Kia Rio 3

Kia Rio 3
  • Car model: Kia
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan
Kia Rio 3 generation car has been produced in the Russian Federation since 2011, but the beginning of 2015 was marked by the appearance of an updated version of the car prepared by the manufacturer, which the first could be seen by representatives of the official dealers of the company at a special event in Sochi. The well-known South Korean sedan of the budget plan was able to receive an update and can please car enthusiasts from Russia with new gearboxes designed for 6 speeds (new 6-speed automatic and manual gearbox).

There is a 1.6-liter power pack with a capacity of 123 horsepower, and it is also possible to choose one of 4 configurations – Comfort, Luxe, Prestige and Premium. We have not forgotten about the “warm options” package, which is installed by default on all modifications, except the standard one. The prices for cars can be called affordable. The new Kia Rio 2016-2017 will be produced in two body versions – a 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback. The whole model range is Kia.


The changes in the nose of the Kia Rio 2016 are particularly striking, but you won’t notice them. This opinion is shared by experts as well. But despite this, it is necessary to mention the advantages of the nose part of the sedan, because the design staff of the company worked well on it and made a pleasant surprise for Russian drivers. A couple of new colors were developed instead of two old ones. The presence of coffee and bright blue color was added. According to the photos of the South Korean sedan, we can see that in the center in front of the truck there is a very recognizable radiator grille.

It hangs on many Korean-made models, only sometimes changing the shape. Side of it, in a stylish frame, the headlights are set in the shape of an angled rectangle. Under the optics, auxiliary lighting in the form of a boomerang was installed, which is embedded in a shallow groove. An air inlet was installed between the fog lights, which, together with the semicircle protruding at the base of the front, forms a bumper.

KIA Rio 3 photo

The hood of the car is mown at a slight angle and a little bit of its sides sail to the side. This suggests that the South Korean sedan has excellent technical characteristics and sporty design. When all this is combined, it turns out to be a sport type sedan. The side part has not undergone any important changes. You can see the same dimensions of the doors with lines that run from the arches of the wheels to the rear lights and their bases.

The arches of the wheels are strictly aligned and can accommodate 16-inch rollers. However, the appearance of the wheels promised to update. In general, the latest restyling of the car was a necessary addition to modern options to maintain competitiveness in the automotive market. The door trim was made under the chrome. Wings of the car have branded “gills”, which were slightly adjusted. The direction indicators are already in their standard position – they are mounted in the side mirrors.

Side View of KIA Rio 3

At the stern we managed to pay more attention to the headlights. Now they have become more massive and extend from the luggage door to the side. They support the top of the luggage compartment lid. The rear bumper has not undergone any changes, as it contains modest shapes and a minimum number of design pieces. Only at the bottom you can see a pair of auxiliary rectangular lights. Due to the fact that the aft part of the car is slightly sloped, there is a feeling that the width of the new car is slightly reduced. However, if you look at the car from the front, you realize that this is not the case. Rear light amplification technology has acquired LED lighting.


If you pay attention to the interior photos of KIA Rio 2016-2017, you understand that here Korean experts have put rational thinking into the creation of design. The interior does not have great multimedia capabilities, but it has a lot of comfort. The panel installed in front of it seems to be a small display, around which the optimal number of keys is located. Underneath it was installed a display of the onboard computer, which displays all the necessary information about the state of fuel and consumption.

The interior of the updated KIA Rio 3 is quite pleasant and not complicated. The plastic, which was installed in front, is pleasant to the touch and durable, which indicates good protection from scratches. The steering wheel of the car has optimal dimensions and does not contain a large number of keys. Sensors located on the dashboard are placed in wells, which are well lit, which does not cause difficulties in the dark.

KIA Rio 3 interior

Also, sitting in the new 3rd generation Kia Rio car is comfortable, because of the new seats. Specifically for the new car in Russia, they used other upholstery, which is as good in quality and convenience as the European variants. The driver’s seat can now be adjusted in height. The steering column is also adjustable by departure and has a heating function in almost all modifications. The washer, or rather its nozzles, which are in contact with the windshield, have been equipped with heating, in addition, this option is present even as standard. With the help of a special light sensor, the long-range lighting switching is carried out in automatic mode, if a different vehicle is moving on the oncoming traffic lane.

