Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga
  • Car model: Ford
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2008
  • Body Type: SUV

Ford Kuga is the “best-selling” all-terrain vehicle of the Ford Motor Company of the United States of America in Europe. It is impossible to say that it turned out to be a coincidence, because, in particular, this model became the “debut compact crossover” of Americans, which was developed by the local (German) branch of “Ford of Europe”.

If to speak for the domestic market, the model has not such good deeds, but leaves Russia in no hurry to auto. This version of “SUV” appeared for the first time in 2008 and replaced the all-terrain model Maverick (which many people know as “Escape”) in the European market. To be honest, “Maverick” was not much in demand. Only 2 generations of such crossover have come out. The last time this vehicle went through restyling in March 2016. The whole model range is Ford.

Car history

I generation (2008-2012)

The vehicle was first presented as a Ford Iosis X concept car. It happened back in 2006 during the car show in Paris. Next year, at the Frankfurt exhibition, the conceptual version of the Ford Cougar 1st family was presented. Officially Ford Kuga I was presented in Geneva in 2008. The vehicles were started to be sold in the same year.

Interestingly, the name of this car is in line with the word “cougar”, which is translated by the word “cougar” – one of the names of the Puma.

Ford Kuga I generation

It was as if everyone who wanted to make a crossover (even the French model Peugeot, despite the fact that it is not their style). In reality, it turned out that there was more. Americans presented their vision of the first compact crossover. The basis for the novelty was the famous Ford machines – Focus and C-MAX. This machine was produced in Germany.

About the hero of our article we can say – “not even 100 years have passed”. Why? Because after the mid-size Maverick disappeared from the Russian market, the company management did not present anything instead. There was no compact or all-wheel drive car. By the way, the Kuga version was not intended to replace the “Maverick” – it was replaced by Escape.

Auto Ford Kuga I

Some consider the American crossover Ford Kuga as an alternative for the competitor Nissan Qashqai. Japanese car was able to gain a foothold in the market of small crossovers seriously and for a long time. I would like to say at once (maybe even a little bit upset) that although Kuga may be in something rival to Qashqai, but at the cost of the Japanese model, it is very few of the car companies can resist.

Interestingly, but Ford’s experts did not try to compete with the compact crossover of Nissan company. The company’s management wanted to lure fans of cars like Toyota RAV4 to their side. It should be said that the “American” is able to compete adequately, as he has good arguments in his direction.


The novelty has not very big size, attractive dynamic design, where there is a beveled back part, not promising plenty of free space inside. In reality, this is well proven by practice. Constraints add to the interior decoration, which is not too wide, as well as the lack of free space in front of the rear passengers.

The 188 mm high ground clearance allows you to feel the compact machine as a full crossover. The main idea of the appearance of Ford Kuga 2008 is the kinetic design. The new corporate style allows to make the car unmistakably recognizable. The front part of the “American” has a huge part of the grille and head optics of large sizes.

In contrast, the elements of the upper part of the grille and “fog lights” have small and “light” shapes. Stampings, which can be seen on the doors and wings, were able to emphasize the greatness of the wheel arches. As for the shoulder line, it stands out well. External mirrors were placed on a sufficiently long leg, which is installed on the door.

Ford Kuga’s stern lanterns were placed high. The stern window was narrowed at the sides. The rear bumper was massive. Generally speaking, all the details of the appearance are made so that the car had a massive, but rapid appearance. It is necessary to tell that a little bit of sports notes still can be seen in the exterior of the vehicle. This was achieved by means of a sharp profile and pointed details.


The first-generation interior is pretty much the same as the C-Max version. There is no futuristic inside. Thanks to the combination of colors, it is possible to dilute the overall picture and make the interior “lighter”. The dashboard has classic dials. The torpedo also got a classic one.

If the car looks small, everything inside changes dramatically, for which we should thank the engineering staff of the company. The chair has a wide range of settings. Although the car has received a rather voluminous cabin, it will not be so convenient for the 5th passenger to sit (except if the 5th passenger is a child).

