KIA Optima 4

KIA Optima 4
  • Car model: Kia
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Body Type: Sedan

The fourth generation of Kia Optima’s business sedan was presented as a world premiere at the New York City car show in April 2015. The new family received a modern, more solid and rapid appearance, a presentable appearance of the salon, where there are expensive materials, a large number of high technologies that are designed to improve safety with the help of various systems and electronic assistants.

Also, the car has got a tougher body and sharp steering, powerful, but at the same time economical engines running on gasoline. The implementation started in the spring of 2016. The whole model range is Kia.


Kia Optima’s fourth unit was able to keep the details recognizable. The previous model looked quite bright and stylish, and the restyling, which came to the novelty, made its exterior more solid. Nothing should surprise here, because Kia Optima sedan is a business class representative. The nose part of the body component has an exclusive radiator grille, which has relief elements, “squeezed” light-amplifying equipment and a massive bumper, which has triangles of air intake, which received a chrome edging.

The strips of running lights moved a little lower, but the most important component of the main optics remained the same. The appearance is very similar to that of a 4-door compartment. This is partly due to the long hood, folding top of the body and compact luggage compartment lid. Everything looks pretty stylish. In general, the body component of the novelty of 2016 year is completely changed nose part, with the presence of updated arrow headlights along with the grille. It was possible to increase the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of the car due to the surface installed under the bumper.

KIA Optima 4 photo

Most of the bonnet surface is interwoven with ribs, which are smoothly and tastefully transformed into large sedan wheel arches. The side of the car remains almost identical to the previous generation of the car. Streamlined shapes and the presence of smooth lines make the car more favorable visual effect, which allows the car to become presentable, original and expressive. Side by side you can see a long hood, strongly inclined windshield, domed roof, which is perfectly designed together with the back of the car.

The whole side body part of the car has almost flat edges with the presence of branded “gills” near the front arches of the wheels. The Kia Optima 4 sides have unhurried and impressive shapes. Mirrors have received an option of electric drive and repeaters of turns from light-emitting diodes. The glazing line is high enough, and the doorways are rather small. The back of the car when viewed in the profile looks very powerful, but at the same time rapidly. The aft part of the South Korean car also attracts views.

KIA Optima 4 car

For example, there is also an LED optical light amplification system, which also has an elongated shape and looks a little wider than the car. The rear bumper also turned out to be quite massive, and it contains a built-in diffuser and a pair of oval exhaust pipes, thanks to which the entire rear of the car turns out to be very powerful. Surely there will be also accessible sports modification with system of release of a more difficult configuration of the diffuser and pair carried on each side by pipes of the oval form.

The rear part is slightly elevated, and the position lamps are clearly visible against its background. On the neat luggage compartment lid there is a small spoiler, and the lid is quite functional – when opened, it provides an opportunity to conveniently place the necessary things in the luggage compartment.


The feeling that the car is large and spacious, appears not only when you look at the exterior of Kia Optima 4, but also when you look at the interior. There is plenty of room on the front and back row, even if there are three passengers sitting behind. The front row, as usual, stood out by the presence of spacious seats, which seem to have insufficient side support. The standard equipment of the car will have the function of heating the front seats and electrically adjustable lumbar support of the driver’s seat. The improved equipment will have electric adjustments of the driver’s seat, and the top version will have electric adjustments of the seat of the passenger sitting next to the driver, and the driver’s seat will have a memorable position service.

The materials used in the interior decoration are of very high quality, plastic is soft, if any, and the fabric (in a more expensive complete set of leather) upholstery is pleasant to the feeling. Nothing will cause reproaches, it can be attributed to the quality of the assembly, it is almost perfect, even between moving parts, it will not be possible to find gaps or any gaps. The way the controls and adjustments are arranged deserves all praise. The steering wheel, which is multifunctional, fits perfectly in the hands of the driver, is also provided with the option of adjustment to the driver with the help of settings in two directions.

KIA Optima 4 interior

The steering wheel has a truncated rim that adds to the speakers. The devices look quite stylish and informative, the on-board computer displays the necessary information with the help of a high quality monitor (not available only as standard). The dashboard has placed on itself “radii” of the sensor of revolutions of the power unit and speedometer, between which engineering staff has placed the screen of the onboard computer.

