Renault Lodgy

Renault Lodgy
  • Car model: Renault
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2012
  • Body Type: Minivan

The Renault Logie is a compact van developed on the Nissan B0 front-engine “bogie”. The car has solid dimensions and can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Towards the end of 2016, the Lodgy underwent modernization, which slightly affected the appearance, the interior and the functional list of the multimedia and entertainment complex. The whole model range of Renault.

History of the car

From the very beginning this car was called Dacia Logan MCV, and its production was engaged in the Romanian company Dacia. It is worth recalling that affordable cars are produced under this brand, which combine an optimal balance of consumer qualities. In addition, the model list of the Romanian company meets the needs of the most diverse representatives of the buying audience.

The lion’s share of customers are family and practical people. Just for such customers Romanian specialists have provided a roomy one-vehicle, called Lodgy. Dacia Lodgy was first released in 2012. The car is a compact van and is labeled on the market as a practical car, focused more on family buyers.

Photo Renault Lodgy

The Renault Lodgy compact van can be five-seat or seven-seat, so it can carry a large family of up to 7 people. Since the Romanian company Dacia is the car division of Renault in Romania, the French decided to expand market opportunities by producing two indirect descendants of the Logan MCV. The new vehicle began to be produced in Morocco, in the city of Tangier.

Some car enthusiasts are wondering, what is the difference between the Lodgy and Largus? There is no essential difference, but the Moroccan model is longer (by 3 cm) and 6 cm higher. The wheelbase is shorter by almost 10 cm and curb weight is 36 kg. In general, the Loggia received an increase in free space in the cabin and luggage compartment.


Turning your attention to the photos of Renault Lodgy 2019, you understand that the car has its own zest. In addition, if we take into account that this is a budget car, the exterior even deserves respect. Renault Lodgy 2018 model year looks much more expressive than its predecessor. Such success the French company has achieved due to the change in the design of the grille and bumper.

The front lacks the massive rhombus embedded in the hood, symbolizing Renault’s new appearance. In addition, the French also installed new exterior mirror housings and new alloy wheels. The side part looks quite modest, but solid. It is also possible to replace the wide molding at the bottom of the doors.

Auto Renault Lodgy

In general, the car stands out from the general flow with the help of a slightly puffy body, as well as faceted optics of the front lighting. The ground clearance height is only 120 millimeters, which is very low for wide use in our country. Later, however, the car was adapted to our roads, so the clearance of the updated car increased to 160 millimeters. In the wheel arches are installed 15- and 16-inch “rollers” of light alloy.

Despite its class and low cost, the French model Renault Lodgy 2019 looks attractive and modern, standing out even in the city stream.

Renault Lodgy rear view

No one can accuse Renault cars, formerly Dacia, of exquisite looks. It so happens that budget cars win over potential buyers with an attractive price tag rather than a beautiful exterior. However, the Renault Loggie has practically become an exception to this rule. It is clear that the car has not lost its asceticism.

We should admit that making an attractive minivan is not an easy task. The back part of the updated Renault Loggie has vertical lights of unusual shape, which catch the eye. It is also possible to highlight the massive door of the luggage compartment, which greatly simplifies the process of loading/unloading things.


When it comes to the interior, then, expectedly, the interior is not surprising. On the other hand, to call it frankly cheap is hardly possible. As in the case of the new Logan, the interior of the updated 2019 Renault Loggie is equipped with rather simple materials, but the design turned out more or less nice. The grayness of the basic plastic engineers decided to dilute the lighter tones. The interior has light inserts on the door cards.

As for the plastic itself, it is rigid and quite thin. During the tapping everything responds a little bit unpleasant sounds. Some experts say that in the future crickets can appear, especially during the low temperatures. But again, we should not forget the low price tag of the car.

Renault Lodgy interior

The interior of the 2019 Renault Lodge does not stand out with design and trim materials, but many people understand why they love the French company’s cars.

The location of the controls is in their usual place. Some nice elements went to the Loggie from the Renault Logan. For example, the French compact has an advanced radio, which has a 7-inch display that supports touchscreen control, a navigation system, which will be only in the maximum version. However, even the average configuration is equipped with quite decent two-speaker version.

There is no car stereo only in the most basic car. Renault Lodge is also available with ESP dynamic stabilization technology, but optional and for all versions. As for the seats, they are a simple type, but quite comfortable – for a couple of hours of driving a day they are enough, but during long journeys the back can get tired.

7-inch display

There is enough headroom for those sitting in the front, both in the legs and under the ceiling. The rack does not interfere with the shoulders. An additional niche for small items on the torpedo was a separate pleasure. The driver’s seat is well-designed. It is possible to adjust a working place comfortably due to a considerable spectrum of settings of armchairs, including the height. The steering wheel also can be adjusted both in height and in flight.

Instead of a microlift there is a traditional spring. “Dashboard”, equipped with a silver edging, allows you to read the necessary information without any problems. It looks laconic, but according to some, it suffers from informativeness. There is enough space on the second row and the floor is flat. Three adult passengers can easily fit together.

