Renault Sandero

Renault Sandero
  • Car model: Renault
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2007
  • Body Type: Hatchback

The sub-compact version of the Renault Sandero hatchback is represented by “5-door brother Renaud Logan and shares the front-drive platform with him. However, the official version is an “independent car”, which many people describe as an “inexpensive popular car” – mass, simple and problem-free. The whole model range is Renault.

Car history

The development of this vehicle began in 2005. Since that time, and the history of Renault Sandero began. A couple of years later, a full-fledged production was started at the company named after the great racing driver Afrton Senna in the Brazilian city of Curitiba. Since February 2008, the car began to sell not only in many Brazilian cities, but also in Argentina.

A month later the car was officially presented during the Geneva Motor Show. Just at this moment the whole Europe learned about the model. Time passed and the novelty began to be produced in serial order under the brand name Dacia in Romania, and a year later in South Africa. In the summer of 2009, the cars reached the Ukrainian and Belarusian markets, and at the end of the year the Moscow-based Avtoframos company began producing small-capacity cars.

Фото Dacia Sandero

It is interesting that even the leaders of the famous automobile program “Top Gear” paid attention to this car. They did it in a humorous manner.

The “Frenchman” was launched in our country in the spring of 2010. Then the French company decided to produce a modification of Sandero Stepway, which received an increased clearance and protective cover made of unpainted plastic along the entire border of the body. Totally 2 generations of Renault Sandero were produced.

Sandero Stepway

The second model was released in 2012, and in the summer of 2018 it underwent a “rejuvenation procedure”. Besides, there was also a “charged” version of the five-door hatchback Renault Sandero RS. The sports version was presented in the summer of 2015 during the Buenos Aires car show. It’s a pity, but the car is available only for Latin American countries. The “charged” version differs by the aerodynamic bodywork, sports notes in the cabin and a stronger engine.

Photo of Renault Sandero R.S.Sandero R.S.Front view of Renault Sandero R.S.

Фото Renault Sandero R.S.

I generation (2007-2013)

Exterior I generation

Hatchback Renault Sandero 1 possesses reliable and well-known among the people platform Dacia (Renault) Logan, and also modern tendencies of automobile design. The French company managed to combine the time-tested platform and reasonable price. The hatchback Sandero was based on the abovementioned platform from the four-door Renault Logan – these two cars are standardized by about 70 percent.

The vehicle has common powertrain, transmission and very similar interior design. But the appearance of Renault Sandero of I generation is a little bit more pleasant than the unguarded Logan. Thanks to the spectacular contours, Sandero draws attention to himself and stands out from the crowd. The debut car essentially other smooth lowering lines of a body and new unique optics.

Renault Sandero I

French designers equipped the hood of hatchback with shallow forgings. As for the thresholds and bumpers, they became more relief when comparing the novelty with the famous “Logan”. The height of the ground clearance is 155 millimeters. On the outside, Renault Sandero looks more compactly Logan sedan.

The European market knows this car under the name Dacia. For Russian buyers and some countries of the world the car is called Renault.

Photo of Renault Sandero IRenault Sandero I photo carSide view of Renault Sandero I

Renault Sandero 2007

The nose part of the Renault Sandero 1 generation has a stylish horizontal chrome cover over the radiator grille. Round fog lights are installed at the corners of the front bumper. The side part does not stand out – all elements are typical for standard hatchbacks.

The back of the Frenchman has bright lanterns with an unusual shape and a large luggage compartment door. The door itself received a fairly large rear window, equipped with a wiper.

Interior I generation

The Renault Sandero 2010 salon is equipped with minor changes to the Logan salon. The situation does not change much even in the top version of “Prestige”. The changes include a visor over the dashboard made of soft plastic, an insert on the centre console “under the aluminium”, as well as a silver bezel of ventilation system deflectors.

Specialists have worked on the implementation of the “hand wheel”. More expensive equipment has height adjustments of the steering wheel. Previously, the doors were stamped, but now they have full-fledged, solid, strong handles. It is worth noting that such handles can be found only on the front doors.

