Renault Scenic

Renault Scenic
  • Car model: Renault
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 1996
  • Body Type: Minivan

Renault Scenic is a family of 5- or 7-place (Grand) compact vanes, driven by front wheels that carry “crossover elements”. The French car has a bright appearance, spectacular, spacious interior, as well as current technical solutions.

The most important target audience is initiative, mobile people (most often family people with several children), who live in the city and prefer active rest. The car appeared back in 1996. The last fourth generation of the family car was produced in March 2016. The whole model range is Renault.

Machine history

As mentioned above, Renault Scenic has launched the Compactwens division. The car was released in 1996. From the very beginning it was called Megane Scenic, but in 1999 (after the update) the model got “independence”. The compact veneer was designed on the Renault Megane platform.

It is clear that the serial version of the car was not similar to the conceptual version of Renault Scenic, which was presented during the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1991. In 1991, a single-volume truck with a futuristic appearance was a prototype of a family car of the XXI century.

Renault Scenic 1996

However, some elements and technical solutions have found their application in the conveyor version. For example, this can include the use of recyclable materials, the installation of an electronic ABS system, which is combined with an “automatic” box, and so on.

Since then, the five-door car has been replaced by several generations. Today the car is in great demand, mainly in European countries. Every year more than 100,000 Renault Scenic cars are sold in Europe.

I generation (1996-2003)

The first representative of the Renault Scenic I range was presented in 1999. The basis for the new Renault Scenic I compact van The debut family scene was also a popular model – the Renault Megane. This vehicle proved to be a good fit during operation.

It would be desirable to notice that Megane of the subsequent generations too was taken as the basis for the advanced Renault Scenic which characteristics fully suited for minivans. A total of about 2,800,000 Szczyk vehicles were produced until 2003, after which the company started producing the second generation.

Renault Scenic I generation

Interestingly, this car was launched in 1996 and by 2013 more than 4,300,000 Renault Scenic cars had been produced.

After the update in 1999, the car was no longer called Renault Megane Scenic, but simply Renault Scenic. However, the update did not only affect the name. The front area of the vehicle was very different from the Megane hatchback.

Changes were made to the aft lights, and the range of powertrain options was also expanded. The list of engines now included 16-valve engines as well as a new 1.9-litre dCi diesel engine.


The front part is equipped with large headlights, between which there are 2 small holes in the grille. Between these holes the manufacturer’s logo is installed. The bumper does not stand out strongly. Its lower center part is occupied by holes for improved ventilation of the power unit.

On the sides of the front bumper Renault Scenic 1 Generation has steep fog lights. The side part also does not stand out from the crowd, but it is not pleasant to call it. Small wheel arches “hide” modest wheels with a rather interesting shape.

Renault Scenic RestylingPhoto by Renault ScenicAuto Renault Scenic

The height of the ground clearance clearly does not hint at off-road properties – only 120 millimeters. But if to speak for a special off-road version of Renault Scenic RX4, the clearance there was already 210 millimeters. This version of the “Stage” was sold from May 2000 to 2003, when the first generation is no longer produced, and it was replaced by the second family of kompaktvens.

The Renault Scenic RX4 also had a four-wheel drive system, where the rear wheels were connected by means of a viscoffer if the front wheels slipped. However, there are not many of these machines, so let’s return to the appearance of the Renault Scenic of the basic modification.

Scenic RX4

The back part was also not marked out by anything supernatural. The stern received a massive luggage compartment door, which significantly improved luggage loading/unloading.


Discussing the possibilities of Renault Scenic 1 generation, it is important to emphasize that a car with a 5-seat layout can be used not only as a normal five-door car, perfectly suited for families, but also as a spacious van. A variety of configurations are available. All this is due to the possibility of dismantling the rear row.

It consists of 3 separate seats. It is also very nice that the debut model has a lot of gloves, compartments, pockets for storing various trifles. The front seat, which folds up, can be easily transformed into a table. Thanks to the detachable rear door glass of the luggage compartment significantly increases the practicality when you want to put inside a small thing.

Interior Renault Scenic

Renault Scenic 1999 is equipped with many possibilities, mainly in the top equipment, which is obvious. Thus, the car has received an on-board computer, climatic system, a full-fledged electric package, improved “music”, navigation system and so on.