Ford Kuga I generation salon

The ergonomic component of the Ford Cooga, together with the architecture of the chairs and the layout of the controls, has a rational and convenient location. As for all buttons and pens, they are in clear places, and the devices are easy to read. Many drivers will be pleased that the car has received compartments for various trifles. Interestingly, the repair kit with adhesive liquid for pumping the “spoiled” wheel inside is installed in the container under the feet of the left passenger sitting behind.

The specialists decided to place the first-aid kit symmetrically on the right. Speaking of the quality of finishing materials, it is worth saying that it is not perfect, but fully meets the current criteria. Because of this, the interior looks pretty neat. It is not difficult to disassemble the rear seats to increase the volume and capacity of the luggage compartment.

Panamanian RoofTrunk Ford Kuga IFord Kuga photo salon

Ford Kuga salon

You can fold chairs in a 60:40 ratio, which provides a flat floor. The stern door is separate. The luggage door itself is made up of 2 elements: it opens partially or completely. The luggage compartment is wide, and the European version is divided into sections under the double floor – but this version has not received a “spare” or “docking”. The volume of the luggage compartment is 401 liters, and when the seats are folded up it increases to a mark of 1,405 liters of usable space.


Speaking of the technical part, the Kuga of the first family has a 2.0-liter 140-horsepower (or 163-horsepower) turbocharged diesel engine Duratorq or 2.5-liter gasoline turbocharged 200-horsepower engine Duratec. The 140-horsepower diesel line has a 320 Nm rating and the 163-horsepower version has a 340 Nm rating, respectively.

The gasoline 2.5-liter unit is equipped with 320 Nm. A six-speed manual gearbox for two versions is installed as a control unit. There is also a “robotic” version with 2 clutches Powershift for diesel engine or five-speed automatic gearbox for gasoline version.

Ford Kuga engine of the first generation

The diesel-powered power pack accelerates the compact crossover to the first hundred in 10 seconds. The gasoline engine can impress with 8.2 seconds (the version with automatic box has a more modest performance – 8.8 seconds).

Cars of the American company are equipped with a system of plug-in four-wheel drive thanks to the Haldex clutch, which is responsible for connecting the rear wheels. This clutch can deliver up to 50% of the torque to the rear wheels as needed. Since the end of 2008, the workers have equipped the model with a more advanced fourth generation clutch, which received an electric pump.

Running gear

As for the chassis, Ford Cooga has a complex multilever independent rear suspension, similar to the one used in the Ford Focus. Thanks to this, the car has a good controllability, the car is obedient in turning and responds quickly to the movement of the steering wheel.

It is necessary to admit that the suspension turned out to be a little bit rigid. Driving this vehicle is not so hard with the help of electro-hydraulic power steering. Brake system is represented by disc brakes on all wheels (front – ventilated).


During the development of the new model, the company placed great emphasis on a good level of safety for the car, as it is an integral and important part of any machine. In order to provide Ford Kugo with the proper level of safety, a system has been applied that prevents intrusion. It possesses:

  • Functions to help the driver control the vehicle;
  • Functions that reduce the chance of injury during a collision;
  • Body frame, which has increased stability and durability during the collision.

In addition, this electronics, which is used by the car, has six Airbags. The driver and front passenger received side and front cushions, as well as curtain-type cushions, which are located on the sides (used to protect the shoulders and head). All seats are equipped with seat belts with stops and head restraints that can be adjusted in height.

Based on EuroNCAP’s safety assessment of the crash tests, the vehicle has been able to take the lead. The machine received the maximum number of stars – 5. Pedestrian safety was rated at 3 stars, child protection at 4 stars, and driver safety and passengers sitting with it were rated at 5 stars.

An acceptable assessment of pedestrian safety was achieved by using soft material in the manufacture of the bumper. The radiator, bumper and front bumper have a shock-absorbing area between them.

Price and equipment

At the time of sale the machine was available in 3 versions: Trend, Titanium and Titanium S. Initial equipment has:

  • Electronic systems ABS, ESP;
  • Conditioner;
  • Front and rear power windows;
  • Electric drive and heating of external mirrors;
  • Fog lamps;
  • 17-inch steel “rollers” with decorative hoods;
  • Front and side airbags;
  • Audio system;
  • On-board computer;
  • Sports seats;
  • Leather trim “steering wheel” and other.

