KIA Quoris

KIA Quoris
  • Car model: KIA
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan

Kia Quoris 2015-2016 is a flagship car, made in the type of sedan, corresponding to class F. It is manufactured by the South Korean automobile manufacturer, which shares the same platform with the Hyundai Equus car. Domestically, the car has been sold since spring 2012 under the name of KIA K9, and already the export version of the sedan has been called Quoris.

This is not the first time that Kia has made a name for itself as a company that manufactures not only mass-produced cars, but also premium models. Despite the fact that the company has not been able to achieve phenomenal success with such a car, it still intends to compete with leading European companies, trying to justify the trust. The whole model range is Kia.


Having paid more attention to the photos of this car, you begin to understand that the car does not have an abundance of differences from its original model. In principle, it was not necessary to include any significant changes in the car, which already had an attractive exterior.

The nose part of the South Korean KIA Quoris 2015-2016 acquired the presence of an original radiator grille, the shape of which is quite unusual and very distinguishes the car in a large flow. This grille is perfectly synchronized with the bumper, on which the developers placed fog lamps.

KIA Quoris photo

Speaking for optics, it looks strict and businesslike, which allows the car to be serious and confident. The hood of Kia Quoris is massive and flows into a rather massive windshield. However, a standard roof hatch was installed on the previous pre-retilling machine, so KIA Quoris 2015-2016 has a real panoramic glass roof.

It is quite funny that this function, manufacturers have decided to introduce at the request of drivers from the Russian Federation. The side part of KIA Quoris 2015-2016 has almost no changes. There are large doors here, which contribute to comfortable boarding and disembarkation not only for the driver, but for all passengers as well.

Side view of KIA Quoris

Also, it wouldn’t be superfluous to say about the big wheel arches, which allow you to install beautiful rims. By the way, even in the basic equipment, KIA Quoris 2015-2016 will go along with new rollers, which are very suitable for the appearance of the car. Repeaters of turns which have been placed on mirrors have been slightly improved.

The aft part of Kia Quaris has got some new elements, which was well done by the designers. As a result, the lines changed a little, the optics changed and the luggage compartment door changed. The changes were of a dotted character, but quite noticeable.

rear view Kia Quoris

After viewing the appearance of the representative sedan, it is noticeable that it has become brighter, more interesting and desirable. However, only the driver of the car or a professional will be able to find the differences at once. You can see the presence of a new internal pattern of lanterns and a changed molding of chrome between them. Generally speaking, the back of the car, it looks complete and harmonious. In the rear bumper you can see a balanced note of aggressiveness in the form of laterally spaced tips of exhaust pipes.


The interior also does not have many changes, but they do exist. The panel installed in the front does not seem to have received any changes in the first place, but you should look at the central console. On it you can see the display of the latest multimedia system, which received a 9.2-inch diagonal and has support for touch input.

At the same time, the control of the joystick remains in place. Detailed image at a high level, the display can reproduce images from cameras of all-around visibility. Below the display, there is a niche with control buttons and a familiar element of the interior of modern cars – analogue clock.

Kia Quoris salon

Beneath them, the audio and climate system units have found their place. The instrument panel, made in a graphic style, is very nice. It can be adjusted to any taste and color, as well as change the size of the font and the overall design. Finishing materials remained at the same high level, and they were good in the prerestyling model, so do not offend here.

The main material is leather, and there are also decorative inserts made of different materials. Ergonomic component at the highest level. The steering wheel was equipped not only with variants of change of position, but also placed on it the whole list of keys and controls. All the elements are in their places and easily reachable. Two color variations will be available – beige and black.

We have done a good job in the company to improve the noise insulation of the interior. There is an extended electrical package for the control of seats and mirrors, tinted glass, an impressive amount of winter functions, rear view camera with parking sensors, audio system, which includes 17 speakers.  In addition, a small update was added, which concentrated in the armrest box, its cover was divided into 2 parts.

Second row of seats Kia Quoris

The second row of seats has plenty of free space, which is not surprising in principle. The funny thing is that the 2nd row has even a setting in the longitudinal direction and you can change the angle of inclination of the backrest. The armrest, which serves as a multifunctional control panel, is pulled out of the middle place on the back row.