The stage (formerly known as “Megane Scenic”) is considered to be the ancestor of “compact van” class.

Everything inside looks quiet, restrained and neat. There are special compartments for trifling. Behind the three-spoke steering wheel there is a normal light dashboard with two large round dials on the edge, which are responsible for the engine speed and speed of the car.

Scenic I generation salon

The upper part is occupied by mechanical fuel level and engine temperature sensors. Below the center are the other indicators of the various services of the machine. Elegant look ventilation system deflectors.

There is not much free space, but it is comfortable to sit. The volume of luggage compartment is quite good – 410 liters. But if necessary, it can be increased by removing the backrests of the seats, which will provide 1,800 liters of useful space.

Specifications of the 1st generation

The French model of the first generation had at the beginning gasoline atmospheric, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0-liter engines, which produced 75, 90 and 115 horsepower, respectively. In addition, there was also a 1.9-liter diesel engine, which varied in power from 65 to 99 “horses”, depending on which version was chosen.

These engines were accompanied by a mechanical 5-speed gearbox or a four-speed automatic gearbox. Following the restyling that took place in 1999, Renault Scenic was equipped with stronger sixteen-valve motors, replacing the “engines” with 8 valves.

Renault Scenic car photo

Now the list of engines had engines from 1.4 to 2.0 liters, which produced from 96 to 140 horsepower. A diesel version of the 1.9 litre engine with 102 horsepower was also added. As for the chassis, it received components such as a transverse stabilizer, a transverse lever with a triangular structure, as well as a shock absorber.

Simply put, it was an independent suspension with McPherson columns. This design was installed for the front wheels, while the rear ones had a telescopic shock absorber, diagonal lever, spring and the same type of transverse stabilizer.

It is noteworthy that the front suspension has acquired some technical flaws, which was the reason for its improvement in future generations of Renault Scenic machines. The first generation of brakes was equipped with disc brakes.

Renault Scenic 1997

The mechanisms installed at the front are equipped with natural ventilation. The compact vans are equipped with an upgraded braking system, which is reflected in the braking performance. In addition, the overall safety level has been improved. French car Renault Szcinique 1 had economic “engines”, inexpensive maintenance, spacious interior, convenient options for transformation of the cabin, high seating, large luggage compartment.

The car was also famous for its reliability and stability on the road. However, it also received a solid suspension, a mediocre level of noise isolation, inexpensive interior decoration materials, as well as long warm-up of the cabin in cold weather.

II generation (2003-2009)

Renault Scenic 2nd generation replaced the previous version in 2003. The seven-seater version of the compact van was named Grand Scenic. The front-drive version of the car became one of the most popular and popular cars of this class in its time.

The technical part of the “Frenchman” for many components was much better, if we compare it with other similar vehicles. After 2006, the company began to produce restyled versions of the 2nd generation Renault Scenic. The basis for the development of the improved Renault Scenic 2 was, as before, Renault Megan.

Appearance II generation

Renault Scenic 2 generation has the newest design solution of the French company and is very similar to another machine of the French – Megan. The 2nd generation compact van is equipped with a dynamic, unique exterior. The new model has been equipped by French specialists with massive front optics, bright body lines, dynamic profile.

Also, the car has a protruding rear overhang, sloping flat face area and almost vertical rear window. Renault Scenic 2 is longer than the version of the first family. Also, the novelty became a little bit lower. The nose area has become streamlined.

Scenic II generationScenic II Generation Photo CarSide view of Scenic II generation

Renault Scenic car photo

The front lighting was equipped with a more interesting design optics. The radiator grille has a V-shaped shape. The bumper was painted in body color. External rear-view mirrors are installed not on the door, but on the stand, so that during the opening of the door the mirror remains in place, which fits into the parking lot with the door open.

There are no significant changes in the second family, so the motorist, who does not know these differences, may not notice the difference at all.

Salon II generation

As for the interior, it is comfortable and cozy. It cannot be called amazing, but it has everything you need. The “device” allows to carry out management of important functions of a vehicle. The devices themselves are based on liquid crystal displays and are located above the dashboard, and the keys are located on the right side of the steering wheel.

The steering column has a key card opening. The 2nd generation Renault Scenic cabin is designed for 5 adults. On the second row, the sofa is replaced by 3 separate seats on skids. Passengers sitting at the front seats can use the practical folding tables.

