Renault Logan 2

Renault Logan 2
  • Car model: Renault
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Body Type: Sedan

Renault Logan is now the cheapest car from the French manufacturer Renault, designed specifically for emerging markets. The Russian version of the second generation of the famous Renault Logan sedan in the Russian Federation was slightly declassified in the spring of 2014. After a while, French specialists opened the list of equipment and named all prices.

The second generation of the Logan car for buyers from Russia is different from the version produced for European countries not only by its exterior, but also by its technical component. Therefore, it makes sense to take a closer look at the second generation of Renault Logan, who is already ready to take over the baton from his previous model, which is very popular among drivers of the Russian Federation. The whole model range is Renault.


In terms of appearance, the new car in a different bodywork design is actually very different. Even to name the car budget is very hard, it is so beautiful. Due to changes in the appearance of the car, the side of the car has been seriously transformed, the rear and front. As a result, the French-Romanian car looks fresher and more elegant, which could not be said about its predecessor. The nose part of the car sedan Renault Logan 2nd generation allows you to immediately notice all the changes.

Here appeared the presence of outstanding rectangular headlights, aggressive air intake with nameplates and in a shallow net, original aerodynamic “lip”. Very good look fog lights, which were located in black inserts. There is a new design of the manufacturer’s logo and stylish silhouette. Thanks to thought-out design elements, a modern exterior is actually formed.

Renault Logan front view

Horizontal slots of the front desk grille with a large Renault rhombus are decorated with a chrome lining. Due to the fact that the front bumper received an enlarged air intake, the car seems to hint at its sporting qualities. Cannons of fog lamps are located on the front fairing and are a harmonious element on a fairly simple car. It is worth saying at once that they will be installed only as a separate option.

A little unpleasant feelings are caused by the hood hinges, which are visible in the closed state – this indicates the economy of design. On the side, the Renault Logan remains practically recognizable, but now it is crowned with convex wheel arches, carefully made on the wings and stampings on the bottom. As in the first generation, the outer door handles were made under the lower grip, and the locking cell is located under the handle itself.

The gasoline tank lid has a square shape, as in the prerestyling model. There is also its own tar spoon, because it is possible to open the lid only with a key, which remains after the opening in the cork. For the cork itself there is a special small loop on the lid of the gasoline tank.

Renault Logan photo auto Photo of a Renault Logan Renault Logan side view

The aft part of the sedan received a large lid of the luggage compartment, on which the spoiler was successfully placed. Also noticeable is the compact size of the rear bumper along with the stylish clearance lamp lamps. The rear pillar is still very wide, but when compared to the previous model, it is more elegant. Rear-mounted lanterns stretch horizontally rather than upwards as before.

Just because of the lanterns, the lantern opening has become a bit narrower. The luggage compartment lid can be opened with the help of a button, but a convenient “tongue”, which helped to fold the luggage compartment lid, is no longer found, but it is a pity, in an earlier version it was. In general, if you look at the Renault Logan, the association with Lada Granta and Volkswagen Polo Sedan is created.


If we talk about the interior of Renault Logan, it has not only become more pleasant to look at, but also more pleasant to feel. When it comes to the quality of the finishing materials, it has increased noticeably and this is evident in almost everything. Almost every element of the machine has been carefully designed. It’s noticeable from the attractive plastic structure, the volume structure of the armchair material, the neat, chrome-plated edging, and so on. The panel of the new sedan is assembled from a large number of components, which received a chrome edging.

The interior turned out to be graceful with the help of textured plastic and volume upholstery of seats. I would like to mention separately the door panels, which Renault Logan has found in the updated sedan comfortable handles and buttons of power windows, which were moved to a more standard place. The engineering staff decided to do the same with the remote control of mirrors, which is now much easier to find than in the previous version.

Seats of the new Renault Logan 2 have turned out to be soft and cozy, as eloquently evidenced by the solid rollers of side support and smooth adjustment of the backrest tilt. The instrument panel has three chrome-clad dials and smooth torpedo lines – all of which look appropriate and attract attention. The dashboard is equipped with a trip computer, which can show all the necessary information (temperature outside, data on the distance covered since the last refueling and information on average and current fuel consumption).

