Kia Ceed

Kia Ceed
  • Car model: Kia
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2006
  • Body Type: Hatchback, Station Wagon

Kia Ceed is a Class C passenger car, which was developed by the Korean company Kia Motors. The cars have been produced since 2006. There are only 3 generations of cars. The last family was presented in October 2018 during the Paris Motor Show. The car was named KIA Pro-Ceed III. The whole model range is Kia.

Car history

Kia Ceed has been given a “huge role” in the history of Kia Motors. It was this “small family car” that was destined to become a “discoverer of the Old World” for Koreans: the vehicle was developed in Europe and especially for European countries. The debut car was demonstrated at the Paris Motor Show in 2006.

The five-handed machine began its existence on the European market in early 2007. Since September, they began to sell a car in the body of a station wagon, and a three-door model from the beginning of 2008. Korean car Kia Cee’d replaced Kia Cerato in Europe. Koreans themselves designate their vehicle as a European car, created for European countries and produced in Europe. In the Kia model list, Sid’s version took a niche between Rio and Optima.

Kia Ceed

The name of this model comes from the abbreviation Community of Europe and European Design.

In 2006, the Koreans introduced a new version of the Ceed, a golf car, which is aimed at the European market. In addition to the 5-door hatchback, the range received a Ceed SW and a three-way version of Pro-Ceed. The first Kia Seed of the 1st generation first came off the production line in December 2006, and in 2009, the vehicle survived the planned upgrade.

Kia Pro-Ceed

The result was a more “tailored” exterior to match the “new corporate style”. The management of the KIA company decided not to change the appearance of the Kia Ceed 1 very much, as the car turned out to be very successful and reliable. Hatchback in the European automotive market replaced another representative of the Korean car industry – KIA Spectra.

I generation (2006-2012)

As mentioned above, the Korean novelty was initially considered as a machine designed only for Europeans. The development was the responsibility of European specialists. To create the design of Kia Ceed Hatchback, the Koreans attracted the best German designers, which as a result had a positive impact on its appearance.

The Kia Ceed 1 car turned out to be laconic and restrained. Ceed has a quiet appearance, soft smooth transitions, which is perfectly intertwined with a measured European character.


The car is almost no different from its “classmates”. The nose area of the car Kia Ceed has a rather neutral appearance. The chrome front grille refreshes the appearance of the Korean hatchback. A rather unusual solution is the hood, which visually connects to the front roof posts. The appearance of the five-door door turned out to be restrained and harmonious.

It feels like such a calm appearance hides the secret of success of Kia Ceed of the 1st generation and its popularity among various categories of car owners. In general, the front end is slightly overlapped because of the shape of the front lighting equipment (headlights of complex shapes), as well as because of the beak of the front grille, which received a chrome edging.

Kia Ceed 2009

The front bumper and its lower air inlet are small in size. On the sides of the bumper KIA specialists have installed fog lights, which perfectly complement the main lighting equipment.

From 9 years of production KIA Ceed dispersed across the European markets with a circulation of more than 1 000 000 vehicles.

The Korean hatchback Kia Ceed side of the 2006 hatchback has the same style as all European vehicles. All elements are equipped with smooth transitions. The arches of the circulating wheels and their Europeans decided to inflate. The arches can be fitted with 17-inch wheel rims. Side mirrors have fashionable repeaters of turns. The height of the ground clearance is quite small – only 150 millimeters.

The body is well protected against corrosion, but unfortunately there is a list of defects that potential buyers should be informed of. Very often, paintwork is wiped off on sills where it comes into contact with shoes when it is brought into contact with the machine. The disadvantages of KIA Ceed 1 generation bodywork also include difficulties with the quality of the paintwork itself. Quite often the paintwork is peeled off on some cars of the first few years of manufacture.

Rear view of KIA Ceed I

Interestingly, this defect appeared on red cars to a greater extent. Most of them were repainted under warranty. In addition, there are signs of corrosion on the rear door around the license plate, as is the case with most KIA Ceed I vehicles. The rear bumper has a rounded shape. It is combined with wide rear posts and parking lights, making the car look elegant and confident.

