Audi R8

Audi R8
  • Car model: Audi
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Coupe

Audi R8 supercar, produced since 2007, has received an update in anticipation of the 2013 model year. The aluminum alloy bodywork, apart from some design changes, has not undergone any other structural changes. The whole model range is Audi.


First all-wheel drive sports car Audi R8 Spider was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2006. The model is produced by a German car company since 2007. This vehicle is produced exclusively by Quattro GmbH, a subsidiary of Audi. The company is located in Neckarzulm. Sports car Audi P8 of the second generation with medium motor performance was announced in spring 2015 at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

The car was often seen in photos taken by paparazzi spies, and the concern declassified it in the last dates of February, without waiting for the official release. Note that this model is only a thorough modernization of the first generation two-door coupe. Audi P8 of the second generation has changed in the exterior, but it is still recognizable. Stylistics of the sports car body is designed in accordance with the modern corporate concept of the manufacturer from Ingolstadt, which has characteristic angular surfaces and various ribs.

Quattro GmbH

Thanks to this the car looks spectacular and aggressive, as, however, and it is necessary to the master of high speeds. There are various companies, offices and garages, which in their time were engaged in the production of the most powerful cars in automotive history, as it is much easier to design a very strong car than, say, a Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Transporter. But the question may arise, why? There is also carbon, titanium, glamour, and many hundreds of horsepower and kilometers per hour. But all this is not such a paradox.

If you make a mass vehicle, you will have to implement it in a very competitive environment. There, every bolt, every hole under it and the cost of each part compete with a lot of others like them. Audi R8 can be seen not so often on our streets, but if it has, the car simply attracts the eyes of passers-by and other drivers. The car also has a pleasant sound of work, which makes you think about drowning the accelerator pedal in the floor and rushing to new sensations!

2009 Audi R8 V10 Coupe

But it’s all about simple, mass machines. And there are supercars where everything is different. There are not so many people who drive them, not many people who think about them. Besides, they are created to be proud of them. One of the “long-livers” in the supercar market were two companies – Porsche and Ferrari. In America there was still Corvette. They were always and to this day are super cars, which are designed for high speeds. After some time (or rather since 2007) the German company has decided to join this close and closed community.

Initially, the P8 was with a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine, but soon received a V-shaped ten-cylinder engine. During the end of production the model received modifications “Plus” and GT. The car, which was able to surprise everyone with its convenience, comfort, ergonomic component and visibility, almost like a standard car, along with the image and speeds of a real supercar, was doomed to world motorsport. It didn’t take long – the car began to win in the main world competitions, where heavy daily marathons on the Nurburgring can be attributed.


The R8 restyled headlights are fully LED headlights and rear lights, and the side air intakes and radiator grilles have been redesigned. Other outlet system nozzles, modified logo and shape of ventilation openings are striking at the back.

The aerodynamic splitter under the bottom, which reduces the air flow under the bottom of the body, is no longer an option, but is standard equipment. The car is equipped with 18-inch discs as standard, 19-inch for a fee.

Audi R8 on 19-inch discs

The nose part of the Eight does not hide the hexagonal grille, which in turn was presented in the form of beehives. Large duct nozzles with vertical ducting are located here to ensure efficient cooling of the various parts of the car.

The silhouette of the two-door sports car looks very fast and attracts attention with distinctive punctures, ducts, rear roof posts that are strongly inclined forward, and large wheels. The top-of-the-range equipment can be distinguished by the installed spoiler, which is stationary, while the standard sports car has it extending.

New Audi R8 view from the side

The appearance of the second generation is enhanced by the sporting qualities of the narrow lanterns, which received an LED design, large air ducts and a clearly distinguished diffuser, which in turn is located in the middle of a pair of exhaust pipes.

Wheel arches are very swollen, elongated hood and stocky body only add to the pleasant sensation. Perfect geometry of the roof and statue stern do not forget about the inherent sports qualities of the German car.