The given model with 2.0-liter power plant and a box on “mechanics” from 15503 $ is estimated. Top-of-the-range equipment “Titanium” has:

  • Already available with 17-inch light alloy wheels;
  • Rain and light sensor;
  • Dual-zone climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • Salon rear mirror with automatic darkening option;
  • Combined interior decoration with fabric and leather;
  • Adjustment of height and lumbar support on the front passenger seat;
  • Lamps illuminating the leg area in the nose of the interior.

All-wheel drive variant with “automatic” box and gasoline 2.5-liter unit in the version of Titanium S will cost about $21026.

Ford Kuga II Generation (2012-2016)

The American-German car of compact “crossover” type Ford Kuga debuted in 2008 and showed rather modest sales ratings in Russia. For all the time, the model was being sold, almost all the rivals were able to significantly upgrade their vehicles, so the management of the company Ford decided to carry out serious work on the emergence of the second family of Kuga, so as not to lose the remaining competitive advantages.

It would be desirable to notice that the similar improvement made by design staff, was useful and could improve the compact crossover well. In January 2011, at the Detroit Motor Show, a conceptual version under the name of Ford Vertek was presented, which became the prototype of the second Kuga family.

Ford Kuga 2012

The novelty received a front bumper, together with a radiator grille, as well as the shape of the stern headlights and interior decoration. International presentation of Ford Kuga of the 2nd generation took place in 2012, but the model arrived with a slight delay to the Russian buyers. All the fault was the leisurely formation of production at the Ford plant in the city of Elabuga. After all the difficulties were settled, the car went into serial production.

Appearance of Kuga II

Kuga is considered the first serial version of a crossover from the American company Ford. The city car has retained its family appearance. This is clearly visible, especially if you put next to the 1st and 2nd family. But it is worth noting that the novelty of 2012 has become more relevant. The appearance is distinguished by confidence and swiftness. It seems that in this way and should differ modern SUV.

You can notice the presence of a huge wide radiator grille and the original line along the body, which emphasizes a little aggressive notes. But it is impossible to say that the vehicle turned out to be completely sporty, rather it is a more mature car. In addition, the novelty has new, more “sports” bumpers.

Photo by Ford Kuga II

Partly successful design was achieved with the help of beautiful front optics. It is immediately obvious that the company’s design staff was able to work perfectly. Bowl headlights have a small squint and finish the aggressive appearance of the machine, and thanks to the DXO LED strip increases the charisma of the crossover. It is important that the headlights of the new model have the function of adaptive lighting corners.

The side part is distinguished by a pretty good plastic dodger, which gives some highlight to the exterior of Ford Kuga 2012. The second family has “grown” in size. The novelty added 81 millimeters to the length of the truck, which provided an opportunity to expand the internal volume of the car. Only in the luggage compartment it was possible to increase the volume by more than 80 liters.

Front view of Ford Kuga IIPhoto of a Ford Kuga II carRear view of Ford Kuga II

Ford Kuga II side view

Outer side view of the crossover to show increased harmony. The side part has a folding hood, heavily backfilled front post, neat back and soft roof line. Sides are impregnated with energy tearing outward, creating powerful ribs and punches, inflated wheel arches that are able to place the rubber on the “rollers” of a light alloy.

The latter received a new kind of drawings. Passenger doors have become wider, and the overhang has also “grown”, which will please potential customers. The Ford Kuga 2013 aft area received a large boot door, faceted headlights, a compact bumper with a built-in a-la diffuser and two exhaust pipes. The entire lower edge of the body is well covered with unpainted plastic.

The doors have good overall dimensions, so loading/unloading is effortless. The transition to the bumper is smooth. In general, many people like the exterior of the machine. The car turned out to be strict and attractive without any hint of pathos and pretentiousness.

Kuga II Salon

The cabin of the second generation Kuga car shows almost complete similarity with the interior of the 3rd version of the Focus. Speaking in general, the interior of Ford Kuga 2013-2014 did not start to be designed from scratch. Drivers who moved from hatchback to crossover will feel almost no difference.