Kia Ceed Restyling’s design has not received a single sharp line that hints at aggressive qualities. It’s nice to look at the proportions of the body, the roof line flows smoothly to the back. It turned out to be sculptural. The boot rear door is equipped with a large glazing area, correct and convenient configuration, which significantly increases the level of visibility, safety, and practicality.


It is clear that the interior is an extension of the appearance. Elegance and serenity are felt in all elements. The front panel of Kia Ceed 2012 was made of soft, pleasant to the touch plastic, which was pleasantly surprised by its quality. The front seats are quite functional and comfortable.

Their settings will be enough to adjust the seats to almost any type of people. Sitting in the driver’s seat, the eye falls on the ergonomic multifunctional steering wheel, which is adjustable for more comfortable steering.

KIA Ceed I

As for the front torpedo plastic, it’s soft and supple. All controls are installed at hand, so you don’t have to distract yourself from driving. The quality of the finishing materials and the assembly itself is above all praise. Even in the most discreet elements you can feel the quality. If by appearance, many could understand that Sid is an ambitious car, the interior only confirms it.

For example, the “Prestige” version has ceiling handles with a microlift, electric windows with automatic opening/closing function, intelligent turntables and a 2-zone climate system. Any motorist will be pleased with the on-board computer, front seat height adjustment and side support roller adjustment.

KIA Ceed I salon

The general positive image of the factory’s “music”, which sometimes hangs up, is slightly spoiled by the front door handles, which are quickly unraveled, as well as by the squeaks while riding along the rough terrain. It is important to note that this is more true for pre-wrestling machines. The update has made it possible to get rid of these defects.

Specially I would like to mention the quality of noise insulation, which exceeds the standards for vehicles segment C.

The Koreans inside received power windows and a dual-zone climate control system. All cars are equipped with heated mirrors and front seats. In addition, it is easy to operate the updated Kia Ceed 1 of the first generation thanks to the electric power steering. Optionally, a parktronic, rain and light sensor can be installed.

Trunk KIA Ceed I

The inside of the restyled KIA Ceed was a pleasant surprise. The interior stands out from other “classmates”. There is plenty of free space on both the first and second row of seats, so that any passenger does not feel discomfort. Above the head there is enough free space, nothing presses on the head. Luggage compartment of Kia Ceed 1st generation has a volume of 340 liters.

But if necessary, this volume can be increased if you add up the rear seats, which will provide 1,300 liters of useful space. The quality and functionality of the first-generation KIA Ceed cabin is admirable. Taking into account the cost of the Ceed, the cabin was able to surprise with the quality of plastic and quality of assembly.

Technical part

The debut family Kia Siid received 3 versions of the engine, which operate on gasoline and two versions on diesel fuel. The role of the “junior” gasoline engine is performed by a 1.4-liter, 109 hp engine. Next comes a 1.6-liter, 122-horsepower engine. Completes the list of gasoline “engines” 2.0-liter, 143 hp version. The diesel list is as follows: 1.6-liter 115-slit and 2.0-litre 140 hp engine.

In the gasoline lineup, the most famous is the 2.0-liter engine, which received a belt drive of the gas distribution mechanism. This engine was mostly installed in the three-door Kia Pro Ceed model. But 16-valve gasoline engines with a working volume of 1.4 liters were installed in the machines in basic equipment. The diesel range often used a 1.6-liter version.

KIA Ceed I

This engine was equipped with two modifications, the power of which differed: 90 and 115 horsepower. KIA Ceed 2012 trucks in standard version had 5-speed manual gearboxes. Other versions had a 6-speed manual transmission. It was also possible to order a hatchback with 4-speed automatic transmission.

The Kia Ceed SW received a 1.4-liter (until 2011), 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter engine under the hood. However, the suspension of the Kia Ceed St. Sid may have been softer. It is important to understand that the manufacturer focused on the European quality of the road surface, not the Russian one, so the rigid suspension is even an advantage.

The Hyundai-KIA J5 “trolley” was used as the standard platform for the creation of the “Korean”. As for the Kiid Siid 1 suspension, it is produced according to the standard principle. The front end has an independent suspension with McPherson racks, the rear end has double levers, as well as a transverse stability stabilizer. Such a device has a positive effect on ease of operation and comfortable driving Kia Ceed.