The armrest can be used to adjust the armchairs, adjust the climate system and control the multimedia system. The backrests of the front seats have integrated screens. The volume of luggage compartment is not ideal, but still has 455 liters of useful space.

Technical characteristics

Mower unit

KIA Quoris 2015-2016 has a couple of power units at its disposal. It can be a gasoline 8-cylinder 5.0 litre atmospheric engine with 420 horses. At the peak of its torque, it shows around 376 Nm. The first hundred is achieved in 3.8 seconds, which is just fine!

Of course, the machine does not think lightning fast, but when it understands what you want it to do, prepare for a fast acceleration. There will also be a 3.8-liter, more modest GDI with direct fuel injection. This engine can produce 334 horsepower. Both the first and second engines transmit torque to the rear wheels and are synchronized with ZF Friedrichschafen’s 8-speed automatic transmission.

KIA Quoris engine

Despite its heavy weight and large size, Kia Quaris has excellent dynamics. Using even the weakest 3.8-liter engine, the car reaches the first hundred in 6.8 seconds. The car itself is accelerated smoothly and comfortably, there are no unnecessary jerks and sharp rises.

And the passengers will be alien to the negative feelings from riding even on bad roads. The car does not shake. High speed can be hinted at only by the speedometer hand. KIA Quoris 2015-2016 has small rolls, but there are still problems with the information content of steering.

Technical characteristics
Modifications Engine type Engine volume Power Gearbox Razgon up to 100km/h, p. Maximum speed km/h
KIA Quoris 3.8 AT Gasoline 3778 cm³ 334 hp Automatic 8st. 6.8 240
KIA Quoris 5.0 AT Gasoline 5038 cm³ 424 hp Automatic 8st. 5.7 240


If to speak for the sizes of the car they remained without changes, if to compare them to the older model. As a result, the KIA Quoris 2015-2016 is 5,090 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,490 mm high. The wheelbase is at 3,045 mm.

Ground clearance height at 150 mm. 150 mm, provided the standard suspension is installed. However, the South Korean company also offers to install an air suspension, with the help of which it is possible to reduce the height of the ground clearance to 145 mm.

Safety Kia Quaris

The KIA Quoris 2015-2016 South Korean stylish executive-class sedan is recognized as the most advanced in terms of safety at Kia. The model has a number of intelligent safety solutions that were not previously used in the company’s machines.

For example, the availability of an intelligent cruise control system (ASCC), which allows you to maintain an early selected safe distance to the car in front of you, a car safety management system (AVSM), which is able to assess the degree of risk of accidents, warning the driver, providing maximum protection, as well as minimizing possible damage, as well as the system of control of dead zones with the function of assistance in rebuilding. A modern all-around visibility system with 4 cameras and 9 airbags is also in place.

Integrated safety system (AVSM)

All security control options have been gathered in a single complex, which is managed by a modern data processing system. This solution provides the highest level of security in any situation. Can predict the possibility of collisions and perform actions:

  • Connect the emergency lights;
  • Tension the seatbelts;
  • Activate emergency braking assist systems;
  • Control seat-belt tension, taking into account stabilisation data.

The 4 cameras, which are located at the front and back of the car, and on the sides, function in a single set with parking radars, which provides full control for easy and safe parking. ABS is able to monitor the braking process between the wheels of the car and the road, so that no friction is lost.

If the driver quickly presses the brake pedal, there is a chance that the car will start to run out of control and slide on the road surface. This is the system that is struggling with the same reason. Safety shutters are also essential. These are special inflatable devices that protect the driver’s head and passengers sitting next to each other on all rows of seats in the event that the car encounters an obstacle on the side.

KIA Quoris vehicle

In case of an accident, the mechanisms responsible for inflating the curtains are activated. This action will take about 25-30 milliseconds. After that, inflatable curtains pop up near the passengers sitting at the side, near the windows of the car. They are designed to save a person’s head from the impact on the window or side panels of the car.

They reduce the likelihood of being cut by sharp shards. If the car is overturned, the curtains will protect people inside from additional injuries. Some tests have been conducted by the Road Safety Institute in the United States of America, which have shown good performance in the operation of the curtains. They are one of the most effective and working protections against injury or damage when struck.

