Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback
  • Car model: Subaru
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 1994
  • Body Type: Wagon

Subaru Outback is a four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle manufactured by the Japanese automobile company Subaru since 1995. Only 5 generations of this car were produced. The latest restyled version of the “Japanese” was shown to the public in April 2017 during the annual New York City Motor Show. The whole model range is Subaru.

Car history

This vehicle was designed on the platform of Subaru Legacy chassis. From the very beginning, the conceptual version of the vehicle was designed by Subaru specialists to correct the sad situation with a decrease in sales and shortage of vehicles in the growing in the mid-1990s car market of the United States.

Due to lack of finances for the production of the new machine, the development department had to take as a basis for this conceptual version of the already produced at that time Subaru Legacy Wagon and improve its bodywork and suspension. The new conceptual model was named Subaru Outback, which was able to replace the cumbersome, designed on the “trolley” of trucks crossovers, while not losing heavily to them in terms of cross-country ability.

Subaru Legacy Outback

Very soon after the start of sales, the volumes of machines were able to exceed all expectations. Subaru Outback was first produced in Japan under the name of Legacy Grand Wagon, and after 1997 it was renamed into Subaru Legacy Lancaster. And in 2004, in addition to Japan, they started producing a separate line called Outback all over the world.

I generation (1994-1999)

The first time a novelty of Japanese origin was officially introduced to the North American market during the New York Motor Show in 1994. Japanese motorists could already see this car on the shelves at the end of summer 1995. The first version of Outback differed slightly from its own “donor” – “feathering” made of plastic on the body and increased clearance.

On the conveyor assembly of this vehicle lasted until 1999, followed by the second generation. The first performance of Subaru Legacy Outback is attributed to the segment D. In the debut version, this modification was not only related to the universal, but was also a “sedan-Autbeck”. Early specimens had a ground clearance height of 185 millimeters, but later it was raised to 200 millimeters.

Front view Subaru Legacy Outback

The front part had narrow headlights and a small eight-cell radiator grille between them. In the front bumper on the sides were installed massive fog lamps of round type. The hood received modest stampings. The side part did not differ much from the simple universal headlights. On the roof you can see functional rails for the transportation of various luggage.

In terms of technical stuffing for Subaru Outback of I generation there were four-cylinder “atmospheres” working on gasoline and received a horizontal-opposed arrangement of “pots”. The junior power plant was a 2.0-liter version, which generated 135 “horses” and 190 Nm.

It was followed by a more powerful engine, which received a working volume of 2.5 liters. This allowed it to develop 165 horsepower and 226 Nm. The role of synchronizer was played by manual gearboxes designed for 5 speeds or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Side View Subaru Legacy Outback

Born in 1994, “debut Outback”, became the ancestor of a new subdivision of cars – the universal of cross-country ability.

In addition, for Subaru Outback of the 1st generation there was a permanent all-wheel drive, where there was a viscoft and a demultiplier. Automatic transmission had a multi-disc clutch with electronic control. As a basis for the first generation Outback decided to use the above mentioned “trolley” from Legacy 2.
Back view Subaru Legacy Outback

As for the machine’s suspension, it is completely independent: springs are mounted at the front on double, transversely placed levers, and at the rear – “multilever”. All wheels are equipped with brake “pancakes”, and the steering unit has a hydraulic booster. As of 2017, the first Subaru Outback family can be bought on the second-hand market in the range of 200-300 thousand rubles

II generation (2000-2003)

Starting from the first month of autumn 1998, together with the release of the 3rd family Legacy began to produce another performance of Outback II. Now the 2nd generation of Subaru Outback was produced as a separate model in the Subaru range. In the North American market began to produce a special version in the body of the sedan Outback Limited package, which was based on the version of the previous family Legacy SUS.

In the automobile market of Japan, England, Canada and Australia, the cars of this family were sold since 1998 under the name Lancaster. The car, as before, was referred to the European niche D. It is impossible to say that the appearance of Subaru Outback of the 2nd generation has changed dramatically. The headlights have grown a little in the front part. The side part already had a turn signal repeater.

