Acura TL

Acura TL
  • Car model: Acura
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2012
  • Body Type: Sedan

Acura TL is a business class machine manufactured by Honda under the Acura brand. It made its debut in 1995, when it replaced the Acura Vigor in sales. Japan produced this sedan for its market until 2000 under the names Honda Inspire and Honda Saber up to and including 2004.

The Akura version of the TL is the most popular brand and is the second most luxurious sedan in America, following BMW. In the present time, 4-generation TL generation has been produced. The latter is not realized in Japan. The whole model range is Acura.


Acura TL sedan with the latest restyled release has acquired aggressive appearance and corporate style of Keen Edge Dynamic, if you take it in comparison with his older brother. The car became 13 millimeters taller, 46 mm wider and lengthened by 15.8 cm. The appearance of the sedan is a little inconsistent.

Due to the contours of the body, the appearance makes it clear that the car is directly related to the class of business – it is presentable, noble and has a real masculine character. However, the nose part is executed in one scale of stylistics with other marks of firm Akura. For cars of off-road type, this one looks good before, but for a business class sedan it really does not harmonize, showing excessive sportiness and youthfulness.

Acura TL vehicle

The situation is similar in the stern, where the exhaust pipes are made in a sporty way. In general, the upgrade has gone well. The car became more attractive to customers. The nose part with a radiator grille has changed, a new bumper has been installed and the optics has been retouched. At the rear, the bumper was also changed, new lanterns and an exhaust system in the form of a trapeze were installed.


Due to the growing body size, the Acura TL sedan has even more free space in the cabin. Inside the car, absolutely all passengers will not feel uncomfortable. There is plenty of room for legs and head. Freedom in shoulders is also guaranteed by the interior of the American sedan. Ergonomics and materials of finishing located on the central console have been slightly improved.

The dashboard is still equipped with two wells with tachometer and speedometer. Located on the right, the panel has a strict and inexpensive appearance. The front seats received a ventilation system, and the operation of the navigation system was also improved. In general, the whole interior is very similar to its line of cars.

Acura TL interior

However, the fact that more expensive materials and additional decorative elements were used allowed him to look more solid. The saloon was prepared for four passengers, but if necessary, the back sofa can comfortably accommodate the 3rd person. And there is enough space for legs, shoulders and head.

The location of the panels is very ergonomic and looks modern, but in the center and the steering wheel seems to be loaded with control keys, most of which have a small size, which is sometimes very uncomfortable. The luggage space is 371 litres for the front-drive vehicle and 354 litres for the all-wheel-drive version.

Technical characteristics

American technologists and engineers decided to install a sedan as a power unit under the hood of Akur TL, the same motors. First of all, it is a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280 horsepower and much more powerful than a 3.7-liter V6 with 305 horses. The last engine went only to the all-wheel drive version of the Acura TL SH-AWD.

But the new 6-speed automatic gearbox, which allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption, became the new torque transfer to the wheels. Maximum speed with standard engine is 245 km/h, and the first 100 km of sedan accelerates in 6 seconds. Independent spring suspensions were found at the back and front.

Acura TL engine

Complections and prices

Acura TL sedan is estimated at approximately 2,361,600 rubles. The price may vary depending on the level of equipment and installed power units. In the basic version, the American comes with a navigation system, satellite radio, port-USB, Bluetooth and audio system with 8 speakers. When ordering an optional package, additionally include – the engine start button, weather information system and 10-channel audio system, the total power of 440 watts.

Acura TL sedan

We sum up

Acura TL sedan is pretty good. Pleasant updated appearance gave it a more solid look. The only, it seems, is not quite appropriate appearance of the front end, which slightly does not correspond to the style of the whole car. Quite strong power units will allow you to feel confident during overtaking and on steep ascents. The salon began to produce from better quality and more pleasant materials. I am pleased with the abundant arsenal of starting equipment, as well as free space in the rear seats.

Acura TL 2012

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Acura TL photo

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