• Car model: BMW
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Body Type: SUV

The reincarnation of the BMW X6 (F16), like most cars, began with a presentation. The Bavarian company in warm June 2014 announces the release of a new version of the SUV, and two months later, in September, holds a presentation in Paris.

The new model was designed on the basis of its younger brother X5 (F15), who saw the light of day one and a half years earlier, in the spring of 2013. Russians who are eager not only to see, but also to try the novelty, did not have to wait longer than others, as the presentation took place in the Moscow International Motor Show almost at the same time as in Paris. The whole model range is BMW.

In December, the model 2014 X6 will appear on the market. The new version looks like a medium size crossover, although it combines the obvious signs of an SUV (dimensions combined with high clearance) and a coupe due to the fact that the back of the roof is strong bevel.

Фото BMW X6

However, the concern gives a clear classification of the model – sports coupe for active rest (SAC). And so, the model which has received a restyling and new power units, pleases with an abundance of variety from the very moment of the release and we will tell about all it in order. BMW X6 photo can be found below. This article describes the BMW X6 price, size and features of the model.


When April 2009 came, the German company presented a sports version of the X6 M in the form of a model xDrive50i. It has an improved 575 hp engine and dual turbocharger. They worked on the suspension, steering, all-wheel drive system, exhaust system, and, to a small extent, elements of the interior and appearance.

BMW X6 M 2009

In general, the models X6 M, as well as X5 M are the debut in the history of BMW Motorsport all-wheel drive vehicles with turbocharged power units and in the niche of SUV.


The shape of the X6 and its details have preserved the whole spirit of BMW and the style of the company. Among other things, looking at the car, you get the impression that you are standing in front of a seriously tuned rocking, while it is dressed quite stylishly and strictly.

Starting with the front bumper, the detail is not delimited by many elements, such as air intakes, cut-outs, headlights and fog lights, which together make the nose of the car resemble the nose of an aircraft.

BMW X6 front view

The squeezed optics can be of two types: fully LED or partially gas-discharge (xenon) with diode sources. The front of the car is decorated with traditional false radiator grilles, made in the family style of all BMWs.

The hood does not attract much attention, having small ribs resembling muscles of a sharp horse. The side parts of the BMW IKS 6 are made in a similar style, making the crossover-compartment look like a pumped-up bullfighter.

BMW X6 photo auto

Of course, the design of the wings, the high side windows framed in chrome frames and the big wheels made of light alloy metal, 19 or 20 inches in diameter with two kinds of tires play a role in this: 255/50 and 275/40R20. The rear part is no less pleasing than the rest of the body. The rear bumper is combined with the whole body.

The squeezed taillights, equipped with LEDs, give the impression that the model has eyes and back. And two exhaust pipes add both power and elegance to the car due to their shapes. It is necessary to admit that the designers have made not practically small in size trunk door, and the glass in it also does not please with great visibility.

BMW X6 rear view

Exterior X6M

This is the first concept that the future owner will pay much attention to when purchasing a vehicle. If you don’t like the look of the car, you won’t get into other aspects of the model. What happens if you pay attention to the new BMW X6M?

Everybody will definitely want such a “beast” from the very first minutes. There is no sense to argue that the usual crossover X 6 looks excellent, vigorous and fashionable. But for the model with the letter “M” German experts have made a lot of efforts.

Photo of a BMW X6M

The nose area was decorated with a pair of BMW branded nostrils, which are “ground” in a chrome bezel. The latter, literally, connected to the head optics of the narrowed type, looking fierce LED look like a predator during the hunting.

As a prey for the Germans with the prefix “M” suitable for all moving vehicles in front, which can easily catch up and overtake this crossover. Thanks to the weighted aerodynamic dodger, sports performance and aggression are improved for the front bumper, which is made of a large number of sections and large air intakes.