Subaru Outback

Inside the Subaru Outback II generation was a pleasure. The car is characterized by good quality of assembly, sound materials, as well as convenient and pleasant controls. In front of the driver is a four-spoke steering wheel, which can be adjusted.

Behind it, the dashboard has clear and massive 2 dials, the left of which is responsible for the speed readings, and the second for the number of revolutions of the power unit. On the sides of the “device” of the Japanese all-terrain vehicle there are fuel level sensors in the tank (on the left) and engine temperature mode sensors (on the right).

On the left and right sides there are deflectors of different shapes, as well as an alarm button. Below is an air conditioning unit with a round regulator and a small screen. Underneath it is a music system with an abundance of buttons and a small screen. The central console is completed by a cigarette lighter, a trimming compartment and a gear lever.

Salon Subaru Outback 2

As for the power range of “Autbeck” of 2 generations, it has a couple of atmospheric engines running on gasoline. In the role of “junior” Japanese specialists decided to use a four-cylinder opposed 2.5-liter power plant, which produced 156 “horses” and 223 Nm.

The older model, the 3.0-liter six-cylinder version with horizontal-opposed cylinders, was also envisaged, producing 209 horsepower and 285 Nm. Transmission received 2 variants: five-speed manual and automatic four-range gearbox.

Subaru Outback Engine 2
Subaru Outback Engine 2nd Generation

If the machine comes with a mechanical box, it has a permanent four-wheel drive system and a dampener. If there is an automatic transmission, an electronically controlled multi-disc clutch is provided.

Subaru Outback 2 is designed on the “trolley” of Legacy 3-rd family, where there is an independent chassis on all wheels. The standard McPherson racks are in front of the truck, and the rear wheels have a multilever system.

The machine is controlled by a power steering system, as well as an efficient braking system, which received disc brakes on all wheels and an electronic system ABS. Buying a similar car in Russia from the hands of $3920,00.

III generation (2003-2009)

When the year 2003 came, Japanese representatives were able to officially demonstrate the 3rd family of “off-road” vehicles – Outback III – to the general mass. The trucks were presented at the Tokyo and Frankfurt exhibitions. After 2007, the vehicle underwent a planned modernization, which affected its appearance.

In addition, there was a presence of new equipment, and the power unit was reinforced. The machine has been kept in such a serial version until 2009, after which it was replaced by a new, fourth generation. The exterior of the car Subaru Outback 3 became smoother. The headlights also changed their appearance, and the “fog lamps” were still located on the edges of the front bumper and were quite massive.

Subaru Outback 2003

The ground clearance height has increased to 213-220 millimeters (it all depends on the integrated powertrain). In general, the machine has become lighter compared to the previous generation. Body stiffness has increased due to the use of the latest reinforced frames. The shape of the front headlights, grille and front bumper was changed.

Subaru Outback 3 bodywork has improved its flowability. Since 2007, the car was upgraded, so experts from Japan have changed the optics, grille, bumper and luggage compartment door. The aft lighting has a chrome line and a transparent diffuser.

Three times this vehicle was chosen as the triumphant of the “Car of the Year in Russia” award in the category “Offroad Universal” – in 2005, 2007 and 2011.

It’s more pleasant to be inside. A three-spoke “wheel” is installed in front of the driver, which hides a convenient dashboard with the same location as the previous generation. Subaru Outback III on the central console received a convenient color display, which can display all the necessary information, including the navigation system.

The screen is “protected” by oblong deflectors of the ventilation system on the sides. Further, a little bit lower, you can see a modest controls “music” with a CD-changer and a small screen, as well as a small and round button “emergency”. The central console is completed by a climate control system with regulators and a modest screen.

