Renault Duster

Renault Duster
  • Car model: Renault
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

The summer of 2015 was unusual for Renault Duster in the Russian Federation, as a restyled car arrived on the market. If we talk about the external characteristics of the car, then there were point changes, however, it can be said about the interior. The general appearance of the car and interior remained the same, but the power units were updated. The engines retained their characteristics, but increased their technical performance.

The compact car Renault Duster from the start of its sales in the market of the Russian Federation is almost always in the list of the most sold cars. As a standard, its trumps are its cheap price, reliability, presence of all-wheel drive, small selection of gearboxes and engines. The whole model range is Renault.


Clear differences from the previous model are visible on the nose of the Renault Duster – a radiator grille and a horizontally mounted double plank, segmented headlights with running lamp sections and a redesigned bumper. The crossover has become more expressive, chrome parts have been added to the exterior, and this is a symbol of expensive cars.

The strong bumper has acquired an inherent plastic bar, which frames the fine-meshed air inlet at the bottom. Underneath it, a metal protective cap, which goes to the bottom of the body, took its place. The presence of neat fog lights, which have a round shape, gives courage to the exterior. They were placed in shallow wells with the edge of the front bumper.

Renault Duster Side ViewPhoto by Renault DusterRenault Duster front view

Photo of a Renault Duster

Thanks to the high ground clearance and ramp angle, there is no doubt that the machine’s cross-country ability has increased. The side of the crossover has remained at the same level. However, if you look more closely, you notice the presence of new rails and other exterior mirrors of rear visibility. Moreover, this updated model stands out from the previous car due to the use of other wheel rims and variations of body painting.

Off-road qualities of the French-Romanian car are emphasized with the help of plastic cover, which protects the thresholds and bumper. The stern has also undergone some changes, among which we can note the presence of new optics with unusual graphics and LED system, placed near the right flashlight signature 4WD on the cars with all-wheel drive and a beautiful overlay over the niche under the license plate.

Renault Duster 2016

These moments have made it possible for Duster to look more modern without sacrificing its recognizability. The fact that the car Renault Duster has not undergone a lot of changes, due to the fact that the pricing policy of the company has also remained at the same level as the previous model. It would be very dangerous to change anything in appearance of such a successful crossover, and its appearance can’t be called outdated, despite the fact that it has been implemented for about five years.

Many mistakes have been taken into account and changed – for example, fog lights, could have been damaged or stained before, now they have been installed higher. In the center of the center has found its place aluminum decorative bumpers.


Thanks to the changes, a new multimedia system with 7-inch display has been introduced in the interior, but it is only optional. Generally speaking, the architecture has remained the same, but the design component has been changed. As a basis, it was decided to take the Second Renault Logan, feedback is only positive.

To this can be attributed three wells, which fit on the dashboard, along with the main instruments, indicators. Along with the acquisition of the multimedia system display, the console installed in the center was changed, which made it even more convenient. The updated Renault Duster has received improved quality interior finishing materials, but only for the door panels.

New seats appeared in the interior, which have an improved profile and a large number of different settings. Although it cannot be said that the Renault Duster showroom is exemplary, it is quite good, given its positioning as an affordable compact crossover and pricing policy of the company. However, considerable demand has prompted the company to change its priorities for the salon of a French-Romanian car.

Интерьер Renault Duster

The instrument panel has become more informative and readable, and the new multimedia system has a touch screen. Manufacturers assure that a lot of work was done to improve the quality of noise insulation, finalized the doors, the power unit department, so that unnecessary noise did not penetrate into the cabin. Body stiffness also increased. As before, the seats have a comfortable enough fit, and this applies not only to the front row, but also the back sofa.

The steering wheel is almost devoid of setting keys, but it is quite comfortable in hands. Almost immediately you notice that the car is not only for the driver. Partly it is reflected in a considerable number of different shelves and boxes for trifles, which are full of Renault Duster’s interior. Glove box, niche on the panel, in the front and back door cards, in the armrest. Believe me, there’s plenty to do without having to carry your own stuff in your pockets.

It depends on what equipment will be installed, the presence of multifunctional steering wheel will allow you to control the phone, the volume of musical performances and high-speed cruise control. The driver’s seat, despite the presence of mechanical adjustments, knows how to adjust the height, which is very important, given the class of the vehicle.

The dashboard is quite typical and has a pair of chrome rings, which have two scales, and the arrows of the power pack temperature and fuel level are displayed only on the on-board computer screen, which is on the left. Different systems are not so easy to operate from the driver’s seat. Partly, it is because of the central console, which is located almost vertically and in order to change the adjustment of the climate system, which here stands a single zone, it will be necessary to distract from the road control and lean.

