• Car model: BMW
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

BMW X4 does not have a direct “ancestor”, but the German received a decent history of SUVs. The start was made when the X5 was launched in 1999, when the BMW company still owned Land Rover and probably decided to prove to itself that there is strength to design and manufacture not only one large premium off-road car. After that, the X3 appeared, followed by the X6 and X1. There were a lot of reasons for producing the X4, but probably the most important among them was Porsche Macan.

Makan has an off-road vehicle architecture and at the same time excellent dynamics, more streamlined form than Audi Q 5, with which he has a lot in common. It turns out that the X4, at the heart of which was laid X3, struggles to catch up with the dynamic component of another German competitor (Porsche) and overtake the other representatives of this unit. The whole model range is BMW.


At first glance, it seems that the Bavarian crossover sports class is almost no different from the older X6. This is partly true, and moreover it is similar to the younger X3. Looking at the front of the car, you realize that the design of the car copies the restyled X3, it also includes the head optics, which became synchronized with the usual “nostrils” of the radiator grilles, as well as rounded fog lights and a hood with stampings.

However, the novelty has also acquired a slightly restyled bumper at the front and back, as well as unique rear lamps. The X4 (F26) is 14mm longer, 36mm lower, and the ground clearance is reduced from 212 to 204mm in contrast to the source. The bumpers themselves became more aggressive, with large air intakes on the sides.

Photo BMW X4

On the wings behind the wings, figured punctuation found its place. The windshield now has a large inclination, and the rear part is smoothly and gently reduced to the stern. When the Bavarians were working on the appearance of the new BMW X4 2018, they were tasked with producing a car with a more sporty appearance, and it is worth noting that they managed to achieve this.

As mentioned above, the exterior of the novelty is slightly similar to the more formidable BMW X6. The fourth model has aggressive bumpers, expanded tracks, heavily overflowing columns and a falling roof. The body of the BMW X4 2017 looks more fried and aggressive, and due to the sharply lowering roof, its side part is similar to the Porsche 911.

BMW X4 front view

It is clear that the designers had no choice but to do something about how to significantly reduce all but the front glass. The window installed at the back was turned into a very ordinary embrasure. If you look from the street, this move looks stylish and effective, but if you sit inside the car, you feel how it damaged visibility.

Interestingly, the X4 is similar to the X6 with a flat roof contour, which flows harmoniously to the aft body area. Only a blind person may not notice the corporate style of BMW, which has wide air intakes under the bumper, paired headlights and highly planted fog lamps.

Photo of a BMW X4

Highly planted foggers significantly reduce the likelihood of contamination and expand the range of applications. The side part looks rather sporty and fast, and the expanded clearance speaks about off-road features of the model. The body profile has a long and gentle hood, strongly inflated wheel arches, peculiar punches on the doors, high side windowsills and lowering the stands.

If you pay attention to the car from the side, you will notice that the luggage compartment lid has a beautiful inlet spoiler, which gives dynamism to the novelty. As for the wheels, there are 21-inch rims installed here.

BMW X4 photo auto New BMW X4BMW X4 rear view

BMW X4 side view

If we talk about the rear of the German vehicle, at certain angles of inspection, it seems that it is a little heavy and heavy, but in general, the sirloin section of a compact crossover looks tight and sporty. It is possible to allocate presence of stylish effective overlays under a body colour and “double-barrel” exhaust system.

The rear body part has a luggage compartment door with a recessed glass, picturesque L-shaped parking lights and a bumper with a large number of aerodynamic components. Speaking in general, the appearance of the BMW X4 2018 is more scrappy, punchy and sporty than that of his brother in the base. The new BMW X4 looks really chic.


If we talk about the interior of the BMW X4 – he almost completely migrated from the triplets, we can only highlight the front seats, which are set 20 mm lower. Also the “dials” on the climate control panel were updated. Speaking about the quality of materials used, it is clear that the interior upholstery used quality materials, but, for example, door pockets are made of hard plastic, which does not correspond to a car of this premium class.

The driver’s seat is quite high. The quality of visibility is noticeably affected by looking at the rearview mirrors. Also, there are no ceiling handles, which gave confidence when driving on a winding road. But here to sports M-seats any more you will not come across – they are simply delightful.

Especially it is possible to allocate presence of colour navigation, the cruise-control with a stop option, the system preventing collisions, circular visibility on 360 degrees by means of the established videocameras.