Renault Sandero salon

The back row still uses old chicken pockets. The volume of luggage compartment is seriously inferior to “Logan” – 320 liters against 520 liters. However, if necessary, you can remove the backrests of the rear seats, which will increase the volume up to 1 200 liters of useful space.

In two and a half years, from the start of sales in our country, the company Renault was able to sell about 100000 cars of this brand.

Specifications I generation

The technical side of the novelty offers a choice of 2 power units. The list begins with a 1.4-liter petrol engine that develops 75 horsepower. Next comes a more powerful 1.6-liter engine with two options for boosting: 84 and 102 “horses”. If the “junior” engine works only with a 5-speed manual gearbox, the 16-valve 1.6-liter “engine” can be purchased together with a four-speed “machine”.

Renault Sandero I engine

The front wheels of the French hatchback are located on the McPherson suspension with a triangular lever, and the rear wheels have an H-shaped axle with programmable deformation. The rear suspension was connected to vertically arranged shock absorbers and screw type springs. The suspension is resilient and long-stroke, which is well reflected in the quality of ride and is ideal for our roads.

The Renault Sandero I Generation manual transmission is characterised by a robust design and well matched gear ratios. The gears are slightly tight but clearly arranged. The Renault Sandero is optimally equipped:

  • Driver’s airbag;
  • External mirrors in black with mechanical adjustment;
  • Steel fourteen-inch “rollers”;
  • Spare wheel;
  • Rear window heating function and wiper to it.

A hydraulic power steering can also be fitted as an option. The Authentique package was estimated at $5,808 or more. The vehicle in the Prestige version is already equipped:

  • Glasses and side mirrors with electric drive function;
  • Heating of the front adjustable seats;
  • Central lock, adjustable remote control.

II generation (2013-present)

Hatchback B-segment was first presented in the autumn of 2012 at the Paris International Motor Show (but then the model had a Dacia nameplate). The Renault badge was only worn in the summer of 2014. A month later, the car debuted in the Russian version at the car show in Moscow.

And in the summer of 2018, Renault Sandero II survived the restyling, which affected the appearance, interior and technical stuffing. It is impossible to say that the changes are significant, but they are there. The French company has introduced them to make them similar to other machines of the company. The management hopes that the updated version of the hatchback will significantly improve competitiveness in the automotive market.

Exterior II generation

Looks Renault Sandero in a new body for the “niche” and price policy well. It is a pity, but the car does not shine admirers on our roads, therefore similar cars are enough and many to them have simply got used to them. The forward part possesses a little relief hood reduced to a radiator lattice of the small sizes. The latter, in turn, received a chrome jumper and a nameplate from Renault.

In the second generation, Renault Sandero decided to use narrow optics with halogen content. All this provides the hatchback’s “face” with slightly aggressive notes. The large bumper at the bottom is equipped with a massive grille, which already has round fog lights, crowned with a chrome trim.

Renault Sandero II

This combination looks good and successful. The updated Renault Sandero 2018 has neat headlights with C-shaped inserts of daytime running lights made of LEDs, a stylish grille and a tightly knocked down bumper.

The Renault Sandero 2 is launched at 5 assembly sites in 4 countries. Russia is included in this list of countries.

The side side of the car has strongly inflated wheel arches that give the car muscularity. In addition, it is possible to note the compact push-in at the bottom, as well as chrome-plated aluminum on the door handles. The ground clearance is 155 millimetres (under load).

Side view of Renault Sandero II

The side part turned out to be more masculine, which is an advantage for the hatchback, as practice has shown that the fair sex is not very interested in Renault Sandero. Having paid attention to a roof, it becomes clear that sitting behind nurses it is spacious enough, at least, above a head. If not to consider the car close, it is very difficult to understand, cast wheels stand on the car or stamped.

The stamped “rollers” were made to match the cast rims, and then covered with plastic hoods in color. This action of the company’s engineers can be called cunning, because nowhere else has such a thing happened. External mirrors are equipped with repeaters of turns. The stern of new Renault Sandero 2 can brag of a spoiler at the top and rather interesting optics on design.