Subaru Outback 3
There’s plenty of room in Subaru Outback III generation for both the first and second row. The seats installed in the front have good side support and electronic adjustments. The rear sofa was made so that it is ideal for two passengers, but almost ideal for a third person. But a transmission floor tunnel installed in the middle will spoil the good impression. The Subaru Outback 2003 rear sofa has received 3 head restraints, which greatly simplifies long journeys and promotes comfort.

In terms of technical stuffing, the Subaru Outback of the 3rd generation had two horizontally-opposed atmospheric power units, which function on gasoline. For the basic version decided to install a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder version, which developed 173 “horses” and 227 Nm. There was also a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine, producing 245 horsepower and 297 Nm.

The engines were equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 4- or 5-speed automatic gearbox. The all-wheel drive system was not forgotten. For all versions, Japanese workers used permanent drive on all wheels with symmetrical type traction distribution. Cars with an “automatic” box have a multi-disc clutch with electronic control.

Like version 2, the novelty was based on the Legacy platform. The front end has an independent suspension with McPherson racks, and the rear end has a multilever system. The steering wheel has a hydraulic booster, and the braking system received disc brakes “in a circle” (front – ventilated). In 2017, you can buy the third generation of Subaru Outback from $10976,00.

IV generation (2009-2014)

The next family of practical and passable cars decided to present officially in 2009 during the New York Automobile Show. During its existence, the model was constantly updated, and in 2015 it was replaced by the fifth generation. Already in the autumn of 2013, the “Japanese” began to recall several tens of thousands of passable Outback cars because of possible difficulties with the braking system.

After 2012, the Subaru Outback IV generation car has undergone a comprehensive modernization, which affected the exterior, and by 2014 it was once again “updated” – this time it was not a significant change in appearance. Subaru Outback 2014 had new thresholds (overlays), which received a special shape, other rails, other design of halogen headlights and new “rollers” made of light alloy.

Auto Subaru Outback 2009

The car remained the same as it was in the past – it was able to keep its own traditional restrained appearance. The front lighting is more stylish and elegant. If you look at the exterior of Subaru Outback 2014 and the cars of previous generations, the increase in many aspects is clearly visible and brightly. Now, the off-highway wagon looks more massive, sporty and attractive.

External side mirrors received repeaters of turn signals. The rear part has a large back door with a large glass, stop light repeater and “janitor”. Among the advantages is the solid height of the ground clearance, which allows the “Japanese” to move more bad road without much difficulty.

Subaru Outback 2012
The interior hasn’t received any serious changes, however, it has become much better and more pleasant. The steering wheel has 3 spokes and received several keys to control different vehicle systems. Behind it there is a convenient, bright and clear dashboard with a color screen in the middle between the round sensors of tachometer and speedometer.

The central console now has an enlarged multimedia system display, over which a modest information-type display is conveniently located. Under the multimedia system screen, a music system with keys and torsionals can be seen. The interior of the Subaru Outback 4 generation is decorated with a low gearshift lever placed on the transmission tunnel.

Subaru Outback IV Interior

Drivers will be pleased with the presence of a comfortable armrest, under which there is a small and practical compartment. In general, the whole car is famous for its well-thought-out ergonomics, pleasant finishing materials, plenty of niches and pockets for trifling, comfortable seats and wide functionality. There is enough free space on the first and second row of seats. The spacious luggage compartment (up to 1 726 liters) will not be left without attention.

For our country the Japanese company Subaru has provided two variants of the engines functioning on gasoline. In a role of the regular engine have decided to use gasoline horizontally-opposed, four-cylinder, 2.5-liter power unit 2.5i-X. This “engine” received a 16-valve mechanism of gas distribution device such as SOHC, as well as a multipoint sequential gasoline injection system.

Subaru Outback IV engine

It turns out that the engine produces no more than 167 horsepower and 229 Nm. If to speak for a dynamic component, the first hundred is reached by the car for 10.4 seconds that is good enough indicator as for a considerable universal of the raised cross-country ability. In a role of the synchronizer the stepless variator Lineartronic acts. Such installation consumes in the combined cycle of about 9.1 liters.

