• Car model: BMW
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: SUV

The BMW X7 is a full-size luxury crossover of the German company BMW, which is expected to be available from official dealers in early 2019 (on the world market). The company’s management has taken the liberty of entering a territory where the company has long been “in charge of everything” Range Rover and Mercedes GLS. The vehicle is primarily designed for the United States market. The whole model range is BMW.

This segment of the market is increasingly in demand in today’s market, and so are the requirements for this segment. Land Rover has excellent sales in the Celestial Empire, in America Mercedes GL delivers significant profits to the German company. In addition, Audi Q7 annually increases its power. Recently, Bentley Bentayga SUVs have been produced and Lamborghini Urus was launched.

The Bavarians understand this clearly, so they decided to contribute to this segment as well. Statistics show that the market really needs large luxury SUVs. Information about the emergence of a new flagship off-road BMW X7 vehicle has been walking the Internet since the autumn of 2016. Even at that time, the company decided to open the prototype’s debut photos.


The date of the official show was postponed several times and only now, the Bavarians have decided to officially premiere the new BMW X7 2018-2019. The whole world saw the “off-road” novelty on October 17, 2018 in Los Angeles. It is expected that the car will be sold in German cities in December this year.

At the showroom, the manufacturer decided to open the full list of characteristics, various data about the new BMW X7 2018. In addition, the cost of different equipment was announced. The serial version of the German SUV in the list of the manufacturer received the index G07. At the moment, serial production has already been established at the Spartanberg plant in the United States.


The new version of the BMW X7 2019 became the largest and most luxurious in the niche of off-road vehicles of the German manufacturer. Speaking for its design, it becomes clear that the novelty has many similarities with the previously demonstrated conceptual model X7 iPerfomance. It is interesting, but the commodity execution looks even more harmoniously and elegantly, than the concept.

The front part of the German BMW X7 2019 has a narrow head optics, wide “nostrils” of the original radiator grille and a massive bumper with angular sections of side air intakes. All this allows the SUV to be more brutal. The really large radiator grille has vertical chrome ribs and the same chrome edging.

Photo BMW X7

Representatives of the German SUV immediately noted that unlike other off-road versions of the company, the novelty will get an abundance of chrome parts. It is nice that the basic equipment of the “seven” has adaptive LED headlights, and as a separate option, you can install a laser-luminescent main beam.

The list of optics also has an intelligent system that can control high and low beam of light, as well as independently distribute the beam of light, if suddenly there is an oncoming traffic or a pedestrian. A team of designers worked on the optics from scratch, equipping it with only the most modern elements.

BMW X7 front view

The foggy LED headlights aren’t that visible, but they are. The nose part of the crossover has a really frightening, luxurious look. Not so original is the hood of the novelty. Some even say that the designers just took it from the latest generation of X5 and slightly improved it.

We’ve decided to add four lines along the entire length. It was decided to make the windshield more vertical than the X5 mentioned above. Partial and full heating was added to the basic equipment.
<Interestingly, the laser-luminescent main beam can illuminate the road in front of the BMW X7 2019 SUV by more than 500 m.

The side part of the new BMW X 7 2019 simply amazes with its massive parameters. The solid exterior of the car is emphasized by the impressive 20-inch “rollers”. But that’s not all, because optionally you can buy 21 – and even 22-inch wheels of light alloy type. Experienced motorists have noticed that German specialists have just stretched the already known X5 and improved it. However, it is not so.

If you cover the nose and fillet parts, the novelty is very similar to the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class shown earlier. Partly it is noticeable on the same lines, design of door handles and open side windows. The side part of the new BMW X7 also has an abundance of chrome elements. For example, chrome edging has been added around the perimeter of the side windows.

BMW X7 side view

As an exception, the side columns can be highlighted as black. The lower part of the designers also received a chrome line. Strict side lines and an L-shaped line on the bottom edge of the door are visible. The external mirrors are the eye-catching features of the exterior mirrors. If you compare them with other off-road vehicles “brothers”, the mirrors of our new product are more streamlined and have a smaller body.

The basic equipment includes a body painted to match the body color, but as a separate option available chrome lining. Speaking of functions, it is necessary to tell that the complete set usual: LED repeaters of turns, an electric drive of adjustment, function of heating and automatic folding. The new machine also has side steps (not automatic) as standard.