Photo by Renault Sandero II

As for the rear light stuffing, it’s still halogen. The rear bumper is simple, but accurate. It has small reflectors and black dots of sensors of parktronic. It turns out that the appearance of the restyled Renault Sandero 2 generation is the main change of the “Frenchman”.

The car looks more representative, modern and expensive. Earlier versions had a lot of simplicity in the body elements, which cannot be said about the novelty of 2018. Hatchback allows you to clearly view the common base with the new Renault Logan, and this is what the company from France was trying to achieve.

Interior II generation

The salon of the novelty moved away from the already known Renault Logan. The model has the same dashboard, which looks more presentable, stylish and functional. Simply put, it’s a pleasant one to feel. It is interesting that on scales of the French car designers for not clear reasons have placed a red speckle which drivers are dissatisfied with. It is good that it is noticeable only in the afternoon, as it has not received the backlight.

The seats of the new hatchback moved smoothly away from their “relative”. They were done in the same way. Some owners complain of uncomfortable seats that cause discomfort in the lumbar region during a long trip. It is all the fault that the profile is wrong. The lumbar region has almost no support and the shoulder blades are pulled backwards. Wide-shoulder driver will have a hard time adjusting to the fit, as it will have to slouch.

Interior Renault Sandero

However, such inconveniences make it slightly easier to adjust the driver’s seat in height. The dashboard has a soft plastic for its class. In contrast to what will be chosen in terms of equipment, some elements of the interior can be equipped with chrome and silver plastic. The updated Renault Sandero 2018 received a completely new front panel and seats, another steering multifunctional steering wheel with developed tides in the area of correct grip and a modified dashboard.

The dashboard now has a coolant temperature sensor. It is nice that after restyling of the second generation of Renault Sandero 2018, the hatch of the tank can finally be opened with a lever located next to the driver’s seat. The turntables have been “taught” to flash 3 times when the switch is touched. The specialists of the company have improved the cup holder. The top version of “Style” has a panel made in two-color version.

This applies to ventilation holes, door handles, steering wheel parts and the centre console frame. Once the conversation went beyond the centre console, it is important to note that it also has several variants of appearance. The basic equipment is equipped with a large pocket for different small things, and the equipment has a rich CD changer.

Optionally, you can put in this place 7-inch color display with support for touch control, which received an interface Media Nav. In our territory the function of heating of seats will be very useful, but it concerns the front row. Under the mentioned controls Renault Sandero 2 still looks changeable. At this point it is possible to set the control of the air conditioner or “climate”.

Though the climatic system turned out to be single-zone, however it is necessary to tell in general thanks that for such price list it is available. The second row of seats here is expected to be more compact than in Logan. Wheelbase is reduced by almost 10 centimeters. To have the 3rd headrest inside, you need to buy a car with older equipment. The back of the cabin after the renovation in 2018 received a 12-volt socket.

Renault Sandero интерьер

The third passenger will not be able to sit comfortably in the middle, as a floor transmission tunnel is already installed there. The size of the luggage compartment is the usual 320 useful space. The rear seats can be removed in two unequal sections in the proportion of 60/40, which will increase the capacity to 1 200 liters.

However, it will not be possible to achieve an even floor. The underground niche of the updated Renault Sandero 2018 has a full spare wheel and tools. In the early French models of hatchback the spare wheel was installed under the bottom, which was extremely inconvenient. During the last restyling this defect was corrected, for this special thanks.

Specifications II generation


The second family of French Renault Sandero 2018 is equipped only with atmospheric gasoline four-cylinder engines with a working volume of 1.6 liters. These engines meet environmental standards Euro-5, have a standard architecture, electronically controlled multipoint “power supply”, as well as a system of phase control of gas distribution.

As a basic version, the engine is used with an 8-valve gas distribution system, which produces 82 “horses” and 134 Nm of rotational force. The car with such a motor accelerates up to 163 kilometers per hour, and it takes 13.9 seconds to reach the first hundred. Average gasoline consumption in combined mode is 7.1 liters. In the city cycle, this indicator increases to 9.4 liters, and in the countryside it drops to 5.7 liters for every 100 kilometers.