In addition, there is a flagship version of the same horizontal-opposed design 3.6R, but with six cylinders, which has a 24-valve gas distribution mechanism such as DOHC, as well as active valve control system AVCS. The working volume is 3.6 litres.

With the help of AVCS technology, the powertrain can produce 249 “horses” and 350 Nm. Paired with such a “hot” engine is only a 5-speed automatic box E-5AT Sportshift, which allows you to accelerate to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 7.5 seconds. It is clear that the similar engine will “eat” much more, therefore in the combined cycle this figure hardly will fall below a mark of 10.6 l. Subaru Outback of 4 generations received all-wheel drive system Symmetrical AWD in all configurations.

The good thing is that the Japanese wagon has a low center of gravity, which significantly improves stability on the road, control and maneuverability in all weather conditions. Speaking for the suspension, it is worth saying that it is fully independent: there are McPherson racks in front, and the rear part has a design and double transverse levers.

It is important to note that for the Subaru Outback 4 generation with 2.5-liter powertrain, the Japanese experts have made an update by 2014, which has significantly improved the level of controllability and improve the smoothness of the drive.

All wheels in the role of Subaru Outback 2014 braking system are equipped with disk mechanisms (front devices are ventilated). Modifications with the top engine were also made to the rear discs with ventilation function. This time it is easy to operate the machine with the help of electric power steering.

It is also nice that the model is quite good in terms of safety, as Japanese specialists have always tried to pay attention to this point. There is an energy-absorbing ring-shaped frame, which covers the entire body, which can be attributed to the bottom and roof.

Such a framework has special zones of programmable deformation in the nose area of the universal. In addition, there is an outboard engine frame, which takes away the power unit and gearbox under the bottom of the vehicle during the collision.

As of 2017, the used fourth Subaru Outback family can be purchased in the range from $14112,00 to $23520,00. The standard equipment already includes 17-inch cast “rollers”, six airbags, stabilisation technology, a complete electrical package, seat heating for the front and wiper blade rest area, dual-zone climate control, and a colour display multimedia system with USB, AUX, iPod and steering wheel control.

V generation (2015-present)

Already in 2014, the whole world saw the new fifth generation of Subaru Outback 2018 during the International Spring Motor Show in New York, and the presentation in Europe was also held in spring, but already in 2015 during the Geneva exhibition. In this version, the development department tried to focus on the exterior of the novelty and it is worth saying that they were not lost.

The style of the new car now has more masculine features. The whole exterior seems to be soaked in solidity. Changes have concerned placing of passenger seats that has essentially increased level of comfort during trips. If we compare the new generation with the previous version, the car, despite the new elements, was able to preserve the recognizable contours and outlines.


Designer’s body part of the last family Subaru Outback 2015 is remembered by pleasant outlines, thanks to which the actual appearance of the car is built. The nose part of the all-terrain vehicle has fresh lighting: there are long-range headlamp lenses and a line of DXO with LED filling.

In addition, Subaru Outbeck 5 received a picturesque trapeze of a false radiator grille, with stylish bars, a smooth hood made of aluminum, a massive front bumper, which easily has a grille. In addition, there is a bottom air intake, which is distinguished by a protective bar, as well as large radii of fog lights and abundant protection of plastic.

Subaru Outback V

The side part of the universal body of the novelty has a simple and laconic line, elegant splashes that expand the arches of the wheels, geometrically verified for easy entry and exit into the interior of the door, stylish curves of the window sill and the roof, as well as mirrors installed on the legs in a sporty spirit. Speaking outside the windscreen frame, it has a stronger inclination to the back side due to the lower point of attachment of the front roof props moved a little more than 5 centimeters forward.

