Renault Kaptur

Renault Kaptur
  • Car model: Renault
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Body Type: Hatchback

The Renault Kaptur is a front or all-wheel drive SUV in a compact unit that is well suited for use in unusual climatic and road conditions. Interestingly, these conditions are often found in numerous regions of our country. This machine is initially designed for active young people under 35 years of age (although the age limit is not limited in general), who live in the city, but prefer active leisure time.

For Russia, the official presentation of the new product was planned for the end of March 2016 in the Russian capital. A little later (August 21, 2017) the “extreme” version of Renault Capture was presented, which differed in terms of design of appearance and interior, as well as richer basic equipment. The whole model range is Renault.

Car history

Renault Capture French car manufacturer announced at the end of 2012. The new car was presented in the role of a city crossover with a minivan salon and running characteristics of a compact hatchback. An unusual vehicle was presented to the public during the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. In the beginning, this crossover was produced at the Spanish company Renault in Valladolid.

In our country the novelty was officially presented in the innovation cluster “Technopolis Moscow” on March 30, 2016. Since June of the same year it was already possible to officially buy this French crossover in Russia.

Photo by Renault Kaptur

During the development of Renault Kaprtur, the French worked closely with the Russian group of engineers. This was done in order to optimize this car specifically for use in our country, taking into account the specifics of Russia.

The name of this machine comes from the French word “Captur”, which is translated into our language as “capture”.


Renault Kaptur 2018 has a bright and unusual appearance, which distinguishes it from other Renault vehicles. With all this in mind, the colourful appearance is perfectly matched with the excellent off-road parameters. In part, this has been achieved by means of large obstacle angles and a ground clearance height of 205 millimetres.

This makes it easy to cope with bad roads of any quality and even to try yourself off-road. The Frenchman’s brutality is created by dynamic relief lines. The front of the Renault Kaptur 2017-2018 crossover features a powerful bumper, an unusual style radiator grille and large enough optical instruments. The relief bumper has C-shaped strokes of LED running lights. The lower lip serves as a bumper.

Front view of Renault Kaptur

This version of the car is the first of its “classmates” to receive fully LED lighting “Pure Vision”, where there are also dynamic direction indicators.

The side of the French crossover Renault Kaptur 2019 is harmoniously cut. The car achieves its dynamism with the help of a sloping roof with a window sill and elegant punches. To make the appearance of the new model more cheerful should be 16- or 17-inch light alloy wheels, which received a lot of unusual design options.

Side view of Renault Kaptur

The exit and entry corners are as follows: 31 and 20 degrees. It is nice that the model does not cause a negative reaction, as most of the company’s creations. I am also glad that the crossover does not look like anybody else. Of course, there are some features of the “Wheel”, but in the cars of all companies you can see the corporate style, so there is almost nothing to pick on.

It is difficult not to notice the massive bloated wheel arches. From all sides “Frenchman” has placed plastic protection which is essentially raised in the area of doors. At the back of the Renault Kaptur 2018 has LED taillights, slightly advancing on the rear arches. The stern is decorated with a small spoiler mounted on the roof.

Rear view of Renault Kaptur

It’s not clear if it’s obstructing the view with the back glass insignificant. The rear bumper on the left has a small single exhaust port. The body is painted in 2 colors, which significantly distinguishes this crossover from other cars.


The advantages of the Renault Kaptur include a spacious and spacious interior with a sophisticated ergonomic design. The finishes include high-quality materials. The novelty is comfortable and cozy. Inside, five adult passengers of any height and weight can be easily accommodated.

There is a lot of free space in the legs, so those who sit behind will not complain about the front seat backrests. Speaking for the driver’s seat, it turned out to be high, so the degree of visibility at the height. It is also possible to change its position in height and angle of inclination. The Renault Kaptur chair can be adjusted to a person of different sizes using a wide range of settings.

Renault Kaptur interior

More expensive equipment has received the function of heating passenger seats. Doors of wide type and have a comfortable landing. The stiffness of the used plastics is a little upset. On the console you can see the start button of the power plant is already in the standard version, which is very pleasing.

In the spring of 2017, this crossover won the prestigious award of the Grand Prix Driving Contest – “Contribution to Russia”.

All the devices in the cabin are conveniently and intuitively placed, so the new owner will not get used to the crossover for a long time. The upper part of the central console has a 7-inch screen of multimedia system Media Navi, which supports touch input, and the control unit of mirrors, French engineers decided to place on the left door.