There will still be a comfortable steering wheel with an abundance of setting buttons, a stylish dashboard with informative dials and a color display of the “board computer”, a massive front panel with blocks of music and climate systems, as well as a highly located gearshift lever.

Салон Ford Kuga II

The instrument panel has two solid wells with analogue-type sensors, between which are other small sensors and the above mentioned on-board system screen. The seats in the front row are well “shaped” and have characteristic side support rolls. With a wide range of settings, anyone can find the desired position at the helm. The level of visibility is good. The external side mirrors have made them large and the angle of the blind areas is small.

From remarkable features of a new crossover – possibility to the buyer to choose independently colour scale of illumination of internal furniture. A total of 7 colors are available.

The central part has a basic four-position joystick to control the multimedia system. The system itself turned out to be easy and understandable. Under the joystick you can see the buttons for setting the climate system and heating. On the place where, as a rule, are located interior lamps, the keys to adjust the curtain panoramic hatch and backlight.

The second row has not got much free space. Only two not very tall people will be able to sit comfortably. The rear sofa is molded for 2 seats, and the transmission tunnel installed in the center will not allow the passenger sitting in the center to feel comfortable. As for the backrest itself, it can change the angle of inclination.

Inside the machine there are pleasant to the touch finishing materials and smooth joints, which is very important. It is impossible to say that the salon turned out to be expensive, however, it was made in the European style and qualitatively, despite its Russian assembly. In addition, you can install a large panoramic hatch in the car, which reaches the back of the car. As everywhere else, the curtain can be opened only for the owner and the front passenger sitting next to them.

Lights can be switched on separately for each of them, which is very pleasing. It was a pleasant surprise that experts equipped the front seat backrests with folding tables. The ergonomics of the vehicle is at its height. The trunk received 456 liters. However, if necessary, it is possible to remove the stern chairs, which will increase the capacity to 1,653 liters.

The rear seats themselves are removed in the 60/40 proportion, both in full and in parts. The company has introduced an interesting system that greatly simplifies the loading/unloading of luggage from the trunk. The aft door opens without hands – you can only hold your foot to the rear bumper. In addition, the door opens with a traditional method – a key chain, but there is no such need.

The stern door opens without hands - you can only hold your foot to the rear bumper

Since the key is non-contact, all you need to do is approach the machine. The car “feels” the key in the owner’s pocket and opens for him. Ford has made the luggage door opening system without hands much easier than the competitors. If you need to open the fifth door, there is no need to walk under the bumper – just bring it up.

Sensors built into the “skirt” are able to recognize the movement of the leg and activate the electric drive, which opens the back door. The door is closed in the same way or by means of a special button. It is not necessary to worry, the electronics is protected against false alarms. However, there is still a small disadvantage – electric actuators do not function very quickly.

Specifications Kuga II

Kuga II power pack

The list of power plants for Ford Kuga 2 is not as extensive as that of certain competitors, but it has gasoline engines and a power plant running on “heavy” fuel. The two gasoline-powered engines are part of the current EcoBoost division of environmentally friendly engines.

They have a turbocharger, a direct petrol injection system, and a system that regulates gas distribution phases. All of them received the same volume – 1.6 liters. The starting version gives out 150 “horses” and 240 Nm.

Ford Kuga II engine

The average gasoline consumption in the combined cycle is about 7.7 litres for every 100 kilometres. Next comes a 182 hp unit with the same torque of 240 Nm. The heavy fuel engine is represented only by the Duratorq TDCi, which has a working volume of 2.0 litres and develops 140 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque.

Kuga II transmission

All gasoline engines are paired with 6-speed mechanical gearboxes or a torque converter. The only diesel power plant is synchronized with the PowerShift six-stage robotic automatic transmission, which is equipped with intelligent all-wheel drive technology AWD, suitable for gasoline engines optionally.

Kuga II running gear

As for the suspension, the 2nd generation of the Ford Cooga has not affected the structure in any way, except for small individual parameters. McPherson type racks are used in front, and the rear wheels are based on an independent multilever design. The suspension is complemented by a solid list of various systems: ABS, EBD, ESP, EBA and HLA.

