Audi S6

Audi S6
  • Car model: Audi
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan, Wagon

Charged business class sports sedan Audi S6 was able to successfully combine a couple of things: the simplicity and comfort of the interior, and the sporty nature of the technical stuffing. It is clear that the majority of car manufacturers tried and still try to produce something similar, but the German company Audi does it better than anyone else, at least for the time being.

It is worth noting that the German manufacturer did not decide to take a wait-and-see position, and since autumn they were able to announce the appearance of the restyled version of Audi C6 in 2015. All the cars of the “S” series have always been disengaged from the standard “A” by their sporting character. This meant that the wheel arches would be enlarged, the track would be wider, the ground clearance would be lower (by 20 mm), and it was clear that a stronger engine and a new gearbox would be installed. The whole model range is Audi.


The Audi S6 was designed on the platform of the A6 sedan version, but it differs from the last increased dynamics, which can be easily read in the appearance of the car, there you can also see the sporting elements of design and, of course, the corresponding nameplate on the radiator grille.

The latest development was made according to the scheme of the A6 sedan version and was able to add more aerodynamic and sporty appearance of the C6 – the result was to bring the appearance of the sports sedan almost to perfection. Moreover, the bodywork increased the aluminum content, which made it possible to reduce the overall weight of the car.

Audi S6 photo car

The shape and dimensions of the grille are similar for A6 and S6 and they are both barred horizontally in lines. However, at the latter these lines are doubled and on the side of the grille there is a label “S6”. The air intakes, which are on the sides, are decorated with double lines, in which fog lamps were built in.

The air intakes themselves were covered with a slightly larger grid, the shape of which was represented by large cells. By the way, they are also a little bit different in their shape. The appearance of front lighting in C6 is quite similar to the model A6, but the stuffing is slightly different. The restyled version used LED optics, and in place of the basic equipment of the headlights, you can put a specialized optical system Matrix.

It should be noted that the headlamp washers are available at C6 even as standard. Speaking for the side, the wheels can be singled out as a difference here, because the new car decided to install wheel rims with a diameter of 19 inches. A little bit of rear-view mirrors, because their top in the A6 is colored by the color of the body, and the S6 has aluminum overlays at the top.

Audi S6 photo

The food is also different, but it’s not full of them. The new Audi S6 has a pronounced rear-mounted spoiler. The blocks of the rear headlights themselves are no different from the standard car. However, the novelty received a slightly different shape of the tips on the exhaust pipes – they are double, rounded, and also changed the relief of the rear bumper protection.

In general, the cars turned out to be very light, due to the fact that aluminum was used – so, its share is about 20%. The car is lighter than all its direct rivals. German sedan is able to charm literally from the first seconds.


The interior of the C6 has the same concept as the standard Audi A6, but more expensive elements were used as finishing materials, a different range of colours were used and sports seats were supplied instead of the standard seats. Even the C6 equipment is much more abundant, which undoubtedly affects the final price tag.

Audi S6 interior

The designers used a couple of new shades – flint and “inflammatory” red. There is a retractable display with 8 inches diagonal on the platform of a fast chipset (Tegra 30) with high-speed Internet connection (4G/LTE). Ventilation and massage functions installed on the front seats will be offered as an option. The modification has been updated with new features:

  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Audi Side Assist – helps to prevent undesirable changes of course;
  • Night vision system.

If we talk about the general component of the C6 salon, they are almost similar to the A6. But the quality and materials of the sports modification are much better. The instrument panel has got the same place, and the equipment installed on the central console also on its familiar places. To make it easier to see the differences, it is worth listing what S6 has to offer:

  • Sports armchairs;
  • Interior decoration and armchairs were combined (leather/alcantara);
  • Seat settings received an electric drive and an option to memorize the chair;
  • Decorative inserts made of aluminium;
  • A 3-spoke multi-twist wheel with a sporty appearance;
  • Aluminum overlay on the gearbox selector;
  • 4-Zone climate control;
  • Sports air suspension.

In addition, there is a wide range of accessories that can be ordered as a separate option, which directly increases comfort. There are also auxiliary packages for car finishing, which allow to increase the individuality of the car even more, however, for example, the S-line package for sports variations is not required.

