Kia Sorento Prime

Kia Sorento Prime
  • Car model: Kia
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

KIA Sorento Prime is the third generation of the crossover version of KIA Sorento, which was officially presented in 2014. For the drivers of the Russian Federation, KIA cars are very relevant, because the car will arrive in Russia almost the same as the European version, except that the list of power units will be slightly changed, will introduce an additional package of “winter” options. The whole model range is Kia.


Based on the fact that the past two generations of KIA Sorento crossovers have shown excellent sales results not only in the Russian Federation, but also in China, the United States of America, European countries and at home, this has prompted the company’s management to produce an even more beautiful, stylish, comfortable, safe car that will attract you. The third generation of Sorento showed that the design staff approached the design of the car correctly and judiciously. They decided to take as a basis the peculiarity of the exterior appearance of the previous generation, but at the same time to implement a whole range of ideas from their own concept Cross GT, which was presented to the world last year.

As a result, the new family looks bigger, more manly, solid and representative. After watching the photos and videos, it is clear that this Korean crossover has many of the same elements as Toyota Highlaender. It is clear that Korean experts have not stolen or copied anything from the car, but still something common about the design of the company KIA and Toyota is present.

Kia Sorento Prime photo

The Korean nose has a very expressive and attractive grille with lines and angles that are smooth. You can also consider the presence of large headlights, stylish protective grid, which crowned the grille of the false radiator, LED daytime running lights and a large bumper with inherent protection for the jeep. On the places are also built in the strong frame counter-fogs. The side of the car makes you think of it as a dynamic and a little sports car. This is partly due to the successful glazing, lightweight roof with strong supports at the back, large arches of wheels and bloated wings.

The photos once again prove the fact that KIA Sorento has turned out to be quite fast and expressive. There is a feeling that the KIA is also an example for Toyota in this matter. Quite a few side mirrors have a list of electric “chips”. They have integrated repeaters, electric drive settings, electric folding drive, and when used in reverse, they are slightly inclined to the bottom.

Side View Kia Sorento Prime

The Premium package allows you to install blind spot indicators (BSDs) as well as cameras from the all-around visibility system, which includes 4 cameras. To admit, it’s just scary to think about what will happen if the owner breaks the mirror. The crossover stern is able to attract attention with its stylish optics, which is modern. It is made in the style of an LED system with 3D effects. Speaking in general, it looks like the standard back of a modern universal with a large bumper and a large luggage compartment door.

The rear door is equipped with an electric drive and smart opening service Smart Tailgate (available for Premium and Prestige versions), which allows you to open it only after approaching the car with the key in your pocket or bag. Looking up to the roof, you can see fly and wind protection when the hatch is open, which is panoramic.

Rear view of Kia Sorento Prime

If you open it, you can drive comfortably even at 100 km/h. Of course, the panoramic roof is the advantage of the Premium version. Despite the fact that the car is mainly designed for driving in urban areas and on the road, it has an off-road dodger. Black plastic overlays run along its border, and there are chrome underlays on the doors. The chrome version also applies to the door handles. Interestingly, the third generation of Korean crossover does not look bulky or clumsy. On the contrary, its appearance gives a certain dynamism and a little infusion of sports notes, which makes it look more athletic and relevant.


It was very gratifying that Korean specialists did not just move the really successful interior from the second generation to the third one. Often firms apply this action, adding only a minimum of adjustments. However, in our case, it turned out to be the opposite – the interior has learned new, vital, became more attractive and unique, which can be perfectly seen in the photos. All the lines seem to remain recognizable, but because of the large number of new elements has become noticeably fresher and brighter. As a result, the KIA Sorento driver now has a new, anatomically correct and comfortable steering wheel.

Following it, the architecture of the front panel and the central console has changed, which was also upgraded. The seats installed in the front were changed, and the seats in the second and third rows were also changed. By the way, yes, the Korean will be offered with 3 rows of seats, but the 3rd row will be supplied only optionally, so if you need it a lot of seats, you can buy a car only with 2 rows of seats.