I would like to talk about the laser light function, which can be installed as a separate option, it is able to provide illumination of the road area up to 600 meters long when using high beam. Each headlamp has four laser diodes with a diameter of some 300 microns. Adaptive laser headlamps can switch the mode and brightness of the lighting themselves, taking into account the speed, angle of rotation of the wheels, the presence of a hitch or a collision on the road.

The powertrain itself has found its location near the luggage compartment. This is a rather unusual solution. What’s worth is the engine lighting function, which can give the car a great look in the dark. As variants of body painting it is possible to choose non-metallic paint, metallic, mother-of-pearl and Audi exclusive body painting.

After a while, the manufacturer decided to put as standard equipment 19-inch forged aluminum discs with a design of “5 double spokes”. Titanium matt with a polished finish. The 20-inch wheels can already be installed as a separate option.


Body dimensions of the updated German sports car R8 of the second generation are as follows: length – 4 420 mm, height – 1 240 mm, width – 1 940 mm. The wheelbase of the supercar is 2,650 mm, and the height of the ground clearance is 105 mm, which is quite small for our roads. However, we should not forget that the car was developed not for Russia, but for those countries where the quality of the road surface, if not at the highest level, is acceptable.

The body part of the sports car was made using Audi Space Frame technology, which involves a combination of parts made of aluminum and carbon, which eventually brought a reduction in its weight. Now the weight of the “eight” is only 1,555 kg.

Audi R8 drawing


In addition, the updated R8 Audi has received several new interior options. Still, in addition to side mirrors for driving in urban areas, a rear view camera is installed. The car is equipped with Bang & Olufsen audio system with 12 speakers.

As in all cars of the German company Audi, the salon of the “eight” is also distinguished by reliability and practicality.

It would be desirable to notice at once that, getting to an interior of Audi R8, it is not important who, the driver or the passenger, will feel comfortably enough for inside the car turned out quite spacious.

Audi R8 interior

As finishing materials for the interior of the G8, it was decided to use high quality materials with inserts of carbon, which is already polished, and aluminum. The quality of the fittings and various decorative elements is simply at the height.

The interior is equipped with a rear view video camera, wireless Bluetooth connection and satellite navigation system. The way Audi P8 of the second generation was designed is smoothly intertwined with the interior of the third generation TT car.

Particular attention in the interior of the German sports car deserves a combination of devices, which is presented by a multifunctional information screen designed for 12.3 inches, which serves as the only one for all situations and which receives a lot of information data.

Audi R8 salon

The instrument panel is fully digital. The speed sensor is placed directly in the center of the dashboard, while the rest of the information required by the driver is displayed on the sides. On the underestimated front panel, which is located in the center, the minimum number of secondary regulators is striking – only 3 climate control handles, which rotate and have indicators installed on them, and below the key to activate the “emergency” and a few buttons.

The steering wheel was truncated at the bottom, which made it sporty, and was also able to accommodate the main regulators, such as the engine start button. On the steering wheel you can also adjust the suspension, choose the type of weather conditions – dry asphalt, rain or snow and adjust the exhaust system (available only on the V10 plus version).

Front seats

The presence of a multimedia steering wheel with settings on two planes, indicates that the engineering staff has allocated a lot of time to the driver was comfortable. Speaking of armchairs, there are a couple of sports seats with developed side support.

They are located lower than on the predecessor. The driver has got such a position, as if he controls a fighter jet, because his place looks like a separate “cocoon”. The luggage compartment is not famous for its spaciousness, but do not forget about the purpose and purpose of this car transport.

Thus, the truck has 104 liters of free space in the cargo area, which is located in front of the cab. Behind the armchairs there is an auxiliary department for transporting small things.

Despite the sports orientation of the car, it is very pleasant to sit inside and everyone will feel comfortable in Audi R8. With the ergonomic component the Germans always had everything in order, and the supercar was no exception. The interior, decorated with leather, aluminum and carbon, looks simply excellent. It is not in vain that she fell in love with Tony Stark’s films.