More expensive equipment also received an intelligent trajectory control system, a system of control in corners, technology to control blind spots, a system that automatically carries out the braking “Active City Stop”, as well as an intelligent system of all-wheel drive of the new generation. The machine is very easy to operate thanks to the electronic power steering.

Kuga II safety

During the Euro NCAP tests, the last version was almost an example to follow. When tested during the Ford Kuga 2 crash test, the model was able to repeat the success. But this is not surprising, as the bodywork has become stiffer, belts with double pretensioners and active front head restraints have been installed. The number of airbags increased from 4 to 7.

The company decided to take the time to select the rest of the safety systems. The optimal option has a system that can prevent tipping over, and paying $435 you can install the package “Driver Assistance”. Such a package has systems of automatic braking, tracking the “blind” zones and control of tire pressure.

U.S. experts have used an intelligent security system (IPS) for the 2nd generation Ford Cougar. There is a system that helps to start when the car is on the rise. During emergency braking, an alarm is triggered automatically. It turns out that in terms of safety Ford Cooga 2013-2014 has the best of the first generation and more advanced systems that meet European standards.

Crash-test of the compact American crossover only confirmed that the company is concerned about the safety of not only people sitting inside, but also other road users, as well as pedestrians. Based on the safety rating of the independent company Euro NCAP, the Ford Kuga 2015 model received the maximum 5 stars.

Complete set and price of Kuga II

The company’s marketing specialists have made the list of equipment and their names much easier for the buyer to understand. There are only 4 options: Trend, Trend Plus, Titanium, and Titanium Plus. The most affordable design, called Trend, has an electric package for all glasses and mirrors, 17-inch steel “rollers”, motor start keys, air conditioning, seven airbags and an audio system with 6 speakers.

Such variant is estimated not less than 20666 $. For 2.5-liter 150 hp engine, 6-speed automatic box and front drive. A more advanced version of the “Trend Plus” has the function of heating the seats installed in front, the option of heating the windshield, two-zone climate control and roof rails. The similar version is estimated from 21892 $ for the front drive, 1.6-liter 150 hp engine and mechanical six-speed gearbox.

From 24037 $ will need to be paid for all-wheel drive and automatic gearbox. The “Titanium” has presence of light and rain gauges, multimedia system Ford Sync with musical system from Sony, cruise-control and system of keyless access. The price list starts from 26028 $ for 1.6-liter 150-horsepower engine working in pair with a six-stage automatic box and full drive system.

The richest in terms of equipment will be a set of Titanium Plus. It has a panoramic roof to the rear seats with the function of electric drive, 18-inch “rollers”, navigator, rear camera and multicolored interior lighting. For all this it is necessary to lay out not less than 29858 $ for the 1.6-liter 182 hp motor with six-speed “automatic machine” and system of a full drive.

In addition, it will be possible to optionally install an active parking assistance system and technology that allows you to open the luggage compartment without hands. It is clear that the Kuh can bypass almost all of his classmates in terms of the various functions of the Kuh.

Ford Kuga II generation restyling (2016-present)

During the March Geneva Motor Show, which took place in 2016, the updated compact crossover Ford Cougar 2 was presented. In reality, the exterior of Ford Kuga 2017-2018 in the fresh body was declassified in autumn 2015.

Then, at the Los Angeles exhibition, the American automobile company presented the restyled version of Ford Escape 3, which was an accurate portrait of Kugo for the North American market. Production of the updated model continues to this day.


Appearance of a body novelty in stylistic execution became similar to “relatives” from crossover ruler Ford – Ford EcoSport and Ford Edge. The nose area of the car received a solid trapeze of a radiator grille, another bumper, where there are built-in original fog lights, new adaptive headlights and a hood with a modified relief.

Interestingly, the headlight has a bi-xenon and neat corners of LED daytime running lights. The car does not seem cumbersome and overwhelming, although the body is actually quite massive and spacious. The side part has a dynamic shape with the help of a folding roof and “inflated” arches of the wheels.

Photo of a Ford Kuga II carFord Kuga II side viewFord Kuga II rear view

Ford Kuga II

The palette of body paints has been expanded with two new versions – Guard Grey and Copper Pulse. There is a wide range of light alloy “rollers” with diagonals of 17, 18 and 19 inches. The front lateral wings have small “gills” on them, as if hinting at the presence of sports characteristics. The stern part has new sidelights and bumper with retouched shape.

