Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival
  • Car model: Kia
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Body Type: Minivan

The car manufacturer of South Korea officially presented a new 3rd generation minivan Carnival, which was able to debut at the New York Automobile Show in 2014 (the car is sold under the name Sedona in the United States).  Kia Carnival, the 3rd family in the updated bodywork, received an improved appearance, which became more attractive if compared to previous models.

The 3rd generation car received a large head optics with LED filling, original radiator grille, gracefully curved window sill line, spoiler and rear lights with LED elements. The 2016 car has already received an increased wheelbase, radically changed appearance, another power unit, a couple of interior variations, etc., which allows to take this car to higher places in this line of the automotive market. At the beginning of 2016, KIA Carnival should appear on the European market. The whole model range is Kia.


Already as a good old tradition, to begin the review of the car with its differences in the external factor. The nose part of the car has been built a large one, one can feel the facets of restyling design of KIA’s model line of cars. If we compare our guest with the competitors, the new KIA Carnival 2016-2017 has got an elongated front with a large hood.

On the sides of the hood there are ribs, which add more stylishness to the body and distract from the idea that there is a big minivan near you, so the car is perceived as a small van. If to speak for headlights, they turned out wide. Between the front lamps there is a big grille with a small grid of chrome.

Front view Kia Carnival

There is no doubt that the front part of the KIA Carnival looks stylish and luxurious. Despite such a big bumper, it does not stand out, because the dimensions of the car are not so small. There are textured lines and brutal niches for LED filling of daylight. The sides of the car have nothing remarkable. If you look at the car from the side, it looks like the most standard minivan. There are also large windows and doorways, which allows you to improve all-round visibility and makes it easier to land and disembark people.

Although it is the side part of the KIA Carnival that gives you the opportunity to see the length and dimensions of this machine. The doors are of optimum length and height. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturers have taken care to ensure that the doors installed at the back can be opened with the help of rollers. If you want, open the door wide open, sit down and close it carefully. This solution has reduced the hassle and increased comfort.

Kia Carnival photo

The car’s wheel arches have been clearly aligned and meet the latest criteria. The doors have minor cavities that almost disappear at the base. Following the rear door, it was decided to install a narrow line to the rear optics. Side mirrors are designed to meet the latest modern requirements and protrude by 20 cm. This solution made it possible to better assess the situation on the road section and to move from city to city in a safer way.

The new generation of the KIA Carnival comes with more modern 19-inch wheel rims. Moreover, they have undergone changes in their appearance. The stern part of the new South Korean minivan has not received any bright differences, which can be called original or depicting. The large dimensions of the car boast the effect of 3D illumination. The presence of a large luggage compartment lid at the moment shows its potential cargo space.

KIA Carnival car photo

You will have the opportunity not only to transport grocery bags, but also furniture and household appliances. Speaking in general, the style of the appearance of the minivan has a modern design and impressive size. Distinctive feature of appearance of the car from competitors, is simplicity and minimalism.

The body is devoid of any unnecessary elements, or ridiculous overhang, which only increases the size of the car. According to Korean engineers, this has been implemented to increase practicality. If you move along a narrow street, even the extra millimeters can affect the difficulty of parking or driving around the yard.

rear view of Kia Carnival

Therefore, do not be afraid of large sizes, which are not so massive to experience any difficulties. To a greater extent, they are driven by women’s minivans, so the mirrors on the sides of the mirror have a large square shape to further improve rear visibility.

The rear window has impressive dimensions and is beautifully darkened. The rear bumper protrudes in a semi-circle at the bottom. It was made of strong metal, as well as the front bumper. Also, auxiliary lights found their places here. The bodywork component consists of more than 75 percent high strength steel, which improved the safety of the driver and passengers, reduced the weight of the car and increased the rigidity of the torsion.


Inside, a South Korean car can accommodate up to 8 people, but the interesting thing is that this is not the most important aspect inside the car. This car differs from its rivals in the fact that everything here is qualitatively and luxuriously luxurious. This quality can be envied by many crossovers.