BMW X4 interior

There is also a very necessary, yet interesting function – the luggage compartment lid will open when you move your foot over the rear bumper. It is not superfluous to mention that the BMW X4 car is already equipped with banal services, such as electric drive and seat heating, climate control and access to the car without a key.

The elements used and the interior assembly, as well as the use of the standard and optional equipment, clearly indicate that this car is a premium vehicle. Among the bright features of the Bavarian, we can highlight:

  • Color Head-Up Display;
  • Navigation System Professiona;
  • iDrive Touch Controller;
  • High Beam Assistant;
  • Driving Assistant Plus;
  • Collision Warning with City Braking function;
  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and Lane Departure Warning;
  • Surround View (cameras that provide all-round visibility), assistant when needed to park in parallel;
  • Automatic opening of the luggage compartment lid by swiping your foot under the rear bumper.

Dashboard Display Transmission

Steering wheel

Optionally, the vehicle can be fitted with an intelligent high beam control system. Despite the fact that the crossover is a five-seater, the rear sofa has a view of a couple of seats, from which we can conclude that only four people, including the driver, can fit comfortably.

There is a strict central console, where there is a control panel, which is non-standardly docked with the screen of control gears. The central console has a built-in control screen for some systems. The screen has a high resolution and a bright picture.

BMW X4 Front seats

They have not forgotten about the navigation system, which is one of the best in the world in its development and accuracy. Thanks to the multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel, it gives a unique style to the X4 M BMW. The device has a large size and has the characteristics of a “four”.

The interior finishing itself is excellent, so you immediately realize that the money to buy this BMW X4 2019 pays off. A good ergonomic component is complemented by decorative inserts. The “board” of devices has four dials, between which can be placed an indicator of the tracking system of road markings (bought as a separate option).

Back seats BMW X4

Employees worked well on the noise isolation of the new BMW X4, so that inside the “Germans” very quietly and only at the rapid acceleration of the power units operating on diesel fuel, remind of themselves muffled sound. Gasoline-powered engines, on the other hand, produce a loud but pleasant bassinet roar for hearing.

The body’s roof line reduces the free space available in the X3. But with the help of a transparent hatch that gives the car a special charm, BMW has found a solution that allows daylight to get inside a compact German crossover. Because of the intersection of bulky rear body supports and the added waist line, the car received an original exterior, but not gracefulness. Though it was necessary to expect it.

Luggage compartment BMW X4

Speaking of rear passengers, the very hit there can lead to difficulties because of the low roof line, in favor of design. You have to put your head down to get inside. After landing on the back seats, it turns out that there is enough space – the head does not rest on the ceiling, which ensured the low position of the sofa. Although tall people will sit with their knees high.

The luggage compartment has 500 liters of free space, and if you need to fold the rear seats, the useful volume will be increased to 1,400 liters. However, as usual, the German car company identifies its car with premium cars, equipping it with all sorts of electronic “chips”, which are not a small number.



For European customers under the hood of BMW X4 3 gasoline and 3 diesel engines are installed. Gasoline engines are represented by a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with an output of 184 (xDrive20i) and 245 (xDrive28i) hp. The top version of the xDrive35i is equipped with a 6-cylinder turbocharged 3.0-liter engine with 306 “horses”.

Engine BMW X4

It allows you to reach the first hundred in 5.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 250 km/h. However, this is not the fastest option – there is a diesel engine xDrive35d with 313 horses, which accelerates up to 100 km in 5.2 seconds.

Moreover, the xDrive20d can be ordered with an upgraded 2.0-liter 4-cylinder 190-horsepower engine and the xDrive30d with a 6-cylinder 3.0-liter 250-horsepower engine. The engines are fully compliant with the Euro-6 standard.


All available power units are synchronized with a 6-speed manual transmission or 8-band automatic. All models are equipped with xDrive all-wheel drive and an electronically controlled multi-disc coupling that connects the front axle.


She’s completely independent and a little tough. Complete comfort can be felt by moving around on a flat surface. The BMW X4 M40i has been built on a “crack” platform, so many people know the design of the suspension. There is a two-lever system at the front and a multilever system at the back.

The German has more rigid settings and increased wheel track, which is eloquently testifies to the sporty driving style. The Bavarian company was able to find a relaxed and dynamic solution for its own novelty, rather than a Porsche for its own Makan.

BMW X4 suspension

The BMW X4 2017 crossover moves as smoothly as the rest of the BMW M Sport SUVs, and even softer than the Macan, which received a steel suspension. If you switch to Comfort mode while driving, you feel comfortable and smooth.