Interior Renault Logan

However, the number of functions will depend on the equipment. The latter will also affect the adjustment of the driver’s seat and the steering column. Despite the fact that the central console looks like a sports console, it has increased in size, which made it possible to install a display with a diagonal of 7 inches. Interestingly enough, it supports voice control. The air-conditioning unit was placed right at hand, which makes it easy to set up this function.

The installed rear seats are amazing. They know how to fold comfortably in parts. It is very important that all this works perfectly, not jamming – it is an excellent trump card of a budget car. After the release of a new sedan, there is much more space for passengers who sit behind. The free space at the legs of the passengers sitting behind has been significantly increased, and a central armrest has been added (as a separate option).

The sofa is designed for three adult passengers. There are also ISOFIX mountings, which will allow to install three child seats. This also applies to the luggage compartment, which has also become more extensive, especially when the backrests of the seats are adjusted. Without folded backrests, its volume is 510 liters of useful space. Everything mentioned above, of course, refers to a non-standard modification of Logan. However, today you will not be offered a completely “empty” car, at least by Renault.

Rear sofa Renault Logan

Whereas previously cars with unpainted bumpers, small wheels and no seatbelts were offered, now this does not exist. Of course, despite the fact that the changes have affected many details of the interior of Renault Logan, they are still made of budget materials, but not of the lowest quality. Everything that concerns ergonomics, modern design and materials is present inside Renault Logan 2. The control of external mirrors has become even easier.

The presence of additional niches for safety of any trifles was very pleased. The glovebox has a volume of 5.7 litres, and the pockets for bottles or other things are present not only on the front doors, but also on the back. On top of the centre console there is room for a new compartment for small items. Navigation system Media Navi is able to function in Ukraine and Russia.



If we talk about the technical component of the new French-Romanian sedan produced by Renault Logan, it received a 90 hp three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine, the volume of which is equal to 0.9 liters. For the European buyers there will be offered a variant with a 1.2-liter engine, which produces 75 horsepower and 1.5-liter diesel engine. Absolutely all the power units that operate on diesel fuel are equipped with a start/stop system.

Like the previous model, Renault Logan is produced in the Russian Federation, which also works and produces Renaud Duster. For the market of the Russian Federation, Renault Logan will be equipped with a pair of power units, the volume of which is the same – 1.6 liters. The standard engine is an 82 hp engine with 8 valves, which reaches the first hundred in 11.9 seconds, and the maximum speed at the level of 173 km/h.

Renault Logan engine

The 102-horsepower engine already provides an acceleration force of up to 100 km/h in 10.5 and a maximum speed of 185 km/h. Its consumption will be 1 liter in a combined cycle per 100 km. The engine meets Euro-5 standards. Initially, the synchronization was for these engines only with 5-speed mechanical gearboxes, but in the summer of 2015 it was possible to count on the availability of a 4-range automatic rifle.

82 strong engine works with 5-range robot Easy`R with Eco option and Hill Start Assist system, which will not allow the car to roll back. Its consumption will be about 7.2 liters in a combined cycle. Except Renault, the similar base is used in Nissan Almera and Lada Largus. Although the platform is still the same (BO), but the French engineers have changed the stabilizer of the transverse stability and changed the settings of the suspension together with the steering, which made the car more adapted to the roads of the Russian Federation.

Brake system

Ahead of the machine works with an independent design with racks such as McPherson, and behind with a semi-independent torsion beam. Disc brakes were presented as a braking system, which are also ventilated in front. At the back, 8-inch drum brakes were installed. The parking brake is represented by a standard mechanical drive.

Thanks to the fact that the rack and pinion steering has been reconfigured, it now provides improved handling at higher speeds and comes with a tuned hydraulic power steering. However, it will not be standard, but it will be possible to buy it, giving away about 13,000 rubles.

The basic equipment will have a high-strength steel body with front areas of programmable deformation, AirBag for the driver, ISOFIX child seat bindings and 3-point safety belts for the front and rear seats. The ABS service will be available in medium equipment versions.


If you take the first episode, the updated 2nd generation Renault Logan hasn’t changed. The length of the car is 4,348 mm, width 1,733 mm, height 1,517 mm, wheelbase at the level of 2,634 mm. The ground clearance height is 175 mm, which is very good, taking into account the quality of our roads.

Now the question of a trip on rest or a summer residence on Renault Logan simply disappears, it can pass almost everywhere, and good capacity will allow to take with itself all necessary. The budget sedan weighs between 1,106 and 1,127 kg, depending on what equipment will be installed.


