Acura RDX 2

Acura RDX 2
  • Car model: Acura
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Body Type: SUV

Acura RDX is a crossover of compact dimensions, a subsidiary of Honda, a division of which is called Acura. Despite the fact that the size of the car is slightly similar to Honda CR-V 2015, the original base was used on Akura, which was specially developed for the system of the car with all-wheel drive. The first machine debuted in August 2006. The car has only survived two restylings.

The last update of Akur’s RDH crossover in 2016 was presented at the Chicago Auto Show, which was held in early 2015. It is no coincidence that the organizers chose this place to present their car, as for the cars of the United States of America and Canada, Honda Motor Companies decided to create a luxury division of Akura. The whole model range is Acura.


Cars of different years of production are quite different from each other. In the restyled crossover there is a presence of new LED Jewel Eye headlights, which are available as standard, rear position lamps with LED elements and 3D-effect.

Grilles of the false radiator, which has changed its appearance, new powerful bumpers with excellent inserts, which imitate air ducts and stylish fog lights. Everything that concerns the new modified design of the exterior of the car, is a branded stylistic solution of the company from Japan.

Acura RDX front view

In the middle of the nose part of the updated crossover there is a powerful, wide crossbar with the nameplate of the subsidiary company Honda. The front bumper became more massive, original and acquired a list of pseudo-aerodynamic details. They do not perform their options directly, but make the exterior very impressive, which attracts the eye to the parquet flooring.

The side of the Japanese car has almost no changes, which does not take away from the car its beautiful radii of arches, graceful ribs, punches, located on the doors, unique wheels and powerful exterior mirrors, which received an addition of LED stuffing for the repetition of direction indicators.

Acura RDX Auto

The wheels are fitted with 18-inch rims. A 19-inch wheel rim can be ordered as a separate option. The Japanese aft part has a new LED optics with 3D-effects, retouched fog lights, a rather interesting bumper, a comfortable luggage compartment door, stylish nozzles for the exhaust system.

In general, the appearance of the RDH Akur has improved considerably. It is clear that it resembles a prerestyling variant to many people, but all changes have made the car only better.


What a lot of Americans like about the interior of Akur is the spaciousness. If you put three people on the back sofa, they will not feel uncomfortable, but rather the opposite – will be cozy and comfortable. To confess, the salon does not have so many changes that it is impossible to tell about the exterior of the car. But, despite it, the interior looks excellent, however, as well as in the past models.

If to speak about ergonomics, its level has raised, and quality of assemblage has improved. Among the materials used there are premium materials. However, it seems that there are no claims here. Seats are rather convenient, the back row is very good, the free space has been reasonably distributed, without paying attention to the fact that the crossover is compact.

Salon photoFront seatsRear couch

Interior Acura RDX

The seats have side support at the level of an expensive sports sedan. And the front and rear seat trim was made of leather and perforated leather, which allows you to plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of modern luxury. The seats in the front have a two-tier heating function.

The driver’s seat has two memory locations, which also save the position of the rear view mirrors. Between the chauffeur and the front passenger sitting next to each other, there is a partition with a central armrest, cup holders, a pocket for safety of different trifles and a lever for gearbox change.

In addition to the normal height and tilt adjustment, the car has additional lumbar support adjustments in the driver’s seat, in order to make longer trips much more comfortable. The instrument panel, driver’s seat and steering wheel are all the same. However, the instrumentation system has become larger, better and this also applies to the backlight.

Thanks to the monochrome display of the on-board computer, it displays all the basic information about the technical condition of the machine and the temperature overboard. The multifunctional steering wheel consists of wood and leather. Now, on the console, installed in the center, a pair of color screens, designed for 4.2 inches.

This multi-informational display works with the audio system, telephone, fuel consumption, wheel pressure and a list of other indicators. It can be frustrating, but in order to have 2 screens in the cabin at once, it will be necessary to order the most expensive version of the Acura RDX SUV.

The upper display will have 8 inches and is responsible for the appearance of the image from the rear view camera and the image of the navigation system. All controls are located in an easily accessible area for the driver and are informative. And thanks to the setting buttons on the steering wheel, you can adjust the various options of the car without having to break away from the control of the car on the road.

Acura RDX trunk

Maximum packaged versions have electric front seats with ventilation and heating, and the driver’s seat can be adjusted in 10 directions, and the front passenger’s seat in 8 directions. In addition, the car from Japan has a rain sensor, engine start button, keyless access system, climate control and an arsenal of various electronic services.

Standard equipment has only one display. It is also possible to change the interior with the help of new finish palettes. Despite the fact that the luggage compartment is already quite large (740 liters), it can be increased, if necessary, by adding backrests of rear seats, which as a result will provide as much as 1,735 liters of useful volume.


Previously, the Acura RDX 2016 crossover was supplied with a 273-horsepower V6, which had a volume of 3.5 liters, but in the updated version of 2016 under the hood there is a power unit with the same volume of 3.5 liters, but it already produces 283 horsepower.