In addition, the side part received huge black rails on the roof, a continuing black dodger around the perimeter of the car made of plastic, solid ground clearance and quite massive dimensions. The rear part of Subaru Outback 5 of the family did not get an abundance of unique solutions – everything is simple, but functional.
Auto Subaru Outback V

There is a large rectangular trunk door with a convex glass and spoiler, as well as a strict bumper, shy lamps, dimensional lighting, which are divided into two parts – one smaller size is placed on the door and the other on the rear posts. Due to the fact that the car has received a fresh exterior, which has become more aggressive, the company-manufacturer seeks to gain the attention and respect of young customers.


Very big changes were made in the Subaru Outback salon of the 5th generation, which was changed for the better. The front seats are completely leather and have a small side support. Japanese experts have equipped the interior of the Subaru Outback 5 with electric adjustment function with memory and heating option. The driver’s seat has a sports three-spoke steering wheel with leather trim and company nameplate.

The airbag cover was made of plastic, and on the sides you can see an abundance of keys, which are most needed for a multimedia system. A rather aggressive appearance is given to the “device”, which has analogue sensors with light green backlight, which are deeply sunk into the wells.

Salon Subaru Outback V

There is a modest but informative “on-board computer” between them in the center, which gives the necessary and useful information about the condition of your vehicle. The Subaru Outback V centre console has also changed. It has a classic distribution, but the appearance itself is a little different from other car manufacturers. The upper part received a modest deflectors ventilation system, between which the designers placed an alarm button.

Underneath them there is a 7-inch screen multimedia installation, as well as a navigation system, which also has a few touch-key and a couple of washers. All this looks nice enough. Below is a block of separate “climate”, which is a screen, a pair of washers and a few silver-type keys.

The very last parts were taken away by massive boxing. The tunnel turned out to be quite wide, and its very beginning got a huge selector gearbox, the base of which has a chrome trim. Further it is possible to notice a massive key of “handbrake” of electronic type. Then the large type cup holders were placed, and behind them the armrest itself.

In front of the front passenger there is a wooden and chrome insert, which hides a considerable glove compartment. The doors are stylish and also made of wood and chrome inserts. The armrests on the doors are made of leather. The sofa installed at the back accommodates three adult passengers who can fit easily, but the average person will be slightly uncomfortable with the pillow and transmission tunnel raised.

Subaru Outback V

There is plenty of space at the back, and a nice bonus will be the availability of child seat bindings. The luggage compartment has a solid reserve of space – 527 liters. But if necessary, it can be increased by folding the rear seats, which will provide 1,800 liters of useful space.

The hold of the wagon has an almost full-fledged spare 17-inch wheel with a yellow rim. There were a lot of complaints about the interior decoration of the previous family, which related to the equipment, quality of materials, level of comfort and space. However, the new version of Outback 2016 is a completely different story. The car has become more spacious, and its interior looks stylish and modern.



Under the hood, Japanese experts have decided to install two opposing types of engines, which operate on gasoline. It is a four-cylinder, 2.5-liter, atmospheric, 175 hp engine (236 Nm). It received a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism with AVCS phase change technology. To reach the first hundred, the all-terrain wagon will take 10.2 seconds, and the maximum speed will not exceed 198 kilometers per hour. In a combined cycle, a similar engine will require about 7.7 liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers.

Subaru Outback V engine

There is also a more powerful six-cylinder, 3.6-liter variant, capable of developing 256 horsepower and 335 Nm. It has already received a 24-valve gas distribution mechanism such as DOHC, where there is a chain drive.

It is more logical that such a car is faster, so its maximum speed is at the level of 235 kilometers per hour, and it is possible to accelerate to the speed mark of 100 km/h only in 7.6 seconds. Based on the passport, the car “eats” no more than 9.9 liters per 100 kilometers in mixed mode. In the city, this figure rises to 14.2 liters of gasoline.


The all-wheel drive transmission and the Lindeartronic Variable Chain VariableThrough is the link, which can be adjusted to a “stepwise” mode and simulate the functioning of a standard six-band automatic transmission when driving dynamically. Subaru Outback’s fifth generation from the factory has a “family” all-wheel drive system “SI-Drive”, which divides the torsional forces between the front and rear axles in the proportion of 60/40.