A bit unusual, but right below the headlights there are “fog lights” of LED filling. Because of the huge ribbed hood, it feels like you have a pumped-up athlete in front of you. This successfully completes the image of the car when examining the front end. Starting to look at the side of the crossover you realize that the fairy tale continues. There are powerful doors with massive stampings, huge wheel arches and big 20/21-inch “rollers”.

In this part, the company offers a comprehensive list of light alloy wheels with a unique design designed specifically for this model. Add to this the falling roof line, the compact three-piece glazing and the sporting exterior mirror housings.

All this helps to create the perfect profile of the perfect machine. The rear part has a sophisticated optics, a fried solid bumper, a compact boot lid and 4 exhaust pipes.


The second generation of BMW X6 has grown, though not much, and increased in size. The model is now 4909 mm long. Width has become the largest by 6 mm – 1989 mm, and in height F16 reaches 1702 mm. Wheelbase remained the same – 2933 mm; and clearance – 212 mm.


After we’ve seen the beauty of the X6 BMW from the outside, we’ll look inside. For the most part, the salon was copied from the X5 and was supplemented with various trifles. The cabin is packed with a lot of modern equipment and gadgets, and in general the interior is made quite ergonomically and everything that is in it, promotes comfortable driving.

The manufacturer covers the interior with high quality leather even in the basic models. Along the perimeter of the built-in LED backlighting, which has several options for colors.

Interior BMW X6M

Among other things, you feel spacious and comfortable at the front both in the driver’s seat and in the passenger seat due to the excellent side support. Sitting comfortably, the stylish and, most importantly, comfortable leather steering wheel, which is decorated not only with the company logo, but also has a number of buttons that allow you to spend a minimum of effort to use certain functions.

The instrument panel has a rich functionality, complemented by a 10.25-inch display, which has several modes of information delivery, including on-board computer control. Below the monitor is a central console, complemented by information dials.

Multifunctional steering wheel

To the right of the driver there is a convenient handle of the gearbox control, a luxurious armrest for both the driver and the front passenger, several functional buttons and a convenient joystick of the multimedia system control. With all the abundance of functions, buttons and switches in the interior of the BMW X6 only to the extent that there is no excessive variety.

The complete set, which can be complemented by the interior at the request of the buyer, includes:

  • Head-Up display, which projects some of the information on the windshield and night vision system (BMW Night Vision);
  • Bang & Olufsen’s superb sound system, located around the perimeter of the entire cabin, is made up of 16 different frequencies for a comfortable listening experience in every genre of music;
  • Climate control;
  • The manufacturer offers a choice of several interior designs, and one of them is an exclusive version of the company, representing a leather finish with wooden inserts on the doors and “torpedo”;
  • A pleasant surprise was the possibility of installation in the front seats of the electromassage, which would be appropriate for a long journey.

And despite all this, the passengers in the back row will not be as comfortable as those in front. This, by the way, is one of the differences between the interior of the X6 and the X5. In spite of the fact that according to the documents three people can sit behind, only two people will be there more or less comfortably, and the owners of the cabin are not the tallest, as the back becomes lower.

BMW X6M rear row

Another addition, for a separate surcharge, of course, in order to brighten up all the inconveniences, can be LCD monitors diagonally 9.2. The trunk is pleased with the increased capacity of 580 (previously 570) liters and expands almost three times when folding rear seats – up to 1525 (previously 1450) liters.

And although the size of the boot door creates certain difficulties, it is very convenient to use it. For example, if you have busy hands, it is enough just to hold your foot under the rear bumper and the electric drive will do everything for you.

BMW X6M trunk

Interior X6M

There aren’t as many changes in the car itself as there are from the outside, but they’re still there. M Package” has more expensive finishing materials. Customers can choose the list of finishing and applied materials in a separate mode from 3 modifications.

In addition, there are two types of seats installed in front. It should be added that all of them received a sporty type and have a pronounced side support, excellent lumbar support and extensive adjustment options with the help of electric drive.