Kia Sorento Prime Interior

I would like to note at once that the machine turned out to be quite comfortable and multifunctional from the inside. High quality finishing materials were used, seats were installed very comfortable, and no matter what it is a row, first, second or third. There is a competent and well-thought-out layout. The seats installed at the front have a distinctly pronounced side support and provide a very comfortable fit. Rear seats are able to move along the interior and change the angle of inclination of the backrests. As a result, the standard 605 litres of free luggage space will not be considered the limit. If the first row of seats has got function of heating and ventilation, that 2nd row only heating system. The third row can count only on cool air coming from the air conditioner from the deflectors installed on the sides.

Kia Sorento Prime

Thanks to the increased wheelbase, the comfort and free space on the 2nd and 3rd rows was increased. Moreover, the interior of the KIA Sorento has an excellent level of noise isolation, because it was foreseen fresh materials of soundproofing content and new panels, which separate the transmission and power unit department from the interior. Of course, it is clear that the third row of seats will not be so comfortable for three adults, except if you put the children there. By the way, if you add up the second row of seats and remove the third one, it will give a whole 2,080 liters of free space.



The new generation of Kia Sorento in Europe will initially receive three engine variants: two diesel engines and one gasoline one. The gasoline engine has a gas distribution system with 16 valves. Diesel engine allows the customer to choose the transmission: 6-speed manual transmission or 6-range automatic gearbox. The possible 3.3-liter engine will be able to reach the mark of 100 km/h in just 8.2 seconds, and its appetite will be about 10.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Thanks to the modernization of the base, Sorento’s KIA was able to improve its own cross-country ability, control and comfort.

Kia Sorento Prime

If we’re talking about the drive, it could be either full or front. Manufacturers assure that KIA Sorento 2016 has acquired auxiliary electronic help systems, such as blind spot and lane tracking, frontal collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control and a parking assistant using the reverse direction, which reports the presence of moving vehicles. Thanks to the unique security system TVCC, which makes it possible to automatically monitor the process of entering the turns of the car, which makes it much smoother, safer and more organic.


If we talk about the dimensions of KIA Sorento – they are as follows: it is 4,780 mm long, the wheelbase has grown by 80 mm and as a result was 2,780 mm, the width of the body is 1,890 mm, in height on the contrary, it has decreased by 15 mm and now is 1,685 mm. The ground clearance for European consumers will be solid 185 mm, which is not even bad, given the specification of the car and the quality of our roads. The car weighs about 2,510 kg.


Not only the driver sitting next to the passengers, but also other road users are responsible for the safety of the following systems and devices installed in KIA Sorento. In Korea there is:

  • Frontal airbags;
  • Side airbags and curtains;
  • ABS;
  • ESC;
  • BAS;
  • HAC;
  • VSM – built-in active management service
  • TSA;
  • ESS;
  • ATCC;
  • Light sensor;
  • Cruise control;
  • Automatic door locking at the beginning of movement;
  • Door unlocking in automatic order on impact;
  • Three-point safety belts for 2nd row;
  • Drive Mode Select – Driving Mode Selection Services;
  • HPD – adaptive shock absorbers;
  • Second row seat fasteners for ISOFIX;
  • Lower washer fluid level indicator;
  • Imobilizer and alarm.

Kia Sorento Prime
AFLS service was also installed, which allows to improve visibility of the road at night. This is possible due to the fact that the beam of light bulbs will shine where the front wheels are tilted at the moment. Drivers who have a poor understanding of parking will be an excellent assistant to the SPAS system, which is able to scan the entire area and indicates the place that is most suitable for parking. The latest generation of Sorento’s KIA has passed a list of crash tests under the IIHS staff program.

This includes a frontal collision with a small and medium overlap at 64 km/h (in the 1st case it covers ¼ of the entire front end of the driver’s side and in the 2nd case it covers 40%), a side collision with 1,500 kg of deformable obstacle at 50 km/h, roof strength testing and evaluation of AirBag and seat belts. The result is very pleasing – the Korean crossover scored a “good” rating. For all the questions, he was able to win the highest marks. This also applies to the rear impact, which will not result in damage to the head and neck of the spine.