But such a device is not famous for its durability. The brake system is represented by disc brakes “in a circle” with the support of electronic systems ABS, EBD. Suspension settings are enough to drive not only on a good road, flat surface, but also on a bad road (which is enough in Russia). “Walking” perfectly copes with unevenness, the car is stable at any speed.

With the help of high-quality noise insulation and decent suspension elements (stabilizers, silent blocks, shock absorbers) to the passengers is transmitted not so many knocks and vibrations from the road. With the help of active control system (electric amplifier + ESP stabilization technology) it assists the owner of Kia Ceed during critical situations, correcting piloting errors.

Standardness and configuration

Now you can buy a Kia Ceed 1 generation car only in the used car market. Kia Ceed has a 30 percent share of the market and the other 70 are given to a five-door Korean hatchback. The lion’s share of the cars has gasoline engines, with an ICPD and automatic transmission, in about a 50/50 ratio.

Kia pro_cee'd EcoDynamics

Vehicles manufactured in 2006-2012 are estimated from 300,000 to 550,000 rubles. In Russia, it was possible to buy a hatchback in 2012 from 589,900 rubles. This amount included a 1.4-liter 109 hp engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. Optionally, it could be purchased:

  • Conditioner;
  • Electric power steering;
  • Electric windows for front doors;
  • Central lock;
  • Adjustable steering column;
  • 15-inch ice rinks.

And here is the “top” variant of “Prestige” cost from 759 900 rubles and had:

  • 6-liter 122 hp engine;
  • 4-speed automatic transmission;
  • Supervision;
  • Dashboard
  • Audio system with MP3, USB and AUX support for 6 speakers.

II generation (2012-2018)

The second-generation Korean “golf five-door” with a factory index of “JD” was officially introduced to the public in 2012. After 3 years, the car went through a small restyling process. Bright appearance of the car is backed up “in a European way” by a quality salon and a wide range of equipment. The model was produced as before in the body of a five-door hatchback, three-door hatchback and wagon KIA Ceed Sportwagon. The Russian market received Korean vehicles of Kaliningrad assembly.


Interesting! Kia Ceed of the 2nd generation again won 5 stars during the Euro Ncap crash-tests held in 2012. It turns out that this is the second consecutive generation to receive the highest security score.

The first family of the popular Korean hatchback played a significant role in the history of the South Korean car company KIA. The car became a pioneer of Europe, and quite popular. The second generation was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, which was held in March 2012. The novelty received all the most necessary elements that helped to increase its success.


The appearance was painted by a real “design guru” Peter Schreyer. Also, it is necessary to note the well-designed interior space. However, in the summer of 2015 (June), the Korean company presented a restyled version of KIA Ceed 2 during a car show in Frankfurt.

Generation 2 appearance

If you compare the car with a prerestyling version, it has an enlarged front bumper, where there are modified fog lights integrated into the front bumper. In addition, the company’s specialists have recycled and enlarged the grille of the false radiator. The update introduced a new pattern of headlights.

Kia Ceed 2 looks like a real European, although the aggressive “front end” with complex slanted headlights, fringed by “garlands” of running lights made of LEDs and its traditional “nose tiger” give Asian roots. The side part of the updated KIA Ceed 2 generation received a wedge-shaped body, beveled roof lines. All this looks quite dynamic and fast.

Kia Sid 2

These light alloy skating rinks fit in well and have a stylish appearance. As standard, they received 15 inches, but can be optionally enlarged to 17 inches. Looks amazing! These stylish wheels are housed in massive wheel arches. Also, Kia Ceed 2 has modern repeaters, located on the side mirrors. The ground clearance height is 150 millimeters. With such a height you can feel good not only in the city limits, but also outside it.

KIA Ceed 2

It’s important to know! The first generation of SIDA from 2010 to 2013 took part in the famous car show Top Gear in the section “Star in a budget car”.

The back of the hatchback now looks much stricter and more solid. The designers have achieved this by installing a fresh, more muscular rear bumper and improved rear lighting. The stern now looked aggressive. A group of KIA designers emphasizes that they were trying to turn the exterior of the second generation Kia Ceed 2017 from rapid to aggressive. The size of the Kia Ceed makes it possible to use the car in everyday driving around the city.