Interior Scenic II generation

There’s almost no extraneous noise inside the car. The music system has 6 speakers and provides a good sound level. The climate control system maintains the necessary microclimate. With the release of an updated version of Renault Scenic 2009, the cabin has a better gearbox lever position.

The interior has become lighter, due to the larger size of the windows. As for the noise insulation, it is actually better. The design department was able to significantly increase the level of safety not only for the driver, but also for passengers and even pedestrians.

The driver’s seat can be adjusted up to a height of 70 mm. The lumbar area can be adjusted even as standard. The large glazing area ensures good visibility. If necessary, the Renault Scenic 2 compact van can be made into a van by folding the rear seats.

Renault Scenic salon

French car owners Renault Scenic 2 generation flattering about the abundance of various compartments for the safety of things. For example, it is possible to allocate convenient and capacious boxes under seats. Almost every inch of the interior of the “Frenchman” is used for various trifles. A nice bonus will be a massive glove compartment, which also cools down.

As finishing materials we used a wear-resistant fabric, which, to be honest, is not very pleasant to touch. The luggage compartment has a volume of 430 litres. Such a trunk should be sufficient for all necessary things during rest or long journeys. They decided to allocate an underground niche for a full-size spare wheel.

Technical part

The car for customers was offered with 3 engines, which operated on gasoline. Their volume was as follows: 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 litres. These engines allowed the development of 80, 115 and 136 horsepower, respectively. In addition, diesel-powered versions were envisaged. It was a 1.5-liter and 1.9-liter engine, producing 80 and 120 horsepower respectively.

As for gasoline engines, they were better than their diesel engines. In addition, the gasoline variants were more stable. Together with the engines worked 5- and 6-speed manual gearboxes, as well as 4- and 6-speed automatic gearboxes.

Renault Scenic 2003

They have high reliability, smoothness, durability and guarantee a comfortable ride on any road. Front suspension on all Renault Scenic 2 models has a cushioning stand, transverse stabilizer and 3-lever in front. The rear unit is equipped with a traction mechanism, screw spring, cross-type stabilizer, telescopic shock absorber and longitudinal arm.

The suspension is soft because it “swallows” all the unevenness on the road. The second generation decided to install a front-drive system. Ahead there are disc brakes with a ventilation function, and the rear wheels got the usual “pancakes”. The braking unit is of high quality. It is complemented by electronic systems.

Price and equipment of II generation

Two generations of Renault Scenic 2 are available: Authentique and Expression. The Authentique version is evaluated from 818,000 and the Expression version from 967,000 rubles. The starting equipment includes ABS with electronic brake force distribution, front and side airbags, as well as inflatable curtains, electric drive and mirror heating, and power windows.

Among the advantages of the Renault Scenic 2009 model are economy, cost, rather inexpensive spare parts, acceptable interior, good noise insulation and spacious interior. Also, the engines installed under the hood of the “Frenchman” are not so demanding on the quality of fuel, have good maintainability and can operate with adequate maintenance without breakage of more than 300 thousand km. mileage.

The five-speed mechanical box, which works properly and for a long time, which is very important, has proved to be quite good. The disadvantages include frequent oil leaks, frequent turbine failure, poor quality air conditioning system, problems with closing the hood lock.

In addition, over time, the wiring starts to rot due to moisture inside the car. Also after 15-20 thousand kilometers it is necessary to change stabilizers of transverse stability. The car is very short of higher ground clearance.

III generation (2009-2016)

The novelty of French production Renault Scenic 3 was officially presented in autumn 2008 during the Paris Motor Show. The car, built on the platform of this version of Megan, has been significantly transformed outwardly, increased in size and received new equipment that meets the latest requirements for safety and comfort.

This minivan has already passed 2 restylings, which only added to its popularity. The first restyling was held in 2011, during the car showroom in Geneva, which affected more the front of the car.

Renault Scenic 2013

At the same time, the new product received productive and environmentally friendly engines of the “Energy” family. After the release of the latest model of 2013, the car fits well into the city and family car.

Appearance of III generation

It is not so easy, or even impossible, to find a large number of external differences between the past compact van (the sample of 2012) and the present one. The car was only slightly “tweaked”, mostly in the nasal area. Now “front” of Renault Scenic of the 3rd generation was equipped with the newest branded radiator grille, which received a massive nameplate of the French manufacturer.

