Audi Q7

Audi Q7
  • Car model: Audi
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Body Type: SUV

Literally with a fever, with the heat of the German car concern presented in mid-December the same Audi Q7 in the new bodywork. A couple of months before the official premiere of the new product. Europeans will be able to evaluate the appearance and characteristics of Audi in the spring at the exhibition in Geneva.

Let’s remind that Audi crossovers are issued since 2005. It has been repeatedly subjected to a major upgrade, ranging from facelift and ending with a change of stuffing. The last diesel engine has torn everybody apart: 500 horsepower at 1000 NM! Until 2010, the Q7 was equipped with a 6-speed automatic rifle, and since 2010 – with 8-speed automatic rifle. The German crossover peaked in 2007, when 41,000 models were sold in Europe and 21,000 in the United States. The whole model range is Audi.

Car history

Audi Ku 7 2016 is a car that represents a world-renowned German company in the off-road sector. This vehicle can be safely called a successful combination of sporting character and versatility, the most advanced technologies and luxury cars of the representative segment.

The driver will be conquered by the driving characteristics, as well as the dynamism of the machine. A new audio is created by 7 developers of the famous all-wheel drive Quattro. On any kind of road surface and under any conditions it will be extremely reliable.

In 2006, the automobile company Audi boldly announced that it was able to create a vehicle for Quattro technology. Such a tool was a massive crossover Audi Ku7 TDI. After the appearance of this car was caused by a lot of resonance in the automobile communities, and for Audi the novelty became the debut application about itself in the niche of crossovers.

Audi Q7 photo car

Such an experiment was successful, and the Q family began to improve. The commercial success of Audi Ku7 TDI was able to exceed the expectations of most skeptics. And how else, because the age of the peak popularity of crossovers is in full swing.

Almost every carmaker wants to showcase its own ideal solution for this kind of machine. It will not be superfluous to remind that Audi has got on the given market of crossovers of the last of “big German three” companies. Therefore, the tasks were the most ambitious – to be able to get their tidbit of popularity in this niche.

Audi Q7 2006

And it seems that the company was able to cope with such goals! The car was well received on both sides of the ocean, and the Russian Federation was no exception. Despite the rather immodest price tag, the new Audi Q7 managed to collect large queues, which lasted more than half a year.

The new Audi Q7 was based on the new MLB platform, which is the newest development of engineering staff from Ingolstadt.


We did the right thing to start the story about the new Audi with the looks of it. It was she who underwent revolutionary changes. The car is still recognizable, however, there are a couple of sharp edges in the exterior. Thanks to them the new Audi Q7 looks fresher and more sporty. Larger radiator grille (now its ribs are horizontal, not vertical), updated lighting equipment and bumper have played their role in the “sportiness” of the second generation car.

By the way, head optics of a car can be of three types: LED, xenon and matrix.  The trapezoidal grille, which has a large trapezoidal shape, has received horizontal lines of chrome. By the way, its name is Singleframe. Located in front of the bumper has powerful and strict features, the optics looks narrowed, as if “squeezed”, however, looks quite nice.

Audi Q7 side viewAudi Q7 Front ViewAudi Q7 Auto

Audi Q7 car

The front lamps may also have a different appearance depending on the type of optics they contain. In the basic version you can install xenon optics, and in the more expensive branded Audi Matrix LED with LEDs.

The side of the German car Audi Q 7 draws attention to the falling roof to the back, large arches of the wheels, which fit the wheels on the original rims. Side doors are actually quite big, they are very convenient and practical. You can see the strict horizontal lines of punching.

After a side look at the latest version of Q7, you realize that there are no more games and entertainment, everything is actually very serious. Even in the basic equipment of Audi Q7 2015 they install 18-inch wheel rims, which got a restyling look. 19, 20 and even 21-inch wheels are also available as an option.

Audi Q7 car photo

The aft part of the machine provides a symphony of practical, functional, aggressive and elegant components. The small luggage compartment door was complemented by a large glass door. Thanks to this, it is possible to load and unload quite large luggage without any difficulty.

Pretty large glass has increased the visibility of the crossover. Rear headlights look amazing. They are made in LED version, and optionally you can install advanced lighting equipment with dynamic direction indicators. The rear bumper was left unchanged and did not give it a more massive look. It looks very modest with an excellent diffuser and exhaust system nozzles.

