The design and characteristics of the new BMW i8 are declassified

The design and characteristics of the new BMW i8 are declassified

The official premiere of the novelty will not take place soon, but the Germans failed to hide the exterior of the BMW i8 convertible from the public. Rodster will be not only all-wheel drive, but also hybrid. The whole Mercedes-Benz range.

First meeting

All-wheel drive hybrid Bavarian is a premium car that looks like a venerable sports car, but in terms of fuel consumption it is comparable to a small car. Such a decision will be definitely appreciated by the residents of megacities, who are concerned about the environmental situation on the planet.

Photo BMW i8

The open version of the 8 series BMW Cabriolet debuted in Los Angeles. The release of the new product was preceded by a series of interesting concepts. Especially memorable was the i8 Spyder, which was presented at the Beijing Motor Show. The first photos were taken in Scotland, where a photo session of BMW I 8 in convertible version was held.

Vehicle appearance

The BMW i8 exterior in the back of a convertible resembles a brother. In the open “eight” designers used the same solution as in the convertible Mercedes-Benz, the closest competitor of the “i8”. Instead of a hard roof it was decided to install a soft top.

Auto BMW i8Side view of the BMW i8BMW rear view i8

BMW i8 convertible

It managed to significantly reduce the weight of the car, now it is 1595 kg. The roof is folded up in less than 20 seconds, and to make such simple operation it is possible directly in a traffic stream, moving with speed of 50 km/hour.

Dimensions exactly repeat “donor”: 468.9 cm long, another 194.2 cm wide, 129.1 cm high. Wheelbase – 280 cm, ground clearance – 11.7 cm

BMW convertible salon

The inside of the two-door door is almost the same as the compartment. The same pretentious design, sporty notes and impeccable ergonomics. Taking into account the premium orientation of the convertible, materials of excellent quality were used in the interior decoration. The level of assembly does not cause any complaints either.

Now about the differences in the cabin BMW i8 in the body of the convertible. Of course, it is a double layout and bucket-shaped seats with heating and electric adjustment. In terms of practicality, the roadster is not the best option for transporting large loads.

BMW i8Interior of BMW i8 RoadsterBMW i8 salon

BMW i8 Roadster Salon

You could say that the word “trunk” only leaves a name. In the front compartment there are 100 liters of luggage, in the rear compartment – only 88 liters due to the modification of the engine compartment lid. From the additional options “eight” BMW 8 convertible will be presented:

  • Night vision camera.
  • Bowers & Wilkins.
  • Ten-inch dashboard.
  • 12.3-inch screen.
  • Wireless charger for different devices.
  • Laser optics

Technical features

In terms of design, the BMW 8 convertible also repeats the coupe:

  • Electric power steering.
  • Disc brakes in front and behind.
  • Ideal weight distribution of Drive Life.
  • At the front there is an independent “two-lever”, and at the back – “five-lever”. The shock absorbers are adaptive, electronically controlled.

Owners of the “ai eighth BMW” version of the roadster can count on an enviable complex of units. It is represented by a 143-horsepower electric motor (the traction is transmitted to the wheels in front), gasoline turbocharged “triplets”. The volume of the gasoline engine is 1.5 liters, and the power – 231 horsepower. On “clean” electricity convertible drives 53 kilometers, speeds up to 100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds.

And now the most interesting thing. The maximum speed of the Bavarian car is equal to 250 km/hour, in the mixed cycle it spends only 2,1 litres of fuel on a sotka of run.

BMW prices i8 roadster 2018-2019 in the Russian market

In 2018, the price range for the new BMW i8 convertible will start at 11 million 150 thousand rubles. That’s how much to pay for the basic equipment. However, even it is “stuffed” with a large number of options:

  • Simply 6 airbags.
  • 20-inch wheels.
  • ABS, ESP, 2-zone climate control.
  • Built-in security system monitors blind spots.
  • LED optics only.
  • Advanced multimedia system.

BMW i8 roadster 2018 width

That’s how the revived BMW 8 Series coupe turned out. It combines good dynamics of a sports car, comfort of a representative class sedan. It is possible that this car will become the flagship of the model range.

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