Renault Kaptur salon

The “steering wheel” of the car is multifunctional and has control keys of various systems. Despite the convenient distance from the owner, the steering wheel can be adjusted on the angle of inclination. The driver’s eyes of Renault Kaptur 2018 are focused on a stylish and modern dashboard, which has a green backlight.

It features four units: a digital speedometer and engine speed sensor, a fuel level indicator and “on-board computer” information. There is even room for a gearshift indicator, which allows you to choose the best moment to shift to up or down gear.

Inside the new French crossover Renault Kaptur not so many compartments for safety of trifles. It comes down to the fact that even a mobile device simply has nowhere to put it. The European versions of the Kaptur have a box-shaped glove box, which is attached to the fully retractable hinges. Our cars are only equipped with a traditional hinged lid.

Although you can sit in the back three times, the taller passengers will not be as comfortable because of the sloping roof that presses on their heads. The seats in front of you are simple enough, they have no side support, but they have a wide range of settings. The luggage compartment has flat walls and a volume of 387 litres.

Trunk Renault Kaptur

It is possible to remove the backrests of the seats in the proportion of 60/40, but it is not possible to achieve a completely flat floor. The maximum luggage compartment capacity can be increased to 1,200 litres of usable space. The underground space has a spare 16-inch wheel.



The list of engines for Kaptur is borrowed from Duster’s car. The model is powered by four-cylinder gasoline powered atmospheric engines. They have multipoint injection technology, a standard configuration and a 16-valve gas distribution system.

The Renault-Nissan alliance engine acts as the standard engine, with a volume of 1.6 litres and a total of 114 horsepower (156 Nm). In addition, there is a 143-horsepower version (195 Nm), which received a volume of 2.0 liters.

Renault Kaptur engine


Renault Kaptur engines are synchronised with a whole list of gearboxes. The manual 5-speed transmission is suitable for a 1.6-litre powertrain and the 6-speed transmission is suitable for an engine with a capacity of 2.0 litres. The automatic transmission, with 4 operating ranges, is designed for Renault Kaptur all-wheel drive versions.

There is also a variant version of the X-Tronic, which can be either infinitely variable or simulate “gear shifting”. The CVT is offered as an alternative to manual transmissions for vehicles with front wheel drive.

The basic equipment has a front-drive configuration of the French crossover, but optionally it is possible to install a system of plug-in four-wheel drive, where there will be a multi-disc coupling in the rear axle.

Running gear

As a basis for the “Frenchman decided to use the platform “B0” with a lot of improvements. That’s why the French company is asking to call this base “Global Access”. The front wheels have an independent architecture in which McPherson stands are present. Rear wheels can have different design, which depends on the chosen modification.

For example, cars with front-drive configuration are equipped with a semi-independent torsion beam, and cars with all-wheel drive system will get a multilever structure. A rack and pinion steering system with an electric power steering system makes it easy to operate the machine. The braking system has ventilated disc drives in front and drums on the rear wheels, which is complemented by electronic modern technology.


Standard security systems include a coursework system, an electronic valet parking assistant, windscreen heating and more. In fact, based on passenger safety performance, Renault Kaptur 2018 does not lose in anything to the previous Spanish model, and even outperforms it in some respects.

The winning “bonuses” Kaptur gets at least due to all-wheel drive in some modifications. With the help of the system of directional stability, the system controls the behavior of the vehicle in case of loss of traction. This technology is able to brake one or more wheels, helping to keep the crossover on course.

Renault Kaptur ESP

Thanks to the Emergency Braking Upgrade Unit (AFU), the system is able to detect the sudden activation of the brake pedal, which is characteristic for emergency position. Also, an emergency brake booster increases the pressure in the braking system to the limit value, which reduces the braking distance.

The French specialists did not do without the side light function. “Fog lights have been added to the fog lights to significantly improve visibility in dark areas of the road and to help you see an obstacle more quickly during a turn.

Renault Kaptur (AFU)

The Frenchman’s arsenal includes electronics to help with parking. To make manoeuvring in confined spaces easier, this technology can warn of obstacles in the back with several beeps. The picture from the rear camera is shown on the Media Nav display.