The new BMW X7

The design team has been able to create a shade that varies according to the distance you are at from the car. For example, from a close distance, the colour looks like a glossy, metallic colour, but it’s worth moving a little further, as if the glossy surface is transformed into a matte colour. The colors for the new BMW X7 2018-2019 are as follows:

  • Snow White
  • Black carbon;
  • White mineral;
  • Arctic grey;
  • Bronze;
  • Black sapphire.

The back part also looks powerful. You can see the huge luggage compartment door and the narrow lanterns visually uniting with each other by means of a horizontal chrome line. The lower part of the BMW X 7 2019 rear bumper has two massive diamond-shaped exhaust pipes. The shape of the rear feet is quite familiar, and they have a full LED base.

Like the side, the stern has chrome parts, such as a chrome line across the entire width of the luggage compartment lid and chrome exhaust system nozzles. It is decorated with a diffuser made of plastic and bright fog lights, which are also filled with LEDs. The boot lid of the German SUV BMW X 7 was divided into 2 parts in each set.

BMW X7 rear view

The standard version has an electric luggage door drive that works with the top and bottom parts. A button that lowers the ground clearance height is required when loading bulky loads, but the speed could be better. The decorative elements of the German fillet area include a modest spoiler of the sports type, as well as a small step located in the lower part of the rear window.

We would like to highlight the centrally located armrest, made in Bavarian style, has a divided into 2 areas of the upper part and a massive interior. In contrast to the purchased version, the German SUV will have a simple compartment with two USB Type-C connectors or a compartment for cooling drinks.

BMW X7 interior

There’s one bad time. The connectors have a Type-C standard, not a standard Type-A connector. No other gadget has a cord like this as standard. BMW did not even offer adapters to its customers, although similar connectors are also available for people in the second row. As a result, potential owners of the new BMW X 7 2019 SUV will have to buy the necessary adapters separately.

The central tunnel of the BMW X 7 2019 looks more luxurious and modern, but there are advantages and disadvantages. The first niche, behind the smart panel, was reserved by the design team for two cup holders with the option of cooling and heating (you can see the LED lighting).

A 12V cigarette lighter can be seen near the cup holders. There is also wireless charging for electronic devices, BMW key X7 and USB-port. The main element of the tunnel looks luxurious due to the use of a large number of crystal elements. For example, the crystal design is equipped with a gearbox handle, multimedia system control selector, which has already received a standard round shape and other keys.

Digital screen BMW X7BMW X7 salon BMW X7

Crystal gearbox handle has been fitted with a crystal design

Visually it feels like a touch-key, but in reality it’s a mechanical key. Next to the design staff of the German car moved the key “Start/Stop” of the power unit, control technology safety and comfort. The second row of seats is not forgotten. There are separate color screens for rear passengers. Using gestures, you can enter an address into the navigation system or send content from the display to the display.

This flow of information is fueled by “interactive LED choreography” on the doors and “dressing”. The design department has spent a lot of time inside the BMW X7 2019 to make it as spacious as possible. Already the basic equipment of the novelty has 7 seats (2-3-2) with a sofa in the center. However, you can install 2 separate seats with a higher level of comfort.

Back row BMW X7BMW X7BMW X7

All seats are electrically adjustable and foldable and have USB-C connectors. The third row of seats accommodates two middle-sized passengers. The company focuses on children, because an adult passenger will feel uncomfortable on long journeys.

If necessary, you can add the second and third row – you just need to use a special key in the trunk. Do not forget to introduce a stylish and modern LED backlighting (you can choose its color). Covering BMW X7 2019-2020 is equipped only with natural materials, no artificial details. For example, armchairs and door cards have natural leather. Available in the following woods:

  • Jasper;
  • Fields;
  • Black grand piano;
  • White ash.

Third row BMW X7BMW X7 trunkBMW X7 photo boot

Third row of BMW X7

The luggage compartment got 326 litres. But if necessary, it is possible to remove the seats of the rear rows, which will allow you to have already 2 120 liters of useful space. The boot door has two halves, as mentioned above, which open up and down. In general, the interior of the new BMW X7 is only a pleasant experience. Almost in every detail luxury and style are noticeable. Many people say that the best seats are made by Germans – this fact was not bypassed by this model.


Mower unit

The new BMW X7 2019 has four powertrains under the hood. The role of the most affordable version (xDrive30d) is played by a 3.0-liter 249 hp diesel engine. It produces about 620 Nm of torque. Next comes the gasoline version (xDrive40i), equipped with a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder version, which develops 340 horsepower and 540 Nm.

The data that the top version of the BMW X7 will be equipped with a powerful 6.0-liter gasoline 12-cylinder engine is not confirmed. In addition, the company did not say whether they will sell the hybrid versions of the 2.0-liter engine, which was mentioned earlier.

