Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage
  • Car model: Kia
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 1993
  • Body Type: SUV

Kia Sportage’s car played a “major role” in the history of the South Korean car company Kia Motor Corporation. Before this model appeared, the company did not have an off-road version of the car. Today, this car is a front or all-wheel drive “SUV” compact category, and is also in high demand for both male and female customers, and for the nice side of our humanity.

In addition, the car is honored by people of different age categories. The crossover has an original appearance, a good interior, practical luggage compartment and good dynamics. The new crossover due to its unique appearance and thought-out interior is able to compete with many European rivals, having a more democratic price. The whole model range is Kia.

Car history

I generation

Kia Sportage was first introduced to everyone in 1993. The model became the first off-road vehicle of the South Korean automobile manufacturer’s range. The trucks were produced in several body versions.

Photo of KIA Sportage 1993

Crossover has moved modernization in 1999 and has been successfully carried out “on the initiative” in 2004. For what purpose? To free up the conveyor assembly for the second generation.

Interestingly, that in the secondary Russian market of the used cars, debut family KIA Sportage, still has good demand, therefore it is necessary to get acquainted closer with the given off-road car.


The KIA Sportage 1 family is not distinguished by its independence and elegance. The debut edition is characterised by natural proportional lines that create a friendly exterior and inspire confidence in the owner. The body length can be different, depending on what modification the car has – from 3 760-4 340 millimeters. The width of the car is 1,735 millimeters, and the height of the car is 1,650 millimeters. The weight of the vehicle can be from 1,513 to 1,543 kg.

Kia Sportage 1993

The clearance height is 200 millimeters. The body was fixed to the platform and made of reliable metal, which for some reason is covered with rust in separate areas, mainly at the edges of the doors at the bottom and at the rear arches. Given that the rust hides under a plastic dodger, it is advisable to use a special additional corrosion protection treatment.

Interior I generation

Kia Sportage 1 salon of the family is quite spacious and comfortable. The front panel is practical and ergonomic, but after a while it starts knocking, sometimes even very hard. Speaking of front and rear seats, they have a decent level of comfort when driving at any distance.

First Generation KIA Sportage Salon

Finishing materials are pleasant to touch, so they can impress even today. An important disadvantage of the interior is the low noise insulation. Although it is not necessary to be picky, as it justifies such shortcomings insufficient level of technology of times of crossover production, but not greed of the company-manufacturer.

Specifications I generation

In the first generation there were 5 power units, 3 of which operate on gasoline and 2 on diesel fuel. On domestic roads you can often find vehicles with a four-cylinder 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which develops 118 or 128 horsepower.

Auto produced before 1999 is equipped with a 2.0 liter gasoline engine that produces 95 horses. Diesel list of engines is represented by an atmospheric 63 hp engine with a volume of 2.2 liters. It was provided by the company Mazda.

There was also a 2.0-liter 83 hp turbocharged engine. The maximum speed limit did not exceed 172 kilometers per hour, and it took from 14.7 to 20.5 seconds to reach the first hundred. The difference was explained by the installed power pack. Average consumption of engines is from 9 – 14.7 liters for every 100 kilometers.

The KIA Sportage first generation crossover had a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic gearbox. The machine has a front engine layout and could be produced with all-wheel drive, which uses a transmission with a rigid front wheel connection.

Due to the lack of interaxle differential, the all-wheel drive machine’s advantages are limited only by the conditions of ice or bad road. It is also unpleasant, but “distribution” has received a chain transmission, and it starts to make noise after a while.

The independent spring suspension with its very robust construction is at the front, which gives a good service life. As an exception, we can only say for the stabilizer bushings, which can barely withstand 40,000 kilometers of mileage. The rear axle is equipped with a very reliable spring suspension system, which has a long service life (up to 200,000 kilometres). All modifications of KIA Sportage 1 have hydraulic power steering, but on the machines, which were produced before 1999, there was a place for serious problems with the reliability of the “return” tube, which often begins to break.

