• Car model: BMW
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2001
  • Body Type: Coupe

For the first time BMW M3 GTR E46 was lit up 15 years ago during the American race Le Mans Racing. He was able to win literally one race during the whole time. In almost all races he lost to Porsche 911 cars. Until 2001, the BMW m3 GTR E46 engine roar was heard from under the hood of the BMW m3 GTR E46, but later this 3.2-liter “old man” was replaced by a more powerful engine. The whole model range is BMW.


Of course, a racing car will literally pour out of carbon. This material is used for the roof of the M3 GTR BMW, bulging aprons and even an anti-wing at the back. In the advanced version of BMW GTR Street there is no hint of convenience – there is no radio with air conditioning.

But the developers still took care of additional cooling by making cracks in the hood. Besides, it was decided to install a low suspension, high-quality lubrication system, M differential, sport type clutch with 2 discs, dry crankcase.

BMW M3 GTR photo auto


As mentioned above, the comfort inside the GTR Street BMW was out of the question. However, this did not prevent their UAE sheikh from buying this model. The second one is in the famous BMW museum. The location of the other eight GTR Street E46 (ten models were produced in the world) remains unknown.


The road version of the BMW M3 GTR and its technical specifications are pleasantly surprising. Where else can you find the four-litre V8? Compared to the brutal racing analogue, this variant hasn’t changed much. Except for the fact that it has been adapted to the emission standards.

The maximum power of the BMW M3 GTR NFS was 450 horsepower at 7250 rpm. The maximum torque was 364 Nm 5000 rpm.

BMW M3 GTR motor

The car has a rear-wheel drive and accelerates up to 100 kilometers per hour in a funny four seconds. The vehicle weighs 1350 kg with carbon components and has a maximum speed of 300 km/h. Transmission is six, the gearbox type is six-speed and sequential.

Complete sets and prices

It is clear that there are no opportunities to purchase this car on the Russian market. Not even because the price of a car is $218,000. You simply will not find this car in any car showroom because of its rarity and absence of models even in the world points of sale. 10 models were produced exclusively for one purpose – to enter the series of ALMS races. The goal has been achieved, so the production of the BMW M3 GTR Street E46 has come to a final conclusion.

BMW M3 GTR rear view

Summing up

On a typewriter like the BMW M3 GTR will be interesting to drive in GTA or Need For Speed – good, the characteristics of the car can squeeze out all possible maximum. It is not suitable for Russian roads, it is possible for European roads. However, today the model is considered to be a great rarity, and nobody knows where the other eight copies are.

BMW M3 GTR photo

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BMW M3 GTR photo

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