Acura NSX II

Acura NSX II
  • Car model: Acura
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Coupe

The Acura NSX 2015 is a medium duty, all-wheel drive hybrid coupe, which was first introduced in 2012. A year later, the company made some improvements to the prototype and added some nuances to the interior of the vehicle. At this year’s car showroom in 2015, a new version of the Akur HCC II generation car was demonstrated.

The supercar was designed on the platform of the previously introduced NSX Concept II prototype. This coupe has a 25-year history. Such a machine is planned to be launched for sale worldwide. The whole model range is Acura.


Speaking of the appearance of the Acura NSX II 2015, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between a production vehicle and a concept. The updated model features slightly modified bumpers, rear-view mirrors, hoods with air intakes, nozzles on the sides of the body and other wheel rims.

You can see the grille of the false radiator, which looks like a smile and is complemented by a decorative overlay of silver. The front mounted bumper is made in the form of a letter “V”. The headlights are similar to the blades of a sword. By the way, the farces are mounted exclusively on LEDs.

Acura NSX sports car

The body was made of aluminum (as in the first car Honda NSX), and the roof and some part of the bottom of the carbon fiber. The windshield and the inserts on the roof of the vehicle were stamped from steel.

The strength of the roof was reinforced with parts using high strength steel, the base of which goes from the windshield to the column in the middle. As standard, the vehicle comes with light alloy wheels of considerable diameter.

Acura NSX rear view

The front wheels are 19″ and the rear wheels are 20″. The rear wings are slightly wider, which is clearly marked by the stern lights, which are shaped like arrows. At the bottom, in the center, there are 4-pipe exhaust pipes that are mounted in the rear bumper. Moreover, a retractable spoiler has been added to the updated compartment.


Getting inside the Acura NSX II 2015, you realize that the car is made in a sporty style, as it is equipped with sports seats and steering wheel. The high centre console with its elegant curve and wide door pockets makes it feel like a cockpit. The entire dashboard has been designed in a digital style and can change its color depending on the driving mode chosen, and the interior decoration is made of the best quality material. The colour range includes materials in scarlet and black. Dynamic and sporty is felt everywhere.

The chairs are rich in good side support. Moreover, they have four automatic adjustment parameters. If you choose, you can buy a car with mechanical position adjustment. The central console looks very original and simply attracts the eye. Hold on to the 3-spokes wheel is very convenient, especially given the fact that it is made in a sporty style. In addition to the display on the dashboard, there is a screen mounted on the center console.

Acura NSX interior


The new hybrid powertrain, which includes a 3.5-litre V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine with 500 horsepower and three electric motors, helps to drive the upgraded Acura NSX II 2015 coupe. A pair of them are mounted at the front, on the axle and have a capacity of 36 horses – they serve to rotate each of the wheels on the front axle. The last electric motor, 47 horsepower, was placed between the internal combustion engine and the transmission by the engineers.

It serves to help the gearbox when changing gears and provides the gasoline engine with auxiliary traction on the rear wheels during a sharp acceleration. These engines are synchronized with 9-speed automatic transmissions with a pair of clutches. Up to the first hundred, the sports hybrid car is accelerated in 3.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 307 km/h. The total power of all engines is 573 hp. Both in front and rear, an independent spring suspension is installed.

Acura NSX engine

Prices and equipment

For the updated supercar Acura NSX II 2015 coupe will have to pay very well. The price of this novelty is as much as $150,000. The manufacturer planned to start deliveries in the autumn of 2015, but later deliveries were slightly shifted, and now the start of car receptions is expected to start in 2016.

The machine is equipped with various services – EBD, ABS, VSA. For an extra fee you can order mechanisms made of carbon-ceramic. The electronics on the Acura NSX II 2015 coupe can be controlled in four operating modes – Quilet, Sport, Sport + Track. The initial mode is electrically driven, but not over long distances.

Photo of the Acura NSX

Summing up

Summing up the results of such a powerful hybrid supercar, it is important to highlight its powerful engine, the presence of 3 electric motors and a good automatic transmission. The updated coupe has a very sporty appearance, a little bit even aggressive.

A similar note can be traced in the interior itself, where a pair of displays is painted, one of which is installed in place of the mechanical dashboard. Fast start, high speed allows you to feel confident on the road.

Photo of the Acura NSX

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Acura NSX 2015 photo

Test drive

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