Salon 2nd generation

The interior of the KIA Ceed II generation restyling model, as well as its appearance, looks bright, stylish and European-quality. In front of the driver, the engineering staff has placed a stylish and informative dashboard. It is also interesting that especially for Kia Ceed 2018, the specialists have made an original design of the “dashboard”, which has become more stylish and elegant.

The central console under the ducts boasts a multimedia system with a color screen. Below it there is a block for setting up the “climate”. It is worth admitting that such a performance is found only in expensive equipment. As standard, Kia Ceed 2 has a simple radio and air conditioner. How the dashboard will be filled also depends on the equipment.

Interior of KIA Ceed II

The driver chooses between the standard dials, placed in 3 wells, and the modern Supervision panel, which has an HD display in the center. Soft quality plastic and black gloss or chrome decor were used as finishing materials. Thanks to this equipment, the Kia Ceed 2018 showroom looks more expensive.
<Interestingly, the gloss used by the engineers to decorate certain parts of the cabin is made of a special scratch-resistant material. This is a very good solution, as many competitors have received a glossy finish on the interior details, which are scratched in a short time.

The centre console was turned slightly towards the driver. In addition, it was beautifully decorated and competently arranged. The steering wheel can be adjusted both in height and departure. The front part of the updated Kia Ceed 2 generation cabin is equipped with soft seats with a comfortable profile and unobtrusive side support. There is a sofa for people sitting behind, with optimal seating geometry and individual ventilation ducts.
Trunk of KIA Ceed II

Although there are 3 seats available, only 2 passengers can be comfortably accommodated. There is plenty of free space in all directions. The luggage compartment has received 380 liters of volume. But if you add up the backrests of the rear seats, the volume will increase to 1,318 liters of usable space.

In addition, this way, a perfectly flat floor is achieved, which makes it easier to load luggage. Under the false floor there is a special pallet organizer, and underneath it KIA engineers have installed a compact “spare part” and a set of tools. In general, the interior of the upgraded KIA Ceed 2 has become better and more modern in many respects. The inside of the car is much quieter. Koreans have achieved this by installing more modern soundproofing materials.

Technical characteristics of the 2nd generation

The Kia Ceed 2 is available for Russians with 3 gasoline engines. In the role of a base engine under the hood, the Koreans provided a 4-liter, four-cylinder power plant, which received a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism and a distributed fuel supply system. This is enough to produce 100 horsepower (134 Nm).

Consumption of this version in the combined mode of about 6 liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers. The “basic” engine runs with a 6-speed manual transmission and allows Kia Ceed hatchback to accelerate to the first hundred in 12.7 seconds. Maximum speed does not exceed 183 kilometers per hour.


In the role of “intermediate” engine specialists decided to use a 4-cylinder, atmospheric, 1.6-liter version of the engine, which received a distributed injection system. All this makes it possible to produce 130 “horses” (157 Nm). As for the “fuel appetite”, this “engine” requires 6.4-6.8 liters of gasoline in a mixed cycle.

Average power unit can work together with a 6-stage mechanical or 6-stage automatic box. In order to accelerate up to a speed mark of 100 km/h, it will take 10.5-11.5 seconds. The speed limit will not exceed 192-195 kilometers per hour. The most powerful engine is considered to be the 1.6-liter variant, which has a hexadecimal mechanism and technology of direct fuel supply. This version already develops 135 hp. (164 Nm). The average consumption of this version is 5.9 liters. The top engine has received a 6-range robotic box, which has 2 clutches.

The maximum speed is 195 kilometers per hour. Restyled Kia Ceed will take 10.8 seconds to accelerate from scratch to 100 km/h. All torsional forces are transmitted exclusively to the front wheels. As you can see, the characteristics of Kia Ceed are very interesting. As a platform for the Korean KIA Ceed 2016, engineers decided to use a front-drive base, which implies a transversely placed powertrain. The undercarriage has an independent front and rear design. McPherson-type racks are used, as well as a multilever design. The car is controlled by a rack and pinion steering system, which received an electric amplifier with 3 modes of operation: Comfort, Normal and Sport.

The brake system is represented by disc brakes (the front ones are ventilated), which work together with an electronic system such as ABS. More expensive equipment was received by ESC and Brake Assist systems.  Korean “five-door” is available for Russian customers in 6 configurations: Classic, Classic AC, Comfort, Luxe, Prestige and Premium. The basic version costs at least 739,900 rubles. Such a variant possesses:

  • Sixed airbags;
  • AbS;

Electronic system

  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Two power windows;
  • Lateral mirrors with electric drive;
  • Standard music system, which received 6 speakers.