The front wheels are fitted with disc brakes, while the rear wheels are fitted with the usual drums, which is the order of things for many vehicles of the time. There are no questions about the brakes, they function well. For its time, the model had a fairly extensive equipment. The basic version included a central lock, full electric package, immobilizer, digital clock, adjustable steering column and many other equipment. As of 2012, the cost of the debut Kia Sportage series on the domestic market ranges from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles.

II generation

Exterior II generation

Almost 10 years later, the South Korean company introduced the second generation of KIA Sportage. The car has been significantly changed. The model was a real parquet maker, well obeying the owner no worse than a hatchback. Capacity was almost equal to the minivan. Almost nothing was left from the previous generation of parquet flooring.

The headlights decided to change – now they began to install a reflector scattering light. The glass, which was used for block-lights in the 10-year period, was replaced by polycarbonate. Thanks to the high fit and the fully flat bottom, it was possible to improve the passability.

KIA Sportage 2004

The body’s durability was achieved by galvanizing the body. Since the model has moved into the niche of “parquettes”, it began to have an independent rear suspension and all-wheel drive, which was so popular in those years. The rear axle was connected with a clutch. If necessary, the clutch was locked by force. This allows you to enjoy the all-wheel drive system when necessary.

Interior II generation

The comfort of the Kia Sportage is ensured by its good height. The length of the model is not much longer than the standard car, but above the head there is 12 cm of useful space, which can not but please. Despite the considerable growth, the owner, together with the passengers will feel comfortable and cozy.

The back sofa can accommodate three adults in peace. If you pay attention to the driver’s area, it is very ergonomic, but everything spoils the steering wheel, which is unusually thin and large. Although this is partially compensated by vertical adjustments.

KIA Sportage interior

In all other respects, in the second generation, Sportage thought of everything in detail. Nearby is the ESP toggle switch and all-wheel drive switch. It is a pity that all the advantages of the all-wheel drive system can be felt only at a speed of up to 40 km/h. However, it should not be forgotten that in front of us is not a real SUV, and a simple parquet.

The windows can be operated with the usual movement, but the driver’s window can only be opened automatically for strange reasons. The devices in the South Korean car are easy to read, the climate system is quite intuitive and performs its direct functions well.

KIA Sportage 2004 Salon

The chairs were able to surprise you with the level of comfort – you feel so comfortable that there is no desire to leave the car. It was very disappointing that from the debut generation, the second one got only longitudinal adjustment of the driver’s seat. Taking into account the spacious interior, the extended settings were expected. But those who sit behind, do not feel any difficulties, even if there are the longest legs.

Passengers will be pleasantly surprised by the separate adjustment of each backrest. The luggage compartment in KIA Sportage 2 only looks small from the very beginning. The clever rectangular shape allows you to load up to 320 litres of usable volume. In addition, the loading to the window level is only taken into account here. If necessary, you can fold the backrest of the rear seats, which will allow you to get the length of the luggage compartment up to 124 cm.

Specifications II generation

Kia Sportage 2 comes with three variants of powertrain. Among them there is 1 turbo diesel, 2.0-liter engine and a pair of “engines” operating on diesel fuel, which received a volume of 2.0 and 2.7 liters. The transmission is a manual transmission and “automatic” for the model with a gasoline engine and four-speed automatic gearbox for the “diesel”.

The car is accelerated from scratch, but at a speed of 130-140 kilometers per hour, the sharpness fades slightly. However, such a car does not need to be a racer. The car 175 “hooves” is enough with a head, and the power unit functions quietly enough. Only when the tachometer hand exceeds 4,000 revolutions per minute can it be heard.

2004 KIA Sportage engine

As for the suspension, it turned out to be comfortable and energy-intensive. The crossover is not afraid of abrupt turns, though if accelerated, the car can slightly roll at turns. Availability is included as standard:

  • Hydraulic power steering;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Glass hoists;
  • Central Castle;
  • Conditioner;
  • Ventilation system, which is equipped with a microfilter.