Audi Q7 rear view

Despite the fact that the lines of external design were slightly changed, they were able to remain in a recognizable style of the car brand. Rapid curves of the front and rear overhang lines along with powerful rear ribs with strongly inclined stands were able to create a massive memorable silhouette.

Speaking about the grille, it turned out to be in the style of “Auto Union” models and is based on a solid, not devoid of elegance bumper. The manufacturer also pointed out a new platform MLB, which is the latest development of engineers. However, not everyone understands what is behind these three letters. Let’s try to figure it out.

A lot of effort and time has been spent by professionals to reduce weight and increase body stiffness through the introduction of high-strength steel as well as aluminum bodywork elements. Such metal was used for side doors, hood, front end and front wings, trunk doors.

Audi Q7 2016

As a result, the weight of the equipped gasoline vehicle Kyu7 3.0 TFSI is 1,970 kg, and the diesel version of Audi Kyu7 3.0 TDI is 1,995 kg. Based on the size, the new model is 7 millimeters shorter than its predecessor, 15 millimeters wider and 12 millimeters narrower than its predecessor.

The drag coefficient also improved markedly – 0.32. This impressive bodywork aerodynamics is an absolute record in this automotive segment.

Despite perhaps conflicting opinions about the new design, most of them had just the right time. Frankly speaking, it seems even incorrect to take the first and the second generation in comparison, because there are about 10 years between these models, and what we are looking at today, we can safely call the future.

Audi Q7 restyling

During 2015 and 2016, all the vehicles of the German company will be changed in their appearance and all the vehicles will be able to guess the new corporate identity. Crossover has become more serious and attractive.

The developers of the “seventh Ku” called their key achievement the weight reduction of the car. The German crossover has lost weight by 325 kg, 71 of which fell on the body. The power frame is made of ultra-hard steel, while the doors, front part, wings with a hood are made of high-quality aluminum.

The heaviest version with a diesel engine is 1995 kg, while the car with a gasoline engine is slightly lighter – 1,970 kg. We will walk along the dimensions. Unlike the older brother, the audio q7 2015 became a little shorter than the previous car. The novelty is 5 050 mm long and 1 970 mm wide. The height remains the same (1 740 mm).


Audi Q7’s second-generation interior was almost completely rebuilt. In addition to new materials, a much improved ergonomics of the front panel, a modified console that has found its place in the center, and new seats.

The layout is completely fresh and allows for an increase in the space available for both the driver and passengers sitting on the rear sofa. The free legroom in the rear seats was increased by 21 mm, 41 mm above the head and 23 mm behind.

Audi Q7 interior

Moreover, the interior of the crossover was able to expand in the shoulder region, here added about 20 mm. In general, the salon of the “seven” in 2015 may be a basic jeep, designed for 5 seats, or may be suitable for a 7-seater family full-size car, which has 3 rows of seats.

In the standard version of the two-row version of the armchair installed at the back, you can move in the longitudinal direction by about 110 mm, which is a whole centimeter more than in the previous version. The doors of the car can be opened by almost 90 degrees, which greatly facilitates getting into the car.

After you get behind the steering wheel of the new German crossover, you will almost immediately notice the comfortable profile of the seat surface together with a solid side support. In addition, the seat has a large number of available position parameters, which makes it possible to feel comfortable enough, regardless of the long journey.

Multifunctional steering wheel

The steering wheel itself has a very convenient diameter and thickness, so it is very pleasant to hold it in your hands. Part of this has been achieved with the introduction of leather upholstery. Immediately behind it found its place in the dashboard, which is represented by a digital display, a diagonal of which is 12.3 inches. However, such a dashboard will be installed only optionally, just like the projection screen on the windshield.

The central tunnel in the interior of the new generation Audi Q7 was able to intrigue with its simple, but at the same time original, laconic lines. The front seats are electrically powered for settings, with adjustable ventilation and heating.

Instrument panel

Seats are also available as an option, with eighteen settings and five modes of operation. The seats have received solid lateral support. Hands can lie on the rim, which has been covered with leather trim, which also has a compact hub and thin needles.

Soft lines can be seen on the front panel along with ventilation deflectors across the entire width of the torpedo. The car has a new dual-zone climate control with TFT-screen (optional 4-range).

It is possible to install additional equipment as an option, among which will be a panoramic hatch with electric drive, LED background lighting, different variations of interior leather, premium music Bang & Olufsen (the country of Denmark) and others.