Renault Lodgy interior photo

It is difficult to call the seats exemplary (however, as well as the front), but they are not the worst, all in the measure of accessibility. It is a little pity that Renault engineers have provided only 1 cup holder in the center for three passengers, but there are pockets in rear doors, which compensates this problem a little.

The disadvantages also include only 2 sockets to connect chargers. The middle row can be folded down completely and even raised to the front wheels. The third row of seats can be completely removed if necessary.

The third row of seats can be transformed in several ways: simply remove the backs, raise the couch or remove the seats altogether. Sold Renault Lodgy 2019 only in the seven-seat version, the version designed for 5 seats is not provided.

On the third row of seats Renault Lodgy 2019 free space is not that much, but enough, but the landing was not the most comfortable. The reason is the high floor, because of which the knees are too high. But even people who are about 187 centimeters height can settle down there normally and there will be even a reserve of place above head. It is enough for short trips, but there can be problems with long trips.

Nevertheless, there are even headrests on the last two seats. Seven-seater version of Renault Loggia is equipped with 207-liter luggage carrier. Of course, it’s not much, but it can be increased if necessary by folding down the 3rd row of seats. It may take only a couple of minutes to do this. After that, Renault Lodge 2019 trunk volume will be as much as 827 liters of usable space.

Renault Lodgy trunk

But that’s not all – with the second row of seats folded down, the volume grows to 2,617 liters, which is a lot. It is easier to transport heavy things, as the threshold of the luggage compartment is low, the rear door aperture is large, and the door itself rises high enough, which does not interfere with loading/unloading.

The volume of the trunk in the Renault Lodge in the seven-seat version is 207 liters, while in the Largus – 135 liters. It is also interesting that the capacity of the car is also not small – 670 kilograms!



The Renault Logie compact is available with two gasoline and two diesel engines. The petrol list starts with the 1.6-liter L l4 engine (K7M 812), which is capable of generating 85 horsepower. With such specifications Renault Lodgy accelerates to 160 kilometers per hour, and to overcome the speed mark of 100 kilometers per hour, it takes 14.5 seconds.

It consumes from 5.7 to 9.4 liters per every 100 kilometers. Next comes the 1.2-liter, 115-horsepower L l4 TCe (H5Ft 402) powerplant. If under the hood of an updated Renault Loggia installed such a motor, disperse to the first hundred you can already for 10.6 seconds, and the maximum speed increases to 179 kilometers per hour. The engine spends from 5.3 in the city, to 7.3 in the urban area.

The diesel variants include the 1.5-liter version L l4 dCi (K9K 846), which develops 90 “horses”. With this diesel engine Renault Lodge 2019 accelerates to the first hundred in 12.4 seconds, and the maximum speed does not exceed 169 kilometers per hour. This unit consumes about 3.8-5 liters of diesel fuel per hundred, which is a pretty good result.

If it is not enough, you can pay attention to more powerful 1.5-liter, 110-horsepower diesel power unit L l4 dCi (K9K 612). The car with a 1.5-liter engine will spend 11.6 seconds from zero up to the first hundred, and here the maximum speed does not exceed 175 kilometers per hour. This version consumes heavy fuel from 4 to 5.5 liters per every 100 kilometers.


Three transmissions are available for the customer to choose from: 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, and 4-speed automatic. All torque is transmitted only to the front wheels. It is also interesting that the Renault Lodgy is the first French car, which is equipped with a speed limiter.


With a more global inspection, it becomes clear that the car is designed on the basis of Renault B0, which was subjected to significant modernization. In the front there is McPherson suspension, and for the rear wheels French engineers have provided multilever system, which was taken over from the 3-th Kangoo family. In other words, the rear has a semi-independent beam.

The Renault Kango 3/Mercedes Citan has a similar one. The 2019 Renault Lodge car doesn’t notice potholes and bumps even at about 130 kilometers per hour. Longitudinal sway is almost absent, transverse sway too. Speaking in general, the car is perfectly suited to the quality of our roads.

The steering is of the rack-and-pinion type, and is equipped with hydraulic power steering. The turning diameter is 11.10 meters. The braking system is represented by disc brakes with electronic systems ABS, EBD and Brake Assist already in the “base”.


The French compact van also showed itself well during the Euro NCAP tests. In 2019, the 1.5 DCi “Laureate” version was tested by European specialists. The family car Renault Lodgy showed quite acceptable results:

  • An overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars;
  • 77 percent for child protection;
  • 72 percent for adult;
  • 44 percent for pedestrian and 29 percent for active safety.

French company Renault is always concerned about safety on the road and develops comprehensive solutions that take into account all risk factors (external, technical or human). For example, with Electronic Stability Control, your car will always be under control when it temporarily loses grip.

The braking system engages one or more wheels to keep your Renault Logie stable. The model is also equipped with a rear-view camera, remote-controlled central locking, electronic ABS, EBD and Brake Assist, and parking sensors.

