sell in the East in the 3rd quarter of 2016. European buyers were able to buy the new truck only in the first months of 2017. The model became available to Russians only in the summer of 2017.


Paying attention to the appearance of 2 families, we can confidently say that these are two completely different cars. The new Renault Koleos 2 has a strict modern optics, which is based on LED filling. In its lower part, it is decorated with modern optics daytime running lights DRL, curved type. The first generation of Koleos had a convex and round front optics, and the DX were not installed at all.

The radiator grille of the new Renault Koleos 2019 has retained its shape, but in terms of size it has “grown”. Its chrome-plated horizontal stripes are decorated with a touch of gracefulness, which gives the “Frenchman” a strong touch. Instead of 3 horizontal strips, the designers’ department has installed 4. But what has not changed, and is unlikely to change in the near future – it is a brand name plate of the company Renault, installed in the central part of the grille.

Front view of Renault Koleos II

The front bumper is equipped with strict features that emphasize the rough, sharp shapes. The first generation had a rounded bumper, and the car was soft and “kind”. The bottom of the bumper on the sides received small LED fog lights. The middle part is reserved for an additional grille, which improves the airflow of the Renault Koleos engine.

The lower part is decorated with a black splitter, similar to the one on the debut version of this machine. The hood of the novelty now looks more massive. The curved shapes from the nameplate stretch out to the windshield itself. Side area Renault Koleos of 2 generations have decided to change very seriously. Now a good old crossover is a thing of the past. The side of the novelty is equipped with strict and modern forms.

Renault Koleos II

The front wings repeat the lines of the headlights to the doors. The front doors of Renault Koleos 2019 have side openings for airflow. The lower part of the machine is accentuated by the bend on the doors, as well as a wide chrome insert. Standard door handles. There is chrome and an opening button, but there is no touch opening.

The lush arches of the wheels contain beautiful wheels that range in size from 17 to 19 inches. As for the roof in the new Renault Koleos 2019, it can have a regular or panoramic shape. Side rails are placed on the roof rails, for attaching an additional trunk or other locks. The clearance height of the car is 210 millimeters, which should be enough for a city crossover.

Photo of Renault Koleos II

The back of Renault Koleos 2019 has also been changed seriously. If earlier there was a rounded optics, now there is a place for strict, oblong optics. The shape of the body became strict and actually eloquently testifies to the solid position of the French SUV. In the upper part, above the glass there is an anti-wing painted in the color of the crossover body.

The stern optics are so stretched out that if there was no Renault emblem, there would probably be no separation. Under the nameplate, the name of the car “Koleos” is written in huge letters. At the base of the rear headlights there was also an LED filling. At the bottom of the rear bumper on the sides is equipped with fog lamps.

Rear view of Renault Koleos II

The lower part of the bumper is highlighted by the black protection and two exhaust system tips. Judging by these tips, the Renault Koleos II generation vehicle is equipped with a serious power plant.

The designers decided to install a black dodger all around the crossover, emphasizing the strict features of the SUV. In the exterior of Renault Koleos of 2 generations you can catch the notes of other Renault cars. For example, there are similar to Talisman, Kadjar, Espace and Megan.

Renault Koleos 2019 LED taillights create a bright and clear 3D contour. It’s almost impossible to confuse this kind of lighting in the dark.


After you get acquainted with the inner part of the French crossover you understand that it is radically different from the first generation. Here there are no materials of low quality finishing, as well as poor workmanship.

The second generation of Renault Koleos 2016 is even equipped with elements for premium cars. Chairs with some elements of door and panel maps may have the following color:

  • Black;
  • White;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Grey;
  • Brown;
  • Creamy.

Interior of Renault Koleos II

When you sit in the driver’s seat, you will notice a 3-spoke steering wheel with the Renault logo in the middle and a set of buttons on the side spokes. Next you can see an absolutely unique dashboard with three deep recesses. The largest recess is centrally located and is a 7″ colour display.

The screen displays speedometer data, engine speed sensor, gear engaged and more. Small recesses located on the sides of the 7-inch Renault Koleos 2019 screen have been placed on the side of the screen to indicate the temperature of the power pack and the fuel level.

Customers are offered Ambient Light’s atmospheric lighting technology, which features five illumination colors to choose from: yellow, green, blue, purple and red.

Steering wheelInstrument panelFlatbed screen

The central console is also equipped with some unusual layout. In the middle is the vertical orientation screen, 8.7 inch diagonal. It displays information from the navigation system, from circular cameras, as well as other important information. In addition, this 8.7-inch screen allows you to control your multimedia system. On the edges of the screen there are ventilation system deflectors.

Below the huge display there are 2 separate units, one of which is responsible for the controls of the 2-Zone climate system, and the other is equipped with keys for heating the chairs, mirrors and other elements of the vehicle (depending on which equipment is selected). On the sides of the central tunnel to the torpedo rises huge crossbars, limiting the lever of the box and the button “handbrake”.

Front seats Renault KoleosRenault Koleos back sofaPanoramic roof Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos controls are positioned so that the owner can easily reach them without distraction from the road.