To have an air conditioner, it is necessary to give not less than 784 900 p. The most “sophisticated” complete set is estimated from 1 169 900 rubles. It has been equipped:

  • 17-inch light alloy rollers;
  • Adaptive xenon headlights;
  • Curricular sustainability, dead zone control and mountain start assistance
  • Separate climate system;
  • “Cruise”;
  • Rear camera;
  • Supervision;
  • Dashboard
  • Multimedia center with navigation system and other.

III generation (2018-present)

The Korean company did not wait for the start of the Geneva Motor Show, so in February 2018 it demonstrated a new Kia Ceed 3 generation hatchback. Officially, the car was presented a little later, at the same Geneva Motor Show. Now, the name of the car lost its apostrophe (Cee’d) – a novelty called simply Ceed.

In addition, the new generation of Kia Ceed received an elegant appearance, European quality interior, powerful, economical power plants and a high level of equipment. Koreans have equipped their “brainchild” with a new platform. It is also interesting that the Kia Ceed range now has no 3-door bodies. As for Kia Ceed Universal in 2019, the model remained in the production program of Koreans.


As mentioned earlier, during the family change, the new KIA Ceed moved from the old J4 trolley to the new K2 platform. As a result, the body size has changed slightly, but not all of them. The wheelbase and length did not change – 2,650 and 4,310 millimeters respectively. However, the car became wider by 20 millimeters and lower by 23 millimeters. Due to the fact that the body was moved backwards, the side of the new Kia Ceed was slightly changed.

This affected the length of overhangs – the front was shorter by 20 millimeters, and the rear, on the contrary, became longer by 20 millimeters. The weight of the car by increasing the percentage of high strength steel in the power structure was reduced by 25 kilograms.

Kia Ceed III

That’s interesting! According to the creators, the new generation of Kia Ceed should become one of the most innovative cars in its class.

Kia Ceed has been developed by 3 generations together with the European specialists of the design center in Frankfurt. Despite the rather loud name of the new stylistic line – “Mature athleticism”, the car turned out to be not as bright and gambling as the manufacturer said. However, it will not be possible to say that the car turned out to be boring.

The front part of the Kia Ceed 3 has original headlights, which received LED running lights “ice cube”, a larger radiator grille in the corporate style “nose tiger”, an impressive bumper, which received a massive central air intake and a “bounce” splitter, as well as a hood with an expressive relief. By the way, the top-of-the-range equipment has the entire front optics with LED filling.

Photo Kia Ceed III

The side part has also been significantly transformed by the engineers. The body was slightly “moved” to the stern, the hood became longer visually, and the rear of the new Kia Ceed 2019 became more vertical. As for the window sill, it is now almost horizontal. Due to the highly forward tilting rear roof post, an arched side glazing contour is formed.

Potential customers will be able to buy a new model of Kia Ceed 3 generation 2019 in one of 12 color options. The wheel arches can accommodate stylish 15 to 17 inch rollers. The ground clearance height is 140 millimeters. The side part is equipped with fundamentally new lamps of overall lighting equipment, which received interesting graphic elements, modified luggage compartment lid with a neat roof-spoiler.

Rear view of Kia Ceed III

The rear door has a number plate that was previously available on the bumper. European experts have completely reformatted the bumper with slanted sections of fog lights on the sides. It is noteworthy that some elements of Kia Ceed 3 echo the elevatorback Kia Stinger. As you can see, the change of generations of Kia Ceed has only been of benefit to him.


Not only the exterior, but also the interior of Kia Ceed 2019 has received a new look. The interior of the “Korean” was affected by a thorough revision, as a result of which the salon received the latest architecture, which can be found in all new models of the company KIA. The front panel was equipped with a fundamentally new configuration. Whereas previously the entertainment system display was integrated into the centre console, now it rises above it.

The modern Kia Ceed 3 multimedia system is equipped with 5 to 8 inch screens. Engineers have decided to give the space that was made available due to this fact to the compact control unit “music” and the laconic panel “climate”. Other innovations of the “front end” include the installation of another steering wheel with a smaller diameter, as well as a new dashboard, which has received a classic circular sensors, which complements the informative display of the “board computer”.