In addition, the shape of air intakes with fog lamps was changed. In reality, this update only needed to be as similar as possible to the exterior of Scenic 2013 with the latest design style of Renault, which was developed directly by the well-known car designer Lawrence van den Acker.

Front view of Scenic III generationRear view of Scenic III generationSide view of Scenic III generation

The changes affected the shape and design of the stern lighting. The optics of the 3rd Scenic are a bit like boomerang. Renault Scenic 3 has been given a boomerang-style wing, and the base Scenic creates a single line with a bend on the rear door.

In general, the new appearance of the updated version has received more aggressive shapes and dynamic structure. The third generation of Renault Scenic models, which have been in production since 2012, is available in DHO.

III Generation Salon

The change inside the car is even less. The main changes include the replacement of the original music system with the newest multimedia complex R-Link, which received a 7-inch display. In addition, it is necessary to highlight the possibility to install a special video surveillance camera in the area of mounting a rear-view mirror, which allows the Visio System by Renault to monitor the marking on the road.

The rest of the time, the interior of the Renault Scenic 2016 has not changed significantly, at least the new elements are not clearly throwing themselves. The 3rd generation Renault Scenic salon has a five-seater layout and has 3 separate seats on the second row. Everything is the same here.

Renault Scenic III salonRenault Scenic III salonRenault Scenic III front seats

The third family also allows you to fold the chairs separately, remove and move them longitudinally. This is how the cabin can be adjusted to the needs and requirements of the car owner and passengers. There are a lot of ways to transform the cabin, which is enough for the transportation of bulky things and family trips to nature. It is noteworthy that the seven-seater variant of Grand Scenic 2013 also got under a similar small update.

Fact! No covers are needed for Renault Scenic III seats, as the interior decoration material is easy to clean.

The driver’s seat is equipped with a variety of settings to increase comfort. Owner feedback suggests that the comfort of the 3rd generation Renault Scenic is felt after the first seconds of stay, regardless of the length of the journey. The climate system is equipped with three operating modes: Auto, Soft and Fast. It is logical that the “Auto” mode is a fully automatic mode.

The interior of Renault Scenic IIIRear sofa Renault Scenic IIIThe trunk of the Renault Scenic III

But “Soft” is to mix the air with the fence, which allows you to gently cool the inside of the French compact van. This mode is necessary to avoid sudden temperature changes, which can have a negative impact on young children. The “Fast” mode allows you to quickly change the temperature in the Renault Scenic 2009 cabin.

The climate system operates at maximum power for a few seconds. This function is used for initial, rapid cooling or heating. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 437 litres. The roof rack has a maximum value of 1,500 litres when the rear seats are removed, which is enough for a normal family.

Interestingly, the Renault Scenic 3 generation has the largest space available compared to its class.

Technical part of III generation

On the technical side, Renault Scenic 3rd generation has no visible conversion. The power units are being installed in the old ones, but they have been able to be slightly adjusted and reconfigured, which in theory has had a positive effect on fuel consumption. Unfortunately, there are no diesel variants for Russian customers again, but 2 gasoline-powered engines are still in place.

The role of the junior engine is performed by a four-cylinder, 1.6-liter 110 hp power plant, which is synchronized with the 6-speed ICPC. With this engine, the fuel consumption in the city is 9.8 liters, and on route 6. The main engine is a 2.0-liter, 140-horsepower (138, to be precise) engine.

Renault Scenic III generation engine

A more powerful engine works with a modern stepless variable speed gearbox, which provides decent acceleration dynamics and improved gasoline economy. Acceleration to the first hundred takes 10.6 seconds. In urban areas, this engine consumes an average of 10.3 liters of gasoline, and on the road about 6.5 liters.

The question may arise: why are there no new engines in the third generation of Renault Scenic? The answer is simple: the management of the French company sees no point in expanding the list of engines just before the start of the next (4th) generation of the machine. With the suspension, the situation is similar and the engineers did not change anything.