Optionally, ABS, ESP, rails and side airbags are installed. Top-of-the-range variants have a hatch, cruise control and traction control system. After 4 years (2008), the car has undergone modernization, which cannot be called so cardinal. The novelty became brighter to look.

With the help of a new bumper, false radiator grille and lantern edging, the Korean man got an impressive appearance. For the driver and passenger, the free space was increased, and the side external mirrors were increased in size. However, in general, it was the same car, comfortable in the city and at the country house, which, from a financial point of view, looked better if to compare it with competitors.

III generation

Kia Sportage, version 3, appeared in our regions in 2012. And this year can be considered a breakthrough year for the South Korean company. Even middle-class vehicles were able to show their fresh appearance and pleasant interior. Status car Sportage looks not a toy car, but a stylish car, one of the best in the class of SUV.

Exterior III generation

First of all, the car of 2013 is distinguished by its innovative appearance. To be blunt, the exterior of the 3 crossover families was the responsibility of Peter Schreyer, who was responsible for the visual perception of German Audi before joining KIA. Production of crossovers, which are supplied to the European market, which can be attributed to Russia, is carried out at the facilities of the company’s enterprises in Slovakia.

Speaking for the design of the new KIA Sportage 2015, which in some cases is called Sportsmanship, it is worth saying that it serves as the brightest representative of the current fashion trends in the automotive industry. Just in this paragraph, the third version is fundamentally separated from the 2nd generation.

KIA Sportage 3

Previously, the car looked simple, even if it was compared to its own co-platform model Hyuindai Tucson, which was a model of unattractiveness. The new appearance, which is eloquently confirmed by the video review, pushes the car to the only corporate model of the “related” older KIA Sorento 2. There have been no major changes in the exterior of the car. Korean specialists decided that it is better to carry out spot upgrades, which gave KIA Sportage a more modern look. On the other hand, the goal was to preserve the familiar and recognizable body lines.

Speaking of certain changes, the third generation began to have a fresh grille, almost imperceptible retouching of the front bumper and fog lights, new rear LED lights, which are available as an option, antenna “shark fin” and wheel rims of another appearance. The height of the road clearance was 167 millimeters for a car with 17-inch “rollers” and 172 millimeters for cars with 18-inch “rollers”. The curb weight of the car will be from 1,980 to 2,140 kilograms. Weight depends on the chosen equipment.

Interior III generation

The interior of the model was performed using the best traditions of the automotive industry. Everywhere there are a lot of quality materials, and speaking of the very organization of the salon, we can say that it has a high level. The panel installed in the front, along with the door lining, was made of soft plastic. It feels quite pleasant.

Thanks to the two-level centre console, which has a multimedia display and a “climate” control unit, it provides maximum information. The “device” has an original three-cylinder configuration, which provides maximum information.

KIA Sportage salon

The four-spoke steering wheel can be adjusted in height and departure, which, together with a wide range of driver’s seat adjustments, allows for an acceptable landing. The third-generation KIA Sportage interior has a five-seater configuration. But the three passengers in the back row may be slightly short of space in width.

But space in legs here precisely enough, as well as above a head. As a drawback it is possible to allocate absence of possibility of moving on back seats interior or change of a back angle. If to speak for front seats they have not received strongly pronounced lateral support, however, to sit on them enough conveniently.

KIA Sportage 3

An adjustable lumbar support is provided for the driver’s seat. Initial equipment includes upholstery of all seats with fabric, and the “Prestige” version boasts a combined interior design of fabric and leather. If you take the most expensive version of “Premium”, everything will be made of leather inside.

The interior was made in one of 2 color variants – black or grey. On both rows of seats there is a heating function that allows everyone to feel equally comfortable and comfortable in winter. To maintain the optimal temperature inside the car, there is an air conditioner or separate climate control.

Trunk of KIA Sportage 3

Except for a volume trunk, KIA Sporttage possesses weight of branches and pickpockets for safety of different subjects. The salon is equipped with a glovebox, which is more expensive in design has a cooling function, 6-liter compartment under the central armrest and four pockets in the doors.