Potential customers will enjoy a panoramic roof with an integrated hatch. The chairs have also been changed. In addition to the perforated leather, they are equipped with strong lateral support, optimal stiffness and a wide range of settings. The second row of seats can be triple-seated. There is free space above the head and in the knees.

For rear passengers there are 2 additional USB connectors for charging electronic devices. Seat heating is available as an option. There is also an armrest with 2 cup holders. The volume of luggage compartment has also increased significantly – 538 liters. If necessary, you can remove the rear seats, which will provide 1,690 liters of useful space.

The trunk of the Renault Koleos II

In general, the 2nd generation Renault Koleos salon looks stateful, stylish and practical. Now here pleasant and expensive materials of furnish, a lot of free space, and electric stuffing is executed on the last word of technics.

On board the new model Renault Koleos 2 generation has plenty of space for everyone! The rear seats are available with a record 289 millimeters to the front seats.



The second Renault Koleos 2016 family is available with 3 engines: 2 gasoline-powered and one diesel engine. The list of engines begins with a four-cylinder atmospheric engine, a 2.0-liter power unit with a distributed injection system, a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism and adjustable gas distribution phases. All this allows the engine to produce 144 horsepower and 200 Nm.

Such a motor allows you to accelerate to a speed mark of 100 kilometers per hour in 11.3 seconds. The maximum speed does not exceed 187 kilometers per hour. This unit should consume no more than 7.5 liters of gasoline in a combined cycle for every 100 kilometers.

The “big brother” is a 2.5-liter atmospheric four-cylinder engine, which has a direct “power supply” system, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism and technology to change the phases of gas distribution. Such “engine” generates 171 horsepower and 233 Nm. To accelerate up to the first hundred with such a motor will take 9.8 seconds. The speed limit is 199 kilometres per hour and this 2.5-litre engine consumes about 8.3 litres in mixed mode.

The role of the flagship engine and the only diesel engine in the list of diesel engines was assigned to a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine, which received a turbocharger, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism and direct injection. This allows this option to produce 177 “horses” and as much as 380 Nm of ultimate potential.

Renault Koleos двигатель

Within 9.5 seconds the car accelerates to 100 km/h and the maximum speed is 201 km/h. It “eats” such a unit not more than 5.8 liters in mixed mode.


The only link between the engine and the wheels is the CVT X-Tronic, which features an adaptive control algorithm. Its features include speed and the ability to save fuel. Thanks to the latest developments, it has been possible to change the gear ratio infinitely or to simulate an automatic gearbox with 7 gears.

The owner decides for himself what to choose, taking into account the driving style and driving mode. The car also has all-wheel drive transmission All Mode 4×4-I, which received a multi-disc clutch. This clutch, depending on the road conditions, can transmit up to 50 percent of torque to the rear wheels.

Three four-wheel drive modes are available: 2WD, AUTO and LOCK. The first 2WD mode is designed for dry travel. The torque is transmitted to the front wheels, saving fuel. In Auto mode, the grip quality is analyzed and the best possible torque between the 2 axles of the vehicle is calculated using sensors.

When necessary, the rear wheels can handle up to 50 percent of the torque. A third Lock mode is recommended when driving in mud, stony or sandy terrain. Then the distribution of torque ensures that the car has the maximum level of off-road capability and optimal handling.

Running gear

Renault Koleos 2019 is based on the Renault Nissan alliance’s CMF-C/D modular platform, which features an independent design based on McPherson’s front tines and multilever suspension on the rear wheels.

The French crossover has a rack and pinion steering system and an electric power steering system with variable gear ratio. The second-generation Renault Koleos brake system is represented by disc brakes, which are complemented by a list of modern electronic assistants.


During the development of the second generation of Renault Koleos 2017, much attention was paid to the issue of safety and driver assistance. For example, an intelligent parking system was introduced, which helps the car owner during any way of setting up the car. There is also an ESP system responsible for course stability. It provides control over the car in any situation.

With the help of high beam auto-switching at the entrance to a settlement, oncoming traffic or when driving behind a car, this technology automatically switches the headlights to the dipped beam mode. This system does not dazzle road users.

Since Koleos is positioned as a modern crossover, it is equipped with inline control. This system controls the location of the car in the selected lane. When the car leaves the lane and the turn signal has not been activated, the vehicle gives a signal. The Renault Koleos 2019 is also equipped with a blind spot monitor that monitors areas that are not visible to the owner, followed by a warning to the driver about the situation.

Airbags and safety shutters were also needed to ensure a high level of protection for people inside the vehicle during the accident. Koleos is equipped with the ERA-GLONASS system, a two-way response system during the crash. The device makes a call to the navigation center of the system, after which rescuers, firefighters, traffic police and ambulance are to arrive.

Also it is possible to mention a multimedia complex Renault R-link, having audio system Bose. The French have not forgotten about the active “cruise”, able to recognize obstacles. By means of the central display on which the picture from circular cameras is broadcasted, it is easier for the owner to understand a situation around his vehicle.