Audi S6 Salon

Generally speaking, the C6 model can be characterized by its sporty elegance. Sports steering wheel has a color stitching, which gives a certain dynamism. Both screens are always ready to welcome the driver with their branded S6 logo. The Start/Stop button is decorated with a red ring.

The following colours are available to choose from: beige, black and lunar silver. The entertainment system has a radio module, telephone and navigation system. Under the steering wheel there are aluminium-coated steering wheel switches.


After restyling, the already existing gasoline-powered engine has been upgraded to 450 horsepower and the first hundred in 4.4 seconds. The speed limit was limited to 250 km/h. Speaking of gearbox, it was not affected by any changes, so the Audi S6 sedan is still synchronized with the 7-speed robotic gearbox S-Tronic.

The basic version of the C6 comes with a permanent four-wheel drive system Quattro with the present inter-axle differential, which itself is locked and the option to control the traction vector, which controls the rear axle wheels.

Audi S6 engine

Optionally, a rear interwheel differential with sports carts can be fitted. The machine is also equipped with an adaptive air suspension with different modes of operation. All Audi C6 wheels are equipped with disc brakes, which also have ventilation.

The parking brake is electrically driven. Ceramic disc brakes, which are sporty, can be supplied as an option. The steering wheel has an electromechanical amplifier with variable force and has a rack and pinion device.


The length of the restyled version of Audi C6 is 4,931 mm, the wheelbase is 2,916 mm, the width of the car is 1,874 mm and the height of the mark is 1,440 mm. The ground clearance of Audi S6 sedan is 130 mm. Gross weight of the sports car is 1 970 kg.


Among the safety features we can highlight such devices:

  • ABS;
  • ESP;
  • Isofix/LATCH;
  • Front, side and window (side) airbags;
  • Chauffeur fatigue sensor;
  • Central lock;
  • Standard alarm system;
  • Immobilizer;
  • The sensor of penetration in salon.

Complete sets and prices

Audi C6 sports car has quite a rich tooling: It is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels, wheel pressure sensor, cruise control, six safety cushions, 7-inch color screen on-board computer, directional stability system, energy recovery through braking, front and rear parking brake, Adjustable side mirrors, thermal insulating glazing, auto-adjustable bi-xenon optics, headlight washer, rain and light sensors, LED rear lights, four zone climate control, six-channel amplifier and subwoofer loudspeaker system. Before the improvement of the model C6, the cost of the car started from $56278. The new model of the German sports sedan Audi S6 sedan will cost from $73241.

Audi S6 rear view

Interestingly, noise reduction was also improved. As a separate option you can buy brakes made of carbon and ceramics, front light-amplifying equipment made exclusively with the use of LED systems, cameras for all-around visibility, panoramic roof, sliding hatch, adaptive cruise control system, seats with massage option, multimedia system with Internet access, Bang & Olufsen audio system, which is designed for 15 speakers, and more. S6 Avant is estimated at $74,509. However, there are many additional systems that increase the cost of the car by approximately $ 12682.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Beautiful looks;
  • Good aerodynamism;
  • Not much changed, but improved interior;
  • The quality of the interior materials and assembly;
  • Taken and improved power unit;
  • Good dynamic indicators;
  • Not bad level of safety;
  • Extended equipment list;
  • Manageability.

Cons of a car

  • The cost of a new car;
  • The price of operation and repair of the machine;
  • The motor is still inferior to the RS model in power;
  • Not a very economical power unit;
  • Small road clearance, given the quality of our roads.

Summing up

Summing up, I would like to say that even without an update, the sports version of the German sedan Audi S6 looked great, and after restyling there were only advantages (not taking into account the only big disadvantage – the price, given the downloading dollar rate). And so, everything else – appearance, interior, quality of interior and all elements and details at the highest level, which is inherent in the automobile company Audi.

It is not difficult to notice that the company is not in place and strives to keep up with the technology, without sacrificing the quality of performance. In general, the restyled version of Audi S6 turned out to be very successful and timely. It will please any, even the most scrupulous motorist.

Audi S6 2015

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