BMW X6M Salon

Among the tangible innovations will not be superfluous to mention the fresh sports and compact steering wheel, the arsenal of pedals made of aluminum. Thanks to the extended list of equipment available for the X6M BMW, the interior can be perceived slightly differently, expanding its functionality and increasing its ergonomic component.

With package “M” the German crossover has the projective display display displaying a picture from a tachometre and showing the ideal moment for switching of speed. It turns out that the car itself can prompt how best to use the capabilities of the engine and gearbox.



Although there were only three diesel engines to choose from at the start of BMW X6 (F16) sales, now two more gasoline engines have been added, representing a simple figure of 5. All five are balanced with the accuracy of the German engineers and show good results at quite tolerable for the crossover fuel consumption.

The Bavarian company has made every effort to ensure that their units meet the highest standards and proudly reach the Euro-6 classification. Taking into account the above mentioned, the car’s hazard in general has been reduced by 22%, as well as the amount of fuel eaten.

The junior of the two diesel engines has six cylinders in a row. The volume is 3 litres. This engine modification is called “BMW X6 xDrive 30d”. The unit’s power is added by turbocharging with variable geometry intake manifold and direct fuel injection system.

Diesel engine

All this makes it possible to achieve a power of 249 “horses” and a torque of 560 Newton meters. The manufacturer promises an average diesel consumption of 6 litres per 100 km. At a maximum speed of 230 km/h, the car will reach a mark of 100 kilometers per hour in 6.7 seconds.

The average brother, a diesel one, is more than a dozen, and his strength is already 313 hp. To achieve this result it is helped by a working volume of 3 liters and the same six cylinders. This modification is called BMW X6 xDrive 40d. Here, the torque reaches up to 630 N*m. Eats not many more “younger”, on the average 6.2-6.3 litres on hundred kilometers. Up to a hundred this engine will deliver you in 5.8 seconds.

Finally, the BMW X6’s oldest and most advanced engine is equipped with a state-of-the-art turbocharger system consisting of two small and one large compressor. The concern called it the BMW X6 M50d.

The engine, as well as the entire line of diesel engines, has six cylinders and a volume of three liters. It was designed using M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology. Taking into account and using all the means provided, the engine gives the same strength as 381 horses.

With a maximum Newton mark of 740 metres, this version accelerates the vehicle to 100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds, while processing only 6.6 litres per 100 kilometres in combined mode.

Photo BMW X6 M50d

The range of gasoline engines begins with the modification of the BMW X6 xDrive 35i. Six cylinders are located along the same lines as the brothers. The volume is 3.0 litres. The power is comparable with the average diesel engine (m50d) – 306 hp, but the torque is less – 400 Newton / meters.

The average fuel consumption of this version of the engine is 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The older gasoline brother is a serious unit – a cylinder arrangement V8, 4.4 liters in volume and force equal to 450 horses.

Gasoline engine

Meet BMW X6 xDrive 50i. A maximum torque of 650 N*m is provided at 2000-4500 rpm. The xDrive 50i is 0.6 seconds faster than its predecessor and reaches 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The X6’s powerful gasoline engine for the BMW consumes almost ten litres in 100 kilometres in combined operation.

X6 M power units

Here the Germans did not invent a bicycle and equipped the crossover with only one engine, which was completed with the last generation of “six” in the package “M”. But the 4.4-liter engine has undergone some serious improvements. For example, now it has a new system of changing the phases of GR, a different system of direct fuel injection and two two-channel turbochargers.

As a result, it was possible to reach a capacity of 575 “horses” (instead of 555 horses in the past). The torque increased from 680 to 750 Nm. According to the management, the company managed to work successfully on fuel consumption. Whereas the engine used to consume 13.9 litres of fuel, the new series requires only 11.1 litres for every hundred kilometres in combined mode. Given the huge capacity of this indicator is clearly pleasing.


The five work in tandem with the Steptronic robotic system, which uses 8 steps. The gearbox can be controlled by means of petals under the steering wheel. BMW engineers have innovated in the new transmission and integrated with the navigation system, which allows the on-board computer to adjust the entire system to the terrain, length and other features of the route.