Top-end equipment has a winter package, which has heated windshield, steering wheel, as well as seats on the first and second row. It is clear that the leader in the field of security – Volvo – is far away from the French, but there is everything necessary to protect passengers.

Complete sets and prices

Russians can buy a new second-generation Renault Koleos in 2 sets: Executive and Premium. The basic version of the Executive is available from 27 624 $. Under the hood there is a 2.0-liter petrol engine installed. However, it is very difficult to call this version basic, because it has:

  • Six airbags;
  • Dual-zone climate control;
  • 7-inch entertainment system display;
  • Electronic systems ESP, ABS;
  • Heating of mirrors, windshield and seats installed in front;
  • The back chamber;
  • Cruise control;
  • 18-inch “rollers”;
  • LED optics;
  • Possibility to start the engine with the help of a key, and also other things.

The top version is equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. For such a variant it is necessary to pay from 31 183 $. But for the diesel version – 33 606 $. Complete set Premium received:

  • Leather interior trim;
  • Electrically adjustable front seats;
  • 7-inch infotainment system display;
  • LED headlights;
  • Light and rain sensors;
  • The system of tracking the “blind” zones and other.

Comparison with competitors

The main competitors are Skoda Kodiaq and Nissan X-Trail. The Czech-German crossover has a wider range of models and accessories, so you can “pick up” the machine for your needs and finances. Although the comparable version has a powerful diesel engine, automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, a large display in the cabin, “good” music system, as well as LED headlights.

Probably, it will be more expensive than the French crossover. And here “relative” in the person of Nissan, possesses spaciousness and comfort, a wide choice of power units, transmissions, types of a drive, tempting prices. It is necessary to add that engineers have thought over the given model well in terms of arrangement, and also luggage compartment. But it would be desirable to notice that the Japanese crossover does not look so spectacular outside and inside.

In addition, even after the next update, it has not acquired a bundle of “powerful diesel engine + automatic box + four-wheel drive system”. Other rivals, which are actually quite a few, can include Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Tucson, KIA Sorento, Mazda CX-5, as well as Toyota RAV4. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as distinctive features, so you should choose from your preferences.

Reviews from the owners

Reviews of Renault Koleos owners make it clear that the car looks beautiful, modern, stateful. Owners of Renault Koleos note high level of comfort, good height of road clearance, plenty of free space inside the car. The crossover turned out quiet, comfortable. Drivers write that in the city, fuel consumption increases to 9 liters. Feedback from the owners of the new Renault Koleos is mainly positive.

Drivers praise the batteries, running gear, as well as unpretentious power unit. Separately, it is necessary to allocate a good headlight. Inside the car Renault Koleos 2019 there are many niches, compartments for various trifles. The high level of safety is pleasant. The system of full drive really helps, allowing to pass even where other cars simply will not pass.

Despite the large size and considerable weight, the car has a good braking system that allows you to feel confident even in winter. As the car has good cross-country ability, owners of Renault Koleos often go fishing on it. Many people praise the car for the tailgate of the luggage compartment, which is very practical. The Bose music system is above all praise. Reliability of Renault Koleos is at the height.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Solid equipment (even basic equipment);
  • Low fuel consumption in combined mode;
  • There is a button Start/Stop;
  • Easy start of the engine;
  • Not bad dynamic indicators;
  • Well working climate control;
  • Reliable variator;
  • Nice, stylish exterior and interior design;
  • Soft running on almost any surface;
  • Good noise insulation;
  • Massive, informative display in the cabin;
  • High-quality optics;
  • High ground clearance;
  • System of a full drive;
  • Reliable diesel engines;
  • A lot of a free place in salon;
  • The big and functional trunk;
  • High level of safety;
  • There is a winter package.

Cons of a car

  • Bad view through the back window;
  • Front seats are a little short;
  • The rear row is slightly raised, so even the child will be taller than the driver;
  • There is no alternative to the gearbox;
  • Large dimensions.


Summing up the results of the French crossover Renault Koleos 2 generation, there are pleasant impressions. The company finally managed to release a promising crossover with a clear, pleasant appearance, stylish, modern interior, as well as with good technical stuffing. Separately it is possible to mention stylish, actual illumination Koleos, qualitative salon with the massive display which literally at once chains a sight.

Inside the car there is a lot of free space both on the front row and on the second row of seats. There is a small defect – front seats are a little bit short, therefore at long driving it can be a little bit boring. Inside there are a lot of niches, pockets for various trifles. You also want to highlight the large trunk, as well as its ability to transform.

Renault Koleos II 2018

The French take safety seriously, so Renault Koleos 2019 can be safely recommended to families. The technical part is not a problem. Diesel engines have proven their worth. The variator, which here is the only alternative, has also proved itself well.

Now the French company will be able to compete equally or even more with the leading automobile companies. With the release of the second generation, more and more people pay attention to Renault Koleos 2.

We advise you to read the article: History of Renault

Renault Koleos 2 photo

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