Special sophistication is achieved by means of original finishing of decoration elements. There are anatomical chairs with an abundance of settings. If you install a sports chair, which will be even more pronounced side support, you will feel as if the chair pulls in. Speaking about the pedal block, it is a little narrow, however, for simultaneous pressing of a pair of pedals at once will be necessary considerable size of footwear.



For the second family of Audi P8, only an improved powertrain with a V-shaped 10 is provided. As for the eight-cylinder engine, now it will not be put on the sports model. The atmospheric V-shaped ten-cylinder engine with a volume of 5.2 liters now produces 540 forces.

The more expensive “plus” version is equipped with a forced 610 hp engine. Engineers have managed to equip the engine with a combined injection and other innovations that have reduced fuel consumption by 10 percent.

Audi R8 engine

Достигает первой сотни Audi R8 второго поколения всего за 3,5 секунды, а модификация «plus» быстрее – за 3,2 секунды. Предельная скорость установилась в 323 и 330 км/ч соответственно. Атмосферный силовой агрегат соответствует стандартам по экологии Euro-6 и его расход горючего в смешанном режиме составляет порядка 11,8-12,4 литра на 100 км.


Synchronized engines with a 7-speed pre-selective, dual-clutch S-tronic robotic gearbox, which features manual shifting, “Start/Stop” function and the option to deactivate 5 cylinders at low loads.

It also features a Quattro all-wheel drive transmission and an electro-hydraulic multi-disc clutch that transmits almost 100% of the speed to the rear wheels in normal operation, but can also transmit 100% of the torque to the front wheels when required.



The machine’s chassis are presented as follows: the suspensions on the paired transverse levers on both aluminium axles are completely independent, and adaptive shock absorbers with magnetorheological filling can be installed as an option. If earlier the “eight” lost to Porsche and Ferrari when it came to the work of the suspension on simple roads, now it’s quite different.

The second generation knows how to filter the traffic trifle better than every 2nd premium crossover! Very surprising is what this car does, getting on mountain serpentines. If you look at the model for the first time, you see a flat, as if smeared on the roadway fast car with massive wheels, which barely hides the body. Here there is a thought, that the big moves of a suspension simply cannot be.


But there are! This is mostly felt in the comfort mode of the active Magnetic Ride suspension, or on a standard hydraulic system, which often leaves a more pleasant feeling. What’s amazing is that Audi can stay in touch with the road even when it’s as if the asphalt is unloaded in a curve as if it’s flying. Speaking in general about the suspension, it is surprisingly long-stroke and energy-intensive in its advanced work.

In addition, it is possible to develop more than 1 g during a turn! In other words, the result is an acceleration of the free fall of bodies in the gravitational field of the Earth. It is worth considering that it is on a simple road surface and with civilian tires.

Steering wheel control

The steering wheel has an electromechanical amplifier with a variable ratio, which can vary from speed to speed. It is possible to taxi with a fast vehicle everywhere and always, as the balance of the car is very close to the ideal one. The supercar is rather “manual” and stable at any speed mode, even at the limit. With this in mind, you can turn at any time.

I would like to note the work of ESP separately. Here it turned out to be imperceptible and correct. In reality, you won’t have to turn off the service either on the serpentine or on the racetrack. It doesn’t distract you at all, it functions so gently and smoothly that it only helps you to speed up. Though, it is necessary to confess that it will not be possible to switch it off fully.

After you do this, after the throttle is released, or after the steering wheel skid correction, the ESP will wake up and intervene. And in reality Audi P8 has never been a drifting machine – the all-wheel drive system makes such a hobby unnatural.

Brake system

Standard equipment includes steel brake discs, and optionally carbon-ceramic devices can be purchased, which are more durable. In general, it was possible to reduce the total weight of the braking system by 2 kilograms. 20-piston mechanisms are able to develop an amazing deceleration power.

In addition to the base car, there is a full-fledged electrical variation of e-tron, which was also presented in Geneva. The car received a pair of electric motors, the power of which is equal to 462 horses, and feeds them with a lithium-ion battery capacity of 92 kWh.

