Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger
  • Car model: Kia
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Body Type: Liftback

Kia Stinger is a rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive Korean car in the body of a fastback, Grand Tourismo class. It is the most powerful and fastest car in the history of the company. The conceptual version of the Kia GT Concept, which was first demonstrated at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, was used as the basis. The official premiere of the novelty was held during the North American automobile show NAIAS 2017. The model was launched in serial production at the end of 2017. The whole model range is Kia.

Car history

Kia’s design department has been going to its debut machine of this class for a long time. At this point, Koreans are not so easy to understand. According to some journalists, they have been ready to assemble this machine for a long time. They were ready, but they did not produce it.

From the very beginning, based on the opinion of the company’s management, they did not have all the resources from a technological point of view. They also mentioned the ideological and image side… But in the end, the model was still collected, but it was too late. But it wouldn’t be possible to say otherwise, because from the moment of official presentation of the Kia GT Concept at the Frankfurt Automobile Show to the release of the serial version of Kia Stinger it took almost 7 years.

Photo of Kia GT Concept

This figure is surprising, especially if we take into account the current speed of production of the company’s new cars. However, this sports car is a separate case. And the car itself is unusual. Stinger can not be called a mass small car, which can be “modernized” and improved during production.

Vehicles of division “Gran turismo” represent elite of the automobile world. Therefore, they are asked in a special way. If the company will allow itself to be miscalculated and send to the world market the underdeveloped car in this class, it will be equal to a death sentence. Just for this reason, the hero of our review was collected not in haste, but with feeling, sense and arrangement.

To create such a wonderful car we decided to invite the best of the best. The exterior of the car was entrusted to the chief designer of the company Kia Peter Schreyer and chief designer of Kia Motors Europe Gregory Guillaume. Such people do not need to be introduced. Albert Birmann, head of testing and development for Kia Motors’ high-performance machines, was responsible for the design and configuration of the technical plan.

Photo of Kia Stinger

It would not be superfluous to remind that this person worked in the BMW company before (for more than 30 years). The most interesting thing is that his place of work is the development of the most powerful and fastest machines with the letter “M” on their badges. The Korean company needed such an authoritative team for one purpose – to make the fastest machine in the history of the company.

Our guest, Kia Stinger, can reach the first hundred in 4.9 seconds, and its speed limit is limited to 270 kilometers per hour. Surprising? Definitely! Therefore, let’s get acquainted with the novelty of Koreans a little bit closer to learn not only the technical aspects of Kia Stinger 2018, but also its appearance, interior and security.


Korean fastback looks amazing. Having a low and wide body with an oblong hood and a roof falling down in the stern area, the novelty is similar to the four-door coupe Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 4 series Grand Coupe. However, taking all this into account, the Korean was able to preserve the company’s corporate identity – the “nose of the tiger” grille.

The car has an aerodynamic opening with side compartments, which slightly resembles the new version of Kia Cerato 2017. The headlamps have a drop-shaped shape and have LED-modules. Behind the main grille, framed by chrome, the experts placed a massive air intake, which plays an important role – cooling a huge intercooler.

Photo of Kia Stinger

In addition, only carbon fibre was used among the exterior finishing materials. Why? The answer is simple – it has excellent aerodynamic properties. The windscreen ends with a non-standard pattern on the roof. This solution, based on the words of the company’s management, has improved aerodynamics. The drag coefficient is only 0.24.

The development department has been able to work significantly on the appearance of the new elevatorback. The result is an excellent drag coefficient of only 0.24 cm.

The side part received standard 18-inch rollers and a flat, sloping roof with a massive rear door. Kia Stinger’s side proportions are typical of sports cars. There is swiftness and unshakable confidence, as well as wheel arches.

Front view of Kia StingerRear view of Kia StingerSide view of Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger liftback

Generally speaking, the appearance of a “Korean” is a real strength of an elevator-back, although it has various features of numerous eminent cars. The top GT-version received 19-inch “ice rinks” and tires of different sizes in front and behind. Sports brake discs with multi-piston calipers are also available. The rear part of the Kia Stinger 2017 has a light elevation, which contributes to the formation of the body liftback.

The stern lanterns have decided to minimize and place them right above the modest spoiler. The lower part was given 4 chrome-plated exhaust pipes. It is easy to see the solid overhang and the whole solid stern area at the back. A small diffuser was placed in the lower part of the rear. The entire rear part emphasizes the sporting accessory. There is no feeling of incompleteness or lack of something.


