• Car model: BMW
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2009
  • Body Type: SUV

Not so often it happens that the new family turns out to be actually new – without any reservations, omissions, marketing stuff and the need to give the desired as real. However, BMW X1 has demonstrated a real transition to a new level. The whole model range is BMW.

Car history

German management of the manufacturer of premium machines BMW AG announced the release of the 2nd generation of the most “modest” in the list of crossover BMW X1 2016-2017 years. The new E84 model was officially presented at the beginning of autumn at the 2015 trade fair in Frankfurt.

The new BMW X1 is launched directly by a German company in Regensburg.

The car has not only undergone significant changes, having acquired a “fresh family outfit”, redesigned the interior and received a fresh line of power units, but also changed the ideology, having changed to the front drive. The debut family of German parquettes sold out 730,000 cars, and this is only for the first year of sales. A little later the car was restyled, and today German engineers and designers wanted to launch a new generation, which is the successor with all rights.

Photo BMW X1 E84

Moreover, in order not to give up the position with the first model, the company decided to take an interesting step – they have made the front part of a modern car, as a wagon. It is easy to see if the new model X1 will stand next to its closest rivals. The vehicle is undoubtedly different, and for the better.

The appearance of the new model is influenced by X5. Therefore, in order to make the stylistic solution of the premium off-road car not look too dull on the compact X1, the Bavarian workers worked hard. It is worth saying that they coped with their task. F48 is clearly controlled, well-drives, it is spacious and of high quality everywhere.


The front part received a stylish radiator grille, squeezed headlights with “height-cut angel eyes”, aluminum bumpers in the center and wide air ducts on the edge of the front bumper. In place of the large nostrils of the front bumper grille, a powerful bumper with a massive section of the lower air intake.

Similarity with the X3 can be traced – under the headlights decided to install fog lights. It is not difficult to guess where the shape of the headlights comes from. But the pleasant thing is that the first model does not inspire any sense of deja vu.

Photo BMW X1

The profile of the model is typical of the Germans. However, this is not a minus, because the stylistic solution, which was perfected half a century, almost reached perfection here. You can see the presence of clear, rapid lines, which are intertwined with smooth forms, looking elegantly. Add style to the large arches of the wheels and a “fin” mounted on the roof.

As standard, the X1 is fitted with 17-inch rims. As a separate option, 18 or 19-inch rims are installed, which have a design that has no analogues. The profile has a smoothly flowing down to the back of the roof line, a high rising line of windows, wide doorways and large wheel arches.

It is not quite right to consider the appearance of a certain car BMW X1, as the model provides 4 packages – M Sport, Advantage, xLine and Sport Line.

The aft part of the vehicle has LED lights, fog lamps mounted on the bumper, and almost clean trunk door. LED fillings are installed under the tidy clearance lamps. In place of the usual massive German bumper. Thanks to this, the car has some elegance.

BMW X1 side view

Speaking of the exhaust system, neither the design nor the design staff began to invent anything. Therefore, in the end, there were simple pipes with chrome nozzles. The company-manufacturer has provided 12 variants of coloring, a pair of which are non-metallic, and the remaining 10 received a metallic effect.


Everyone knows that the interior of a Bavarian company car can be discussed for a long time. Initially I would like to say about the changes in the overall component. Despite the fact that the wheelbase turned out to be smaller – 2.67 meters, there was more space in the legs of the passenger sitting behind by 6.6 cm, but only with optional combined seats (about which the story will go a little later).

With the installation of a “base” sofa, such an increase will not exceed 37 millimeters. Of course, there is a lot of borrowed from the 2-nd series, but it has found its place and a lot of innovations. Initially it is necessary to divide seats into front and back row of seats. This is due to the fact that people sitting in front of and behind the car have completely different views. As is already customary in the style of the company from Germany, the central console was turned to the driver.

BMW X1 interior

If we talk about the ergonomic component – all the elements are at the highest level. For example, the CD changer is located at a comfortable height, so you do not need to reach it. The screen of multimedia system is established so that not to be distracted from driving the car as the display has lifted up to level of a windshield. Diagonal “TV” in the basic configuration is 6.5 inches, and when buying a separate option will be a monitor with a diagonal of 8.8 inches.