With full batteries, the charge will last approximately 450 km. An electric car can reach the first hundred in just 3.9 seconds and a speed limit of 250 km/h.


It’s a pity, but the Eight have not yet passed crash tests in specialized laboratories, but the engineering staff equipped the car with the latest luxury safety system, where there are two-stage airbags, AirBag for knees, head and chest.

There are also several rear-view cameras. The basic version of the car has LED headlights, front and side airbags and safety shutters, climate control, rear parktronic, cruise control, seat heating and aluminum 19-inch forged disks.

Auto Audi R8 2015

As an option, an adaptive suspension can be purchased, which is able to change the parameters depending on the driving style or driver’s choice. There are eight-piston brake calipers at the front and four-piston brake calipers mounted on the rear wheels.

Moreover, they are all ventilated, perforated. There is also a central lock with remote control. Among the systems designed to ensure the proper degree of safety of the driver and passenger, provides for the installation of ABS, ESP, Isofix / LATCH, driver and passenger airbags (among them side), a system of assistance at the start of the mountain and steel brake discs.

Complete sets and prices

So, how much is R8? Initially in Russia it will be possible to get only top updating R8 plus with 610 horse forces under a hood. They demand from $157608.00 for it, which is 10 percent cheaper than the single-platform Huracan. The first shipments of cars will arrive by the end of 2015, and the quota for this year is only 13 pieces.

Audi R8 car

The basic version “plus” has LED optics (optional laser headlights), ceramic brake discs, virtual dashboard, leather interior, sport bucket-shaped seats, MMI and Audi Drive Select service with Perfomance mode and forged wheels.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • The car already has the usual convenience and comfort;
  • Excellent visibility for a car with a powertrain in the middle;
  • Beautiful appearance of a supercar;
  • Pleasant salon in peculiar style of Audi company;
  • Beautiful digital dashboard;
  • Excellent control of the car;
  • Comfortable armchairs;
  • Good dynamic qualities;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Good safety;
  • Good aerodynamics of the machine;
  • The newest light-amplifying technics;
  • Excellent brake system;
  • The suspension perfectly copes with problem sites of a road cloth;
  • Massive wheel rims;
  • Lightweight bodywork, compared to the previous generation;
  • Pleasant and comfortable seats with clearly defined side support;
  • Convenient digital dashboard;
  • Vehicle management is quite clear and simple;
  • Pleasant sound of the exhaust system.

Cons of a car

  • The dynamic steering system is effective and always improves, but sometimes it feels unnatural;
  • It’s hard to find the right roads for a second-generation Audi R8;
  • Smaller luggage compartment;
  • Cost;
  • Parking should be careful, because aluminum parts are very expensive;
  • Expensive extra options;
  • Because of its size, the car is not so maneuverable in the city stream.

Summing up

Summing up, I would like to say that even the previous generation of Audi R8 cars was simply excellent. German designers and engineers managed to make it even better. The powertrain capacity was increased, a new automated gearbox was added, and the design was improved. Audi has always been known for its approach to quality and comfort, and the new generation only proves it.

The presence of an electric car with quite acceptable characteristics also made us happy. The fact that the company strives to keep up with modern technologies, thereby improving its cars and making them safer and more environmentally friendly, can not but please. Of course, because of the “uncomfortable” dollar exchange rate, the price is quite high, but the car is completely worth its money.

Audi R8 supercar

The appearance of a German supercar just can’t leave anyone indifferent. Big wheels, massive wheel arches, wide radiator grille – all this and much more eloquently testifies to the intention to move at higher speeds. The power unit is very powerful, but it does not consume such a huge amount of fuel, so it is necessary to thank the engineering staff of Audi separately.

Brake system, safety, various systems designed to ensure the proper level of safety – all this shows that the Germans are worried about their client, as well as other participants in the traffic. Audi R8 2016 costs even a little less than its direct competitors, which cannot but have a positive impact on the purchase of the model. I would like to be sure that the car company will continue to improve further, delighting car enthusiasts around the world.

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