But it is important to note that this ratio can be 50/50 under certain driving conditions. This is due to the MP-T multi-disc clutch, which selects the torque to the rear axle, which can either open or lock fully if required.


Subaru Outback 5 decided to use the platform from Subaru Legacy 6th family as a basis, where there are spring suspensions on all axles. McPherson’s racks are in front of the platform, and double transverse levers are in the back. In addition, there are stabilizers for lateral stability. With the use of high strength steel and aluminum in the body structure, the body stiffness has increased by 67 percent compared to the previous version of the model.

The machine is easy to operate thanks to the integrated electric power steering. All wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes. The braking system is paired with 4-channel ABS and EBD, emergency braking assistance technology and BOS8 braking priority system.

Price and equipment

The latest generation of Japanese car received only 4 versions with excellent equipment. The car is not so cheap. The minimum price starts at $38400,32. This version has a 2.5-liter engine, leather interior trim, electric seat adjustment with memory function, front and rear seat heating function, ABS and ESP electrical services, seven airbags, mountain start assistance system, separate climate control, rear camera, cruise control, light sensor, fog optics and multimedia system with voice control option.

Subaru Outback V
The most top version is the ZN version, the price list for which is equal to $51744,00. The cost can scare away, but the buyer already has a 3.6-liter “engine”, a system of control of blind areas, lane control function, panoramic hatch, navigation system, electric drive of the luggage compartment cover, access without a key, rain sensor and tinting.

Restilling Subaru Outback V generation (2017-present)

Restyled version of the “reinforced” wagon Subaru Outback 5 generation was demonstrated at the annual motor show in New York City on April 12, 2017. The novelty was slightly modified and the technical direction was modernized.

The appearance of the updated V generation

The front part of the “Japanese” now has a more aggressive bumper with a different grille, as well as other exterior mirror bodies, the shape of which helps to minimize wind noise. In order to improve noise insulation, Japanese specialists decided to install new front windows and thicker rear tires.

On the outside, the new Subaru Outback 2018 has not changed much, but has become more modern. Its exterior, as it is easy to guess, slightly copies the appearance of the co-platform sedan Legacy, which debuted a little earlier – in February 2017. The car has more modern headlights, complemented by LED DXO.

Subaru Outback 2018

Optionally, it will be possible to install LED headlights that change the direction of the luminous flux, depending on the position of the steering wheel. The changes also affect the pattern of “rollers” made of light alloy, which diagonally equals to 17-18 inches, depending on the equipment of the machine. In all the same, the novelty was able to preserve its features, which many people liked on the prerestyling version.

The stern part has a stepped design. Solid rear door glass is perfectly complemented by solid headlights. Completes all this majestic image of a large protruding bumper. To open the rear door there is no need to dirty your hands – you just need to go to the back with the keys and the door itself will open obediently.

The new Subaru Outback 2018 shows a masculine silhouette with the right proportions and solid dimensions of the new body. The lower part of the body has plastic lining all around the perimeter, which protects the paintwork from defects, and the roof railing gives additional opportunities for luggage transportation.

Updated V Generation Showroom

The interior dimensions of the renovated Subaru Outback have grown noticeably, which allowed to make the interior decoration more comfortable. Any row of seats has plenty of free space in the legs and above the head. Thanks to the excellent conditions for landing and disembarkation, an increased door opening angle is created.

When finishing decided to use the leather, which is on the steering wheel, torpedo and console. The driver’s seat has received system of electric adjustment. To increase the level of comfort, there is a reliable armrest with a compartment for trifling, a cup holder and a 10-liter glove compartment.

Interior of restyled Subaru Outback V
The dashboard is decorated with a screen with an excellent interface. The front seats are cool, which provides a secure hold of the body thanks to the good side support. Interestingly, the backrest of the rear sofa can be adjusted to the angle of inclination. It was decided to upgrade the steering wheel. The display of the head unit was enlarged and the climate control unit was updated.