Interior Kia Ceed III

As for the front seats of Kia Ceed 2019, they have a heating and ventilation system, as well as an electric drive. The navigation system and premium “music” can be purchased as an option. The quality of the finishing materials used inside the KIA Ceed 3 generation should be improved, at least as the manufacturer himself says.

The basic equipment will be equipped with a fabric, and more expensive versions – artificial or natural leather. The steering wheel, together with the gear lever, is equipped with leather upholstery as a separate option. In addition, decorative chrome and “metal” inserts are provided.

Kia Ceed III

As the new KIA Seed 2019 hatchback is now lower in height, a team of engineers shifted the rear seat mounting points downwards so that taller passengers are comfortable and their heads do not rest on the ceiling. As a result, there is almost the same amount of free space in the back row as in the previous generation of the KIA Ceed II. The second row has a “friendly” shaped sofa with a folding armrest in the centre.

What made us happy was the increased volume of luggage compartment – 395 liters of usable space, instead of 380 in the second generation of “Koreans”. The Kia Ceed III luggage compartment itself is equipped with the correct shape with even walls. The rear sofa can be folded in proportion of 60/40, which increases the volume to 1,301 litres of usable space. The floor niche is equipped with “docking” as well as tools.


Mower unit

For the Russian market, Kia Ceed 3 must be supplied with three gasoline four-cylinder engines. In the role of the standard is a 1.4-liter atmospheric power plant GDI, which has a multipoint fuel injection, adjustable phases of gas distribution and sixteen-valve gas distribution mechanism type DOHC. This motor produces 100 horsepower (134 Nm).

Next comes a 1.6-liter MPI engine, which received a distributed fuel supply, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism, as well as a system of phase change gas distribution. As a result, the 1.6-liter engine develops 128 “horses” (157 Nm).

Kia Ceed III

As a top-of-the-range variant, KIA has provided a 1.4-liter T-GDI power plant, which has a turbocharger, direct fuel injection, exhaust and inlet phase rotators, as well as a sixteen-valve hydraulic fracturing machine. This variant is capable of producing 140 horsepower (242 Nm).


As for the atmospheric engines, they are synchronized with the six-speed manual transmission. But as a separate option, a 6-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission can be purchased for the 130 hp engine. The turbocharged 1.4-litre engine works in conjunction with a 7-range robotic, dual-clutch box. All torsional forces are transmitted only to the front wheels.

To accelerate up to 100 kilometers per hour, the “five-door” will take 9.2-12.6 seconds. The speed limit is 183-205 kilometres per hour. Kia Ceed 3 generation engines will consume 6.1 to 7.3 liters of mixed mode gasoline for each hundred kilometers, depending on the modification.


The third generation of the Kia Ceed is equipped with a front-drive platform “K2”, which means the transverse placement of the power plant. The power structure of the machine body has a large amount of high-strength steel. The front and rear wheels of the new Kia Ceed 2019 are equipped with independent suspensions with hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bars.

The front wheels have classic McPherson tines and the rear multilevers. The machine is controlled by a rack and pinion steering mechanism, which is complemented by an electric power steering. The Kia Ceed 3 brake system has circular disc brakes (front ventilated). It also supports ABS, EBD and other electronic systems.

In addition, the vehicle has a system for selecting the setting modes, called “Drive Mode Select”. It has two algorithms of work – “Normal” and “Sport”. With the help of this system the character of the vehicle adapts based on the preferences of the owner, changing the characteristics of the power unit. In addition, the sensitivity of the accelerator and steering changes.


For a more pleasant driving, the driver himself should be as calm as possible. That’s why Kia Ceed 3 has the most advanced technology to guarantee passengers the highest level of safety. For example, the car has a lane retaining technology. The LFA technology is able to track the acceleration of the vehicles in front of the vehicle, which makes it easier to drive in traffic jams and improves safety.

The technology has taught you how to use a camera and radar sensors to maintain a safe distance and track road markings. In this case, your hatchback will always be in the middle of your lane. The LFA operates at speeds ranging from 0 to 130 kilometres per hour. In addition, in order to increase the safety of Kia Ceed 3, experts have installed intelligent technology that helps the driver during parking.