Although the details of the front panel design are similar for BMW cars, the differences are still present. Now the dashboard has lost its rectangular on-board computer display between the speedometer and tachometer dials. The instrument panel has a spongy soft plastic coating. I had to switch places for the remote control of the music system and climate control. By the way, they both looked definitely better.

Multimedia system

As for the shape of the ducts of the heating system, the start button of the power unit, the organization of the space around the speed selector, all of them have also been updated. This could not but have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the interior design and the driver’s seat in general. On the central tunnel there is no overload with the option keys, only the Idrive joystick and the handbrake.

The trifle section was carefully hidden behind the sliding curtain, next to which the gearshift lever was installed. The car BMW X1 2017 is equipped with two-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, the function of storing the positions of seats (as a separate function). Headlamps function in automatic mode, automatic and wipers.

BMW X1 salon

Parking sensors have been installed at the back, a fifth door with electric drive, which adds to the advantages of the already not poor equipment. I am pleased that the new systems installed in the German crossover BMW X1, allow the driver to control them, not vice versa. Now the driver of the vehicle will not feel like a hostage of the car systems.

Speaking about the driver’s seat, he can remember 7 settings, which gives the opportunity to set his profile exactly in the form of the body of the person who is currently sitting behind the wheel. In total, the system is able to remember 2 positions, which is logical, because it does not often happen that more than two people drive the same car.

As in the case with the exterior, depending on which package is installed on the car, the interior is decorated in a different color palette. The basic range of options is pleasing: the IDrive system is available, which has a large number of features. Of course, the company management does not say anything yet, but the systems Connected Drive and Eco Pro Analyzer are already known.

While the first one provides assistance in synchronization with the Internet, the second one is able to monitor fuel consumption and optimize driving modes. As mentioned earlier, for people who sit behind, the world is presented in a little “other” colors. If we are to be extremely objective, only a couple of adult passengers will be able to sit here. Not to say that the conditions will be royal, but there will be no discomfort.

Rear sofa BMW X1

There’s a central tunnel that’s a bit of a bulge, too. It has air ducts installed on it, and in the doors you can find sections for trifles. It is possible to name similar decision in some degree indemnification for that the factory did not provide a back shelf.

I am glad that the speakers are already located not below the knees, but slightly below the shoulder. Not forgotten in the design center about the convenience of installing a child seat. It became more convenient for the front passenger as well. Now he does not need to move the seat forward.

Easy installation of child seats

As a separate option, you can install a rear sofa, which received three unbound parts, each of which is folded together. All you need to do is pull the lever, which is very easy to see. Everything looks simple, convenient and functional. In addition, each part can be moved back and forth and the backrest can be tilted. The boot now holds about 505 litres, 85 litres more than its predecessor.

BMW X1 trunk

If the previous generation had a maximum of 1,350 litres of useful space in the luggage compartment, the new family has already received 1,550 litres, provided that the rear seat is folded.

The difference with the previous family was already 200 liters, in favor of our novelty. It is a little bit unclear that the company has not provided a flat floor. Partly, it is because of the seats, which are installed 64 millimeters higher than before.



The models are presented with gasoline and diesel engines. Gasoline models have direct injection, turbocharging, stepless phase change system and valve stroke adjustment. The basic version received a two-liter four-cylinder configuration, which produces 192 horsepower.

The more powerful model (xDrive25i) is already capable of developing 231 horsepower. The most powerful of the presented engines can accelerate the vehicle to the first hundred km/h in just 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is set at 235 kilometers per hour.


Average fuel consumption is about 6.4 litres in the combined cycle. Such a motor comes only with all-wheel drive. The two-liter engine works together with the front drive, which allows you to accelerate from scratch to 100 km/h in 7.4-7.7 seconds. Maximum speed is 223-225 km/h. Requires such an engine from 5.9 to 6.3 liters.

Then three turbo diesel two-liter engines are presented, which are equipped with a turbocharger with variable geometry, maximum pressure of 2,000 bar and diesel fuel injection Common Rail.

The standard car has received a 150-strong variation, which allows you to accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds. Peak speed is 205 km/h. Consumption is no more than 4.1 litres in mixed mode.