Two cup holders on the central tunnel and a folding armrest with cup holders on the back seat make you feel comfortable. It will please customers with a holder for glasses on the ceiling. It is also nice to highlight the improved quality of assembly and excellent noise insulation.

Specifications III generation

For the Russians, they provided three engines – one gasoline and two diesel engines. The gasoline engine is represented by a 2.0-liter Theta II engine, which develops 150 horsepower. A pair of diesel engines with the same volume of 2.0 liters is produced by 136 and 184 horsepower. There are gasoline models with front drive, and there are variants with all-wheel drive system.

Power units are synchronized with 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearboxes. Before the upgrade, the machines were operated with a 5-speed manual transmission. Diesel engines are paired with a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission.

KIA Sportage 3

If you take the version with the top engine, only provides a box of “automatic”. Drivers will be pleased with the small fuel consumption, which is on average 8.5 litres for a petrol engine and not more than 6.9 litres for every 100 km. Although the chassis layout has not been changed, some innovations have been introduced.

Korean engineers have changed the SHRUSEs, decided to place the sub-frame on elastic bushings, strengthen the suspension elements, install adaptive shock absorbers High Perfomance Dampers on all versions and reconfigure both suspensions.


You can buy a model of 2015 from $16384. The top version is estimated from $25478.

IV generation

The new Kia Sportage is the fourth generation of the brand. The car of the Korean experts turned out to be ambiguous and can cause different feelings. This car is a compact crossover, built on a joint base with previously demonstrated parquet flooring Hyundai Tucson 3, which replaced the model ix35. The car was presented at the end of September 2015 in Frankfurt.

Exterior IV generation

The front part of the new South Korean car Kia Sportage looks beautiful and bold, partly due to the “two-storey” design with a predatory eye of the optics, wide mouth of the radiator grille and “trunks” of fog lights made of LEDs, which were installed in the front bumper.

Thanks to the new radiator grille, which fits between the two canines, the crossover is given a new freshness. In the center, as well as on the previous models, the company’s nameplate found its place. It’s nice that South Korean engineers have applied new light optics with LED filling.

Front view Kia Sportage 4

Looking at the fog lights quickly, you can almost miss their retouching. The bumper in front has changed its shape a little bit. The latest generation of KIA Sportage 2017 gave him sharp angles that remind him that this SUV is strong and aggressive.

Moreover, the changes also affected the hood, which goes up on the sides and is flat in the center. Speaking in general, the nose part of the Kia Sportage has undergone some changes that have changed the appearance of the car. Thanks to the smoother shape of the body, the engineering staff managed to achieve a coefficient of aerodynamic drag up to 0.33 Cx (the previous model had this figure at 0.35 Cx).

Auto Kia Sportage 4

The side of the car has been opened first. Why? The answer is simple and logical, because there are no changes here. You can find the same doors that have recesses at the base and already familiar side mirrors. The appearance of the wheel rims has been updated and will please with its originality.

The doors are quite large with blown surfaces, high window sills and small windowsills. You can also notice the presence of undersized columns, which run to the back of the roof. The sportiness of the car is achieved by means of a sloping roof, high window sill and “muscular” wheel arches, which can accommodate the wheels, diagonally from 16 – 19 inches.

Side view Kia Sportage 4

The body of the car of 4 generation KIA Sportage 2017, as it is already inherent in many cars of the crossover family, is covered with plastic overlays that are not afraid of scratches. The back looks hot and features stylish U-shaped flashlights and a pair of oval exhaust pipes that are integrated into the rear bumper.

Most of the rear of the car is occupied by the luggage compartment door. Find the handle to open the luggage compartment will not come out. This option is available either remotely or by placing the foot under the bottom of the rear bumper. Following this procedure, a lock will be activated and the door will open itself.