This technology simplifies the parking process by taking control of the vehicle’s movement. All the owner needs to do is change gears and use the accelerator pedal. And using intelligent cruise control with the function of traffic in traffic jams, which uses the camera and radar, maintained the necessary speed of the Korean hatchback, as well as the distance to the front car.

The technology is able to maintain the necessary distance from the front vehicle, reducing the speed of the vehicle in an automatic manner. When the front car accelerates again, the Korean car will do the same. When the vehicle in front of it starts to brake and the system cannot maintain the necessary safe distance, SCC technology will reduce the speed to a full stop. Such a system is very important for traffic jams.

The new 3rd generation Kia Ceed is still equipped with a system that prevents frontal collisions. While the standard FCA system is able to detect vehicles moving forward, Kia Ceed customers will receive a more expensive feature to recognize pedestrians who cross the road. Using a camera and radars, this technology is able to track speed and distance. If there is a risk of collision, FCA will notify the owner of this visual signal.

If KIA Ceed of the 3rd generation is equipped with an optional function that can recognize pedestrians, the steering wheel will additionally be responsive to noticeable vibration. If the hatchback manager does not respond to such signals, the new Kia Ceed will use the brakes automatically to avoid collisions or reduce the negative consequences. To protect the driver in blind spots, KIA has implemented a blind spot tracking system.

It also uses radar sensors, which allows it to scan blind areas of the car and alerts the owner of the light signal on the external mirror when there is another car. The BSD assistant will help you to rebuild safely. If the driver uses a turntable and the BSD technology notices other machines in the next row, the option will inform the driver of Kia Ceed 2019 by means of a signal on the outside mirror.

Kia Ceed III’s security systems don’t end there – it’s obvious that Koreans are trying to pay due attention to the issue of security. They have added speed limit warning technology to their new hatchback. Thanks to this system, you will always have the necessary information about the speed limits in operation. This function can read signs that limit speed and prohibit overtaking, thanks to the front camera (mounted on the windshield), as well as display the necessary icon on the screen “navigation” and “devices”.

Also new to Korea is an assistant when leaving the parking lot in reverse. This technology can warn you when you leave the parking lot or garage if other vehicles are approaching. In this case, the radar is also used. Nor is there a system to monitor tire pressure, which always monitors the wheel. This technology is able to inform you about the reduction in tire pressure thanks to the indicator on the “device”.

The list of safety systems is supplemented by an emergency braking warning service. It automatically notifies car owners who drive behind them of an unpredictable stop. Alarm lights will flash more frequently in this situation. Engineers have provided front and side airbags and air curtains directly in the passenger compartment.

Kia Ceed

In a forced situation, the driver is assisted by the emergency braking technology required to brake more effectively when unexpected situations arise. Statistics show that during the operation of this technology, the braking distance of the car is reduced by 15-20%, which can sometimes save lives. BAS technology is able to determine whether the owner presses the brake pedal to determine whether the situation on the road surface requires emergency braking.

And with the integrated active control system, the machine can remain stable during simultaneous braking and cornering. In this case, the stabilization system and electric power steering help. To ensure that Kia Ceed does not unwittingly leave its row, the Koreans have a lane-holding technology that continuously monitors the marking on the road, using a camera mounted on the windshield.

Almost no one is surprised by the useful technology of help during the start in the mountains, preventing dangerous rolling back. For a more comfortable and safe ride, the KIA Ceed 2019 is equipped with LED headlamps with a high beam assistant. In this case, the front camera, which recognizes the headlights of the oncoming car, is also used. For Russia, the ERA-GLONASS emergency communication technology is also provided, which is used in case of emergency situations. Complements the brake system, as mentioned earlier, electronic technology ABS.

Complete sets and prices

A lot of people are interested in the price of Kia Ceed. Kia Ceed SW price is not less than 1 069 900 rubles For domestic buyers Korean hatchback 3 families are available in 6 sets: “Classic”, “Comfort”, “Luxe”, “Prestige”, “Premium” and “Premium+”. The basic equipment of Kia Ceed already has a 100 hp engine and 6-speed manual gearbox. The cost of the machine in this version is 949,900 rubles. The “Classic” version has:

  • Sixed airbags;
  • Conditioner;
  • Electric windows on all doors;
  • AbS;
  • Electronic system
  • Light sensor;
  • Heating the side mirrors and washer nozzles;
  • Technology ERA-GLONASS;
  • Audio system with 6 speakers;
  • 15-inch steel rollers and stuff.