The eye is pleased with the LED lights. Sports notes can be seen in the diffuser with a pair of “trunks” of the release system. If you compare the new Ford Kugo 2018 with the pre-recovery version, which debuted in 2012, the improved version of the car has become more sporty and solid. Since the last version, the practical plastic dodger hasn’t disappeared anywhere. Top versions have a towbar, which can be moved out with the help of an electric drive, which is very practical.


Everything inside the vehicle is cozy and beautiful. The salon was made using a pleasant fabric, but optionally you can buy a more solid set, where there is a leather salon. It is not possible to meet open fasteners. At the top there is decorative lighting of LED filling. There is a favorite with many multifunctional steering wheel, which has many keys of different control.

It also looks nice and comfortable enough dashboard. The interior of Ford Kugo II 2018 is equipped with armrests and cup holders, as well as a good audio system. The backrests of the car seats are comfortable, the front seats are equipped with side support. Top-of-the-range versions have an 8-inch screen that works in conjunction with a modern multimedia system.

Interior of Ford Kuga

The latter can support voice control, gestures, navigation system, telephone and rear camera. It is important to note that electronic stuffing has been taught to synchronize with mobile devices running on Android and iOS. The control lever of the checkpoint and the “climate” setting unit have become different.

More “saturated” equipment of Ford Kuga 2018 has an optionally upgraded parking assistant with an increased number of ultrasonic sensors compared to the prerestilling version, warning systems about the threat of frontal collision Active City Stop, operating up to 50 kilometers per hour.

You can install a panoramic roof that can be closed with the curtain. The design is electrically driven, which makes this function very easy to use. Numerous interior elements are electrically driven. The steering wheel, together with the front seats, have been adjusted and the front glass and nozzles have a heating function.

It is true that because of the quality of finishing materials, it is the Ford Cugo 2018, many people are advised to buy in the line of compact crossovers. Experts were able to successfully work out a soundproofing system. Inspections have shown that the car is really much quieter. Many drivers rejoice at the appearance of the steering paddles of the “automatic” control system.

Luggage compartment

We were able to pay attention to the issue of comfort on the second row of seats. Backrest settings, improved lighting and a 220V socket outlet appeared, from which mobile devices are now charged as well. As for the cargo and passenger capabilities of the updated model, they remained at the pre-reform level.

The car can accommodate 5 adults without any problems, and the luggage compartment is designed for 456 liters. If necessary, it is possible to remove the backrests of the seats, which will increase the volume up to 1,653 liters of usable space.

Specifications of II-restyling

Power pack II-restyling

For the Russian market, as before, 3 power units were provided for. The list begins with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder version of the “atmosphere”, which has a system of distributed injection. The similar variant develops 150 “horses” and 230 Nm of torque. Then there is a turbocharged 1.6-liter unit, which was directly powered. The engine comes in 2 variants of forcing: 150 horsepower and 240 N/m, as well as 182 horsepower and 240 N/m of torque.

Ford Kuga engine

For the countries of the Old World, the restyling model comes with completely different “engines”. The gasoline lineup received a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine EcoBoost, which is able to develop from 120 to 182 horsepower and 240 Nm of maximum thrust.

The diesel palette has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, which generates 120 “mare” and 270 Nm, as well as a 2.0-liter Duratorq, capable of developing from 150 to 180 “horses” and 370-400 Nm of torque.

Transmission II-restyling

With two 1.6-liter engines and a 2.5-liter “atmosphere”, the six-speed manual or automatic gearbox with a classic and highly reliable design with torque converters operates.

All torque is transmitted either to the front wheels or to all four wheels by means of an intelligent four-wheel drive (a multi-disc clutch in the rear axle is included). The diesel version comes with a 6-speed manual or robotic gearbox.

Running Part II-restyling

If you take a constructive plan, the restyling version of the Ford Cooga 2018 has not received changes. Ahead you can still find an independent McPherson pendant, and behind it you can see a multilever construction. As for the undercarriage, it provides the vehicle with good sports performance along with optimal suspension rigidity.