Renault Kaptur’s bodywork has been greatly enhanced with the creation of the Renault Kaptur. The vehicle body was designed using Renault’s extensive safety experience. It also has programmed deformation zones. The shape, thickness and stiffness of every part of the body has been optimised to absorb and dissipate the forces of impact.

Renault Kaptur System Easy Park Assist

This in turn protects the owner, passengers and even pedestrians during a possible accident. The Hill Start Assist system makes the driver’s work much easier. This technology can be automatically activated on a slope and hold the vehicle for a few seconds. This is done so that the driver can start driving without risk of muting the engine or rolling backwards.

Complete sets and prices

The new version of the Renault Kaptur is available in three versions: Life, Drive and Style. Interestingly, the novelty is almost no different from its predecessor, in terms of price tag, but more expensive equipment looks very interesting.

Life. So the standard complete set is called. Its minimum price is $14,650. With some improvements this price tag can reach the mark of 15 442 $. Unusually, but the list of options has only a metallic one and the function of heating the seats installed in front. Already “in base” the French crossover possesses:

  • by the coursework stability system;
  • two airbags;
  • starting the motor with the button;
  • onboard computer;
  • electric drive and mirror heating;
  • OEM audio system with Bluetooth, AUX and USB.

Photo of Renault Kaptur

Drive. This is the name of the second equipment of the new Renault Kaptur. This version can hardly be called radically different from the first one. In most cases, there is a more extensive range of technical equipment here. This version has keyless access and cruise control. As a separate option, it can be installed:

  • Parktronic;
  • Navigation system;
  • Rear view camera;
  • Windscreen heating function;
  • Folding exterior mirrors.

As far as the technical part is concerned, it provides a choice of any power plant and drive type. At the minimum it is necessary to give 15 675 $, and the maximum assemblage in a complete set “Drive” will cost 18 468 $.

Renault Kaptur rear view

Style. That’s what the top version of the crossover is called. It differs from its co-platform model in that it already has a leather interior in options, while the Duster already has it included in the price. The given version Renault Kaptur is estimated from 17 692 $. In addition to the mentioned options, the car has:

  • with rain and light sensors;
  • parktronic;
  • fog lights;
  • standard navigation system;
  • 17-inch light-alloy skating rinks.

Renault Kaptur Extreme

This version of the French car was presented in August 2017. From the “simple” Renault Kaptur, the Extreme modification has “designer touches” in appearance and interior, as well as richer basic equipment. Otherwise the car corresponds to its “brother”.

Renault Kaptur Extreme is a front or all-wheel drive compact SUV and the most “sophisticated variant” of the car designed for urban driving and active lifestyle. Renault relies heavily on this limited edition Extreme series.


A special version of the car can be distinguished by its inherent features. Extreme has bumpers painted in body color, their additional protection, as well as mudguards in the arches of the wheels. In addition, a special series has a chrome package, which includes side moldings, overlays on the rear bumper and chrome exhaust system nozzle.

We are glad to see that the Pure Vision LED head optics are fully available. Even ordinary Renault Kaptur headlamps coped well with their tasks, but the new lighting, according to representatives of the French company, increases visibility by 20 percent. The new headlights have taught you how to illuminate corners, and turn signals in a dynamic style will “signal” about the maneuver with a bright ticker line.

Photo of Kaptur ExtremeKaptur Extreme photo carSide view of Kaptur Extreme

Kaptur Extreme

The side of the Renault Kaptur Extreme 2017 has unusual, irregularly shaped exterior mirrors as well as built-in turn signals and the “Extreme” logo on the front fenders. The crossover is equipped with 17-inch light-alloy rollers in brown or black and real steel sill coverings. The rear windows are also tinted.

As for the dimensions of the vehicle, they were not changed, as the update affected only the visual appearance and interior of the vehicle. Interestingly, the company decided to add a new palette of paints created specifically for this modification. There is a presence:

  • Ivory;
  • Brown chestnut;
  • Black Pearl.


In addition to the changes in appearance, a group of designers worked on the interior of the car, which now has a combination of brown leather with black inserts. Thanks to the stylish cream stitching, which complements the picture and perfectly harmonizes with the original braiding of the steering wheel, the owner feels very cozy and comfortable in the car.

Renault Kaptur Extreme has a small armrest between the front seats and a 3-level heated front seats. The driver has a key card, cruise control, rear parking sensors, rear camera and rain and light sensors. It’s nice that the driver’s seat and the seat next to the seated passenger have an excellent profile and are electrically powered.