Speaking for the Kia Stinger salon, the development department was able to combine the magnificence and sporting novelties of the new product. The middle part of the interior is allocated for the massive central console, which separates the driver’s seat from the passenger seat. Its upper part has a retractable 7-inch monitor “multimedia”, which displays the information of the navigation system and the image from the rear camera.

Under the screen there are 3 air conditioning deflectors that look like small turbines. The seats installed in front have a sports style – there are deep capsules with good side support and a large arsenal of various settings, as well as an electric drive.

Kia Stinger InteriorKia Stinger front seatsRear sofa Kia Stinger

Interior Kia Stinger

Rears have not been adjusted, but there is plenty of room for 3 adults to comfortably accommodate them. The good thing is that the width of the car allows it. Kia Stinger 2018 used high quality plastic, leather and metal inserts to finish the interior. It is worth noting that the quality level is significantly higher than that of many Korean crossovers Hyundai. It is nice that Stinger does not lose even to numerous sedans from Europe and Japan. More expensive equipment can boast a projection display.

Representatives of the KIA company made it clear that the novelty should cause a craving for travel. I would like to note that this task was successfully realized.

The new Kia Stinger 2018 model is good in every relationship. You want to look at it from the outside and you want to sit and watch it from the inside. There is no desire to leave the car at all. Many electronic systems help the driver during the trip. Under the central console there is already a wireless charging platform for smartphones in the base.

Although we have already talked about climate control, it is worth mentioning that it is a three-zone zone. The older equipment has an audio system Harman/Kardon, which has received 2 “sabers” under the front seats and 15 speakers around the perimeter of the inner part of the KIA Stinger 2018. The total power is 720W.

What surprised me was the presence of a classic dashboard, which has two large analogue dials. However, between them there is a color information display of the car. There is no point in even talking about the technology of keyless access and the engine start key. Multifunctional steering wheel is tightened in a sporty way.

A simple control panel of the third “climate” zone is offered for the rear row passengers. Again, the ventilation system deflectors. Below you can see a cigarette lighter and a 12V socket covered with plugs. The luggage compartment volume is 406 litres. However, if necessary, it can be increased by removing the backrests of the rear seats, which will provide 1,114 liters of useful space.



For such a “monster”, Korean specialists have provided two gasoline-powered engines. The basic variant is considered to be an ordinary, four-cylinder, 2.0-liter power plant of Theta II subdivision, which received a turbocharger, variable gas distribution phases, 16-valve system and direct “power supply”.

All this allowed the engine to develop 255 horsepower (for our customers – 248 “horses”) and 353 Nm. With such a motor, the “Korean” reaches a speed mark of 100 kilometers per hour in 6 seconds, and a maximum speed of 240 kilometers per hour.

Kia Stinger engine

The more powerful version of the “Stinger GT” is considered to be, which has a 3.3-liter, six-cylinder V-shaped unit of the Lambda II division. This engine has two turbochargers, direct gasoline injection, 32-valve gas distribution mechanism and gas distribution phase change system.

As a result, the engine received 365 horsepower and 510 Nm. This helps it to accelerate up to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 270 kilometers per hour. What kind of consumption of engines is still unknown.


All engines received electronically controlled 8-speed automatic gearbox, which has five modes of operation and the ability to change gears with the help of the steering wheel “petals”. The model received a rear drive and mechanical differential of increased friction.

If you pay extra, Kia Stinger can be equipped with a four-wheel drive system, where there is a multi-disc clutch that starts the front axle if necessary. In addition, there is a traction vector control system, which “plays along” with the brakes when driving. With the Kia Stinger 2017 all-wheel drive system, the ratio of transmitted traction will be 60/40 towards the rear wheels.

Running gear

Kia Stinger’s fastback was built on the already known base, where the engine is located longitudinally. A similar “trolley” is found in the car Genesis G80. The body of the “Korean” was made using steel of high and ultra-high strength. Ahead of the car has a design of McPherson type. The rear part has a multilever system. In addition, there is an adaptive chassis with adjustable shock absorbers and five algorithms of operation.

The steering rack has an electric control amplifier Motor Driven Power Steering and received progressive characteristics. As a braking system, ventilated front and standard rear disc drives are installed, with a diameter of 320 millimeters in front and 314 mm behind. All this is complemented by electronic systems ABS, EBD, BA and others.

As for the “top” versions, which have a 3.3-liter engine under the hood, they have Brembo brakes with ventilated mechanisms on all wheels. Ahead are four-piston calipers and 350-millimeter “pancakes”, and behind them are two-piston and 340-millimeter.