Kuga has a steering system with an electric booster, allowing not only to save gasoline, but also to change the reaction to the steering wheel, depending on what speed. For example, when driving slowly (looking for a parking space), you will need minimal effort, and when driving quickly, the technology provides a sharper steering.

The height of the ground clearance (200 millimeters), allows the owner to feel confident in light off-road conditions. As a braking system installed disc brakes on all wheels with support for electronic systems ABS, EBD and other relevant assistants.

Safety II-restyling

Speaking of safety systems, the novelty in the standard version has the above mentioned electronic systems ABS, ESP, assistants when driving upwards, a system that knows how to prevent tipping over, controls the traction in corners, as well as the sensor “ERA-GLONASS”. The Trend version has 7 airbags, which includes a knee cushion for the driver.


The top version of the Titanium Plus, except for the standard technologies, has adaptive bi-xenon headlights, parking assistant with the option of parking perpendicular type, navigation system with the output of information about traffic jams and rear camera. As a separate option, there is a package “Driver Assistance”, which includes an advanced system of automatic braking (Active City Stop).

It extends the range to 50 kilometres per hour, has a lane assistant and an advanced blind spot monitoring system with Cross-Traffic Alert function. In addition, tire pressure sensors are available.

Crash test

Complete set and prices II-restyling

A total of 4 options are available: Trend, Trend Plus, Titanium, and Titanium Plus. The basic version of the “Trend” has a front-driven version of the machine, suitable for urban travel and highway.

The standard version did not receive fuel heater, parktronic and “Bluetooth”, but as a separate option you can install a seat heating and climate control system. Inside there will be a fabric upholstery and a standard audio system with a standard dashboard. Only an automatic gearbox is available in any configuration. The minimum price is $22888.

Ford Kuga restyling

The second version of Trend Plus has already received a choice of front or all-wheel drive. The cost starts at $24267 and $26258. This version has a modern 1.5-liter engine, except for the engine, which was put on the previous generation. The extended basic equipment has received the conditioner supporting an optimum temperature mode inside a compact crossover.

Next comes a more expensive variant “Titanium”, available with 3-power units, front and all-wheel drive. The minimum price is 25921 $, 27760 $ and 29138 $. As additional options there is a better finish, represented by leather and plastic of soft type, as well as aluminum overlays.

In addition, there is a panoramic roof, LED optics, climate control system, cruise control and other well-known electronic car control technologies on the roadway. The penultimate equipment received 18-inch cast disks with a corporate style. It is important to note that the manufacturer decided to make the car more similar not to an SUV, but to a sports crossover.

Ford Kuga 2017

Complete the list of equipment for the Titanium Plus version. This version is supplied only with the strongest power plant and all-wheel drive system. The list of options is just huge. It is possible to note some: the system of automatic parking and control of descent, climbing in the mountain. Cruise control system is able to withstand the necessary speed mode and the necessary distance with the leading car.

Fully equipped vehicle has a two-zone climate control, leather interior, electric heating of front seats and steering wheel, 18-inch “skating rinks”, bi-xenon headlights, panoramic roof with a hatch, multimedia system SYNC 3 and music system for 9 speakers. The “starting” value of a top complete set is estimated from 32202 $.

Comparison with competitors

If you take the class of crossovers, it has a fairly large choice, which gives you the opportunity to choose the most suitable machine for yourself. Among the main competitors of the upgraded Ford Kuga 2018 car is the one that can be distinguished: Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail, Renault Koleos, Suzuki Grand Vitara and Volkswagen Tiguan. But it is the American model Ford is the most popular.

The basis for this is a lot. The car turned out to be practical and quite reliable, and also has an attractive appearance and interior. The novelty was designed with a bias to the fact that the past family lost to numerous vehicles in this niche in terms of style and equipment. But it is worth noting that some options will need to be well paid for. Therefore, to buy this car or not, to decide only yourself.

Reviews from the owners

Based on the Ford Kuga owners’ feedback, we can conclude that they prefer controllability, reliability, good dynamics, suspension, appearance and noise insulation. Drivers like the second row of seats and luggage compartment. The car stands as a dug in, and not important dry or wet road surface. The car is not afraid of rutting. On a dirt road moves confidently.