Complete sets and prices of III generation

In Russia, the updated version of the Renault Scenic compact van is available in 2 versions: Authentique and Expression. Base execution is accessible only with the weakest engine (1.6 l), but has enough rich equipment with the price list from 16 704 $. The initial version is equipped:

  • Curricular Stability Framework (ESP);
  • Brake Assist System (BAS);
  • A system that distributes braking forces (EBD);
  • Cruise control;
  • Air conditioning;
  • LED running lights;
  • Two front and two side airbags;
  • Two side air curtains;
  • Motor start system with buttons;
  • Keyless access system;
  • Heating of the front seats;
  • Heating and electric drive of side mirrors;
  • OEM music system for 4 speakers (Bluetooth, USB, AUX support).

Renault Scenic 2015

In the top version for $ 17 447 is provided:

  • Installation of rain and light sensors;
  • Automatic parking brake system;
  • Fog lights;
  • Leather interior and Visio System by Renault video surveillance system (optional);
  • Installation of the junior engine.

If a stronger engine is required, a 2.0-litre unit with variable speed gearbox will cost from $19,355 Interestingly, in 2013, a new “crossover” version called “Scenic XMOD” appeared in the Renault Scenic range.

However, the future of the model in Russia is not clear yet. From the usual car such version is distinguished by pseudo-non-road plastic dodger, a little “grown” height of road clearance and pleasant rails on the roof. However, it is strange that Renault Scenic XMOD does not have a four-wheel drive system.

Generation IV (2016-present)

The compact version of the Renault Scenic 4 minivan was presented during the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. The updated car borrowed many elements from the concept version of R-Space 5 years ago, which was built with a new philosophy.

Based on this philosophy, the French company wanted to introduce the fourth generation of Renault Scenic crossover elements, which required a large number of unique solutions. Renault Scenic 2016 is equipped with a stylish and spectacular exterior design, a completely redesigned interior, an abundance of modern electronic assistants, a fully controlled chassis, and an impressive list of engines that includes a low-voltage hybrid unit.

The new Renault Scenic IV

With the help of such a large-scale modernization of the new product will be able to compete with the “classmate” Citroen C4 Picasso, which is traditionally the leader in sales in the European niche of compact MPV.


The Renault Scenic exterior has all the family features that characterise the appearance of modern Renault machines. It does not look like a smaller bus. Rather, on the contrary, the novelty has received prompt and expressive lines. With short front and rear overhangs and massive 20-inch “rollers” with low-profile rubber, the compactor looks athletic and even a little sporty.

Looking at the front of the car you notice that it looks aggressive and a little bit aggressive. Here the 4 generation Renault Scenic is very similar to the new model Megane, which can be safely attributed to the advantages of the novelty. The “front” of the car is equipped with a harmonious head optics, which is equipped with stylish inserts of running lights with LED content, in a C-shape.

Rear view of Scenic IVFront view of Scenic IVSide view of Scenic IV

Photo of Renault Scenic IV car

The compact van will look best with the optional LED Pure Vision head unit. Such headlights emphasize the car’s “look” and make it more distinct. The hood is now equipped with visible relief stripes. The radiator grille is accentuated by chrome inserts.

The Renault Scenic 4 side part looks particularly unique. This is evident in the three-section side glazing architecture of the body, which has received a bizarre broken sill line of rear doors. The unusual triangular glass insert at the front improves visibility from the driver’s seat.

Other features of the exterior include a small, but relief hood, heavily backfilled windshield, which smoothly goes into the flowing roof, as well as a vertical line of the stern. The height of the ground clearance has increased to 170 millimeters (the previous third generation had 130 millimeters of roadways).

After these improvements, you realize that the development department wants to equip its new model with practicality during daily use. The rear of the Renault Scenic 4 has a compact luggage compartment door that resembles a small crossover trunk door more than a kmpack. The stern lanterns have an unusual three-dimensional pattern and are also equipped with LED fillings that look good at night.

In general, the back part is more quiet, as the car has already turned out to be quite sporty and advanced, as for its niche. To add bright colors to the new version of Renault Scenic 2019 should be the latest 2-color color. It can be selected for any car version except the basic one. The roof of the “Frenchman” is painted in black or gray “metallic”.


The organisation of the interior space of Renault Scenic 2019 was a pleasant surprise, despite the fact that the previous generation did not have any problems with ergonomics or poor functionality. The entire range is fast and easy to transform, so Renault Scenic IV generation was also affected.