Instead of a six-speed automatic gearbox, there was a 9-range automatic transmission. Moreover, the all-wheel drive system and steering were slightly modified. The rear and front axle is independent, spring loaded.

Acura RDX engine


Next we will present the overall characteristics of the Japanese parquet flooring Acura RDX. The length of the parquet is 4,660 mm, the height is 1,678 mm, the width is 1,872 mm, the wheelbase is 2,685, and the ground clearance is 205 mm, which is generally quite good, given its direct purpose and the quality of our roads. As before, the customers will have access to one of the 7 palettes of body painting variations.


The Acura RDX Japanese-made crossover is supplied with six airbags, including two front, two front and a pair of curtain-type airbags to protect passengers sitting in front and behind. Advanced sensors, together with pumping systems, were developed specifically to open AirBag at the right time and with the right force.

The airbags that have been installed at the front are two-stage, multi-mode airbags. One, or a pair of cushions, will only be opened in the event of a severe head-on collision. When they are activated, the airbags will be inflated at different speeds, which are affected by many factors, including the level of accident risk and whether passengers have been wearing seat belts.

The front AirBags have been designed to complement the seatbelts to reduce the risk of head and chest injury in a frontal collision. The front passenger seat has sensors that can detect if a passenger is sitting on it. Moreover, they can detect a person’s height by turning off the operation of the pillow if it is too small for adequate operation.

The Passenger Positioning Service (OPDS) uses sensors that are installed in the back of the front passenger seat to determine the height and position of the person. It will be able to deactivate the side AirBag if there is a child or a small person in the path of the airbag. In a side impact, the curtain airbags, which are installed slightly above the door arch, will open downwards to ensure the safety of the front and rear passenger.

All RDH seats have seat belts with 3-point bindings and headrests. The front seats have belt pretensioners and load limiters. Thanks to the pretensioners, they can react to a collision in the first milliseconds and automatically tighten the belts to keep the passenger in the seat. To prevent excessive pressure on the chest by the automatic belt pretensioner, the load-barrier slightly reduces the belt tension when necessary. The crossover is also equipped with a range of safety options for children, which range from airbag sensors to child seat locks.

LATCH locks (lower locks and straps for children) together with upper locks, which are located on the rear seat, make it possible to install synchronized with LATCH child seats on the rear sofa without the use of seat belts. All windows, as well as the sunroof, are equipped with automatic re-opening to prevent pinching of clothing, fingers or other objects.

Security systems:

  • Availability of alarm system with remote shutdown option;
  • Central lock with programmable operation modes;
  • Forced locking of the door lock from the inside;
  • Keyless access systems;
  • Immobilizer.

Active safety and suspension:

  • Antilock braking system (ABS);
  • VSA (Variable Stability Control System);
  • Anti-skidding system (TCS);
  • Parking sensors at the back;
  • Brake energy distribution systems (EBD);
  • Mountain Start Assist System (HSA);
  • Cruise control;
  • Automatic Electronic Diagnostic System (E-OBD);
  • Intelligent all-wheel drive system.

Passive safety:

  • Presence of frontal, side airbags;
  • Side air curtains;
  • Fasteners for ISOFIX child seats;
  • Plastic protection of the bottom of the power unit department;
  • Three-point safety belts with pretensioner.

Complete sets and prices

Supplied to the Russian market, the Acura RDX 2014 crossover car will be complete with Techno. It includes a V6 3.5-liter engine with a capacity of 283 horsepower with a 9-range automatic transmission for $365777.

However, the version of 2016 can be ordered with the installation of Advance equipment, which includes fog lights, rear and front parktronic, rain sensor, ventilation of seats installed in front and a full arsenal of security system AcuraWatch. The price for this modification is not yet known.

Acura RDX rear view

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant appearance of the car;
  • Solid and graceful exterior lines;
  • High-quality interior decoration;
  • Excellent dynamics of movement and driving characteristics;
  • Excellent sound insulation;
  • Good brake system;
  • Soft plastic;
  • Practical finishing materials;
  • The co-ordinated work of the power unit and a gearbox;
  • Acceptable ground clearance;
  • Full drive system;
  • Rich base equipment of a complete set;
  • Spacious interior;
  • Spacious luggage compartment;
  • High degree of safety;
  • Presence of LED lighting system;
  • There is a camera of back visibility;
  • Comfortable seats with various additional options.

Cons of a car

  • Small price, competitors have a lower cost;
  • Limited equipment;
  • Expensive service;
  • Rigid suspension;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Competitors have even more space in the cabin, although their cars are smaller in size.

Summing up

In the end, I would like to confidently say that the new generation of Acura RDX 2016 crossover has much more advantages than the past. Japanese designers have kept the beautiful and elegant appearance and ergonomics in the interior of the car.

A good driving system and reliable safety can be singled out. The drawbacks are the lack of free space inside the car. The new, powerful engine will allow you to be more confident on the road when overtaking and climbing.

Acura RDX 2016

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Acura RDX 2016 photo

Test drive

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