It is convenient to operate the car, if there are any rolls, they are minimal. Good height of road clearance allows to overcome hard-to-reach places. The updated version of the “American” has become much quieter in the cabin. The disadvantages include considerable fuel consumption, low cross-country ability and interior design, although there are different opinions in this respect. Also, some owners of Ford Kuga talk about the disadvantages of the interior: seats seem to have side support, but there is almost no use from it.

In the trunk, under the floor, where the spare wheel is located, there are no compartments. As a result, the pump, along with the fire extinguisher and first aid kit, are left without space. Some people say that the engine makes a lot of noise not only at speed, but also at idling speed. Disappointing is the high fuel consumption, which clearly exceeds the factory value.

In reality, the engine consumes about 13 liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers in urban mode. One thing that makes us glad is that we can fill the 92nd gasoline. The work of automatic gearbox is not so smooth and slow.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • High level of security;
  • Reliability;
  • Not bad dynamic qualities;
  • Comfortable interior decoration;
  • Improved permeability;
  • Ease of operation;
  • The updated version has a more modern and stylish appearance;
  • Presence of chrome parts;
  • New look of wheels;
  • New lighting with daytime running lights;
  • Solid ground clearance height;
  • There are variants with all-wheel drive system;
  • The novelty received a colorful large screen, located on the central console;
  • The quality of the material used for interior decoration has improved significantly;
  • Practical luggage compartment;
  • There are many electronic assistants and services;
  • There is an abundance of various additional options available for an extra fee.

Cons of a car

  • High price tag;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Not very comfortable seats;
  • The box automaton works not so fast, as it would be desirable;
  • A bit rigid suspension bracket.

Summing up

At the end of the article I would like to say that the update of Ford Kuga 2018 was very useful. The car hasn’t been updated significantly for a long time, while other competitors were gradually improving the appearance of their vehicles. If before the car looked like a simple compact crossover, after the update, the car has a sports note.

Appearance is suitable for any person, as it has charisma, clear punctuation and a lot of chrome. The front part looks especially pleasant, which has received a new massive grille, stylish lighting with bi-xenon and LED filling.

Large arches of wheels can accommodate 18-inch wheel rims with new stylistics. The rear part has rather modest headlights and a couple of exhaust pipes. The rear door is wide, and the loading height is not so high, so loading and unloading can be quite easy.

Ford Kuga front view

Inside the Ford Cooga 2018, it’s much better and more enjoyable. What’s more, the interior decoration materials are of better quality. A comfortable multifunctional steering wheel was installed in front of the driver, behind which a convenient and informative dashboard can be seen. The center is painted with a color screen of the on-board computer, which displays all the necessary information about the car, mileage, fuel consumption and so on.

The central console has a large color display of the multimedia system, working with navigation and music systems. On the sides of the screen there are clear, almost vertical deflectors of the ventilation system. Underneath them is a compact air conditioning unit. It is not so convenient to operate, because the gear lever is very close.

The seats in the car are not the most comfortable, but they can cope with their tasks. There is side support, but it does not work as it would be desirable. There is an armrest between the seats. The back row can accommodate three sedans, but it will be inconvenient for a person sitting in the center because of the floor transmission tunnel.

Ford Kuga crossover photo

The luggage compartment is painful and roomy. It can be enlarged if necessary by folding the rear seat backs. Only because of this, the floor is not quite flat – the rear backrests form a considerable step that takes up useful space. The powertrain allows the machine to gain speed with confidence and be dynamic. However, fuel consumption in practice exceeds the factory parameters, especially in urban areas.

The suspension was designed for quality roads, so if you drive on bad Russian roads, you should prepare yourself for a little shaking. When installing a four-wheel drive system, the vehicle’s cross-country ability increases significantly, as well as the euthanasia of the engine.

I am glad to see that there are many security systems and electronic assistants that help to control the crossover. Now the American model will be able to compete successfully with its competitors, possessing a new fresh look, improved interior decoration and modern electronic stuffing.

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Ford Kuga 2017 photo

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