Here only adaptive shock absorbers do not give out due softness to which popular “cars” of the similar sizes allocate. Sports mode is very strict, so it almost does not fit under the Russian roads.

Steering control

Driving a car is very easy. This has been achieved with the aid of a rack and pinion steering mechanism, which complements the electric power amplifier with a variable transmission ratio. It is a pity that the German did not get the same sports steering parameters as, for example, the Porsche.

Brake system

All wheels are equipped with ventilated brakes, which allow you to stop the crossover at any speed. Additions, in the role of ABS and so on, also found their place in the BMW X4 2015.


If we talk about the safe properties of the X4, it should be said that it has received the most modern equipment of various systems and means that are designed to protect the lives of the driver and passengers. The quality of safety is improved with more expensive equipment.

The basic modification includes six airbags, which can include front, side and curtains. The projection display installed conveniently and in the driver’s field of vision will help not to distract from the movement once again on any action.

BMW X4 crossover photo

The automatic high beam change service provides good visibility at night, but does not blind other road users. Speaking of safety, it is worth noting that it loses almost nothing to the older “relatives”. Already having the basic equipment, the plant equips the model with passive and active protection systems. The most top-of-the-range design has received:

  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Tire pressure indicator;
  • Headlight washer with fluid heating function;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Circular monitoring of the machine;
  • Brake drying system.

Projection display

Thanks to the full-color BMW projection display, all the necessary information is displayed directly in the field of view of the owner. Depending on the equipment of the vehicle, the list of displayed data may include overtaking prohibition indicator, ECO PRO mode tips, on-board diagnostic system notifications and information and warnings from driver assistance systems.

The car has a DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system, a system of help when moving from the spot, to the mountain or from the mountain, as well as the ABS service.

In addition, a projection screen can be used to facilitate the management of frequently used options, such as entertainment systems or smartphone related functions. Symbols that are projected onto the front glass are displayed in high resolution and saturated colors with the real representation of signs on the road.

Projection display

The picture that is projected onto the windscreen looks as if it is 2.3 m away from the hood of the machine. Together with the best placement of the projection, this allows for quick and easy evaluation of the information. As a result, the driver is hardly distracted from the road.

Also interesting is that the projection brightness changes automatically according to the lighting conditions outside the car, and its height is determined by the time of day. The owner is able to enter the data displayed except for this speed mode and road warnings.

Driving assistant

The Driving Assistant includes a rearrangement assistance system and a warning system for potential collisions and pedestrians wit h an automatic urban braking option. The systems operate on the basis of information provided by CCTV cameras.

During the rebuilding process, the helpdesk is able to recognize road markings and warn the owner of an accidental lane change at a speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour. The driver is warned by the steering wheel vibration. If the lane is intentionally changed, there will be no warning signal (if you turn on the required direction indicator and manoeuvre in advance).

Driving assistant

While the collision alert service with the braking option automatically identifies other vehicles in the city, the pedestrian information service with a similar option is able to respond to pedestrians. If a dangerous situation arises, the collision alert service can issue a couple of warnings – a symbol on the “dashboard” and an acoustic signal.

When it comes to pedestrian information, the pedestrian information system can provide a one-time warning of a potential impact risk. During the output of the probable impact information, the service also begins to prepare the braking system for a faster response. In an emergency, the service can perform braking by itself. In the event of darkness or fog, the system may operate with restrictions.

Circle view

The “360-degree view” function gives a 360-degree view around the crossover with the help of cameras in the side mirrors, wide-angle camera in the nose area and rear camera. This system makes parking and manoeuvring much easier with limited free space and driving on roads with poor visibility.

The circular view system includes a rear camera and top and side view options. A top view allows you to move the view to the sides of the machine, which makes manoeuvring easier. With a wide angle side camera located in the middle of the double grille and rear camera, you can provide a panoramic view of the space in front and behind the car.

BMW X4 Circle view

There is a service that detects traffic moving in the opposite direction. Helping the owner, it displays yellow icons on the sides of the picture and a yellow warning triangle if there is a car moving in a transverse direction. The side view service is switched off when the machine is speeding up more than 15 kilometers per hour.

If this happens, the owner is able to turn on the rear camera, top view or panoramic side view. The service is able to activate itself when it is engaged in reverse gearing or when other pre-assigned activation conditions are met. The picture appears on the control display.

Complete sets and prices

BMW X4 crossover 2015 on the Russian market costs from $45327 for the xDrive20d version (diesel two-liter engine with 190 hp). Complete set of xDrive28i (gasoline two-liter with 245 horsepower) is estimated at $46564.