In the gasoline niche at the moment the flagship version of xDrive50i is considered to have a 4.4-liter, V-shaped eight-cylinder, 462-horsepower engine that develops 650 Nm. The most powerful diesel version is considered to be the M50d model. It received a 3.0-liter diesel engine, which comes with 4 turbines. It has 400 “horses” and 760 Nm of torque, which is a very good result.

The sports version of the new BMW X7 2018-2019 can reach the speed mark of 100 kilometers per hour in only 5.2 seconds. It can be seen that German specialists have managed to create a really amazing car, as to be so dynamic and weigh a little more than 2.5 tons is a great result. However, the maximum speed limit does not exceed 250 kilometers per hour, because further acceleration of the 2.5-ton car is blocked by electronics.


All versions are equipped with the Steptronic’s advanced eight-range automatic transmission as well as the company’s xDrive all-wheel drive system. Multi-disc clutch available. It is worth noting that cars with diesel engines have an interesting “chip” in the form of hidden behind the rear bumper speakers, enriching the sound of the exhaust system, making it more powerful.

Any modification of the BMW X7, in addition to the M50d, is equipped with the so-called “off-road package” Off-Road, providing protection of the bottom and locking the rear differential. Also 4 auxiliary modes of driving electronics will be added: xGravel, xSand, xSnow and xRocks, which are designed for driving on gravel, sand, snow and stones.

In each mode, the work of the gearbox, all-wheel drive system, the response of the accelerator pedal is changed and the most favorable height of the ground clearance is selected. They are switched by means of buttons on the central block, and the information is displayed on the screen of “device” and entertaining system.


The new SUV is based on the CLAR modular platform. The suspension of the new Bavarian vehicle is completely independent. Double levers are at the front, and the rear part has a five-lever design. Pneumatic cylinders and electronically controlled shock absorbers are already included in the basic equipment.

As an option, you can equip your huge jeep with active stabilizers, adaptive steering and fully steerable chassis. The M Sport version has specific suspension settings as well as an active rear differential.

Interestingly, the ground clearance control (with a range of 80 millimetres) is not only possible from the passenger compartment, but also with the BMW Display Key.

Operating the machine is very convenient and comfortable. Optionally, the crossover can be fitted with a steering system with rear wheel steering as well as with active anti-roll bars as mentioned above. The brake system is represented by ventilated disc brakes, complemented by a list of electronic systems.


Before they officially start selling BMW X 7 2019, the company has not yet opened a full list of safety and comfort systems. One thing is clear – it will be a very rich list, which is not even comparable to the top-ranked version of BMW X 5. Most likely, after the official sales Germans will discover the latest technologies.

Probably, there will be a technology of night vision, a considerable quantity of assistants for the driver. However, it is interesting that the BMW management hasn’t said anything about autopilot so far, that’s why it may become an exception from the expected “chips”. By now the new Bavarian flagship has:

  • Active cruise control with Stop/Go;
  • Handling and lane-holding assistant;
  • Assistant to restructuring (can control the movement of vehicles moving in the opposite direction);
  • System that warns of a change of lane;
  • Travel priority and cross-traffic warning system
  • Forward and side airbags;
  • Side airbags for 2 and 3 rows;
  • Driver’s pillow in the knee area;
  • Circular review system;
  • Blind zone monitoring;
  • Satellite alarm system;
  • Electronic Stability System;
  • Tire pressure monitoring;
  • Parking assistant;
  • System that can recognize pedestrians and road signs;
  • Emergency braking technology;
  • The Follow me Home system;
  • Adaptive front optics;
  • Institudinal child seat fixtures ISOFIX;
  • Laser headlights with X-shaped and blue design elements. With the high beam on, the headlamps illuminate the space in front of the car up to 600 metres.

Complections and prices

The new largest off-road vehicle of BMW is planned to be manufactured at the plant in Spartanburg (South Carolina). The company has allocated about $1,000,000,000,000 for this purpose. As you know, the German off-road vehicle BMW X7 will be sold in many countries in spring 2019. The annual production of cars may amount to 45,000 copies.

The cost of the all-wheel drive crossover in the xDrive40i configuration starts at 6,100,000 rubles per gasoline engine. Diesel unit in xDrive30d version will cost from 5,930,000 rubles. The most “charged” variant in the M50d sports package is estimated at not less than 7,620,000 rubles.

