Acura ZDX

Acura ZDX
  • Car model: Acura
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2010
  • Body Type: SUV

Acura ZDX is a Japanese crossover manufactured by the automobile company Acura, which is a division of the automobile company Honda. The car debuted at the 2009 International Motor Show in New York City. It was positioned as the most expensive and luxurious car in the company. The start of implementation began in 2010. The car was designed to compete with the BMW X6, but this was not achieved. The whole model range is Acura.


Generally speaking, the appearance of the Acura ZDX 4×4 crossover can attract the refined eyes of car experts. In short, for this crossover, the traditional style and design of the car in its facets and shapes are preserved. It seems that the best view is the profile of the car, which looks a little like even a sports jeep.

Particular refinement is given by hidden handles of rear doors, which are masked in the roof racks. The grille of the false radiator has a characteristic look of all Akura cars. In front is a V-shaped bumper. Akur ZDX’s overhangs are small, and it is delivered on 19-inch cast disks.

Auto Acura ZDX

The rear bumper was fitted with trapezoidal tailpipes with chrome trim. Separately, we would like to highlight the new LED optics, which are distinguished by the increased duration of work and quality of light. The headlamps at the front include six LEDs, which are rich in their own six lenses, adjusted in such a way that the light quality is as high as possible.

If you turn them on during the day, they will serve as daytime running lights, thus decorating the appearance of the car. Moreover, for a comfortable ride, the jeep is supplied with the service of control over the “blind” zones. The system works as follows – when the crossover enters the blind spot, it will be warned about it on the side post using the indicator.

Front view of Acura ZDX

When you turn on the turn in the direction in which the car was detected, the car will sound a beep. The system operates only at speeds of 10 km/h, so that false signals can be avoided by passing nearby parked vehicles. It will not be possible to avoid the novelty of the American manufacturer – very sensitive windscreen wipers.

They have a list of advantages, if you compare them with other cars. For example, if they are not used, they are hidden from view, which only decorates the appearance of the car and gives it elegance. If the windshield will be hit by drops, the sensor will automatically start working, which involves the wipers without the participation of the driver.


Although the ZDX 4×4 crossover is amazing with its original appearance, its advantages do not end there. The interior surprises with its comfort and elegance. Inside, almost everything is made of leather, brown color. The driver’s seat has a whole 10 possibilities for adjustment, which are absolutely automated.

Located next door, the passenger seat has 8 positions for adjustment. Both the driver and the front passenger will be able to turn on the heating and ventilation of the seats. Located at the back, the second row of seats has been installed much higher, in order to increase visibility of the people who sit on it.

Interior Acura ZDXFront seats Acura ZDXRear seats Acura ZDX

Acura ZDX salon

Even the rear seats have several settings for adjusting the backrest. If the seat that is in the middle is free, it can be raised, which will allow you to get an armrest and more space in the car. The steering wheel is also finished in leather and is multifunctional.

On top, above the driver and passengers is a full-size panel of athermal glass. However, the driver’s visibility backwards is limited by the large rear posts and the considerable inclination of the rear window. Although even this minus can be compensated for by the built-in rear camera.

The very hit on the back sofa does not look so easy, and the stay there is not full of convenience, because of the overhang of the falling roof of the car. In the center, the place was occupied by the signs with the choice of gearbox mode and the on-board computer screen. Side of them are the engine speed sensor and speedometer.

The glove compartment has 8.5 litres. Moreover, there is a separate department for documents. Between the driver and the front passenger there are two cup holders with easily removable lid, and in the armrest there are tanks with AUX, USB and 12 volt socket. The luggage compartment provides 744 litres of free space, and if necessary, the rear seats can be folded up to 1580 litres.


The Acura ZDX 4×4 crossover has decided to supply a 3.7 litre powertrain, the V6, which is capable of delivering 300 horsepower and all-wheel drive functionality to the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. It is synchronized with the 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode.