Korean specialists have worked hard to improve the safety of their vehicles. That’s why Kia Stinger 2017 received 5 stars in the Euro-NCAP independent crash-test, providing proper safety not only for the driver and passengers sitting next to him, but also for other road users. In addition, the company has thought of how to minimize pedestrian impact.

In order to better protect all those inside the door and minimize the risk of injury in the event of an accident, Kia Stinger 2018 is already well equipped to start. The vehicle has front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger, two side curtains and airbags that protect the driver’s knees.

Safety Kia Stinger

A knee airbag minimises negative results and possible knee injuries in the event of a collision. Thanks to the Active Hood Lift System (AHLS), it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of pedestrian injury. This technology detects the moment of collision with a person and automatically lifts the hood.

There is also a system of control of blind spots (BSD). It uses sensors that scan the space on the sides and back of the machine for risky proximity to other machines in the zero-surface ash. If the system detects an object, the driver will be notified by a visual signal on the external mirrors and the central screen. When the owner triggers a turn signal and another machine is detected in the blind area, a warning sound is triggered.

To achieve exceptional body stiffness, Kia Stinger uses advanced high strength steel (AHSS). Hot forging technology is also used to increase strength in the most important areas of bodywork production. This includes solid side sections that dissipate the collision energy in the event of an accident.

In Kia Stinger 21, the parts are hot stamped and there are also 173 meters of high-tech adhesive joints. The rear part of the five-door was reinforced with joints between the stern wings, rear wall and luggage compartment. With this it is possible to increase the stiffness of the body.

There are also reinforced rear wings above the wheel arches, which are fixed to the body at highly placed points. This helps to increase stiffness. High strength steel is used to increase the rigidity of the bodywork in the crossbars, posts and sills. The subframe sides have four attachment points instead of the standard 3, which also increases its rigidity.

Kia Stinger uses advanced high strength steel

The intelligent cruise control with Stop/Go, an AVM technology that captures information from 4 wide-angle cameras in front, behind and on the sides of the elevator, and shows the owner in real time a picture of what is happening around the vehicle.

It feels like you’re looking at the car from a bird’s eye view while driving in parking and at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour. They have not forgotten to equip the car with ESC and ABS electronic assistants, mountain climbing assistance technology, ERA-GLONASS emergency communication system, Lane Keeper Assistance (LKA) technology, as well as frontal collision alert (FCA) system.

Crush test

Price and equipment

The Russian market has 5 complete sets of the new “Korean” Kia Stinger 2018. These are Comfort, Luxe, Prestige, GT Line and GT. Available as standard:

  • LED daytime running lights (LED DRL);
  • LED taillights;
  • Two double chrome plated exhaust pipes (4th branch pipe);
  • Rear spoiler;
  • Systems of course stability;
  • Antiblocking system of brakes;
  • Electric parking brake;
  • Systems which supervises pressure in tyres;
  • Front seat head restraints that can be adjusted in height and outreach;
  • Front airbags and safety shutters;
  • The driver’s knee airbag;
  • ISOFIX child seat mountings;
  • Temporary spare wheel;
  • Systems ERA-GLONASS;
  • The multifunctional three-spoke “steering wheel” covered with a skin;
  • The central armrest forward, received boxing for trifling;
  • Improved steering technology (R-MDPS);
  • Bluetooth functions with voice control;
  • Electrically driven front and rear windows;
  • Keyless access and start the motor with the button;
  • Rain and light sensors;
  • Three-zone climate control;
  • Electrochrome rear-view mirror;
  • A system that allows you to select the motion algorithm (Drive Mode);
  • The electric drive of folding of external mirrors;
  • Side mirrors with built-in lamps to illuminate the space in front of the car doors;
  • Heating of steering wheel and front seats;
  • 18-inch “rollers” made of light alloy;
  • 7-inch multimedia system;
  • Rear parktronic;
  • Rear camera.

Since 2018, the price list for this elevator starts at $29790. Such execution has a 197-horsepower engine and rear-wheel drive transmission. The version with 247 hp engine already costs from $31358. The variant with all-wheel drive system is already estimated at $33083. “Top-of-the-range equipment costs at least $50644. It has a V-shaped six-cylinder engine. The most expensive version has:

  • Adaptive LED headlights;
  • 19-inch wheels;
  • Leather interior decoration;
  • Ventilation and electric drive of front seats;
  • Adaptive suspension;
  • Rear sofa heating function;
  • Assistant for row control;
  • Monitoring of blind areas;
  • Panoramic roof;
  • Circular view cameras;
  • Harman Kardon premium music system;
  • Electric rear door drive and other “chips”.