The prefix labeled “xDrive” has meaning and makes it clear that the F16 version is equipped with all-wheel drive. The torque varies and is distributed by the on-board computer depending on various factors on the road.

Transmission X6 M

It’s clear that all this couldn’t help but affect the German’s dynamism. The first hundred is achieved in 4.2 seconds. This was achieved not only due to the powerful upgraded engine, but also with the latest 8-band transmission.

It has sporty settings. In addition, the owner can switch speeds independently using the steering paddles. The maximum speed remains the same – 250 km/h. But this is not the ceiling, because the employees of the German concern have specifically limited this indicator by the electronic system.

Interestingly, the company can offer an additional special package of options that raises the speed limit to 280 km/h.


The second-generation X6 is supported by an independent two-lever front suspension and a multilever integrated rear support (Integral V). Additional shock absorbers and air suspension can also be fitted, but these features are optional and will have to be paid for.


The X6M pendant

The machine was assembled on a platform with all-wheel drive and independent reinforced suspension. Ahead there is room for a two-lever design, and for the rear wheels there is a multilever design, where there are two supports, which work using the pneumatic type.

Thanks to them, the machine provides a levelling trim of the body. In addition, there are adaptive shock absorbers, which are under the jurisdiction of the electronic system. The German distinguishes itself by the company’s all-wheel drive system xDrive. All wheels have ventilated disc brakes.

Steering wheel control

Driving is quite convenient thanks to the electric power steering, and another option is the Active Steering system, which changes the gear ratio of the steering mechanism, responding to the speed of the car.

This helps to achieve better responsiveness and clarity in the steering system. The steering wheel is equipped with an electric power amplifier.


The group that designs the X6 BMW has created the most effective package of tools to ensure the safety of both the driver and passengers, as well as the car itself at the time of downtime. The hood is equipped with sensors, which are triggered when hitting an obstacle or person and lift the hood.

The parking system can provide the safest possible parking with the help of a set of sensors controlled by the on-board computer, and the all-round view with the help of cameras helps to control this process.


Moreover, the cameras compensate for the lack of visibility for the driver and blind spots. A collision alert system will help you even if you lose vigilance or other emergencies.

Inside, the airbags on the sides and front of the vehicle are protected by a child seat mount. Among the security systems of the car itself there are: satellite warning system and “secrets” protecting the wheels.

Active systems of the model is equipped with enough, namely:

  • Antilock braking system (ABS);
  • Dynamic traction control system (DTC);
  • Dynamic Stability Control System (DSC);
  • Cornering stability control system (CBC);
  • Dynamic Brake Control System (DBC);
  • Parking (rear) proximity alarm system;
  • Hill Start Assistance System (HHC);
  • Dynamic cruise control;
  • Speed limiter with steering wheel control and dashboard display.

In the event of an emergency, the car has a first aid kit and an emergency stop sign.

Complete sets and prices

The basic equipment of the BMW X6 – “xDrive 30d” of the latest generation will include:

  • 19 inch diameter light alloy metal discs and bolt protection;
  • Start/Stop function;
  • Optics equipped with discharge lamps and LEDs, fog lights;
  • Electric drive for boot door;
  • Dynamic cruise control;
  • Electromechanical steering booster;
  • Climate control;
  • Parktronic;
  • The expanded package of safety;
  • Heating of front seats and leather interior.

For xDrive40d in the Russian market ask from 75674 $. For the brothers “xDrive 50i” and “M50d” will have to pay $ 83367 and $ 88548 respectively.

Фото нового BMW X6

The range of additional options for the BMW X6 is quite large, and we have already partially mentioned some of them. Here is a complete list: automatic parking system, overview cameras, assistant when driving in traffic jams (up to 60 km/h onboard computer is able to drive the car itself, while maintaining safety).

“The brain was able to recognize obstacles, and if they were detected, it brakes the car itself. Those who do not spare money for the innovative Bang & Olufsen audio system will never regret the choice made.