The rear sofa also has pleasant seats, on which you can sit and even lie comfortably. Those sitting on the back row can be optionally ordered with a seat ventilation package and heating options. Moreover, this part of the car is equipped with heating elements, which allow you to quickly cool or heat the interior of the car. It is possible to describe a little bit functions which are available in the South Korean sedan:

  • Presence of front cushions;
  • ABS;
  • ABS systems
  • Rear seat backrest is now aligned in parts;
  • The bottom was reinforced
  • The new air conditioner was installed;
  • Ventilation of seats available for a fee;
  • Small glove box of 10.7 liters;
  • New speakers for the speaker system;
  • New TTX;
  • Package of new pockets and cup holders.

KIA Rio 3

Although, in general, the Kia Rio 3 showroom is not so much a place for change, but it is. The front panel was able to accommodate certain changes, but of a more dotted nature. In a similar way, they introduced changes in the door maps. Despite a small update, the interior was able to retain its own charms and advantages. The front seats do not have bright side support, but they do have one. In any case, a long ride can cause slight discomfort. However, even the most comfortable car, it can occur if you move for a long time.

The back row has not added any space. Although the car is positioned as a 5-seater car, only two people will be able to accommodate comfortably. Three people will also sit down, but it will be inconvenient for them to sit for a long time. The luggage compartment has not changed. Sedan version has about 500 liters, which is in principle a very good result, but the hatchback has only 389 liters. If necessary, you can fold the backrests of the seats and then, of 389 liters, there will be 1,045 liters of useful space.



New car KIA Rio 3 20016-2017, after the update saved its technical equipment. It would be useful to remind that the car is equipped with a pair of gasoline-powered power units, the volume of which is 1.4 and 1.6 liters. The younger one gives out 107 horses and goes together with a 5-speed manual gearbox or with a 4-range automatic machine. The first hundred, Kia Rio, reaches in 11.5 seconds on the mechanics and 13.5 on the machine. Its maximum speed is 190 and 170 km/h, respectively. At 100 km, it consumes 7.8 liters of gasoline in urban areas, on a highway of about 4.9 liters, the combined cycle is 5.9 liters per hundred.

KIA Rio 3 engine

The 1.6-liter variant can already produce 123 horsepower, and after restyling in 2014 it is synchronized with the 6-speed manual and automatic gearbox. The mechanics makes it possible to reach a mark of 100 km/h in 10.3 and the automatic machine in 11.2 seconds. The maximum speed on the mechanics is 190 km/h, and on the automatic machine – 185 km/h. In city limits, the engine eats about 8.5 liters, on the road 5.2, and in mixed mode 6.4 liters.

All two engines have distribution injection and work with 16 DOHC valves. There is a function of EcoDrive, which the drivers of our country has acquired the name of “drive barely”. If you refuse the option, fuel consumption will increase. At high speeds, the sedan behaves rather predictably, confidently handles turns and does not allow strong body rolls. Presence of rather power-consuming suspension of the car which has been combined from forward racks McPherson and a back semidependent beam, gives the chance without special difficulties to steal small bumps on road, capitulating only at processing actually massive holes.


KIA Rio 2016-2017 is 4,037 mm long, 1,070 mm wide and 1,047 mm high. The height of the ground clearance is 160 mm, which is not so much, but it is enough for a city car. Wheelbase is 2 057 mm. Nine variants of car painting are available. The car weighs about 1 151 kg.


The ABS is able to ensure that no friction is lost during braking between the wheels and the road. If the driver presses the brake suddenly, the car can be out of control and slide on the road surface. This is the ABS system that fights these situations. The ESC is able to control the speed and direction of the machine. In addition, the service is able to always compare the data acquired with ABS sensors, snaking, acceleration and steering wheel turns with the actions of the driver.

The system can work on the loss of traction, which can be followed by a skid. If the system finds a loss of control, it transmits the individual braking force to each wheel in a flash. Safety shutters are special inflatable devices to protect the driver’s head and passengers in the front and rear seats in the event that the car encounters an obstacle sideways. If the machine is in an emergency position, the mechanisms responsible for filling the curtains with air will start working.

The process itself will take between 25 and 30 milliseconds. After that, with the passengers who sit at the side, near the windows of the car, inflatable curtains will begin to appear. Their purpose is to protect the heads of passengers from the impact on the glass, or the side panels of the car. It also reduces the chance of being cut by sharp shards. If the car is overturned, the curtains can also protect people from additional injuries.