Reviews from the owners

Judging by the feedback from the owners, Kia Stinger, the car received an unusual and expressive appearance. The exterior of the “Korean” is even better than that of many European variants. As for the dynamics, it feels much better than Optima 2.0. Some drivers in the snow accelerated to the first hundred in just 7.5 seconds. To the switching box the question does not arise, as it is similar to the principle of work with DSG.

The suspension is very good, small holes and joints it swallows well, and the car as a whole stands on the road with confidence. In the city the engine “eats” about 13-14 liters for each hundred. I am pleased with the noise insulation and a large luggage compartment that allows you to carry a lot of luggage. In addition, all-wheel drive really increases the cross-country ability. There are comfortable seats with good side support, which allow you to spend a lot of time on the road, without getting tired at the same time.

A little upset are the findings for the air in the wings, as in winter they often get snow in them, which negatively affects the appearance. Although their direct tasks are to improve aerodynamics, cool the braking system and so on, these elements cope well. Some owners of Kia Stinger consider the suspension of the car too rigid, but this has a good effect on the controllability.

Comparison with competitors

Although we are looking at the first ever sports elevator in the history of the company, despite this model has turned out to be very stylish and convincing enough to compete on equal terms with the leading car companies. Here it is possible to carry the most direct competitors in the person of Audi A5 Sport and BMW 4-th Gran Coupe.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Stylish and modern design with athletic notes;
  • Good aerodynamics;
  • Modern optics at the front;
  • Wide doors;
  • Large and stylish wheels;
  • Spectacular ribs on the front wings;
  • Stylish rear part with diffuser and four oval exhaust pipe tips;
  • Quality interior;
  • Comfortable seats with good side support;
  • Music system with 7-inch display;
  • Unusual “nozzles” of ventilation system;
  • A lot of free space;
  • The big luggage compartment which can be increased;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Many electronic systems designed to help the driver to drive the car;
  • High level of safety;
  • Qualitative assembly;
  • Good quality interior finishing materials;
  • Good equipment.

Cons of a car

  • Low ground clearance height;
  • High cost;
  • A transmission floor tunnel will slightly interfere with the rear row of the passenger sitting in the center;
  • Tough suspension.

Summing up

After getting to know the Korean sports elevator more closely, only positive impressions remain. Despite the fact that the car of this class is the first in the company, the Koreans have approached its development thoroughly. The car has a rapid appearance, sports qualities and its appearance will be relevant for many years. Sometimes it even feels as if it is not a Korean car, but a real “European”.

The front part received the most modern optics, a large diffuser, a massive radiator grille and a bumper with massive air ducts. The hood is equipped with two punches and holes for ventilation. The side part has wide arches of wheels, placed in them massive rims of the original shape, as well as stylish “gills” on the front wings.

Photo of Kia Stinger

The back also reminds everyone of the sports car in front of you. There is a nice LED lighting, a diffuser and a 4th nozzle of the exhaust system. Since we have an elevator in front of us, the aft part has a rear door that rises with the glass. The door opening is acceptable, so loading and unloading the luggage should not be a problem.

Speaking for the salon, it is the highest praise. The driver is presented with a stylish and sporty cut at the bottom of the wheel, which is multifunctional. Behind it is a hidden dashboard, which for some reason received 2 analog dials. But between them successfully placed a small display that displays all the necessary information about the car. The seats are very comfortable and have sports side support.

The central console is not overloaded and received a color display of the multimedia system, which can display information from the navigation system and various cameras. Below there are three stylish ventilation nozzles. Next comes the control unit for this very “climate”. Everything looks nice and elegant. The quality of the assembly is high.

Photo of Kia StingerKia Stinger view from the sideStinger

Kia Stinger photo auto

Korean specialists used quality and pleasant materials for assembling Kia Stinger 2018. There is plenty of room on the front and back row. The only passenger sitting in the center will be slightly disturbed by the floor transmission tunnel. The car possesses various electronic systems and assistants which help the driver to operate a considerable car.

The high level of safety and availability of good equipment even in the basic version is pleasant. Power units are very powerful and help to move this massive liftback is very fast. The gearbox works smoothly and does not cause complaints. With the all-wheel drive system, the liftback significantly increases its off-road capability as well as its controllability.

At the same time, fuel consumption increases. The suspension is a bit harsh, but it helps Kia Stinger 2018 to enter corners with confidence even at high speed. In general, the novelty has successfully entered the elite line of “Grand Tourist” and can confidently compete even with many European automobile giants.

We advise you to read the article: Kia Motors History

Kia Stinger photo

Test drive

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