Rear view of Kia Sportage 4

You don’t have to put a lot of effort into loading a piece of luggage, because the bumper is set quite low, which makes it easier to load and unload the luggage. Auxiliary lighting was installed under the door, consisting of several light elements. Speaking of the KIA Sportage 2018 rear bumper, it is as before beveled only in the center, and on the sides continue the forms that come out from the end of the sides.

Interior IV generation

Inside the car, as before, can accommodate no more than five people. Modifications for seven people are not necessary yet. It seems that Koreans themselves do not want to make a minivan-crossover yet. They face another challenge – to improve their own machines to improve their production levels.

After hitting the salon Kia Sportage 4, the presence of upholstery of improved quality is immediately noticeable. The front panel has been updated, and other plastics have been used. The material feels quite pleasant, but in terms of quality, it is the same as it was in earlier versions.

Kia Sportage 4 interior

Fresh entertainment modules were also added and the information system changed. Moreover, a different TFT screen has been added to the instrument board of the new KIA Sportage to display notifications to the owner about possible changes. The shape of the sensors and illumination was changed, which improved the reading and perception of the information. Moving around in KIA Sportage 2018 is now even more convenient and comfortable. Despite the fact that the upholstery of the seats remained at the same level, the side parts became taller.

As a result, the passenger and the driver can feel more confident when cornering and manoeuvring more abruptly. The driver will be very pleased to drive the car, because there are systems that make it even easier to move the car. The steering wheel is firmly in the hands and has not collected a large number of adjustments. All necessary manipulations can be carried out on the central console, under the main display.

Steering wheel KIA Sportage 4

They can be controlled using the control keys. The company is very proud of its revolutionary multimedia system that can change your entertainment expectations in modern cars. Interior also pleases with:

  • Cruise control;
  • Conditioner;
  • Warming up the chairs in the whole salon;
  • All seat ventilation functions;
  • Parktronic;
  • Systems to facilitate exit from parking;
  • Audio systems with six speakers;
  • Swivel castor control;
  • Rain sensor and various security systems.

With the advent of the 4th generation of KIA Sportage 2017, there is more free space not only in length but also in height. The driver’s seat and the adjacent passenger seat received a new design with a stiffer frame, different springs and filling. However, it weighed even less (by 2.5 kg).

Optionally, an electric drive of settings in 10 directions for the chauffeur’s seat and in 8 directions for the front passenger, as well as the function of heating the seats with 3 modes of operation can be ordered. The second row of KIA Sports Diesel is more comfortable because of the low floor level by 40 mm.

The seats received 17-step tilt adjustment from 23-37 degrees. If we talk about the luggage compartment, it has grown from 465 to 503 liters of usable space. The width of the luggage compartment increased by 47 mm. Therefore, the height of the floor of the crossover luggage compartment is about 732 mm from the road.

Rear seats KIA Sportage 4

The South Korean company assures that the car has one of the most comfortable and quiet salons in the class of small SUVs. While the engine is idling, the noise level is 36 dB for gasoline engines and 44 dB for diesel models.

When driving a car with a speed of 100 km/h – the level is equal to 63 dB. In general, the whole interior, including the driver’s seat, has received a design in the style of German pedantry, as if this Korean experts hint at the fact that the main competitor of the crossover is a new series Volkswagen Tiguan. The size of the KIA Sportage allows it to compete with the German.

Specifications IV generation

Mower unit

The changes also affected the power units. They all now function and meet the stringent Euro 6 environmental standards. It will be a gasoline GDI, 1.6 liters in volume, producing 132 horsepower. Next comes the more powerful 1.6-litre T-GDI gasoline, but already developing 177 horsepower.

KIA Sportage 4
Petrol T-GDI

“The engine consumes 7.5 litres per 100 kilometres in combined mode. It can reach the first hundred in 9.1 seconds. Now comes the turn of diesel engine variants and starts CRDi engine, which volume is 1.7 liters, giving 115 horses.

The 2.0-litre CRDi engine completes the range with 136 horsepower as well as a 2.0-litre CRDi engine for 185 horses. They come with 6-speed mechanics or 6-speed automatic transmission. The fuel should last a long time, as the manufacturer has increased the tank capacity to 62 litres.