Various tests conducted by the Road Safety Insurance Institute in the United States of America show that the side curtains work effectively. They call them one of the most realistic means of protection against side impact damage. The emergency braking warning service can automatically inform drivers who follow the car about sudden braking. This is reflected in flashlights that start flashing frequently. The presence of airbags serves to minimise damage to people and even save lives in an emergency.

A passive safety can be attributed to the presence:

  • Frontal airbags;
  • Rear door locks (childproofing);
  • Plastic crankcase protection;
  • Radiator treatment with material that protects against aggressive environment.

The active safety and suspension are:

  • Anti-block brake system;
  • Emergency braking warning systems
  • High ground clearance (160 mm);
  • Disc brakes on all wheels.

Complections and prices

The updated Kia Rio 3 Sedan was launched on April 1. Today, the company sells a car from $10001 for standard equipment. The top version will cost from $13940. Comfort equipment has a multifunctional steering wheel and a gearbox control handle with leather trim, audio system, which includes a radio, CD/MP3-player, as well as support for USB and AUX, as well as air conditioning. Luxe will also feature front fog lights, fabric-covered door cards, automatic switching off of external lighting, power windows on the rear doors, central locking with remote control.

KIA Rio 3 photo

In addition to the already mentioned light alloy wheels 15 inches in size, the Prestige will have a Supervision dashboard, the canopy trim of the dashboard in artificial leather, chrome interior decoration, armrest between the front seats, side airbags and safety shutters, climate control and a 6-speaker audio system. The most expensive Premium modification is equipped with the same equipment as a budget car. Therefore, there are 16-inch alloy wheels with tires 195/55R16, black gloss inserts inside the car, the system of course stability, the system of keyless access Smart Key and the key to start the power unit, Bluetooth and rear parktronic.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Modern appearance;
  • Stylish redistribution;
  • There are stylish gills on the side that give the car a sporty touch;
  • LED lighting available;
  • Nice and well-groomed interior;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Nice dashboard and centre console illumination;
  • Large glove compartment;
  • Admissible volume of luggage compartment;
  • Li>Little fuel consumption;
  • Not a bad pendant;
  • Average dynamic characteristics;
  • Good security level;
  • Can supply 15 inch wheels as a separate option;
  • Heat the washer nozzles and windshield nozzles;
  • Appceptable ground clearance height;
  • The pricing policy of the company is small enough.

Cons of a car

  • Exterior has remained almost unchanged since the last update;
  • Salon is still made of plastic, which is far from being of high quality;
  • On the back couch only two people can sit comfortably;
  • Silo units do not always have enough power.

Summing up

Of course, after the last update of the South Korean sedan KIA Rio 3, it is difficult to notice the tangible touches, but they are still tiniest. Nevertheless, the Korean specialists were able not to spoil the already familiar successful appearance of the sedan. The nose part still looks swift, youthful, but at the same time stylish. On the side there are small punches on the doors and neat “gills”. The car’s stern has not changed much. Now in front and behind use LED lighting system. Inside the car is quite calm, everything is in its place and intuitively clear.

The dashboard with interesting wells and the not loaded central console with pleasant reddish illumination pleased. You won’t see luxury and refinement here, but Korean manufacturers tried to do everything as comfortable and qualitatively as possible. Mainly used plastic material, which is not the cheapest, but not the most qualitative. The front seats are comfortable and have a good side support, which will help you feel more confident when turning. I was also pleased with the massive glove compartment, where you can store various things.

KIA Rio 3 car

Everything is fine on the back sofa, but only three people will feel uncomfortable there, as everything is arranged only for two people. The luggage compartment is not bad, and has 500 liters of useful space, which is very important for the Russian buyer. Power units are not the most powerful. But they do their job well and have good enough fuel consumption. There are various systems designed to help the driver while driving a sedan.

The company has not forgotten about a good level of safety, providing the car with everything necessary for the driver and passengers sitting next to him to feel more confident and protected. The cost of the car is not so high, so there is a chance that it will be taken. The company has updated the car a little bit and hopes that it will still be able to be on the car market and compete with some of the sedans in this class.

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Kia Rio 2015 photo

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