Renault Sandero II engine

Next comes a more “capable” modification, which received a 16-valve engine, which already produces 102 horsepower and 145 Nm. The French sedan with such an engine is already accelerated to a speed of 100 km/h in 11.9 seconds.

“Maximum” is declared at the mark of 171 kilometers per hour. This 102 hp engine consumes about 8.6 liters. In the city limits “appetite” increases to 11.4 liters, and on the highway decreases to the value of 6.7 liters.

The most powerful version of Renault Sandero 2018 has a 16-valve power unit, developing 113 horsepower and 152 Nm of rotating potential. With it restyled Sandero reaches the first hundred in 10.7 seconds. The maximum speed is set at 177 km/h. In the combined mode, the 113 hp power plant “eats” about 6.6 liters of AI-95. The city line will require 8.5 liters, and after driving to the track, you can fit in 5.6 liters.


Together with 82- and 113-horsepower engines, a 5-speed manual transmission works. For the 102-horsepower atmospheric version a 4-band “automatic” is provided. All torque potential is transferred only to the front wheels.

Running gear

Renault Sandero 2018 is based on the M0 front wheel drive base, which is characterised by a cross-mounted powertrain and the use of high strength steel in the load-bearing body skeleton. Ahead is the independent spring suspension of the McPherson type. The rear wheels have a semi-independent structure, where there is a twisting cross member and hydraulic shock absorbers (on all wheels) with transversely placed stabilizers.

The machine is easy to operate thanks to the rack and pinion steering, which is complemented by a power steering system. The braking system is equipped with ventilated front disc drives and rear drums. The basic equipment of the Renault Sandero 2 generation is already equipped with an electronic ABS assistant.


As the French company aspires to compete successfully in the world automobile market with other competitors, except for pleasant appearance and convenient salon it is very important to introduce into the model advanced systems of safety. And the updated Renault Sandero 2 has everything you need on board. Experts have equipped the novelty with the anti-blocking system with electronic distribution of braking forces (ABS).

All cars of the restyled model have ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD). These technologies improve braking efficiency even on heterogeneous surfaces. Electronics has been taught to apply the maximum braking force automatically, if necessary.

Safety Renault Sandero

In addition, the car has a dynamic car stabilization system (ESP). The technology allows you to prevent. The company has provided 4 airbags (front and side), which significantly increases the level of safety inside the car.

Complete sets and prices

For Russian customers, the French company has provided a restyled hatchback Renault Sandero 2 with three sets: Access, Life and Drive. Initial execution is delivered only with the engine on 82 horsepowers and costs not less than $8 315. In its list enters:

  • One airbag;
  • Electronic systems ABS and EBD;
  • Hydraulic power steering;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • Rear window heating function;
  • Central lock with remote control.

Renault Sandero rear view

The “interim” version of the updated car will be estimated at $9,477. In order to buy a 113-horsepower power plant it will be necessary to pay $917, and for the engine designed for 102 “horses” and automatic box – $1375. The most expensive version costs not less than $10,852. The top version of Renault Sandero 2018 has:

  • Four airbags;
  • Single zone climate control;
  • 15-inch light alloy skating rinks;
  • ESP;
  • Multimedia, 7-inch system;
  • Music system with 4 speakers;
  • Electric windows on all doors;
  • Heating function of seats installed in front;
  • Cruise control;
  • Heating of the windscreen, etc.

Comparison with competitors

The French model competes directly with many cars of this class. However, the direct rivals can be called Korean Kia Rio, KIA Picanto, Datsun mi-DO, domestic LADA Kalina and LADA XRAY. Lovers of pleasant design and innovative solutions will like Korean cars, and those who prefer domestic car manufacturers, can turn to Lada cars. Each car has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should personally choose each one based on your own preferences and interests.

Reviews from the owners

Judging by the feedback from Renault Sandero, it is possible to collect a certain picture about the car. Owners of a hatchback note high road clearance, pleasant appearance and good passability. Also the car has the comprehensible price tag, power-consuming suspension, ease of operation and simplicity of service. Multimedia system with touch control is very pleased with the current owners of Renault Sandero 2018. The pleasant dashboard with white and blue backlight also pleases.