All seats have electric heating system, ventilation functions, which allows not to worry during long trips. It is nice that the new Subaru Outback 5 generation 2018 received a new version of interior color – Titanium Gray.

Two USB connectors were installed for rear passengers, among other things. The car is well “grown”, so the luggage compartment has increased to almost 530 liters. With the rear seats folded, this figure has already increased to 2,000 litres of usable space.

Specifications updated V generation

As for the range of power units, they remained the same. The new machine has all-wheel drive and works with the same gearbox, which has “virtual” 7 speeds. In addition, Japanese workers were able to replace the chain at the variable speed gearbox, which had a positive impact on the performance of the engine. To improve fuel economy, the grille was equipped with new active curtains.

Dynamic and economical off-road driving is achieved by means of X-Mode. The all-rounder is equipped with an upgraded suspension with the latest shock absorbers, reconfigured electric power steering and an optimized braking system, which significantly improves the response to pedal pressure. The other parameters of the new Subaru Outback 2018 remained unchanged.

Engine of the new Subaru Outback


The Japanese company has always been active in ensuring the proper level of security, so the security of Subaru Outback 5 does not raise any questions. The active safety is the dynamic stabilization system, which is able to monitor and constantly analyze whether the car is moving in the direction specified by the driver with the help of sensors.

If there is a loss of stability or the car deviates from a given course, the technology will change the distribution of torque, will control their value, as well as the brakes on each wheel to restore the trajectory. In addition, there is an active torque distribution system.

It is necessary for the vehicle to be more stable during cornering. This is exactly what Active Torque Vectoring technology does. By braking the inner wheel (during a turn) and increasing the torque on the outer wheel when cornering, the Subaru Outback V will be more stable on the course.

The company’s specialists were also able to design the bodywork to improve visibility and reduce blind spots. Employees decided to install front corner windows, and external mirrors were moved to the doors, which had a positive effect on the front visibility. There is also an EyeSigh driver assistance package that uses a stereo camera to produce a three-dimensional color image of the roadway and objects on it.

This system is often compared to a vigilant passenger sitting next to you, who warns of any hazards not noticed by you. Completes the list of active safety features of the object detection system behind the vehicle. This technology uses sensors that are placed in the rear bumper of the car, and also knows how to alert the owner to objects in the “blind spot” and warn about the possible threat of collision during reverse travel.

Next comes the list of passive security Subaru Outlook 2018. The Japanese have not forgotten to install a new system ERA-GLONASS, which is located in the ceiling console of the car and has a SOS button that allows you to call emergency services. If an accident occurs, this technology will automatically make the call itself.
Subaru Outback 5 has a ring structure that connects the roof and floor with the side posts, creating a kind of “cage” covering the entire interior of the unit. With this design, it is more cost-effective to absorb shocks from either side, while providing reliable protection inside. It also makes the chassis lighter and more durable at the same time, which is good for safety. The airbags, which are already standard today, are indispensable.

Japanese has SRS front, front and SRS side airbags and SRS air curtains, as well as SRS knee airbag, which provides a high degree of protection on impact.

Adjustable head restraints are also available to reduce injuries, as well as seat belts with pretensioners and a locking function that reduce the ultimate load on the chest. Any Subaru machine is distinguished by its high level of protection. With its low height and flat design (the machines come with a horizontal-opositional “engine”), the motor moves freely under the underside of the wagon during a frontal collision. This prevents the engine from entering the vehicle.

Price and equipment of the updated V generation

Subaru Outlook 5’s restyling novelty reached Russian buyers only by spring 2018. There are 4 options to choose from: Standard, Elegance, Premium and Premium ES. Standard and additional equipment includes: Eye Sight system, which fully controls the road situation and is able to apply emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane control system, rear camera, control of blind spots in the side external mirrors, multimedia system with a screen designed for 6.5 or 8 inches, which has navigation, interacts with Apple and Android gadgets, as well as voice control and automatic high beam control system. Versions can cost from $39200,00 to $51744,00.