Price and packages

The latest version of the French compact van is priced at about 11,200 euros for the base configuration Ambiance, which is equipped with a 1.6-liter, 75 horsepower MPI engine. The most expensive kitting Laureate has got 1.5-liter, DCI engine, developing 110 horsepower. For such performance the French ask 13,900 euros. Renault Lodgy 2019 updated car can be equipped with:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Multifunctional “steering wheel”, which received a leather braid;
  • “Board computer”;
  • A simple multimedia system (MediaNAV), which received a color screen, USB connector and Bluetooth;
  • Rear view camera;
  • Front and rear power windows (on the driver’s door, the power window is equipped with a mode “Auto”);
  • Folding armrest for the driver’s seat;
  • Servo and heated exterior mirrors;
  • Heated front seats;
  • Tip-down tables in the front seat backrests;
  • Navigation system;
  • Light-alloy “rollers”, diagonal 16 inches;
  • Moldings on doors;
  • Roof rails;
  • Central locking with remote control;
  • Electronic systems ABS, EBD and Brake Assist;
  • ECO mode.

New Renault Lodgy


Despite the fact that the French car came out not so long ago and its appearance meets modern criteria, some owners decide on the point upgrades of their car. Some owners of Renault Lodgy install protective films on the sills made of carbon fiber or metal plates on the door sills to protect these elements from damage and dirt.

They also install window deflectors and various grille covers. To improve practicality, some drivers make tuning Renault Lodge with the purchase of door handle pads, as well as door molding. To improve the quality of lighting, you can install additional fog lights or replace the optics with a better quality.

In addition, for those who are fond of long journeys or traveling, the luggage box, which is installed on the roof, is useful. Thanks to it, the usable space in the cabin is preserved and it does not affect the comfort level of the passengers. It also allows you to take a lot more things with you.

Inside, you can buy and install new seat covers, foot mats and luggage compartment mats. Since the noise insulation in the French car leaves much to be desired, you can improve it yourself. Some people make tuning of Renault Lodge, improving the “music” and lighting in the cabin.

Comparison with competitors

The French car has plenty of competitors, so the fight for this class is not serious. Everyone strives to win the respect of the potential buyer. Competitors of Renault Lodgy can include Mazda 5, German Volkswagen Touran, Ford C-Max, Korean Kia Carens, “similar” Renault Logan MCV, Russian car Lada Largus, as well as German Volkswagen Caddy.

Each car has its own advantages, disadvantages, as well as price tags, so it is necessary to choose carefully, taking into account your preferences. For lovers of pragmatism, you can advise German models, although even Korean cars are already almost equally competitive with the leading automakers.

Owners reviews

Judging by the reviews of owners of Renault Loggie, the car stands out for its spacious interior, moderate “fuel appetite”, body design, good dynamics and imputed ground clearance. Considering again the cost the car has turned out good, simple and reliable. It is necessary to mention a huge luggage compartment and maintenance cost. Though the interior as a whole is comfortable, but the most comfortable place is the driver’s one.

Diesel power units are quite economical, but at the same time tractive. The advantages of the drivers include a good running gear, which swallows most of the bumps in the road, as well as an acceptable assembly. But the noise isolation is not ideal. Also the car in CIS costs a lot of money which makes you think about reasonability of purchase or to look at competitors.

But the braking system works well, despite the big car. Some owners of Renault Lodge speak about insufficient air conditioner. During high temperatures in summer the air conditioner may not be able to cope. It is nice that the French paid special attention to the security issue, so the compact van can be safely advised to family people.

The auto is also convenient because it is possible to travel by it, taking into account its trunk and installation of additional box for things, which is installed on rails. Often the French are famous for their reliability and efficiency – Renault Lodgy is no exception.

Pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Acceptable ground clearance height;
  • Large and practical rear luggage compartment door;
  • Roomy and spacious interior;
  • Informative dashboard;
  • Availability of various compartments and niches for the safety of small items;
  • A good degree of safety;
  • 3 rows of seats (the last 2 can be easily removed);
  • Large trunk, which easily turns into a huge luggage compartment;
  • Energy-consuming suspension;
  • Not bad diesel engines;
  • There are electronic systems designed to help the driver on the road;
  • Not a bad price tag;
  • Reliability and ease of maintenance;
  • Low fuel consumption.

Cons of a car

  • Large dimensions;
  • Height of ground clearance could be higher;
  • Floating;
  • Cheap finishing materials;
  • Modest basic equipment;
  • Poor noise isolation;
  • Not the most comfortable seats;
  • Hard and unpleasant plastic;
  • Maneuverability.

Summing up

What can be said in the end? Is the French Renault Lodgy worth its money? Definitely yes. Certainly, it is necessary to close eyes to some shortcomings, for example, not the most convenient seats, inexpensive finishing materials, weak noise isolation and so on. But instead, the potential buyer gets a practical, family car that even allows you to travel.

Renault Loggie has moderate fuel consumption, power-intensive suspension, a spacious interior and a huge trunk. The car can even be used for small business. Regardless of the price tag, the car has a good level of safety, the engines (diesel powertrains) are strong and reliable.

Picture of Renault Lodgy

What’s more, the car is easy to drive and not as costly to operate as some competitors. Practical people with a small budget should definitely pay attention to the updated 2019 Renault Loggie.

We advise you to read the article: History of Renault Company

Renault Lodgy photos

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