The engine, volume 1.6, will be synchronized with the six-speed manual transmission. But the 177-power plant works together with 6-speed mechanics or 7DCT (as a separate option). The weakest 115 hp diesel engine works only with a 6-speed manual transmission.

The Dynamax all-wheel drive system on the fourth generation of Kia Sportage has been implemented according to the standard off-road scheme – the standard car comes with a front drive, and the clutch from WIA Magna Powertrain, if necessary, automatically throws up to 50 percent of the torque on the rear wheels.


The fourth series of Kia Sportage was based on an upgraded 3rd generation base with a full-fledged independent suspension, with McPherson racks at the front and a multilever system of systems at the back.

However, there have been changes in the geometry of the installation of the elements of the walkway and sub-frame fasteners, which now use the presence of upgraded lever bushings, other settings of shock absorbers and elastic parts.

The rear suspension has a stiffer sub-frame and twin lower arms. Thanks to the changes in the suspension, it has been possible to reduce noise and vibration from the chassis and improve sharper handling.

Rail steering

The steering was represented by a rack and pinion mechanism, on which shaft the electric power steering is mounted.

Brake system

The braking system is made up of disc brakes, where the front brakes have a venting function. The company has also provided a “sports” version of the GT Line, where there will be a steering R-MDPS with variable pitch of teeth on the rail and variable characteristics of the suspension with a more effective brake package. The automatic gearbox has two clutches.


According to Kia management’s statement, passive and active safety works well on the new Kia Sportage 4. The percentage of ultra-high strength steel used in the bodywork was 51 percent, compared to only 18 percent for the previous model. This made it possible to increase body stiffness by 39 percent when compared to the 3 families. Active safety is the responsibility of automatic braking systems, which know how to identify cars and pedestrians on the road, as well as to stop the car on their own.

Security KIA Sportage 4

There is a device that monitors the uncontrolled exit of the road lane and which alerts the owner with a signal. Engineers have also equipped the car with a system that monitors the lane and adjusts the driving path, a system for setting up long-distance lighting, a speed limit limiter that works together with a signalling device on the road.

In addition, there is a system for tracking blind areas of rear mirrors, a device that monitors the behavior of the car, riding from behind at a distance of 70 meters, a system that helps to safely exit from the parking backwards. It’s a pity, but these systems can only be purchased as a separate option.

Safety is a matter of availability:

  • Frontal airbags;
  • Forward side airbags and curtains;
  • Anti-blocking braking system (ABS);
  • Stabilizing systems;
  • Integrated active control system;
  • Trailer stabilization systems;
  • Assistant on the way down the mountain;
  • Assistant to the mountain start;
  • Second row anchors for ISOFIX;
  • Wheel pressure control systems;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Active head restraints.

Crash test

Complections and prices

Sales of the South Korean crossover Kia Sportage 4 in the Russian Federation began on April 1, 2016. A total of 5 sets of equipment will be available as before. The cheapest set of 2.0 Classic MT with a gasoline powertrain of 150 horses and manual gearbox will cost from $19912. The most expensive top-package 2.0D Premium AT AWD with a diesel engine, volume 2.0, which produces 185 horsepower and works on an automatic 6-speed gearbox, will be estimated from $33553. Basic crossover equipment includes:

  • Availability of front and side airbags;
  • ABS;
  • Stabilizing systems;
  • High Start and Descent Assistance Services;
  • Conditioner;
  • Audio systems and electrically powered mirrors.

KIA Sportage 2015

Optionally, the “Warm Options” package can be installed with front and rear seat heating, steering wheel and windscreen. The Comfort version already features fog lights and LED running lights, rails, electrical adjustments of the driver’s lumbar support, cruise control and the ability to connect smartphones via Bluetooth. There’s also a 17-inch wheel rim. In addition to everything mentioned above, Luxe has a climate control and multimedia system with a 7.0-inch display, navigation system and rear camera.

