Audi TT Coupe 3

Audi TT Coupe 3
  • Car model: Audi
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Coupe

In spring 2014, the Geneva Motor Show reopens its doors on a special occasion: on the fourth of March, the premiere of the next generation of “Audi TT” is scheduled. The model has received a new body of 8S brand consisting of steel and aluminum. The presentation was a surprise both for the press and for the more knowledgeable experts. The company demonstrates three variations of the coupe: Audi TT Coupe, modified version of Audi TTS Coupe (310 hp) and reactive Audi TT quattro Sport Concept (420 hp).

However, the version that Russia will receive to the world saw a little later at the MMAK exhibition in August of the same year. And it was possible to buy it already in October. In addition to the updated appearance, the model received a new gut: modernized engines, new interior design and various devices. Together with the above mentioned price for Audi TT has also increased. Nevertheless, let’s give everything in order of turn. The whole model range is Audi.


The designers had to keep the younger brother’s style alive while adding freshness and modernity to the design of the entire car. Despite the fact that the result was a wonderful one, because the design team has been tasked with this kind of task more than once. And this time they managed to achieve all the set goals as the model received the forms from which not only freshness, but also speed together with reliability blows.

The nose part of the TT and E TTS 15-16 years was reminiscent of the evil face of the animal, because trapezoidal forms were used for this purpose. Moreover, the bumper and false radiator grille became bigger, and the first one had additional air intakes.

Audi TT photo

Optics – squint eyes – is equipped with xenon, which does not prevent it if you want to change to diodes or upgraded lighting equipment Matrix LED (12 diodes and dynamic turntables, the same technique is equipped with a model A8). The hood is minimalistically decorated only with longitudinal ribs on the sides and the traditional company logo.

Despite the fact that Audi TT and TTS are referred to as compact cars on the side, these models have impressive wheel arches and large doors with high windows and neat and practical rear-view mirrors.  Bypassing the car from all sides comes the idea that the emphasis was placed on the sporty model TT, because all the lines leading from the front bumper to the rear, look very harmonious and smooth.

Side view of Audi TT

The Audi’s rear part cannot be overlooked either, as it has a large bumper with additional exhaust pipes. The large in radius and thus stylish fuel tank lid hides the throat immediately, which gives a pleasant bonus – ease of refueling. In addition, the rear optics have a dynamic appearance and, unlike the front optics, are equipped with diodes in the drain.

Stop the signal, being a kind of highlight is a thin strip on the edge of the spoiler. At purchase of such beauty there is a choice at once between eleven variants of easy alloy disks, namely: from 17 to 20 inches, from usual 17-inch with rubber 225/50 R17, and up to a diagonal in nineteen inches with footwear 245/35 R19, updating Quattro have endowed with 20-inch.

Photo of Audi TTAudi TT photoRear view of Audi TT

And so, once again bypassing the machine, we see that the team of engineers and designers has reached its goal and kept the spirit not only of this model, but the whole company in the new modification, refreshing it with a lot of new things. The dynamically falling back roof is doing its job, but this decision was followed by the deterioration of the view through the rear window.

The third generation of Audi TT is not only more extravagant, but also more than ever before. The length of the model was 4177 mm, combined with a wheelbase of 2505 mm. And in width it is now 1832 mm, and with the consideration of mirrors all 1966 mm, the height of the car reaches 1353 mm. Compared to the brothers, the smaller model became lighter in addition to the dimensions. With the basic equipment of the TT packaging, it is approximately 1215 kg, taking into account the clearance of 133 mm.


From appearance, we’ll move on to an equally important salon. Of course, there was no special revolution inside, but the novelty was added quite a bit. And so, getting into the cabin in the first place you pay attention to comfortable seats, providing any passenger with maximum comfort. When buying a new choice because you can choose and ordinary seats, and sports buckets made of different types of materials.

Audi TTS version with a full set of front seats are equipped with adjustable side sections. The steering wheel is not only more pleasant to hold in your hands, but also to drive the car in general due to the organic shape and accurate responses to the driver’s movements. In addition, it is equipped with a wide range of functions.