Interior Kaptur Extreme

There are many ways to set up the landing, but there are questions about the steering wheel settings. The range of the steering angle adjustment may not be sufficient for tall people. What’s more, the hard plastic of the front panel and door cards is a concern. The rear sofa is comfortable for 2 people. The three of us can sit down, but the person sitting in the centre will feel uncomfortable.

The backrest can be folded in any position. There is free space above the head, but I would like to see more of it in the legs. The new Renault Kaptur has received the advanced multimedia system calculated on the 7-inch screen placed in the center of a forward part. The display pleases with a good response to the press, a good “picture” and good functionality.

The display itself had to be turned a few degrees towards the driver to prevent it from glare. Unusually, but the system is not able to perform some tasks. For example, the navigation system cannot lay a route, taking into account congestion on the roads, as it is not friendly with “YandexPetrovka”. With the help of the electrochromic rear-view mirror with the function of automatic darkening, the level of comfort in the dark is increased.

Kaptur Extreme Salon

The designers decided to decorate the climatic block with lunar illumination. Two sun visors have a makeup mirror lighting. The air ducts have an edging, and the thresholds of the stainless steel lining with the name of the modification is Extreme. The luggage compartment is exactly the same size as the “simple” version of Renault Kaptur 2016. Cars with a 1.6-litre engine and front wheel drive are equipped with a full-size spare wheel under the bottom.

Specifications Kaptur Extreme

The technical part of the company decided not to change, so the car is equipped with the same 1.6-liter (114 “horses”) and 2.0-liter (143 “horses”) engines, which received a multipoint “power supply” and 16-valve structure. The lower version is synchronized only with the X-Tronic variator and front wheel drive.

The Renault Kaptur Extreme with 2.0-litre engine has a 6-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. All-wheel drive technology is available, with a multi-disc clutch that connects the rear axle if necessary.

The Renault Kaptur Extreme technical plan is identical to a standard car. The basis for this is the use of the Global Access “trolley”, which has independent McPherson racks at the front. The rear suspension can have a different structure. Front-wheel-drive versions have a semi-independent torsion beam and all-wheel-drive versions have a multilever system.

The basic equipment of a special version of Renault Kaptur has an electric power steering and disk ventilated (front) mechanisms and drum rear devices with support for electronic system ABS and EBD.

Tuning Renault Kaptur

Crossover Renault Kaptur turned out to be quite successful and it was well received by the domestic audience. Restyling version of the machine is produced since 2017. Despite the technical data of the car, most owners tend to tuning Renault Kaptur. Some want to get higher technical indicators of the car. Others, on the other hand, seek to distinguish their vehicle by external tuning.

Salon Tuning

Professional interior modernization is very popular among Renault Kaptur crossovers. Although the car has a pleasant interior, it is devoid of an abundance of decorative overlays, seat trim and other panels. On this basis, some include improvisation and use advanced and unique solutions.

This can include lacing of the inside. Owners of the “Frenchman” decide to sew the chairs into the skin or a combination of them with the use of alcantara. With the help of such works the level of comfort is increased and the prestige of the vehicle is increased. Renault Kaptur’s interior tuning options include the following:

  • Linking chairs to leather or better materials.
  • Replacing the interior cladding (panels, etc.).
  • Works on improvement of noise isolation of the crossover.
  • Modernization of interior lighting.
  • Installation of additional equipment from the list of expensive complete sets.
  • Replacement or modernization of door cards.
  • Installation of a professional multimedia system.

Renault Kaptur tuning salon

There are plenty of options for tuning the inside of Kaptur. But among the most important are improved noise isolation and laced chairs. Such works allow to increase the level of comfort, because the car owners know about the problems of the car with the noise insulation of the arches of the wheels, manifested at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour or more.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the roof. Between the ceiling upholstery and the metal part of the body should be glued another layer of vibration isolation.

Tuning appearance

Improving the appearance of the crossover involves the installation of additional body elements, other “rollers”, chrome pads, modified bumpers, lighting elements, etc. Everything that changes the appearance of the car can be called part of the modernization of the appearance. To the tuning of the appearance of the “Frenchman” refers:

  • Installation of skirts (there are ready-made kits for upgrading bumpers, thresholds and exterior mirrors);
  • Use of door pillar linings (chrome or other colours can be used);
  • Use of other light alloy discs;
  • Replacement of basic lighting and lanterns;
  • Installation of other door handles;
  • Installation of power bumpers (this also includes kangarooks);
  • Installation of overlays on the radiator grille.