The interior of the BMW X7 2019 has three rows of seats in any version, but the layout of the seats may vary depending on the chosen equipment. The basic equipment of the vehicle includes seven-seater architecture with three seats on the 2nd row and two full-size seats on the 3rd row. The standard and top-of-the-range design is distinguished mainly by the number of small and insignificant options.

Even the simplest version will be equipped with a large number of pleasant, as well as necessary options, which can include automatic parktronic, an abundance of electronic assistants, rear view camera, and more. More top-of-the-range equipment of the X7 BMW in Moscow will have a full circular viewing system, specific night vision technology, increased number of electronic systems, more advanced cruise control and so on.

The lucky ones who bought the novelty will be able to appreciate the characteristics and power of the German SUV together with the luxurious equipment, design and high level of safety.

Comparison with competitors

The new car BMW X7 2018, despite the fairly large price tag, will compete with many vehicles of this class from different manufacturers. But the most direct competitors are Mercedes-Benz GLS, Range Rover, Porsche Macan, Infinity QX80 and Audi Q8.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Stylish, modern look;
  • Large (adjustable height of the ground clearance;
  • There are adaptive lighting, as well as optional laser headlights, illuminating the road at a distance of 600 meters;
  • Good aerodynamics;
  • Massive wheels;
  • Panoramic roof;
  • Large, spacious rear door (has an electric drive for two parts);
  • Comfortable, functional and practical interior;
  • Inside there is plenty of free space;
  • Comfortable seats with a huge number of options;
  • Modern digital dashboard;
  • The central console has a huge 12.3-inch touch screen display;
  • High quality assembly;
  • Exquisite finishing materials;
  • There is a 5-zone climate control;
  • Before entering the car, the owner is welcomed by the Welcome Light Carpet (Welcome Light Carpet), which illuminates the space in front of the doors of the SUV when boarding and disembarking;
  • Pleasant and stylish interior lighting (Ambient light);
  • Crafted Clarity glass trim made of the thinnest crystal glass of the highest quality (used on the gear lever handle and other controls);
  • High-quality upholstery of seats;
  • High level of safety;
  • The considerable quantity of every possible electronic assistants and the technologies urged to facilitate work of the driver;
  • Powerful power units;
    Smooth and fast gearbox;
  • Adaptive air suspension of front and rear axles;
  • Large luggage compartment (if you fold the 3rd row of seats);
  • Entertainment system for rear passengers;
  • Excellent handling;
  • All-wheel drive is already in the basic version;
  • Rich even basic equipment;
  • Premium “music”.

Cons of a car

  • A lot of price tags for a new car;
  • Cheap maintenance service;
  • Large dimensions.


It is very difficult to remain neutral after reviewing such a novelty from BMW. X7 is just a hitch for everyone. Everything starts with a stylish, modern, powerful and sporty appearance. The front part, which has received huge chrome-coated “nostrils” of the radiator grille, as well as the most modern lighting, in the form of adaptive laser headlights, “hitting” at a distance of 600 meters.

Although not a conqueror of the off-road, BMW X 7 has everything you need to drive off-road. This includes high (adjustable) ground clearance, powerful powertrains, precise and smooth automatic transmission, all-wheel drive system and electronic control modes. Large and stylish wheels only emphasize the brutal appearance of the new Bavarian company.

BMW X7 2018

With the help of wide doors, it’s much easier to get into the salon. The back part of the crossover is occupied by a large door consisting of 2 parts (already in the basic configuration there is an electronic control of two parts of the luggage door). Stylish chrome exhaust pipes show the entire status of the car. Engineers can install the M sport system, which generates sound, which can be more intensive with the help of buttons to adjust the traffic dynamics in SPORT and SPORT + modes.

There is a lot of free space inside. I am pleased with the high quality of the assembly and the use of quality and exquisite finishing materials. The dashboard boasts a modern colour display with a clear display of the required information. The central console is also distinguished by a solid color touch screen. The seats are very comfortable and comfortable, and also have many different options.

BMW X7 photo auto

There is a 5-zone climate control – this is not common. The quality of the music system only makes you feel positive. Security is already at a habitually high level for the Germans. Rear passengers can also adjust their seats and enjoy the large screens of the multimedia system installed on the front seat backs.

The third row is more suitable for children, but it can be removed, which will allow you to get a huge trunk with a flat floor. The car turned out to be really excellent. It remains to wait until 2019 to see it “in business”. The BMW company has brought quite a powerful competitor to this class from the first time. But whether it will be able to win this championship in this niche will only be shown by time.

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BMW X7 photo

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