Авто BMW X6 2014

Add to your ride comfort with the Dynamic package, which features a tilting system and an active rear differential for active and dynamic riding, or the Comfort package, which is not as sporty as the one you would expect from a BMW, and the traditional BMW package MSport.

The latter has a more sporty exterior and interior of the model. Among the main competitors of the German crossover it is possible to allocate Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GL-Class, Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 and Nissan Patrol VI.

Complete set and price of BMW X6 M

U.S. modifications are slightly different, and the versions for European countries and Russia are identical. Basic equipment BMW X6M has:

  • Leather salon;
  • Decorative aluminum inserts;
  • Parking assistance system;
  • The system of course stability;
  • Adaptive climate control;
  • System Launch Control;
  • Company infotainment complex BMW ConnectedDrive;
  • Electric drive of seat settings installed in front;
  • Adjustment memory function for front seats;
  • Cruise control;
  • Complete electrical package, airbag set and more.

BMW X6 M 2016

The cheapest version of the improved German off-road BMW X6M will cost not less than $ 116808 for a 4.4-liter 575 hp “engine” and automatic 8-speed gearbox. Improved equipment will make the buyer to pay about $ 149150.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Presentable appearance;
  • High ergonomics and comfort;
  • Comfortable and comfortable armchairs with excellent side support;
  • Functional multimedia system;
  • High degree of security;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Small fuel consumption;
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics;
  • Excellent control;
  • Full drive system;
  • German quality;
  • Available sports “M-package”;
  • A lot of free space inside;
  • Projection display;
  • Aggressive, sporty and impetuous shape of the crossover;
  • Pretty acceptable height of road clearance;
  • Qualitative materials of furnish of salon;
  • Massive wheels and not less big wheel arches;
  • Modern optics;
  • Passengers sitting behind have plenty of free space in their legs and above their heads;
  • Comfortable steering wheel;
  • Clear automatic transmission.

Cons of a car

  • Even German machines are not very reliable, which is certainly disappointing;
  • Far from perfect cross-country ability;
  • Large dimensions;
  • Many complain of frequent machine breakdowns;
  • High purchase price;
  • It is expensive to maintain and buy branded parts.

Summing up

It is worth admitting that the BMW X6 is a brilliant representative of the entire concern. Advantages and positive sides can easily compensate disadvantages of this coupe for any motorist or average driver. In any case, the presence of such a car in your garage will only please you, and driving this car you will enjoy the pleasure of travel, however, as long as the road does not lead you to impassability, but there is already much depends on the driver.

The number of additional options will only increase the already good impression for you and your passengers as well as for others. A powerful power unit will not make you doubt on the road. The refined and qualitative salon, impregnated with fine ergonomics, simply cannot leave anybody indifferent.

Photo of the BMW X6

Everything is thought out in detail, there’s plenty of free space inside. There is a convenient color display that allows you to display all the necessary information for the driver. The best seats of the BMW company are not to be mentioned anymore, because they have already earned an excellent reputation.

It is convenient to sit both in front and on the back row. Of course, the luggage compartment is not as large as the competitors of the crossover, but it has a sufficient amount of space required for normal travel. Engineers have not forgotten to provide a high level of safety not only for the driver and passengers, but also for other road users and even pedestrians. There are all sorts of electronic assistants and sensors available to help the driver drive the vehicle.

BMW X6 photo auto

A separate “M-package” will allow those who lack power to get a more sporty version of the crossover, which overcomes the mark of 100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds, and this, given that in front of us is not a racing car, and a car with four-wheel drive, however, despite this, even upgraded 575-horsepower engine consumes only about 11.1 liters for every 100 kilometers.

For this it is necessary to say a special thanks to the engineering staff. It is clear that the price of the BMW X6 clearly bites, but, for prestige and German quality always had to pay. It is pleasant that automobile concern BMW confidently keeps qualitative and powerful brand.

We advise you to read the article: BMW history

BMW X6 2014 photo

Test drive

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