Audi TT interior

The truth does not please the view from the driver’s seat, for some reason it was decided to sacrifice it. But the “torpedo” has undergone significant changes. The multimedia control screen was removed, its place was taken by ventilation deflectors in the form resembling turbines with information screens. The 12-inch screen behind the wheel provides information about the car’s operation and movement, which is convenient for the driver and allows less distraction (to the same navigator).

The screen itself provides information not only in 2D, but also in 3D format. It works in two modes: the first displays a typical device, tachometer, speed and information about the engine status; the second allows you to control the multimedia and use the navigator, in this case, the tachometer and speedometer remain, but in a smaller format.

DashboardTransmissionAudi TT Salon

A third mode has been added to the TTS version. Since this is a sports version of the model, the main place on the screen is occupied by the tachometer. To control the MMI, use the electromagnetic brake button or any other function does not need to stretch, everything as they say, to be at hand.

In general, the designers approached the Audi TT salon functionality rationally. Insides do not seem untouchable because of their luxury, but on the contrary demonstrate their practicality, conciseness and convenience in operation. So I want to experience all this! It remains only to mention the back row.

Audi TT trunk

Sadly, it’s not likely to be comfortable for an adult. This part of the cabin is quite small and can only please by the fact that it allows you to expand the trunk to almost 900 liters. Normally, 305 litres of luggage is available for luggage.



The heart of the car is its engine. And the TT of the 2015 model year wasn’t robbed in this respect either. There are three four-cylinder types of engine to choose from: diesel and two gasoline.

  • The VW Golf 7 GTD takes over the TDI engine with a turbine and a volume of 2 liters as strong as 180 horses without any thought of the designer. All this allows you to reach 100 km/h in more than 7 seconds, and maximum speed up to 235 km/h. It is powered by a diesel engine. It is controlled by a six-stage mechanics and gives loading only on the front axle.
  • The sports version of the model (TTS) barely holds the TFSI engine with 230 “horses” and a volume of 2 liters 320Nm under the hood. This version of Audi TT Coupe 3 will drive at a speed of 100 km / h after 6 seconds after the start (in the version with all-wheel drive where there is a “robot” S tronic it takes only 5.3 s), the maximum value is 250 km / h. This one already runs on gasoline with a similar front drive and has a 6-speed mechanics.
  • The engine with the same volume as the previous one is equal to 310 and “horses” with 380 Nm of torque. Such beast is completed under a hood of Audi TTS Coupe, and accelerates it up to hundred for 4,7 seconds under control of or similar to the previous mechanics, or the automatic machine (here also a role is played by a four-wheel drive on a sports release).

Audi TT engine

In a conventional version of Audi TT, the maximum speed is limited not only by the mark, but also by the electronics to 250 km/h. Audi TT prepared for Russia is equipped with an engine with four cylinders located longitudinally and with a volume of 2 liters. A pleasant addition is the system of hydraulic fracturing system of DOHC type, which is equipped with 16 valves, direct fuel injection, gas distribution phase change system, inlet manifold built into the head of the unit, as well as the usual turbocharging.

Power of this engine reaches 230 hp at 4500 – 6200 rpm, and the maximum value of torque reaches 370 Nm, received at a speed of 1600-4300 per minute. Audi upgrading the next generation of TT introduced the use of a more innovative platform MQB, which in turn made it possible to lighten the weight of the car through the widespread use of aluminum and the integration of the frame Audi Space Frame, which together gave a tangible result.

Running gear

Audis continue to equip their cars with MacPherson suspension, only here it is only at the front and adjusted to the specifics of the model, and there is a four-lever scheme at the back. If desired, the suspension can also be fitted with next-generation Magnetic Ride adaptive shock absorbers that showcase outstanding performance and good response to changes in road conditions.

The Audi TTS version is already equipped with Magnetic Ride in the drain. All four-wheel disc brakes ensure good braking, and an electric power steering system adds to the steering convenience. Immediately from the conveyor belt, all TTs are equipped with a traction control system and a control stabilization system, which can be switched off completely or partially to the driver’s preference, if desired.