The new family of Audi MMI multimedia systems features a 7-inch or 8.3-inch color display that can be pulled out of the torpedo when switched on. The improved multimedia option has received support for voice control and is able to understand the usual language, and will be able to provide the driver and passengers sitting next to each other with a sufficient arsenal of the latest world functions, such as support for the phone, radio, music, navigation system, Internet access and Wi-Fi.

There is nothing wrong with the central tunnel site, it is unique and stylish. It is located between the driver’s seats and the front passenger sitting next to each other and has an MMI option setting station, a strong control selector, an automated Tiptronic control unit, an electric handbrake button and impressive cupholders.

It is clear that the novelty has also received a lot of electrical services, which are designed to be responsible for the safety of lives of the driver and passengers. The presence of parktronic, cruise-control with the option of limiting the speed mode, in a more expensive version of adaptive cruise-control with the system Start/Stop and automated traffic in traffic jams (the car can not only stop, but also accelerate, steer, however, this function is valid only up to the limit of speed mode of 60 km / h).

Сross-traffic assist (helps to maneuver in reverse), Lane Assist, parking assistant, cameras that allow for panoramic visibility, a service that monitors the physical condition of the driver, a system that recognizes road signs, a camera that can see at night, and more.

German specialists were able to work in such a way that sitting in the car you do not feel that it is big, and it is not harder to drive than a class “C” hatchback. Only the car starts, you clearly notice that this crossover on the move is much better than the previous family.

The basic rear door is equipped with an electric drive to open it, and the Advanced Key function will allow you to give a command to open or close the boot door with a foot swing from the bottom of the rear bumper. Interestingly, the loading height has also been improved to 46 mm lower than that of its predecessor.

Audi Q7 SalonAudi Q7 photo salonPhoto of Audi Q7 salon

Audi Q7 trunk

The luggage compartment has also been changed. Thus, the new audi q7 with seven seats will have about 295 litres of free luggage space. The basic version of the car with five seats will already have an impressive 890 liters of usable space.

If necessary, it will be possible to increase the luggage compartment, while folding the rear seats, which will eventually provide a total of 2,075 liters of free space, which will certainly please those who like to travel or spend their free time with their families on vacation.


Mower unit

What’s inside hiding? It turns out that the new product was built on the modular MLB platform. So you understand, this thing will be the basis for the next generations Porsch Cayenne and Volkswagen Tuareg 2015. In the European market, the Audi Ku 7 crossover will make its debut with a pair of 3-litre turbomotors.

Gasoline produces 333 horses without any problems, diesel – 272. It is noteworthy that the diesel is economical and consumes 5.7 liters per 100 km, while the gasoline unit requires 7.7 liters per every 100 km.

Audi Q7 engine

A little later the range of engines is to be diluted with 3.0 TDI units, diesel – 249 hp and 2.0 TFSI, gasoline – 252 hp. Even the naked eye can see how much more economical this car is than its predecessor. However, the main surprise is still ahead.

In 2015, a hybrid version with a 94 kW electric motor and a three-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 258 horses was released. The total output of this system will be 373 hp, fuel consumption will be 1.7 liters per 100 km.

The three-litre TFSI is a gasoline engine combined with a turbocharger that automatically spins out at low revolutions. Previously, this engine caused its drivers enough trouble, but now all the problems have been eliminated.


The motors come in conjunction with an 8-band automatic. In the first case it is possible to accelerate up to a hundred in just 6.1 seconds, in the second – for 6.3. Special attention should be paid to the fully controlled chassis. As well as on the majority of models of Porsche 911 the rear wheels are capable to turn that raises passability of a car.

Audi Q7 transmission

The automatic gearbox has a new self-locking differential that allows the unit to be smaller and lighter in weight. In normal conditions, the traction is distributed between the front and rear wheels in the proportion of 40/60. Up to 70 percent of the traction can go to the front axle and up to 85 percent to the rear axle.


The new machine has a standard adaptive air suspension, which provides high comfort and balanced performance – in a standard version, where there will be infinitely variable electronic adjustment of shock absorbers and the possibility of changing the height of the ground clearance (up and down by 30 millimeters).

Audi Q7 front suspension

In addition, there is a sports adaptive air suspension S Line, which lowers the ground clearance by 15 millimeters. It is clear that Audi Ku7 2016 is a conventional SUV, because this vehicle was designed, given that it will not see the real off-road.