The xDrive30d (3.0-liter diesel / 249 hp) and xDrive35i (3.0-liter gasoline / 306 hp) versions cost $51205 and $49813 respectively. Completes the available niche model xDrive35d, which has the most powerful 3.0-liter diesel version, developing 313 hp, with a price tag of $54918.

Then go xDrive20i M Sport local (gasoline 2.0 liters with 184 horses) for $52288, xDrive20d M Sport local (2.0-liter diesel / 190 hp) for $48575, xDrive28i Exclusive local with gasoline 2.0-liter engine and 245 horses for $52133. The most expensive equipment is estimated at $62653 for 3.0 petrol/ 360 hp, which is named M40i xDrive.

BMW X4 2015 SUV BMW X4 BMW X4 photo

BMW X4 2015

BMW X4 is included as standard:

  • 17-inch light alloy wheels;
  • The headlights are made of bi-xenon with a high pressure washer;
  • Fog lights;
  • Made of leather sports steering wheel;
  • Armrests mounted at the back and front;
  • Climate control support;
  • Heating of front seats;
  • Radio with CD/MP3 player;
  • Liquid crystal screen designed for 6.5 inches and 6 speakers.

The functional features are as follows: the luggage compartment lid has an automatic function, the rear seat folding function in a ratio of 40:20:40. The basic equipment of the BMW X4 crossover compartment includes: parktronic, Auto Start/Stop option, energy recovery by braking, ECO PRO mode, power steering with variable gear ratio.

You can also install the Sports package, which allows you to customize your car for each driver. An optional electric hatch, a navigation system that comes with an 8.8 inch screen, iDrive controller, Harman Kardon Surround Sound audio system, which in turn comes with a digital amplifier, is available. Its power is 600 watts, and with it come in a complete set of sixteen quality speakers.

The high dynamic performance of the German car is perfectly matched to the excellent chassis. The basic modification includes a switch of driving modes, which allows you to change settings while driving. For example, in the sport mode, the power unit will be more sensitive and active to the pressure of the accelerator pedal, and steering starts to be more sharp.


The automatic gearbox can be adjusted to higher speeds at a later date, which in turn increases the vehicle’s dynamic performance. In addition, a suspension with variable shock absorber stiffness can be ordered as an option, which will allow you to adjust the choice between comfortable riding and sports mode.

Comparison with competitors

Bavarian workers realized that the success of the debut crossover coupe X6 was not accidental. As a result, they decided to take a compact model of the X3, make it fit lower, clamp the pendants and “put on” the top of a more rapid body, where there will be a sloping roof. As they say, the recipe is proven, however, the car is new.

It would be desirable to notice that the novelty is perspective enough which is calculated on those who already much to look at “six”, but cannot get it. It is clear that the main rival can be considered the company Mercedes, which still took a risk to try to move the Bavarians in the niche of crossovers. By the way, the crossovers segment was created by BMW.

Therefore, the main German derby will be between the BMW X4 2015 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe in a compact version. Besides, Porsche Macan, Range Rover Evoque, compact Mercedes-Benz GLA, Audi Q5, Infinity QX50, Lexus RX 270, Acura RDX, Cadillac SRC and Honda Crosstour intend to compete for their customers. The salon is more qualitative, of course, at Germans. Also, the X4 received more powerful power units, but the model is much more expensive.

Reviews from the owners

Those motorists who have a BMW X3 and X4, compare cars and the result is quite interesting. “Treshka” turns out to be more vljazhnaja and soft. Not everyone in the “four” likes sports armchairs, which are not very comfortable to sit on. Also causes a slight discomfort of a very rigid pendant, a feeling as if you are moving on a stool.

However, the X4 speakers are much better. Those who like measured style of driving and comfort, should think again before buying this model. It is good that there is enough space for all passengers from behind, and the luggage compartment allows you to carry all the necessary things and not to bother. Economy can also be called the advantage of the Bavarian compact crossover.

Does well with snow-covered road sections (with the clear operation of the xDrive system). The typical BMW degree of control is all at the highest level. The high ground clearance makes kerbs not to be afraid of. Probably, the appearance of the model plays an important role in the acquisition of this compact crossover. Really, German designers have tried for glory. Quality of assemblage, level of a complete set, and also solid degree of safety, cannot but bribe the potential owner.