Drive settings make it easier, even though they are slightly lower. The driver will not use them so often. A little higher, it is possible to place a niche under any things, whether it be a CD-player or the screen with a touch input and firm interface Media Nav. If to compare it with the flatbeds, here on a head better realized settings by window lifters.

The keys are located near the door handles, not on the console installed in the center. The car is not for sports competitions in impassable terrain, but it is capable of many things. The seats have good, pronounced lateral support and have sufficient stiffness to restrain those sitting when swinging or sharp turns of the car.

Rear sofa Renault Duster

The sofa installed at the back was also rigid, but almost unchanged, except for the trim. It still folds up without creating a flat floor. The multimedia capabilities of the Reno Duster SUV have been increased and now support the display of navigation maps on the touch screen.

It is also possible to integrate mobile devices with Bluetooth and USB, and there is support for playing radio stations. The multimedia system screen can be used to display a picture from the rear view camera, which is optional with the update. The crossover combinations have been redesigned to provide white backlight and new functionality in the form of a gearshift guide.



The main differences were hidden, as it turned out under the hood. Now, the standard 1.6-litre powerhouse produces about 114 horsepower. It reaches the first hundred in 10.9 seconds, and with all-wheel drive – 12.5 seconds. The previous model boasted only 102 horses. Such an engine can be combined with a front-drive crossover and a 5-speed manual gearbox.

It is also possible to supply a new engine with all-wheel drive system and six-speed gearbox. As for the 2.0-liter engine, it will be installed only for all-wheel drive vehicles. It is nice that its power has also increased by 8 horses and now equals to 143 horsepower. It will be able to accelerate the car to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds with an automatic box, and by a mechanical one this figure is reduced to 10.3 seconds.

Renault Duster engine

The 1.5-liter diesel engine, which produced 90 horses earlier, was not left out of attention either – now it develops 109 horsepower, but is synchronized only with the manual gearbox. Thanks to the diesel engine and turbocharger, the car reaches 100 km/h in 13.2 seconds. Launch of production of the new generation Renault Duster 2016 vehicles has already been established at the company’s plant in Moscow.

It was also nice to learn about the remote start system of the Renault Start engine. The automatic gearbox has at its disposal 4 speeds. Speaking of suspension, there is nothing new to say here. As before, there is an independent spring suspension of McPherson type with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers ahead.

At the back, in a base complete set there is a presence of a semidependent, spring suspension bracket. In all other configurations, there is an independent, spring, multilever suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers at the back. Especially for drivers from the Russian Federation there was provided metal protection of the engine and fuel line, anti-gravel bottom coating, as well as the presence of front and rear mudguards. The engine and all its maintenance systems are adjusted for a confident start in a cold climate and the use of fuel of poor quality.


Speaking of the overall dimensions of the French-Romanian crossover Renault Duster, it is worth saying that they remained the same. The length of the car is 4,315 mm, the height is 1,625 mm and the width is 1,822 mm. The wheelbase is at 2,673 mm. The height of the ground clearance for front-drive configuration is 205 mm, and with all-wheel drive – 210 mm.

This is very good, because then, the car can pass where a simple car just gets stuck or sits on a “belly”. This is an acceptable clearance for Russian roads. As wheel rims, now there will be new 16-inch rollers, another, unusual shape.


The Renault Duster was designed with passive safety in mind, which includes availability:

  • Chauffeur airbags;
  • ISOFIX mounting systems on the side rear seats;
  • Crankcase protection for the powertrain;
  • A pair of rear head restraints;
  • 3-point seat belts mounted on the front seats with force limiters.

Active safety and suspension can include:

ABS with AFU emergency braking system and EBD electronic brake force distribution. Presence of a speed-switching indicator. Manufacturers have not left out the issue of safety of the French-Romanian car. They equipped it with the most modern system ABS Bosch 8.1, which has the function of electronic force distribution and electronic emergency braking system.

The crossover is able to take care of course stabilization, has an anti-spin option, side and front airbags. The Renault Duster crash-tests have been very well received. The machine was able to gain 3 stars.

Renault Duster 2015

But in the categories of Pedestrian and Active Safety, a little bit upset, getting only 28 and 29% of the 45 maximum. Average figures were collected by the car in EuroNCAP crash-tests. In frontal collision, the sensors, which were installed on the dummies, showed a strong pressure, which tested the chest of the driver and passengers.

And when the side impact occurred, the door opened, which greatly affected the stiffness of the body. When the impact with the pole opened the luggage compartment door. According to the results of the pedestrian safety test, Renault Duster scored only 10 points, which indicates that pedestrians were injured, which are not compatible with life.