Tuning Renault Kaptur

In addition to the above mentioned tuning, colored tinting of the glasses and coloring of the roof in a different color are used. Such solutions allow you to immediately distinguish your vehicle among the usual urban flow.

Engine chip tuning

Such a solution is reasonable, because, for example, a 114-horsepower motor is not enough for almost 2-ton machine. For this reason, Renault Kaptur owners want to improve dynamic data by tuning the engine. The easiest and most effective way is chip tuning. If you choose the right program for the internal combustion engine, you can increase the acceleration by 2-3 seconds.

It is worth noting that at any time you can easily “roll back” everything to the previous firmware. However, some of them do not stop and decide to modify the HBC of the power plant. In this case, you will have to partially disassemble the motor to upgrade its head.

Other upgrades are also available, such as improvements to the suspension, braking and even the Renault Kaptur transmission, through the installation of more reliable gears and shafts. More information can be found on the Internet. The right parts or elements for your crossover can also be ordered there.

Comparison with competitors

The domestic market has an abundance of vehicles, which are representatives of the crossovers division. Among direct “rivals” it is possible to allocate the “brother” Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport, Ford Kuga, Nissan Terrano, Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki Vitara, Kia Sportage, Lifan X60, Skoda Yeti, Opel Mokka, Lada X-Ray and Hyundai Creta.

The list is quite large and each car differs from each other. Any car from this list has its advantages and disadvantages, so which car to choose, you need to decide for each person.

Reviews from the owners

When reviewing the feedback from the owners of Renault Kaptur, it becomes clear that many drivers advise this car. They note the acceptable height of the ground clearance, rich equipment and excellent suspension. Also, the car boasts a pleasant appearance, controllability and reliability.

The chip card essentially raises level of comfort of the French crossover. Many owners call the suspension well adapted for Russian roads. It is necessary to note the acceptable cost for this car and the presence of a full drive system.

On the other hand, owners of Renault Kaptur complain about rather weak power units, as for almost 2-ton car, quality of noise insulation (mainly in the area of wheel arches), problems with gearboxes and lack of adequate armrests and cupholders.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Stylish appearance of the crossover;
  • The presence of LED-lights;
  • Elastic suspension;
  • Acceptable price;
  • High ground clearance;
  • Full drive system;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Pleasant salon;
  • Unusual dashboard;
  • Convenient and pleasant central console;
  • Not bad materials of interior finishing;
  • Security level;
  • Practical and large luggage compartment.

Cons of a car

  • The quality of the Russian assembly is disappointing;
  • The second row of seats is a bit crowded, especially for the third passenger;
  • The display of the multimedia system is a little shining (and asks to turn it a few degrees in the direction of the driver);
  • There are no good armrests;
  • There is not always enough power unit capacity.

We sum up

French crossover Renault Kaptur turned out to be quite good. For our country the company has provided even a little bit other variant, more adapted under the Russian realities. The car has a pleasant and stylish appearance, modern LED-lighting, high ground clearance, powerful wheels and practical rear part. And the stern “Frenchman” has a LED filling, improving the appearance of the novelty.

Inside, the level of ergonomics is pleasing. It is impossible not to notice an unusual and interesting dashboard. The central console has received the convenient and practical colour 7-inch display simplifying management of various services of the car. There is enough space in the cabin, especially in the front row.

Hatchback Renault Kaptur

The seats are not bad and have modest side support. The rear sofa, although designed for three adult passengers, will be comfortable only for two. As the car cannot boast of large dimensions, it is impossible to say that there is enough space on the second row. Luggage compartment has got a good volume, which can be increased by folding the rear seats, but a flat floor will not be achieved.

The all-wheel drive system and high ground clearance allow even difficult road sections and light off-road terrain to pass. The power plant does not always have enough power, but you can not worry about high gasoline consumption. The level of safety is acceptable, and the presence of various electronic systems will allow the owner to feel more confident. The French were able to produce a stylish and functional vehicle, which is worth paying attention to.

We advise you to read the article: History of Renault Company

Renault Kaptur photo

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