Crash test

Complections and prices

Production of the new Sorento Prime instrumentation began at the Avtodor plant in the Kaliningrad region in the spring of 2015. Initially, it was possible to buy the car only with a 2.2-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 200 horsepower and 6-range automatic transmission, as well as all-wheel drive. At the end of the same year, a 3.3-litre gasoline engine with 6 cylinders was put up for sale. The latter has a power of 250 horsepower. It is possible to buy a new Korean crossover from $35165 for a variation with 5 seats in Luxe configuration.

The average Prestige version has 7 local interiors and is supplied with a gasoline or diesel engine. This equipment is estimated at $37354. The Premium Top Equipping will cost from $40792. In it you will find the presence of xenon optical lighting system, multimedia system with a display resolution of 8 inches, which has support for touch screen input, audio system with 9 speakers and subwoofer, automatic parking, system for maintaining a constant level of body height and 19-inch alloy wheels.

Kia Sorento Prime Car Picture

The basic equipment has at its disposal the presence of illumination of thresholds, leather trim of seats and electric drive of settings of the driver’s seat, two-zone climate control (with the option of ionization), athermal windshield and front side glasses, multimedia system with navigation components and a screen that supports the touch input, a package of “warm options” (which includes the heating of the steering wheel and all seats), xenon headlights and LED running lights.   In addition to the standard security services (front and side airbags and curtains), Sorento Prime has various services installed on it, such as active control system, steering system, traction control system, traction control system.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Large number of technological innovations;
  • Spacious interior;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Silent operation of the power unit;
  • Pretty good suspension – moderately rigid, what is needed;
  • Capacious luggage compartment, which can be enlarged if necessary, while folding the backrests of the rear seats;
  • Good security level;
  • Speaking traffic dynamics;
  • Improved noise isolation;
  • Comfortable salon;
  • Li>Like low fuel consumption;
  • Presence of electronic auxiliary systems;
  • Cameras available;
  • Separate climate system for the 2nd seat row;
  • High ground clearance;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Appceptable level of equipment;
  • Quality of interior decoration materials;
  • Wheel-drive system;
  • The presence of an 8-inch touch screen.

Cons of a car

  • Even though the ground clearance is 185 mm, it is still not enough even for an SUV that is incomplete;
  • Not perfect cross-country ability;
  • Highly sensitive paint coating to external influences;
  • A highly-priced car price tag;
  • On the 3rd row (if any), not very comfortable to sit.

Summing up

After a detailed review of the KIA Sorento car of Korean origin, you realize that this is really the best model of the company. All love begins with an unsurpassed improved appearance, which was able to absorb the best of the past models and introduce the latest technologies. Sorento looks solid, stylish, but at the same time and sporty. All lines have been improved so much that it feels like it can’t be better. Excellent front of the car with bi-xenon optical lighting system, attractive side part with punches and stuffed mirrors. The shape of the car does not lose all the refinement of the car, it looks just as attractive and stylish.

Sitting behind the steering wheel, you also understand that the engineering and design staff did not sit idly by and came up with a completely new and successful interior. Everything is in its place and intuitively clear, the new steering wheel has become much better and has got the function of heating. The display supports touch input, the seats are even better and have excellent lateral support, which will allow you to feel confident when cornering. The comfort of the rear passengers did not bypass the side, there is also a great place to sit and there will not be fatigue from the far road.

Kia Sorento Prime photo 2015

The rear sofa (if fitted as an option) is also comfortable, but it seems more convenient for children. There is plenty of room in the car, which is only 605 litres of luggage space. The powertrains provide enough power to make you feel confident in climbing and overtaking. The presence of a good level of equipment even in the basic version will not leave anyone indifferent. The availability of all kinds of electrical auxiliary systems to help the driver while driving, as well as the level of safety provided by Korean experts is good news.

The car received excellent marks after passing crash-tests. In the end, I would like to say that Sorento’s 3rd generation KIA crossover turned out to be successful and the best of the whole range of the automobile company. He can compete even with many European competitors. We hope Koreans will not rest on their laurels.

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Kia Sorento Prime photo

Test drive

Video overview of Kia Sorento Prime

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