Complete sets and prices

Generally speaking, there will be four options: Authentiaque, Expression, Privilege and Luxe Privilege. In total, the 4-packages provide the opportunity to buy a car in one of the fourteen modifications, where they are distributed by engine, gearbox and drive.

The minimum price for the French-Romanian Renault Duster crossover will range from $9,296 for Authentique 1.6 2WD MT5 with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox and 114 hp engine. It is equipped with almost nothing, up to the multimedia system, which will need to be bought as a separate option.

You can install a four-wheel drive for $1,552. This includes the presence of a power steering, airbag for the driver. Wheels are put only steel. Further optional purchases are available. The Expression package does not stand out with its equipment either, but has more package options. They are not very expensive and make the car more “complete”. Here already there will be an audio system which can go together with navigation system for 170 $.

Photo of Renault Duster

Moreover, it is possible to find presence of adjustment of a column of a steering wheel on height, an electric drive and heating of mirrors, forward electric windows, an immobilizer, the central lock, moldings, rails. A large number of paid options are also available to choose from. Privilege gives you the opportunity to set up a noticeably better equipment and provides you with a paid option, with which the car will have all the necessary features for convenience.

In this package you can choose any power unit, however, only with all-wheel drive system. You can find a trip computer, cruise control, leather steering wheel, cast discs, fog lights and many other nice little things. As a separate option, you can install a rear view camera, rear power windows, ESP, mountain start assistance, rear parktronic and passenger airbags.

Renault Duster rear view

The top Luxe Privilege completes the list of equipment. It has good features and a combination of crossover options to ensure maximum ride comfort. Very strange, but the top version has no navigation system, ESP and HSA. They are installed, but only as a separate option. Here you can find the presence of leather interior, and there is everything mentioned above. The top version with all-wheel drive from 14 976 $ is estimated.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Advanced powertrains;
  • A wide range of gearboxes to choose from;
  • Not bad quality;
  • Comfortability;
  • All-wheel drive;
  • High ground clearance;
  • The car will approach for city driving and for easy lack of roads;
  • The gearbox has been adapted under the big temperature differences;
  • Small dimensions and weights;
  • Bodies with small angles of exit and exit;
  • Large and spacious salon;
  • A small luggage compartment, which can be increased if necessary, adding backrests of rear seats;
  • Not bad economy;
  • Average dynamics;
  • The big list of a choice of complete sets and updatings;
  • Cost.

Cons of a car

  • Only one power pack can operate with an automatic transmission;
  • The other two engines have weak dynamics;
  • The paint often cracks;
  • Electrical problems;
  • The headlights are sweating;
  • Complaints about the climate control system;
  • Different height of gas and brake pedals;
  • Wide thresholds;
  • Tight gas pedal;
  • The big queue of purchase of the car;
  • The car is not designed for lack of roads, but rather for urban conditions;
  • Without the ESP system, the car will be extremely unstable;
  • The interior uses very poor quality and cheap plastic;
  • Insufficient noise insulation;
  • Most of the appliances inside the car are extremely uncomfortable;
  • Because of the large openings in the doors, water often collects there, which is extremely deplorable.

We sum up

It’s clear that the upgrades didn’t have much effect on Renault Duster’s appearance and interior. However, they are still visible. The management of the company can be understood, because they did not want to spoil the car, which has a lot of demand in many countries. They slightly tweaked the exterior, worked on the interior of the car, adding door cards made of improved material, introducing a 7-inch color display, which supports touch screen input and improved seats, which are very comfortable and have good side support.

Sitting comfortably not only in the front, but also in the back. There’s plenty of room on the back sofa. The luggage compartment remains the same and has wide openings for easy loading and unloading of luggage. Security, though not excellent, but still present. Still it is necessary not to forget about the price policy of the given crossover Renault Duster.

Side View of Renault Duster 2

The minimum list here can provide an adequate level of safety for the driver and passengers sitting next to each other. The quantity of complete sets and updatings simply will not leave anybody indifferent. Let the power units are not the most powerful, but they do quite well. There are three gearboxes and three power units to choose from, one of which is a turbocharged diesel engine.

Independent suspension of the famous McPherson company together with all-wheel drive will give you new fresh impressions. Of course, this car wasn’t created for off-road driving, but it is able to swallow light irregularities and potholes, which are very numerous in our country, confidently. It is possible to tell that the French-Romanian crossover Renault Duster has turned out though and not stunning, but rather successful, especially considering a parity of quality/price.

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Renault Duster photo

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