The driver and the passenger next to him should not be hindered in their comfort. The front seats have a large number of settings in all directions, so anyone can adjust the seat to suit their needs. As a separate option, the seats can be fitted with massage, heating and electric drive functions.

Interior of Renault Scenic IVRenault Scenic IV salonScenic IV salon

The panel installed in front of the vehicle was rebuilt and the dashboard was moved to a more standard place behind the steering wheel. The central console is distinguished by the 9-inch display of the multimedia complex R-LINK 2 (cars with basic equipment have a 7-inch screen). Optionally, the projector can be mounted on the windscreen.

Between the front seats, the development department has provided a convenient sliding armrest that covers a massive 13-liter box. Nearby you can see the connector for charging a mobile phone or other gadgets. If you slide the armrest up to the stop forward along with the tide of the center console, it creates a central tunnel.

If you move the armrest all the way back, there will be free space between the seats. Even a small sports bag can fit there. It would be desirable to remind that interior design of Renault Scenic 4 is rich on every possible niches, pockets, and also compartments for safety of trifles.

Second row of Renault Scenic IV

Based on official data, which were published in a press release by the company’s management, the total volume of all the compartments for small items was 63 liters. Interestingly, the glove box, or as it is commonly known as a glove box, received a good capacity, as well as an electric drive system.

Interestingly, the transformation of the cabin is carried out with the help of a button in the luggage compartment, as well as a special function of the onboard system R-LINK 2.

The trunk of Renault Scenic IV

Speaking of the basic cargo capabilities of the vehicle, they are achieved due to the spacious and comfortable luggage compartment. The volume of this compartment varies from 496-572 liters. This difference is due to the position of the rear seats, which move forward and backward on special skids.

However, if necessary, the volume can be increased by almost 2.5 times. It is pleasant that in this case the car owner will get a convenient flat floor for loading of various cargoes.



The fourth generation of the French Renault Scenic has a wide range of engines. The gasoline list includes two 1.2-litre engines with four-cylinder in-line filling, which received a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism, direct fuel supply and a turbocharger system. Such versions develop 115 and 130 “horses”.

Diesel list of engines has 4-cylinder turbocharged engines dCi with a working volume of 1.5 and 1.6 liters. The starting engine gives 95 horsepower (220 Nm) and 110 horsepower (260 Nm). But the 1.6-liter version is capable of generating 130 horsepower (320 Nm of torque) or 160 “horses” (380 Nm).

Renault Scenic IV engine

The 110 hp engine, according to the manufacturer’s information, consumes about 5.5 liters of diesel fuel for every hundred in the country. But the 160 hp variant eats about 11.5 liters for every 100 kilometers in the city line. In addition, for the fourth generation of Renault Scenic, French specialists developed a hybrid power plant according to the most common scheme.

It works in conjunction with a gearbox “mechanically”. It is equipped with a 110 hp diesel engine. It is assisted during acceleration by an electric motor (10 kW) powered by a battery in the luggage compartment.


Basic equipment includes mechanical 6-speed gearboxes. The top diesel versions also receive a 7-speed robotic gearbox with 2 clutches. All torque is transmitted exclusively to the front wheels.

Running gear

The new Renault Scenic 4 is based on the CMF C/D front-drive structure, with an independent McPherson-type suspension at the front and a semi-independent torsion beam at the rear. Cross-resistance stabilisers are located everywhere. The 4-wheel control function called 4Control as well as adaptive shock absorbers can be purchased as an option.

The French car is easily driven by a rack and pinion steering system, complemented by electric power steering. The new brake system is represented by disc brakes “in a circle”, which are complemented by electronic systems.


The French are improving not only in terms of exterior, technical stuffing, but also in terms of safety. The driver is provided with the best electronic help systems. For example, there is a system that can detect pedestrians.

It operates during vehicle movements at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour. It’s nice to know that the Renault Scenic 4 Generation is already equipped with the ABS and EBD electronic systems. There is also room for such options:

  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Technology to recognize road markings and signs;
  • Electronic Parker;
  • Technology that can control the level of physical condition of the driver;
  • Systems of the review round the car;
  • Projection display.