There is also an upholstery fabric + leather interior. The Prestige version is already equipped with an 8.0 inch display that supports touch screen input, as well as wireless charging for smartphones, panoramic roof, adaptive headlights and emergency braking systems, road sign detection and automatic parking. The wheels are installed with a 19 inch size.

Comparison with competitors

The new Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4 last restyling, Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki Vitara, Mitsubishi ASX II, Ford Kuga II restyling, Mitsubishi Outlander III restyling 2.

More expensive, but still a rival, we can call the model BMW X1 in the body of F48. It is clear that it is not easy to fight for the automobile market of the South Korean company, but on its side there are many advantages, such as, rather democratic price, acceptable quality, modern design and technological novelties.

Owner Reviews

Almost all motorists who own KIA Sportage 4 note the excellent appearance and interior, pleasant suspension, economy, convenience, functionality, quietness, controllability, good equipment and acceptable dynamism. With the help of the new suspension, it is possible to swallow adequately many faults of the roadway.

The level of noise isolation has increased significantly. The owners of KIA Sportage note the good quality of finishing materials and quality of assembly, as for such a price tag. In winter, the car will not disappoint, as it is able to provide heat to the entire interior. The quality of the music system is above average. The rear camera is often dirty, which reduces visibility.

Many other owners also talk about the soft windshield, which quickly collects chips in winter. A car with a four-wheel drive system can pass through where a standard car can get stuck. This is very useful for those who like to go out of town, to the country house or to rest and fishing. It is not necessary to think that in front of you a real SUV, but the car is not only suitable for asphalt.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Interesting and unusual car design;
  • Appceptable ground clearance height;
  • New light amplification technology;
  • Improved aerodynamic performance;
  • Reinforced bodywork;
  • Improved interior;
  • Implementing touch-screens and displays;
  • Cozy salon;
  • Good seats with side support;
  • Extensive luggage compartment;
  • Large list of available options;
  • Good security level;
  • Ecological power units;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Full drive;
  • Many equipment;
  • Technological vehicle;
  • Pretty democratic value;
  • Improved noise safety;
  • Not bad dynamic characteristics.

Cons of a car

  • Plastic and material quality, although better, is still similar to past modifications;
  • Little petrol engines;
  • All available options can only be bought separately, they do not go with the machine;
  • Service price;
  • The panel sometimes starts to squeak;
  • Poor quality of paintwork;
  • The luggage compartment can get water.

Summing up

Summing up the results of the 4th generation of South Korean crossover, you realize that restyling has been good for him. Although the car has not changed much externally, the designers managed to correct many points and existing shortcomings. I am pleased with the appearance of LED lighting system, which has now gained momentum in the global production of cars.

Also, the opportunity to put here rollers up to 19 inches, will not leave anyone indifferent. The luggage compartment opening has been lowered below, which will facilitate loading and unloading of luggage. There aren’t many changes in the cabin either, but there are. The materials used to make the front panel and the seats are of better quality.

New crossover KIA Sportage

However, it’s still worth working with the German machines. The engineers decided to use screens with touch input support, which allowed avoiding the installation of some buttons. Only it is available only in more expensive configurations. Seats turned out to be of high quality, with good side support.

Passengers sitting in the back were not deprived of comfort at all. There is plenty of free space, as well as for the luggage compartment, which has also been increased in volume. The quantity of complete sets as always at Koreans is great, everyone can pick up necessary for itself to taste. The company has not forgotten about the safety not only of the driver, but also of the passengers sitting next to him.

KIA Sportage photo car

Various systems and assistants are responsible for this, as well as bodywork reinforcement, which has made the car stronger and lighter at the same time. Although the engines do not show off power records, they cope with their direct duties.

Technical equipment of the crossover is amazing, Koreans really want to compete with European SUVs. The all-wheel drive system will allow you to drive where simple machines cannot. The fourth generation of the Kia Sportage crossover will be perfect for Russian motorists.

We advise you to read the article: History of Kia Motors

Kia Sportage 4 photo

Test drive

Video overview

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