The console installed in the center, the designers together with the designers turned in a convenient direction to the driver, and in the middle of a slightly raised tunnel there was a gearshift handle. The front console has several buttons that help set up and manage various services. All this meets the recommendations for ergonomics, and work with them is a pleasure. Also found its place 8-inch screen multimedia system, which has support for touch input. Below it was placed the nozzles of the ventilation system and controls for music and air conditioning.

KIA Optima 4

The back row can accommodate three passengers who will not feel any discomfort. There will be plenty of room in all directions. However, due to the minimum height of the tunnel installed on the floor, it will not be easy to accommodate the average passenger. It is nice to see the large rear door openings, which makes it easier for people to land and disembark. Also, the presence of ventilation system deflectors located at the back is responsible for comfort. But even such a company seemed to be not enough, and in more expensive versions the car purchased electric heating of the rear seats, and the top equipment has the function of ventilation of the seats.

Luggage compartment has a presence of 505 liters of useful space, which is not enough. And the big lid of a luggage compartment, loading and unloading of things is carried out without special problems. If there is a need to load a lot of cargo or bulky luggage, you can lower the backrests of the rear seats. In general, the interior is a bit like the German brand BMW. Everything in the cabin was done on conscience, they did not save on materials.

It depends on what version will be bought, the interior of the novelty will be made with the use of metal decorative elements. The interior of the car Kia Optima 4 will be painted in two colors – beige or black. Raising the head, in some modifications you can see the block of roof adjustments, which here is divided into separate sections. Regardless of the case, any of them can move independently of each other. And the backlighting made of LEDs is useful for reading on the road. This option is available in any modification.



For the Russian Federation, a 4th generation Kia Optima will be available with a pair of gasoline atmospheric engines, which are installed together with a front-drive transmission with no alternative. A variation of power units will be launched with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine of the Nu unit with distributed injection technology and a 16-valve gas distribution system, which produces 150 horsepower. This engine works together with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

In the case of the machine, there are three modes of operation: Normal, Eco and Sport. The first hundred South Korean sedan reaches in 9.6-10.7 seconds, and the maximum speed is 202-205 km/h, where the greater value goes along with the mechanical gearbox. At 100 km, the engine consumes from 7.7 to 7.8 liters in a combined cycle.

KIA Optima 4 engine

This is followed by a more powerful, direct-injected aluminium 4-cylinder Theta II motor family, variable geometry intake manifold, variable timing technology and 16 valves. It has a volume of 24 litres and produces 188 horses. The engine is synchronized with only 6-range automatic transmission. The first hundred is achieved in 9.1 seconds, and the maximum speed is 210 km/h. This engine requires no more than 8.3 liters per 100 km in mixed mode.

The vehicle’s 3-volume bodywork is more than 50% made of high strength steel, and in order to increase the stiffness at the rear, it is equipped with a ring-shaped amplifier. If to speak for a running gear of the car, it is a full-fledged independent one, where in front of it there are McPherson racks with stabilizers, and behind there is a multilever with hydraulic shock absorbers and stabilizers. The steering is rack and pinion with integrated electric power steering, and the brake system is represented by disk brakes, where they are ventilated in front.


As you might have guessed, the size of the sedan from South Korea has grown a little bit compared to the last car. The length of the sedan is 4 845 mm, width 1 860 mm, height – 1 455 mm. The size of the wheelbase is 2,805 mm. The height of the ground clearance will be from 145 to 150 mm, depending on the modification. It depends on what kind of equipment Kia Optim will be installed, the driver will be able to get wheel rims with a diagonal of 16 – 18 inches. Also there are some new variants of body painting: gray-olive, dark red and bright blue.


Basic security systems have been provided for the vehicle, which includes the presence:

  • Anti-block brake system;
  • Course stability systems;
  • Airbags in front seats;
  • Safety cushions for driver knees;
  • Lateral airbags;
  • Rear visibility camera.

Auxiliary options already have:

  • Cameras of 360 degree circular visibility;
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Deadpoint tracking systems;
  • Facial collision warning systems;
  • Emergency braking systems.

Using the latest advanced materials and technologies, the bodywork has acquired a lightweight and very strong frame, which will only increase the safety of the driver and passengers. The use of high-strength steel has improved the strength by 150%. And the use of hot forging has been increased by 350% over the previous model. This has helped to strengthen the structure, making it more rigid, safer and less noisy.