Just like everything else in this safety machine, it has been given a lot of attention: the windshield has become more durable; airbags in the front seats for passengers behind, in the steering wheel and in front of the front passenger; the ABS system is an essential element in the car’s safety; the interior has anchorage points for the child seat; daytime lights; and the pedal unit in a frontal collision moves forward, creating more safety space (reminiscent of the principle of the system “procon ten”).

Among other things, the car is equipped with a central locking system, and the wheel bolts are protected by special caps. Among the passive functions we would like to note: the possibility to disable the front passenger airbag activation; the set also includes: first aid kit, emergency stop sign, seatbelt control sensor.

A representative of the latest generation of Audi TT after passing a series of crash-tests earns 4 stars of safety. The model gets 81% for the safety of adult passengers, 68% for children, 82% for pedestrians, and 64% for the active safety system included in the set.

The maximum assessment could not be achieved as there are no such systems as: emergency automatic braking system, speed limit functions, etc. The car has received a weak assessment for children’s safety because of the same tight rear row, in which it is impossible to install a child seat.

Complete sets and prices

Coming down from the Audi conveyor belt, they equipped “TT” with a standard set of disks made of light alloy metal with the size of seventeen inches, and optics: front xenon, rear diodes, fog lights, ABS, EBD, BAS, ESP and ASR systems, airbags on both sides and front, adjustable front seat head restraints, thermal glazing, leather interior, electrically adjustable seats, climate control, full electric package from tire pressure sensor to multimedia system and the latest GPS version.

For the model of the latest generation of defaulted equipment, the company asks for the amount that begins with a mark of 30372.24 U.S. dollars and continues to grow depending on the “stuffing”. There is also a variation of which we did not mention earlier – Audi TT Roadster. For the version with removable roof, the manufacturer asks for 1030.91 more than for conventional models in similar configurations.

Audi TT photo auto

Speaking about the cabin equipment, let’s mention the components that have the greatest importance: climate control, adaptive cruise control, heating and electric mirrors, heated and electric front seats, LED cabin lighting, the MMI Navigator Plus system has a number of functions, such as Audio system, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, voice control, premium acoustics: 12 speakers around the perimeter of the cabin, in addition to the built-in assistant tracking blind areas, road markings and signs, a wide selection of interior design and finishing, including the choice of seats, in addition to the car is stuffed with a complex of security systems.

The pros and cons

Of course, each owner has its own advantages and disadvantages and they can be evaluated both by themselves and by watching the Audi TT 2016 Audi Drive Test video. And if you look at the car more or less objectively, you can say that it has the same number of pros and cons. The appearance of the model is an unshakable advantage. It combines a sporty character, pleasantly and harmoniously flowing body lines and a “face” reminiscent of an evil animal that plays an essential role. The accessory is also pleasing. Quantity and quality are combined with practicality and convenience. The choice of equipment specifically for the interior certainly pleases any buyer. Complementary to this is the feeling of German quality sitting at the wheel of the car, which, by the way, demonstrates excellent obedience.

But as not praise, and the presence of disadvantages should also be admitted: despite the good management, still in winter this model is not happy, and its operation can even be questioned. Noise insulation is probably not considered important because it is practically absent. The engine eats more gasoline than the manufacturer promises when buying it. The suspension is not spoiling and is quite rigid.

Summing up

The Audi TT Coupe is definitely a good option for most people, but not for everyone. Taking into account not only the price, but also the practicality of the car, for example, for parents of a small child it will not be quite convenient to use this model for domestic purposes. However, without taking into account this nuance, the coupe has something to please its owner.

At the wheel you feel comfortable sitting in a chair of any variant, access to the big spectrum of functions is simple and does not force to strain (even to stretch out a hand), and safety systems onboard help to feel not only comfortably, but also quietly. In turn, the manufacturer has made sure that the availability of various equipment models contribute to good handling and a pleasant time spent driving for any driver.

Audi TT 2015

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Audi TT Coupe 2015 photo

Test drive

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