Subaru Outback 5

Tuning Subaru Outback

Any owner wants to allocate his car, so the car owners of Subaru Outback generation is no exception. If someone wants to improve their appearance, you can install window deflectors, protective chrome plates on the sills and on the rear bumper, side sills, bumper plates. In addition, you can make an airbrush with a beautiful pattern, which will leave almost no one indifferent.

Inside some Outback owners also buy leg mats and luggage compartment, seat covers, install video recorders and so on. If there is a lack of power and there is a large consumption of fuel, you can make a chip tuning engine, which will significantly correct this situation. It is important to recognize that the latest generation of restyling Subaru Outback looks so great both inside and outside, so it is unlikely that anyone will dare to make more fundamental changes.

Owner’s Reviews

Based on the feedback from Subaru Outback owners, it can be concluded that many drivers like the car because they are satisfied with it. It is called a moderate passerby. The advantages of the model include a decent height of ground clearance, nice appearance (especially the latest models), an acceptable volume of luggage compartment, which can be increased by folding the rear seats – a flat floor is formed.
Also the car has reliable qualities, high level of safety, good cross-country ability, constant all-wheel drive, good ergonomics, high payload and stability on the road. Among the drawbacks: still high cost, large overhangs, good “appetite”, quite costly maintenance.

Comparison with competitors

The Japanese model doesn’t have many competitors in such a niche. If you take the price list up to $47040,00, you can include Audi A6 allroad Quattro C7 (universal), Volvo V90 Cross Country (universal), Volkswagen Passat Alltrack B8, as well as Volvo V60 Cross Country.

All cars come in different price categories, but have much in common. Still, not everyone can boast of a solid road clearance, so many people prefer the Japanese car.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Nice and stylish appearance;
  • Serious and modern front optics;
  • Good ground clearance height;
  • The presence of rails on the roof;
  • Permanent all-wheel drive;
  • Ergonomic interior;
  • Good quality interior decoration;
  • There are large and color displays;
  • Comfortable seats with plenty of options;
  • High level of security;
  • Reliability;
  • Even the weakest powertrain allows such a machine to feel confident on the road;
  • There are various electronic assistants;
  • Rich complete sets;
  • A lot of free space on all rows of seats;
  • Volume luggage compartment, which can be increased if necessary;
  • Good stability;
  • Soft and smooth suspension.

Cons of a car

  • High value;
  • Not the cheapest service
  • More gasoline “eats”
  • Back there’s a floor transmission tunnel.

We sum up

After getting acquainted with the Japanese all-terrain Subaru Outback, there are only pleasant memories. The company has gradually improved its cars from generation to generation, adding the latest trends in fashion, technology and so on, but was able to save what many people love this brand. The car of the last generation is not so cheap, but assembled qualitatively, practically and pleasantly.

It has a pleasant appearance, improved front lighting, high ground clearance, permanent four-wheel drive system, various electronic assistants and technologies that help the driver. Subaru Outback 2018 has a very pleasant salon with quality finishing and materials. There are comfortable seats with side support and an abundance of electronic adjustments.

Subaru Outback

There’s plenty of space on both the front and second row of seats. Beautiful dashboard and central console with a large color screen multimedia system pleased. The rear can comfortably accommodate 3 adult passengers, but the center will be slightly disturbed by the transmission tunnel. The luggage compartment is large and can be enlarged, which is very good. Power units are not the most powerful, but they do their job perfectly. A practical gearbox helps them to do this.

The high level of safety is good, as the machine can be positioned just like a family car. In general, Subaru Outback 2018 turned out to be an excellent car, which is able to compete with many companies, as well as fight for the location of more people.

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Subaru Outback 2018 photos

Test drive


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