Subaru introduced a 348 horsepower serial sedan for South Africa

Subaru introduced a 348 horsepower serial sedan for South Africa

Crushing power, engine roar, phenomenal speed… They have always been and remain the hallmark of Subaru cars. This is why every new car of the Japanese brand attracts attention almost instantly. Moreover, even before the serial launch, it grows into rumours and myths.

This was also the case with the new 2018 Subaru WRX STI sedan. In this article we will take a closer look at the new Subaru WRX STI: how it looks, what it looks like, what technical characteristics it has. The whole Subaru range.

Sedan for South Africa

First, the first impression of a serial African sedan. Why African? Because the model will come out in small runs exclusively for South Africa.

What changes have the masters made? First of all, they increased the track by two centimeters, using spacers on four wheels. The front suspension is lowered by 1 cm. A yellow dodger dodger appeared in a circle. By the way, the brake calipers are the same. Disks are supplemented with 245/35 R19 tires.

Photo Subaru WRX STIAuto Subaru WRX STISubaru WRX STI side view

Subaru WRX STI

You can find a small STI badge on each of the bodywork elements. It is made of steel. The rear fog lights are a feature of all the sedans planned for 2019. There are still a few details about the car’s internal filling. It is known that Diamond Edition is equipped with a premium audio system Harman.

It is quite powerful, has 7 speakers. The front panel is decorated with a nice plate. It shows the serial number of the machine. Declared support for CarPlay from Apple and Android Auto. What can I say, the appearance of the WRX STI Subaru is still very good. By the way, the exit of the sports sedan is timed to the anniversary of the department.

Technical features of the “African” Subaru

Southern Africa, working in South America, introduced the new Diamond Edition. It differs from the standard version in the fact that the engine output was increased to 354 horsepower and torque was 464 Nm. In the United States, the engine produces completely different figures: 314 “horses” and 393 Nm. The Diamond Edition is equipped with a 2.5 “blowing four”, which is paired with a manual gearbox (six-speed).

SSA took their own measurements, which showed very good speed results. The set of hundreds of kilometers per hour was reduced to 5.03 seconds. For comparison, it was 0.7 seconds higher before. The “warm-up” from 0 to 160 kilometres per hour is also more successful, by a whole second faster (13.7 s). The speed has not changed – 255 km/hour.

The South African craftsmen managed to get their hands on it 15 years ago when they were working on the Stimulating STI. It was designed for the Impreza WRX. The engine swayed up to 265 horses and 343 Nm.

As for the 2018 special series, work on it started in December 2016. For a long 18 months, the craftsmen worked on the machine to bring it to mind. In order to achieve a tangible increase in capacity, they decided to re-quote the control unit and install a radically new production system. Little changes were made to the steering wheel, chassis. But the result is worth it and fully met all expectations!

What’s the value?

799,000 African rands – that’s how much you have to pay for the Diamond Edition. The WRX STI Subaru model costs R770,000. In terms of Russian rubles it is 3.7 and 3.5 million rubles, respectively. The model will replace the generation created on the basis of “good old” Subar Viziv.

Photo of the Subaru WRX STI


Japanese carmaker once again was able to surprise not only his fans, but also ordinary motorists, even critics. Sports sedan has a lot of features that make it unique. It is a pity that the car will be limited to 30 copies and, most likely, will be available only to wealthy buyers from South Africa.

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