Thanks to the improved adhesive bonding, the seam length reached 119 meters, which is 450% longer than in the 3rd family. As a result, body stiffness has been increased and noise and vibration has been reduced to zero. Thanks to the light beam of headlamps, which can be adjusted depending on the selected speed of the car, it is designed to improve visibility at night. Availability of 7 airbags will take care of the driver and passengers sitting next to him, regardless of what equipment will be chosen.

Complete sets and prices

For the South Korean car Kia Optima 4 the following equipment was provided:

  • 2.0 Classic MT;
  • 2.0 Comfort AT;
  • 2.0 Luxe AT;
  • 2.0 Prestige AT;
  • 2.4 Luxe AT;
  • 2.4 Prestige AT;
  • 2.4 GT-Line AT;
  • 2.0 GT AT.

The cheapest set of 2.0 Classic with a mechanical box, 2-liter engine with a capacity of 150 horses will cost from $16722. The most expensive version is 2.0 GT with automatic transmission, 2-liter engine, which produces 245 horsepower. The basic equipment of Kia Optima 4 includes leather trim of the steering wheel and gearshift lever, 8-my airbags, separate climate control, high-quality audio system with a control panel, which is located on the steering wheel, ABS, ESS, electric drive of heated mirrors, heating of wipers, adaptive sports shock absorbers. There are also 16-inch alloy wheels, full electric package, 5-inch display, 6 speakers, USB port and AUX.

Side View KIA Optima 4

Better complete set – Premium, besides already mentioned has a sports bumper together with a spoiler, xenon headlights, LED taillights, combined upholstery of seats (leather and fabric), heated steering wheel, leather trim door panels, torpedo and center console, illuminated sill plates, aluminum pedal pads, keyless access and start of the engine using a button, electric seat drive, electric handbrake, rear row ventilation and heating system, panoramic roof, electric hatch drive, light and rain sensors, cruise control, Infiniti audio system (which includes seven speakers, display), parktronic, parking assistant, course stability system, active control system and mountain start assistant.

As a separate option it is possible to buy electric adjustment of the driver’s seat in 8 directions, laminated glass front doors, LED rear lights, 8-inch touch screen display, navigation system, 17 and 18-inch light-alloy wheels, automatic rear view mirror dimming, adaptive xenon headlamps, automatic high beam lighting, 360-degree view of parking cameras, safety features that warn of driving off the lane, frontal impact mitigation system with automatic braking.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • The new car is modern, advanced, practical and stylish;
  • Machine attractive appearance;
  • Sedan’s excellent technical equipment;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Compact and capacity;
  • Aceptable level of security;
  • Good aerodynamic drag indicator;
  • Sporty machine qualities;
  • Large luggage compartment;
  • Cabin space;
  • Many assistants;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Good engine efficiency.

Cons of a car

  • Highest price;
  • Some motors are still weak
  • Machine is pretty low;
  • Rear passenger in the middle may be uncomfortable.

Summing up

After getting acquainted with the KIA Optima machine in the sedan version, there are only pleasant sensations. They start at the first glance, where the car impresses with its lines, its gracefulness. It has everything, and athleticism, stylishness, modernity and even sporty character. It is pleasant that the company has decided to use also very popular nowadays LED lighting system, which gives a certain highlight to the sedan from South Korea. Kia Optima discs impress the car and add sporting sensations.

The headlamps seem to be trying to cut through the air currents. Getting into the salon, the pleasant sensations do not go anywhere. Here everything is in place, ergonomics is at the highest level. The quality of details and materials used is at a proper level. The presence of a display on the dashboard, which displays all the necessary information about the operation of the vehicle, is a pleasure. Moreover, the engineering staff has installed an 8-inch touch screen display for the multimedia system.

KIA Optima 4 vehicle

The seats are very comfortable and have side support. There is also plenty of room in the back. The rear doors have a wide opening, allowing easy boarding and disembarkation of passengers. The luggage compartment is also very spacious. Even the level of basic equipment is amazing, and Koreans have always been famous for it. Strong motors are installed on the car, but they consume very little fuel, which is very useful if you use the car in urban areas.

The company has not forgotten about safety, paying due attention to this point. It is a pity that such a “work of art” is so expensive, otherwise it could have been afforded by many more people. We would like to be sure that the company will continue the course it started to take to improve its own cars, and KIA Optima of the 4th generation is a vivid proof of that.

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KIA Optima 4 photo

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