Audi Q7 rear suspension

Of course, the car can easily move off the asphalt and move to the country house on the ground surface, move the curb in the city limits, but no more. Although, hypothetically, the car has a high friction differential, such as Torsen, which knows a lot of things, however, it is difficult to imagine that a car that costs from 3,600,000 rubles. pushed into a real swamp.


The steering unit has a rack and pinion type and power steering that makes it easy to drive such a small all-wheel drive vehicle.

Brake system

On the front and rear wheels German specialists installed ventilated disc brakes with support of antilocking system (ABS). In addition, there is a servo amplifier.


  • ABS;
  • System against wheel slippage;
  • Option for vehicle stability;
  • Presence of parktronic;
  • Presence of front and rear airbags;
  • Pretensioners of safety belts;
  • The terminator of loading of a safety belt;
  • Side airbags for head and chest protection;
  • Alarm for unbuckled seatbelt;
  • Active hood;
  • Installation of Isofix child seats is possible;
  • The immobiliser;
  • Good rigidity of a body.

Basic safety systems require the presence of a complete set of airbags and other restraint devices that meet the latest standards.

Audi Q7 airbags

In addition, there is a long-range switching assistant, light and rain sensors, a spontaneous traffic prevention assistant, cameras for detecting traffic situations and a parking assistant with sensors on the stern. Side airbags for rear seat occupants as well as various active systems to assist the driver can be installed as optional equipment.

Crash test

Complete sets and prices

You can place an order for an SUV from spring 2015. In Germany, the Audi Q7 price starts at 61,000 euros. Pre-orders in Russia will start to be accepted in March, the first live cars will reach dealers in mid-May, the price will be announced even later. The first to arrive in the country will be versions with a 3.0-liter diesel engine (249 hp) and a gasoline engine (333 hp), for which you will have to pay from $57546.

Audi Q7 2015

Many innovations will go to Audi Q7 in terms of equipment. So, in it it will be possible to find the updated multimedia system MMI, where there will be an improved voice recognition, a couple of variants located in the middle of the screen, on 7 or 8.3 inches, also there will be support for two tablets of entertainment system with a diagonal of 12.1 inches for passengers who sit on the back sofa.

Today it is very difficult to imagine a car that can do without an arsenal of electronic services designed to increase or ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. And the German car possesses it in excess even in the basic modification. Among them, we can distinguish them:

  • Cruise control with speed limit or adaptive cruise control with Start/Stop option and automatic car traffic in traffic jam;
  • Use of an assistant for reversing;
  • Presence of a parking assistant;
  • Cameras that provide a panoramic view;
  • Function that recognizes traffic signs;
  • The service of control of the driver’s physical condition;
  • The presence of a camera that sees even at night.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Modern sports exterior;
  • A lot of free space inside the car;
  • A lot of luggage compartment;
  • Powerful installed power units;
  • Good body stiffness;
  • The set of systems of safety;
  • Pleasant comfortable interior;
  • Rich equipment of any complete set;
  • Road clearance;
  • Good suspension;
  • Quality of assemblage;
  • High degree of safety provision;
  • Excellent quality of applied elements in an interior;
  • Modern lighting system;
  • Bright and convenient dashboard;
  • Comfortable front seats with good side support;
  • Comfortable and functional steering wheel;
  • Various systems designed to help the driver on the road;
  • Rich even base equipment of the car;
  • Three adult passengers can be accommodated at the back;
  • Full drive system;
  • Big wheels.

Cons of a car

  • High fuel consumption (except for the smallest diesel engine);
  • Very long wheelbase;
  • Price audi q7;
  • Necessity to buy additional options (total cost of all additional options – 15853 $);
  • Expensive service.

Summing up

A big crossover would like to wish a big swim and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of roads! The new Audi Q7 really turned out to be attractive both externally and technically.

It remains only to wait for the completion of the Audi Q7 e-tron quatro, which will become the world’s first hybrid with a 6-cylinder diesel engine, all-wheel drive and the ability to charge from the mains. Even the car from the first family was very successful and very beautiful, which in the new generation engineering and design staff could not only emphasize, but also improve.

Audi Q7 front view

The safety of the vehicle is as high as always, as is its equipment. It is not clear only why for such a considerable amount of money in the car are not installed additional options? They simply have to be bought by yourself, and this is also a considerable amount of money. No more, no less – 1 million Russian rubles.

This seems to be a serious drawback. However, the car was just perfect, especially all these smooth lines, present in the interior of the Audi. However, as always, the German automobile industry is on top!

We advise you to read the article: History of Audi

Audi Q7 2015 photo

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