For the car, under the hood of which installed a 128-horsepower “atmospheric” and manual gearbox in the same version will need to be given at least 979 900 rubles. Lovers of the box “machine” must pay another 40 000 rubles. Version with turbocharged motor will cost not less than 1,149,900 rubles. Top equipment costs from 1,459,900 rubles. This version was received:

  • Full LED optics;
  • 17 inch light alloy rollers
  • Electric powered hatch;
  • System for monitoring blind spots;
  • Rear parking assistance technology;
  • Adaptive cruise;
  • Technology that recognizes road signs and brakes automatically;
  • Double-zone climate control system;
  • Entertainment 8-inch center;
  • Rear camera;
  • Forward and rear parktronic;
  • JBL audio system and a whole list of modern “chips”.

As can be seen, the prices and equipment of Kia Ceed 2019 are quite interesting, especially if we compare them with the leading European competitors as well.


Although the latest generation of Koreans looks great both inside and out, some owners do resort to Kia Ceed tuning. However, it rarely touches the exterior or interior. Drivers are interested in Kia Ceed chip tuning, which allows to increase the power plant capacity. It is very important to carry out such work only with specialists to avoid many unwanted problems.

Comparison with competitors

The “Korean-European” model Kia Ceed 2019 has plenty of rivals. But the main rivals of the car include Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Mazda 3 and Chevrolet Cruze.

Owner Reviews

Feedback from Kia Ceed 2019 owners is mostly positive. The latest third generation of Koreans is much better than previous KIA models. Drivers note a good suspension for both bad and good surfaces. It is evident that the design department has worked for the glory. The interior decoration of the salon is good. There is everything necessary for the modern driver – heating of the steering wheel, armchairs, full electric package, “climate”, music system and so on.

All organs are conveniently located, everything is informative and intuitive. The height of road clearance, which is clearly higher than that of previous generations, made us happy. Also, feedback from Kia Ceed 3 owners indicates a good 6-speed mechanical box. Inside the car in winter time it is warm enough. It is necessary to tell about the improved appearance and stylish front lighting.

Many owners of Kia Ceed 2019 are satisfied with a fairly small consumption of gasoline. Luggage compartment is very spacious. The quality of noise insulation is a little upset, the stands slightly interfere with the view. Sometimes you can hear the knocking of the back shelf on the bumps, which is typical for many hatchbacks.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Stylish appearance;
  • May install large wheels with original design;
  • Modern front optics;
  • Sporty design;
  • Big back door
  • Comfortable, functional salon;
  • Qualitative finishing materials and good quality of the assembly itself;
  • Comfortable seats with heating function;
  • Information dashboard;
  • Large multimedia display on the centre console;
  • So much free space;
  • Capacious luggage compartment;
  • Slight fuel consumption;
  • High security level;
  • There are many electronic systems to help the driver;
  • Not bad motors;
  • Good mechanical 6-stage box;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Good manageability;
  • Reverse suspension.

Cons of a car

  • Dynamics far from ideal;
  • The quality of the noise insulation suffers.

Summing up

What can we say at the end of our article on Kia Ceed? The last 3 generations of hatchback have improved in many ways. The car has become more modern in appearance, received a stylish optics, original wheel rims. Inside it also became much better. A separate entertainment system display appeared. I am pleased with the pleasant and comfortable dashboard, comfortable front seats, which received a heating function.

There is enough space on the first and second row. Although it is possible to put three people in the back, only two of them will be comfortably placed. The luggage compartment is slightly larger, which increases the practicality of the car. It’s nice that the new Kia Ceed 2019 has “moderate fuel appetite”. However, the dynamics are not always enough. The quality of the noise insulation could be better.

Kia Ceed 2019

A large number of different electronic systems are available for the driver. Special thanks are due to KIA for the high level of safety. You can be sure that after the release of the 3rd generation of Kia Ceed, this car will have more fans!

We advise you to read the article: Kia Motors History

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