After getting into the car, it becomes clear at once, for what purposes this model is intended – all goes on maintenance of the maximum comfort of passengers and the driver. Also, the dashboard, which was made of soft and high-quality plastic, is very attractive. Its design is quite simple, however, stylish and modern.

Kia Carnival salon

The central console has a touchscreen display that allows you to control all the important functions of the multimedia system. Side by side there are air conditioning tunnels and a little below the radio and climate control keys. In general, the KIA Carnival car is spacious and comfortable. The seats are massive, so that the person did not go on them at turn, also presence of lateral pillows of support is provided. Behind the central armrest there is a niche where you can save small things or documents.

Door cards have pockets where you can put water or other things that the driver will often use. Since Kia Carnival has a large size, it is difficult to reach some of the keys, but if you choose a more expensive equipment, many control buttons can be transferred to the steering wheel, which greatly facilitates the situation. On the back row there is just a lot of free space, even if there will be a third row of seats, all passengers will feel comfortable.

Kia Carnival

The third row of seats has plenty of free space, but it will be comfortable for teenagers or children in child seats. If you install all the seats, the luggage compartment is not so abundant in free space, you can put only a couple of bags with shopping. However, if there is such a need to move a lot of things, or overall cargo, you can not even worry about the free space. All minivans have doors that open to the sides, making it much easier to get in and out of the car and to install a child seat, even if the car is parked in a narrow parking lot.

The second row of chairs will accommodate three adults. If you take children, you can fit four children. But on the last row, the maximum fit a couple of children, but with comfort. Based on the fact that this car is positioned as a family car, all the functions that relate to the provision of an adequate level of safety, are aimed not only at the driver, but also at the front passenger, as well as passengers sitting behind.

Third row of Kia Carnival seats

Interestingly, the basic equipment already includes safety side curtains, as well as collision avoidance and blind spotting, which are very helpful on the road, especially for drivers who have little driving experience. The rear doors can be opened manually and with a button. The degree of comfort is at the highest level. The new KIA Carnival 2016-2017 features a soft suspension that swallows all the roughness on the road without much difficulty, as well as a modern box that provides a smooth ride.

Inside the car is quite quiet, a small noise of the power unit begins to appear when driving on the highway at a speed of more than 100 km / h. However, this disadvantage can not be looked at too much, if you turn the radio a little louder and enjoy the ride. According to the photos of the interior of the minivan it is noticeable that during its arrangement, Korean specialists approached to replacement very rationally. So, there is no clogging of space, everything is in its place and intuitively understandable.

The steering wheel was framed with plastic to make it even more comfortable to hold. An additional TFT screen was placed on the dashboard between a pair of semi-open wells. The interior upholstery is also at a high level. The fabric -YES Essentials was specially designed. It is an antibacterial material that is not very friendly with dirt.

That’s why the fabric turned out to be dirty and repulsive, and it is very pleasant that the whole interior of KIA Carnival is covered with such a cloth. It is very important that this fabric is already in the basic configuration, that is what distinguishes this car from its competitors. In general, the KIA Carnival salon itself was included in the top 10 of the best interiors of 2015, which already speaks eloquently about itself.

Trunk of Kia Carnival

There are various “nice little things” installed here, including the presence of the dashboard with LED backlighting, illuminated door handles, panoramic roof, automatic opening of the luggage door, as well as folding out the side mirrors when approaching the driver.

People who sit behind also have a pleasant opportunity to adjust the legroom by moving the seats on the “rails”, as well as the presence of special stands for the feet, which is very convenient for long journeys. With all seats folded down, 2,200 litres of usable space will be available.


During the presentation in the United States of America, the Korean company presented only a modification that runs on gasoline. There is an atmospheric discharge engine Lambda, where there are 6 cylinders with a V-shaped arrangement. This engine has a volume of 3.3 litres.

The engine has a system of direct fuel injection, a system of gas distribution phase change and fully meets all the criteria of Euro-5 environmental standard. As a result, it produces 276 horses at 6,000 rpm. A similar engine is synchronized with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which has several modes of operation.

Kia Carnival engine

The figures for the dynamic component have not been disclosed yet, but the following events, which the company plans to hold, promise to answer this question. Perhaps then, they can announce the use of a diesel engine. The third generation of the KIA Carnival is built on a new base, which has become more rigid and slightly longer. According to the manufacturers, the torsional rigid has increased by 36 percent compared to the nearest competitors.