Complete sets and prices

Unfortunately, the new model will not be supplied to the Russian market. But the car can be purchased in Europe from 20 000 euros. It would be desirable to notice that already a base complete set has an acceptable equipment that cannot but please. Initial execution possesses:

  • A 7-inch multimedia center;
  • Electric windows on all doors;
  • 20-inch “skating rinks”;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Music system;
  • Electronic systems ABS, ESP;
  • The multipurpose steering wheel and other.

Renault Scenic Hybrid Assist

If necessary, certain “chips” can be optionally installed. This list is equipped:

  • Colour projection screen;
  • Virtual dashboard;
  • LED headlights;
  • Fully controllable 4Control chassis;
  • Driver assistance package including adaptive cruise control;
  • Braking technologies in automatic order;
  • A system that tracks blind spots and pedestrians and recognizes antenatal signs.

Comparison with competitors

Today, the car market is very large, so there are many competitors in each segment who are identical in many respects, but on the other hand differ in different elements and equipment. The competitors of the French compact van Renault Scenic 4 are as follows: Ford Focus C-Max, KIA Soul, Volkswagen Touran, Opel Zafira Tourer, “neighbor” in the person of Citroen C4 Picasso, and also Nissan Note.

There are other cars, but listed above, the closest to the hero of our article. After the release of the 4th generation, the company Renault intends to gain a serious foothold in the leaders of this niche. The car has received an enlarged bodywork, has a lot of free space inside.

The quality of finishing has increased significantly, as well as the level of equipment. It is also worth adding about the increased clearance. All parameters show that the French are determined to fight vigorously in the compact van market.

Reviews from the owners

According to Renault Scenic owners, the car has a spacious and very comfortable interior, low fuel consumption, good driving characteristics (mainly on the road) and high ground clearance. In addition, the French have equipped their new product with a galvanized body, unbreakable rear suspension, comfortable seats and a good price tag.

The appearance of Renault Scenic 2019 is in line with the modern values of the automotive industry. Inside, the quality of finishing materials has increased. Owners of Renault Scenic note the high ergonomics, a good level of safety, a more familiar dashboard (meaning a more familiar location), as well as a comfortable and large display of the multimedia system. It is important to highlight the reliability of the machine, the reliability of the power unit.

At the same time, the French-made compact van received a weak steering rail, insufficient noise insulation, very short first four gears and tight grip. Unfortunately, not all automotive services take up the service of this car. Many advise not to choose an automatic box, as they are not famous for their reliability. Often you can find leaks.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • New, fresher and more modern design;
  • Improved optics;
  • Presence of chrome parts;
  • Increased height of ground clearance;
  • Quality and pleasant salon;
  • Convenient dashboard and 8.7-inch screen multimedia system R-Link 2;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Plenty of free space on the front row as well as on the second row of seats;
  • Large luggage compartment;
  • Modern technologies implemented;
  • High level of safety;
  • Not bad fuel efficiency;
  • Rich complete sets (even base ones);
  • Not bad dynamic indicators.

Cons of a car

  • Not the most thought-out variant of lowering the ceiling height in relation to the aft part of the compact van, which complicates the landing for tall people (not critical);
  • Starting high cost;
  • There are no more powerful gasoline engines;
  • You can notice the noise in the gearbox;
  • There is no system of a full drive.


It would be desirable to notice that the next and while last 4th generation of Renault Scenic managed to glory. The car became much better on many criteria, if to compare it to the last families. That only costs sports, modern and stylish appearance. It is pleasant that experts have increased height of road clearance that is very much by the way for the Russian roads.

Inside, the dashboard has taken its rightful place – behind the wheel. In its place was installed a modern large display that allows you to monitor all the necessary services of the vehicle. The seats are comfortable, and there is plenty of free space inside the car. The trunk has always been a strength of Renault Scenic, so the fourth generation was no exception.

Renault Scenic Hybrid

The issue of security has received considerable attention. The car seems to be packed with modern technologies and electronic driver assistance systems. The technical part provides a good choice of engines. The quality of the suspension continues to be a pleasure – it swallows all the irregularities and keeps the car on the road.

It is noticeable that the French company Renault is moving in the right direction and makes another quality product for its customers. Now the car will be able to compete successfully in the compact van class. Despite the fact that Renault Scenic 4 is unlikely to appear on the Russian market, some people will want to bring it from Europe.

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Renault Scenic Photo

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