After the weakest model there is a modification xDrive20d, which is represented by a four-cylinder 190 hp engine. This machine spends 7.6 seconds to conquer the first hundred, and the maximum speed reaches 219 kilometers per hour. This engine can be safely called economical, as it requires no more than 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The top variant on diesel fuel is xDrive25d.


This engine got 231 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. The crossover can be accelerated from a place up to 100 km/h in just 6.6 seconds, and the maximum speed is 235 km/h. In the combined cycle, the power pack requires about 5 liters of diesel fuel. All engines meet Euro-6 environmental standards.


The Germans have provided a pair of gearboxes – 6-speed manual, which is available only for the standard version with a diesel engine, and 8-band “automatic” Steptronic. The Sdrive is driven only by the front wheels and the xDirve by all four.

For the German car there is an improved all-wheel drive transmission, where there is a multi-disc clutch Haldex in the rear gearbox and an electronic system of directional stability. In a normal situation, all traction goes to the front wheels, and if necessary – up to 100 percent goes to the rear wheels.


Due to the change of family, the X1 “moved” to the front-drive version of the UKL platform, where a transversely mounted powertrain is installed.

Ahead of the standard McPherson racks (the suspension has aluminum and steel parts), which have received electric adjustment of shock absorbers rigidity (depending on what driving mode is chosen), and the rear wheels are equipped with a steel multilever construction with spread shock absorbers and springs.

The latter also received adjustable stiffness. Despite the “changed ideology”, the car has an ideal distribution of weight on the axles – 50/50.

Steering wheel control

As before, the vehicle is equipped with an electric power steering with variable characteristics.

Brake system

German specialists installed ventilated disc brakes on all wheels.


EuroNCAP tested the updated first generation car in 2012 and its rating was the highest – 5 stars. The new model is unlikely to be inferior to the previous generation in terms of safety. The BMW X1 has received a newly developed all-wheel drive system xDrive, which shows maximum efficiency, flexibly redistributing the engine power between the front and rear wheels, regardless of what driving conditions in any weather. When it comes to front and rear suspension levers, they were made of high strength steel.

As a separate option, you can install the “Driving Assistant” system, which has the function of tracking the marking, setting the long range lighting, warning of the risk of collision, as well as automatic braking in urban areas, speed limit indicator indicating the areas of prohibition of overtaking, and so on.

Photo of a BMW X1

A rear view camera and front and rear parking sensors are provided to facilitate parallel parking. In addition, the Germans installed front and side airbags for front passengers, inflatable air curtains for the first and second row of seats.

Crash test

The new BMW X1 family of crossovers has won the “Pick IIHS Top Safety+” award. The compact and luxurious crossover received the highest IIHS safety rating. There was a small overlap frontal crash test that simulated a frontal collision with displacement.

This test shows the degree of safety of the vehicle for the driver and passenger. Based on the results of the tests, it became clear that the novelty provides better protection for the driver and passengers from the consequences of the accident. According to the company’s specialists, after the collision the space in front of the driver remains quite safe.

Crash test

It would be useful to remind that previous tests conducted with the first generation showed insufficient safety of the car for the driver. For example, due to a frontal impact with a small overlap, the 1st generation X 1 did not distribute the collision energy as required, which eventually resulted in an intense body deformation. The space in front of the driver changed so that, as a result of the simulation of the collision, the right leg of the dummy was clamped.

As well as the first generation, the new X1 crossover did a great job with other standard IIHS crash tests. The German was able to achieve good marks in the frontal crash-test, which provides a moderate overlap and side impact.

Moreover, the E84 scored good points for the roof strength and the level of protection of the head restraints. In terms of impact prevention services, the IIHS team calculated that, when driving at 20 km/h, the automatic emergency braking service was able to reduce the speed by 16 km/h before the collision. When driving at 40 km/h, the system reduced the crossover speed by 11 km/h before the collision.

BMW X1 crash test

Not so long ago, this institute introduced the newest points for testing cars. It turns out that in order to get the highest safety rating, the machines should necessarily pass the latest tests to check the performance of automatic emergency braking systems. According to these tests, IIHS employees understand how the vehicle helps to avoid collisions with obstacles on the road.