In terms of independent suspension, McPherson-type racks are at the front, complemented by a new anti-roll bar, and a multilever system with a separate sub-frame and shock absorbers with an amplitude of dependent characteristics is used at the rear. Only the front wheel drive is provided for the minivan. As for the braking system, there are disc braking systems, and the front ones are also ventilated.


All equipment comes with active security services. The manufacturer distinguishes between electronic stabilization systems, traction control systems, brake assistant, brake force distribution system, ABS, electronic protection against overturning and car control system during lifting. With this kind of filling, driving in the car will be safe even in the most difficult situations. Medium to top-of-the-range equipment comes with smart stabilization settings, cruise control, collision warning systems and an option that is responsible for dead zones.

To keep passengers entertained, the new KIA Carnival comes with a multifunctional entertainment multimedia system. The engineering staff has thought of many factors that increase comfort to a new level. That is why there is a USB bus with a 115V socket in the car. When discharging the gadgets, they can be charged at any time. And with the help of a monitor for panoramic visibility, you can feel confident in the parking lot.

Complete sets and prices

Implementation of the Korean minivan has already started and the car can be obtained from any official dealer. This is true for America, and for European countries, it will take a while. In the United States of America, for such a family car is asked from $33,000.

Lists with full equipment are not yet available, but it is clear that the KIA Carnival 2016-2017 will have the system of ABS, EBD, BAS, reduced risk of overturn, the mode of assistance in braking at bends. More expensive equipment will have an intelligent stabilization system, all-around visibility cameras, adaptive cruise control, shock prevention mode and blind spot control modes.

Kia Carnival vehicle

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Updated, stylish and fast-paced design;
  • Sporty notes;
  • Aggressive machine front;
  • Large wheels with new design;
  • Stylish sidelines;
  • Panoramic roof;
  • Easy opening of side doors, both manually and with the help of buttons;
  • Stylish taillights;
  • Massive luggage door;
  • Comfortable front seats with excellent lateral support;
  • Original dashboard;
  • Touchscreen display available;
  • Many free space;
  • There are different niches to store different things;
  • Rear row pleases with plenty of free space above head and in legs;
  • Maybe move the chairs;
  • When the 3rd row is folded together, a large trunk, which can be folded up if necessary, increasing the usable area;
  • High security level;
  • Many help systems;
  • Strength powertrain;
  • Soft automatic gearbox;
  • Good cabin quality;
  • High level of comfort.

Cons of a car

  • Large car dimensions;
  • On the third row only teenagers or young children can be seated in special seats;
  • Before there’s no diesel engine variation.

Summing up

In the end, after getting acquainted with the Korean car KIA Carnival 2016-2017, there are only pleasant impressions. Despite the fact that it is a family car, a minivan, the manufacturer managed to make it into a non-standard car, which is only big enough for a minivan. Kia meets all the latest standards for design solutions.

The nose part looks quite aggressive, literally beckoning to yourself. There are LED daytime running lights. The side part is the same as the rest of the family cars. The rear part is crowned with a large luggage compartment door. This is not the end of the excellent properties of the car.

Kia Carnival minivan

After getting in the car, you know, the Koreans did their best here, too. The material, though not the most expensive, but rather high quality and fit very well. The original design received the dashboard. The front seats have good side support and are very comfortable.

For the rear passengers, there is plenty of free space in the legs and head. The third row of seats can be used for cargo, or for children, as it does not have a large space. The luggage compartment with the seats folded is 2,200 litres of useful space.

Photo by Kia Carnival Platinum

Korean specialists have not forgotten about ensuring the proper level of safety, not only for the driver, but also for all passengers. There are also all sorts of driver assistance systems, a touch screen display, and a multimedia system. The power unit, though not the most powerful, but copes well with its duties.

The suspension is quite soft, capable of swallowing small potholes and pits. I would like to hope that the company will install a diesel engine on this car, which will be very useful, especially in the Russian Federation.

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Kia Carnival 2016 photo

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