Rear view of KIA Quoris

Reverse exit assistance system

The most common cause of an accident is when the driver does not see another car in the blind area through the rear-view mirrors. BSD, together with a reverse parking assist system, makes this procedure much easier, while controlling the crosswise traffic.

A passive safety can be attributed to the presence:

  • Safety cushions for the driver’s knees;
  • Frontal airbags;
  • Side airbags and shutters;
  • Software chair fasteners for ISOFIX;
  • Active front seat head restraints.

The active safety and suspension can be attributed to the presence:

  • Anti-block brake system;
  • Systems for stabilizing exchange rate stability;
  • Integrated Active Control System;
  • Parking sensors in front and behind;
  • Rear visibility cameras with dynamic marking line;
  • Climbing assistance systems;
  • Cruise control;
  • Electric parking brake;
  • Wheel pressure control systems;
  • Electronic transmission control.

Complections and prices

It is no secret that KIA Quoris 2015-2016 will be implemented in the Russian Federation in 2 different configurations. It will be Luxury and Premium. Luxury is the most affordable and will have LED-filled daytime running lights, electric steering wheel drive, integrated swiveling indicators in rear view mirrors, 3-Zone climate control with ionizer, front seats with electrical adjustment and memory function, front seat heating system, keyless access, start and stop of the power unit with the help of a key, automatic door closer and electric power unit. There will also be 18-inch wheel rims installed.

Restyling Kia Quoris

The second modification will additionally have LED headlights, active collision avoidance control system, blind spot control system, reverse assistants, adaptive cruise control, 9.2-inch touchscreen, which is located on the central console, all-round visibility with 4 cameras, heated rear seats and steering wheel.

Moreover, the air suspension, rear seat ventilation, projection display, door closers and screens built into the front seats will be installed. The Luxury version with a 3.8-liter engine will cost from $40471. Such a power unit, but already in the Premium configuration, will be estimated from $52347. The most expensive Premium package comes with a 5.0-liter engine and will cost from $55472.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Rigorous and simultaneous spectacular design;
  • Comfortable and well-thought-out salon;
  • Completely complete, even in the basic version;
  • Pretty strong power units;
  • Good gearbox;
  • Big wheels;
  • Qualitative salon;
  • Big screen that supports touch input;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Diverse driver assistance systems;
  • High level of security.

Cons of a car

  • High fuel consumption;
  • Transport tax;
  • Average volume of luggage compartment.

Summing up

The KIA Quoris 2015-2016 is a bit better than its previous K9 model. South Korean specialists together with engineers worked for fame, making the car even better. Although there aren’t many changes, there are still some. The sedan looks stylish, but at the same time sporty, solid, aggressive and corresponds to the latest standards of beauty.

There is a massive radiator grille, stylish optical lighting system. On the sides there are ribs indicating that this solid sedan is not going to be behind other cars. Massive arches of wheels with no less big rims are very prominent, for example, 18-inch wheels are already in standard configuration.

KIA Quoris photo of the car

The rear part received bright lanterns and clear, stylish exhaust pipes, which were split at the sides. Not only the exterior of Kia Quaris 2016 is pleasing, but also the interior decoration. It’s not Rolls-Royce, but not Lada Kalina. Apply qualitative material, all fittings are qualitative, there are no unnecessary patterns. Everything testifies to a solid class of the car. Seats are very comfortable and have a lot of useful options, various adjustments, among which heating and ventilation.

The dashboard is very informative, and in the center is a large touch screen display, on which you can display various settings and pictures from 4 cameras of circular visibility. There is plenty of free space in the back row. Only two people can fit comfortably, because the middle backrest easily turns into an armrest from which you can control various systems, including moving the sofa. The luggage compartment is not record-breaking, but it can hold about 455 liters of useful luggage.

Photo of the new KIA Quoris

The panoramic hatch is nice and will be available as standard. There are all the necessary systems to help the driver. The company has not forgotten about providing a high level of safety, which is noticed even by European and American independent companies.

Power units are quite powerful, especially the 5.0-liter engine, which will allow you to feel very confident on any part of the road. All the criteria show that the South Korean company strives to compete with many European companies for the market of solid F-class cars. And KIA Quoris 2015-2016 is a good competitor, on the side of which there are a lot of positive moments, the most important of them is not such a high cost of the car.

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KIA Quoris 2015 photo

Test drive

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