Price and equipment

Vehicle BMW X1 – the price begins with 29045 $. for the basic equipment with front-drive configuration sDrive20i. It is possible to install all-wheel drive system (xDrive20i) as a separate option, but it will cost about $3,297. Options with diesel engines will go only with all-wheel drive system, and their price will start with $34069. As a standard variation for the Russian market the xDrive18d version is provided.

Included in the standard equipment is already included:

  • 8-speed automatic gearbox;
  • Function start/stop;
  • Possibility of switching modes of movement;
  • LED head optics;
  • Light and rain sensors;
  • Front and side airbags for people sitting in front;
  • Inflatable air curtains for the 1st and 2nd row of seats;
  • Textile salon;
  • Parker;
  • 17-inch wheel rims with Runflat tyres.

Additional equipment is already foreseen:

  • Full-fledged LED optics;
  • 8.8 inch color display;
  • Leather interior;
  • Dynamic shock absorber stiffness adjustment technology;
  • Two-zone climate control;
  • Projection display;
  • Active cruise control.

The BMW X1 is also installed:

  • Traffic Jam Assistant;
  • Driving Assistant Plus с Lane Departure Warning;
  • Speed Limit Info;
  • High Beam Assistant;
  • Collision Warning;
  • Pedestrian Warning с опцией City Braking function.

Reviews by car owners

Since the car on the Russian Federation market is not so long ago, it is hard to find many reviews on it on the Internet, but they still exist. Most of the owners are naturally satisfied with the Bavarian car.

Many note the excellent dynamics, precise control, easy entry into corners. The automatic gearbox behaves perfectly, and the gearshift is very fast and discreet. The car works well in winter, starts without any delays. In summer, the interior cools down quickly when the climate system is switched on, and in winter it heats up quickly.

Fuel consumption, especially in traffic jams, clearly exceeds the company’s declared figures. It is a little strange, but there is an inconvenience of landing on a back sofa because of small doors. Also, there are often questions with customer support and warranty repair issues, as we have to literally prove that the driver is not involved in the breakdown of the vehicle.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice, fresh appearance;
  • German austerity with unsurpassed design;
  • Beautiful ergonomics;
  • Comfortable seats with pronounced lateral support;
  • Good assembly and quality interior elements;
  • High-quality noise insulation of the interior;
  • Excellent controllability, minimal rolls when cornering;
  • Dynamic characteristics;
  • Quite acceptable fuel consumption;
  • High level of safety;
  • Colour display of the multimedia system;
  • Various systems designed to help the driver;
  • There is a good choice of power units;
  • Clear automatic transmission;
  • Excellent suspension;
  • There is a full drive;
  • Stylish optics;
  • Even the base complete set has received a wide spectrum of options.

Cons of a car

  • Cost (though, if you look at its direct competitors, it may cost even less than similar crossovers);
  • Cost of service and repair;
  • Frequent trips to the service center;
  • Expensive spare parts;
  • Clearance could be done a little more.

Summing up

There is no doubt that the new BMW model X1 2017 has become more attractive and preferable than the previous version. But we should not forget that all this is reflected on the price list in the same way. It was nice to see that even in the standard version the crossover received a rich tooling.

The quality of the interior at a high German level. Seats are just some of the most comfortable in the world. All necessary information is displayed on the color display, which is higher, which increases its readability.

Germans have never forgotten about ensuring the proper level of safety in cars. The second-generation BMW X1 was no exception. The model after the crash-tests received good marks from the world’s leading institutes.


The first generation was already wonderful, but the Bavarian company was able to improve the model in order not only not to lose admirers of the company, but also to be able to “lure” new motorists to their side. It is possible to say confidently that they managed it.

Very pleased with the technical characteristics of the BMW X1. The crossover test drive is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. It is a pity that often all pleasant impressions from purchase of the new car spoil frequent trips to the service center where it is necessary to convince workers of the center that the problem is not because of you, but in the car itself.

Unfortunately, because of such negative moments, many people are disappointed in the company, which used to confidently cling to the top of quality and comfort.

We advise you to read the article: BMW history

BMW X1 photo

Test drive

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