Engineers have perfectly adjusted the suspension of the car, which makes you feel comfortable almost everywhere. The machine is capable of accelerating to the first hundred in 6.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 203 km/h. Fuel consumption in urban mode is within 14.6 liters per 100 km.

Acura ZDX engine


Vehicle safety detects collisions and alerts the driver with visual and audible signals. If the driver does not react in any way, the service is able to start braking on its own and will pre-tension the seatbelts.

In the event that the service itself believes that a collision is inevitable, the braking system will be engaged at full power and the seatbelts will be tightened. When crash tests were conducted in the United States, the ZDH Akura was able to earn 5 stars out of 5 possible stars.

Together with the required AirBag front seats, the crossover received a pair of seat cushions mounted in the front to protect the possible side impact. Moreover, there is room for side curtains, which are designed to protect against side collisions or overturning.

Brake Assist’s anti-lock braking system, together with the electronic traction stability system, is available as standard, as are the active head restraints for the front seats. An auxiliary package adds an impact softening braking system that can use adaptive cruise control together with radar monitoring to keep an eye on the road ahead.

Photo of the Acura ZDX crossover

In the event of a collision, this service will be able to inform the driver with a light or sound signal, as well as slightly tighten the driver’s seatbelt and begin to brake smoothly. If the system does not seem to be able to get away from the collision, it will start to stop the car completely.

Complete sets and price

The American Acura ZDX 4×4 crossover is estimated at about 5,189,600 rubles. The price will depend on the year of manufacture and equipment. The base complete set possesses a rich arsenal – 19-inch disks, an electric package, a two-zone climate control with humidity level regulation in a salon, the electric drive of back doors, 266-watt audio-system with 6 loudspeakers and the CD-receiver, support of Bluetooth and a back kind camera.

Photo of Acura ZDX

Moreover, six airbags, VSA, tire pressure monitoring function are installed. Technology Package adds a leather interior, an 8-inch display navigation system with a 14GB hard drive.

There is keyless access and an audio system with 10 speakers on board with a total power of 435 watts. The Advanced Package version features front seat ventilation, adaptive cruise control and invisible rear view area monitoring.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Wheel drive system;
  • In high speeds or when entering a steep turn, the machine is held in exactly the same position on the roadside, almost completely eliminating skidding or heading change;
  • Good braking system, which is achieved by the use of larger diameter brake discs;
  • Mirror electrical control system with heating option;
  • Rear visibility camera;
  • 2 car memory positions that allow the car to be started with different ignition keys (e.g. different family members);
  • Availability of a high-precision and large LCD display in the center of the dashboard;
  • Good audio system;
  • Outstanding level of controllability and dynamism;
  • Spacious and comfortable interior;
  • Good car reliability;
  • Unusual appearance;
  • Appceptable ground clearance height;
  • Stylish SUV design;
  • Powerful power unit;
  • Good quality material inside the car;
  • High security level;
  • Stable list even of basic equipment;
  • Large luggage compartment.

Cons of a car

  • Not correct operation of automatic steering wheel adjustment;
  • TPMS, which is responsible for monitoring wheel pressure, sometimes does not function properly, shows some numbers in standard driving mode, and if you switch to sports mode, others;
  • Bad visibility through back door and mirrors;
  • Little cost of the car;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Large car dimensions.

Summing up

Summing up about the Acura ZDX 4×4 crossover, there are only pleasant memories. The American looks very attractive – it is even the most interesting of all Akura’s models. Very convenient and stylish interior and really rich complete sets and possibilities of the car.

Quite a sharp motor and soft automatic gearbox. Among its disadvantages it is not quite convenient to get to the second row of seats, and it is also difficult to get out of the car, limited load capacity and a little nervous handling. In front of the car could be decorated a little better, which would allow to make a really good competition to its rivals.

Acura ZDX crossover

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Acura ZDX photo

Test drive


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