The new family’s Sedan Renault Logan comes with new security systems that were not previously offered. This sedan includes the debut ESP system, which helps to keep the vehicle stable when cornering with poor grip and sharp maneuvering, as well as on slippery surfaces. At the same time, there is an ABS system, which can be activated together with the emergency braking system. It is activated in certain situations.

Interestingly enough, the daytime running lights are switched on by the sedan when the engine starts automatically. Renault Logan of the 2nd generation has purchased two front airbags and side airbags for the driver and the front passenger sitting next to him. The driver will always know that the seatbelt is unbuckled, as a certain warning is applied.

The designers designed the front bumper and bonnet in such a way that they could absorb the collision energy in the event of an accident, which would increase the auxiliary protection in the event of an accident.

Passive safety is about availability:

  • Chauffeur airbags;
  • ISOFIX rear anchoring systems on side seats;
  • Crankcase protection for the powertrain;
  • 3-point safety belts on the rear seats;
  • The alarm device about not fastened belts;
  • Electronic anti-theft device.

Complete sets and prices

There are only four options: Access, Confort, Privilege and Luxe Privilege. The basic Access MT equipment, with a 16-liter engine producing 82 horsepower and synchronized with a manual 5-speed gearbox, will cost from $7,278. The standard equipment includes only 15-inch steel wheels, crankcase guards, fabric interior, daytime running lights, manually adjustable side mirrors, airbags for the driver and full-size spare parts.

Complete set of Confort comes from $8 380 with the same engine and the same gearbox. In addition to everything mentioned above, there are front electric windows, chrome elements of instrument panel finishing, hydraulic power steering, luggage compartment lighting, height-adjustable steering column, central lock and ABS + EBD system.

Renault Logan 2015

The Privilege comes with a 102 hp engine and can be fitted with a robotic gearbox. The cost of this version starts at $9,342. The top-of-the-range Luxe Privilege also features a top-of-the-range powertrain, automatic transmission, a 7-inch screen and the highest possible level of comfort. Only the front wheel drive is installed everywhere. Such equipment will cost from 10 087 $.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Build quality;
  • Improved comfort inside the car;
  • Good exchange rate stability;
  • Improved noise insulation of the interior;
  • The interior is quite spacious;
  • A large volume of luggage compartment, which can be increased if necessary;
  • Increased volume in the glove box;
  • Good gearshift;
  • Good and convenient windows buttons;
  • Improved adjustment of seats;
  • Nice and unusual dashboard;
  • More streamlined design;
  • Taller passengers will be comfortable enough to sit on the back row;
  • Large selection of equipment and modifications;
  • Sufficiently acceptable pricing policy of the company;
  • Average fuel consumption;
  • High ground clearance.

Cons of a car

  • Weak power units;
  • Poor basic equipment;
  • Small level of safety;
  • Budgetary quality of applied materials at interior furnish;
  • Most options are only available with an additional purchase.

We sum up

In the end, I would like to say that the update was only useful for Renault Logan. It is clear that the car couldn’t be cardinally updated externally and inside, but we shouldn’t forget about the fact in what price category this sedan is presented. It was pleasantly pleased with the new appearance, which became smoother, rounded and modern. Flowability has increased, which could not but affect fuel consumption. Stampings on the hood and on the side of a French-Romanian car only give a certain charm.

The considerable height of the road clearance will allow you to feel confident on the roads of the Russian Federation. Inside it is still freshened up. Despite the use of budget materials, the quality of the interior has increased significantly, and with it all the adjustments and gaps. A pleasant dashboard and a convenient 7-inch display appeared. There is plenty of free space in the sedan and this applies to the rear row of seats. It will be quite convenient for tall passengers to stay in the car.

New Renault Logan

The luggage compartment is one of the best in its class and can be enlarged if necessary by folding the backrests of the rear seats. There is safety, but it is minimal. Power units, which will be supplied to the Russian Federation, are not allocated special capacities, but are able to cope with their direct responsibilities. It’s nice to have a choice of a couple of engines and 3 gearboxes.

There are also 4 sets of equipment and a lot of modifications, which can satisfy almost every driver. Also I am glad that there are all kinds of drawers and departments for different trifles.  On all other lacks it is possible to close eyes, considering the price of the car.

We advise you to read the article: History of Renault

Renault Logan 2 photo

Test drive

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