On the other hand, drivers say that they are not comfortable enough, that they have a great appetite for fuel, that there are small breakdowns and bad dynamics (especially with an 82 hp engine). If the front part of the cabin has enough free space, the second row of seats is deprived of it. The chairs are not distinguished by comfort, you get tired quickly. Luggage compartment can not be called roomy, but underneath it there is a full-size spare wheel, which is already pleasing.

Noise insulation suffers. Despite the cheap and hard plastic, in general it is not bad. As for the suspension – it is soft, but at the same time, elastic, so there are no difficulties with overcoming bad roads. In general, the car is worth its money and not bad in terms of price / quality.


Upgrading the Renault Sandero is also quite easy with the necessary equipment. For tuning, car dealers have a solid arsenal of components. Today tuning is rather popular and demanded not only at owners Renault Sandero.

External tuning

Modernization of Renault Sandero frame by own hands is very popular among the owners of this hatchback. Some owners start with hanging of car thresholds by powerful, relief designs. Also it is possible to fix an antiwing on a luggage door, to establish protection in front and behind hatchback, with modernization of a skeleton of bumpers.

The radiator grille can be replaced with a special metal grille, which can be chrome-plated or painted in the color of the vehicle. The best option is to install the same type of grille in the area under the radiator and in front of it. Based on the latest trends it becomes clear that today it is very possible to apply a variety of protective films on the body of the car. Renault Sandero is not an exception.

Renault Sandero tuning

Films can be purchased even online. Some people do not fully paste the body, for example, only the bonnet cover or front bumper elements. It is also possible to install other exhaust pipes with decorative nozzles that give a more stylish appearance. Wind turbines on the side windows of the machine, installation of eyelashes on the lights, etc., should be mentioned.

Salon Tuning

Each driver wants to improve his or her car and surround himself or herself with comfort, which is provided by various modifications or accessories not provided by the manufacturer. Despite the improved 2nd generation hatchback salon, many elements can still be improved. Some Renault Sandero owners buy and install metal sill coverings. There is plenty of choice in the market, so everything rests on the owner’s wallet.

Renault Sandero tuning salon

Don’t forget the rubber mats in the luggage compartment. They preserve the decorative fabric and felt luggage compartment lining and ensure a fresh and neat look.

Chip tuning

If you want to significantly increase the capacity of the power unit, without using its dismantling and disassembly, then chip-tuning will help you. Its essence lies in replacement of “brains” (firmware) in the electronic control unit of internal combustion engine. In addition, there are other types of reprogramming. After such procedures you can significantly reduce fuel consumption or reduce the toxicity of emissions in the system.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice looks.
  • Acceptable ground clearance height.
  • Restyling model has received modern optics.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Nice interior.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not badly assembled interior.
  • Modern multimedia system with 7-inch touch screen display.
  • Good level of security.
  • Complete sets became much richer.
  • Adapted suspension.

Cons of a car

  • Weak dynamics.
  • Ergonomics.
  • High gasoline consumption.
  • Insufficient noise insulation.
  • There is little free space on the second row of seats.
  • Small luggage compartment.
  • Inconvenient seats.

We sum up

Release of the updated version of the French hatchback Renault Sandero II generation took place on time. Specialists were able to refresh the exterior and improve the interior of their machine. Now the car has the general features with the “brothers”. The compact sizes allow to use a car in a city every day.

Potential buyers will be pleased with the installed daytime running lights of LED filling, which are now very popular. Hatchback has a good clearance, acceptable assembly and inexpensive price tag, which bribes some drivers. Inside the car is also slightly refreshed, providing it with an interesting dashboard, a modern 7-inch touch screen multimedia system, placed on the central console.

The quality of the materials used is slightly better and the level of assembly is good. However, the seats are still uncomfortable. If the front part has at least some free space, the three second row passengers will obviously be crowded. The trunk is quite standard, as for this class.

It would be desirable to have more powerful power units, as the fuel “appetite” of the engines is good, and the dynamics suffers. In general, there is a balanced car, which due to its recent update will be able to hold on to the market enough time.

We advise you to read the article: History of Renault Company

Renault Sandero 2 photos

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