However, if you pay attention to the feedback from the owners, they note the low ceiling, which has become a “side effect” of the stylish design of the domed roof. It will be extremely inconvenient for tall passengers to sit on the back sofa. Also, the power units are very sensitive to the quality of fuel, so it is recommended not to save money on the moment. It is necessary to mention the insufficient quality of service and very expensive spare parts and components. In addition, the disadvantages include quite a considerable cost of German crossover.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Appearance;
  • Innovative lighting system;
  • Weighing fuel economy;
  • Practical salon;
  • A large number of useful and easy to operate programs;
  • Assembly quality;
  • A wide choice of power units;
  • Good multimedia system;
  • Good dynamism;
  • Safety;
  • Possibility of a choice of a demanded mode of work of the power unit and a suspension bracket;
  • System of a full drive;
  • Good passability;
  • Convenient dimensions for city driving;
  • Reliability of a crossover;
  • Sports appearance and seats;
  • Good luggage compartment;
  • There is a choice of various power units working on diesel fuel and gasoline;
  • Large colour screen;
  • Good navigation system;
  • Convenient steering wheel with heating.

Cons of a car

  • The cost of the car;
  • The price of its service;
  • Rear tall passengers will not sit comfortably;
  • Disputable appearance;
  • Rigid suspension;
  • The luggage compartment could be larger;
  • Even new cars can be damaged;
  • The quality of service in service centers suffers;
  • The ground clearance could be made higher.


BMW X4 has a sporty and elegant appearance. But some tuning studios (like AC Schnitzer and HAMANN) were able to develop tuning programs for this car, making it recognizable and unique among similar vehicles. The design staff of AC Schnitzer company offered a special program of BMW X4 tuning.

It has an upgraded front spoiler, rear diffuser, carbon fiber overlays on the mirrors, installation of sports exhaust system, unique wheels (diameter from 18 to 22 inches) and low springs, with which the road clearance of the car is reduced by 20-35 millimeters. For example, the interior can be changed, you can put aluminum overlays on the pedals, velour mats and gear lever handles of different modifications.

BMW X4 Tuning
AC Schnitzer BMW X4

Tuning on the “four” can increase the power and maximum speed of the machine. This applies to gasoline and diesel engines. This cannot but please, as the design staff of the studio paid attention not only to the exterior, but also to the technical layout. As a result, the owner will get a vehicle that is able to impress with its unique capabilities.

In addition, you can install unique carbon fiber overlays on the mirrors, the original exhaust system, exclusive “rollers” and low suspension. The Harmann Studio can also update the appearance of your crossover. After the work it will have modernized aerodynamic dodgers, original “rollers”, decorative body parts.

The BMW X4 tuning includes the installation of handmade improvements, which is inexpensive and quite simple. These can be aerodynamic dodgers, arches, reamers, wings, hoods, spoilers, ailerons, rear bumper diffusers, grilles, eyelashes, air intakes, mesh, bumper grilles, radiator, nameplates and emblems, overlays, moldings and stickers on the car.

Summing up

In general, the idea of BMW management to cause interest in the four can be called successful. The rich arsenal of choice of power units is an undoubted plus, moreover, a fresh, sporty appearance, successfully intertwined with smooth lines and a good salon will not leave anyone indifferent.

Of course, it is almost completely copying its brothers, and the passengers behind it will not have much joy, because of the exterior design, it is inconvenient to get there. But it is still the same German brand, with low fuel consumption and excellent gearbox. The model will be able to occupy a confident intermediate niche for those who have long wanted and dreamed of buying a BMW X6, but can not afford it for economic reasons.

BMW X4 car photo

The power of the engines, together with the fast gearbox, is sufficient with the head. Although the machine has a four-wheel drive system, it is not expected to have any special off-road characteristics. All the fault is quite low ground clearance and lack of special settings, which are available for real SUVs. All the latest electronic technologies and devices designed to help the driver, there are “four”.

This car will allow you to stand out among the traffic of cars in the city. Although the luggage compartment is not very large, it allows you to confidently carry many things. The quality of workmanship and materials used is, as always, at the highest level. Many people will like good economy, given the high cost of fuel.

BMW X4 2014

A little disappointed by the very stiff suspension and uncomfortable sports seats, which are more suitable for sports cars, so even in the same X3, there is more softness and smoothness. One thing is clear: the BMW company from Bavaria is confidently taking the position of crossovers all over the world, despite the fact that many car companies already set a goal to bypass Bavarians.

At least the same Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. What will happen with this? All we have to do is wait. But at all times it is this kind of competition that has encouraged companies to improve their machines and make them more perfect!

We advise you to read the article: History of BMW

BMW X4 photo

Test drive

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