Subaru Forester 4

Subaru Forester 4
  • Car model: Subaru
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

Subaru Forester is a wonderful car that combines both the features of a city car and an SUV, produced by the manufacturer Subaru. Today, crossovers are increasingly trying on “glamorous clothes”, while getting rid of even the smallest opportunities to conquer the impassability, and turn into an ordinary urban dweller. Among them is the fourth generation of Subaru Forrester, which has been faithful to its own traditions for many years.

Looking at it, you immediately notice the “male” appearance, and without an alternative all-wheel drive system. Following the last restyling the off-road car has received small improvements in the interior and got rid of the mechanical gearbox for the automotive market of Russia. If we compare Subaru Forrester 2016 with its previous version, it has slightly grown in size and, despite various restylings, remained fully recognizable. The whole model range is Subaru.


After another restyling car decided to present at the Motor Show in Tokyo in October 2015. Sales in the Russian Federation were launched in spring 2016. The appearance of the new car is even more modernized. The changes also affected the interior decoration. A lot of work was done to modernize the suspension. Despite the rather long period of time in the car market (more than twenty years), the new Subaru Forester continues its history, and it should be said, quite successfully.

It can not be called a full-fledged SUV, despite its 22 centimeters of ground clearance, but it can not be called a parquet truck, because it has a fair all-wheel drive and an unkillable suspension. This car is undergoing changes from year to year, not so brightly, as to change its structural component for the better, in fact, makes no sense.

Subaru Forester photo car


The fourth family of the Subaru Forrester was decorated in a modest and rough style, which makes it unmistakably recognizable among other cars. Most of the design work was focused on the front of the car. The radiator grille has six facets together with the “sharp” headlamps, which are equipped with LED headlights, and the front bumper, which can be either standard or “sporty” with its inherent “nostrils” in fog lights. The grille of the false radiator has a chrome frame with a bar for placing the logo of the car company.

Subaru Forester 4

The side part of the Subaru Forester 2016 is distinguished by muscular and solid proportions with “bloated” wheel arches, in which the light alloy wheels designed for 17 or 18 inches are sheltered. You can also see the side part of the rib and a large area of glazing on the side. The majestic rear part of the off-road vehicle was typically designed for such concepts.

Among them are compact lanterns, a characteristic luggage compartment lid and a bumper into which one or a couple of exhaust pipes have been integrated, depending on the equipment chosen. The updated model of the Japanese car has become more dynamic and technological, and at the same time more attractive. Rapid silhouette of the nose part is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Photo of Subaru-Forester

Interestingly, the optics and the radiator grille turned out to be like a new one Impresees 4. There are also new rims with a different design. In general, the fourth generation has a lot in appearance similar to the third family. Due to the fact that the novelty has grown in size, the doorways have become even more, which has led to an improvement in comfort.

It is important that despite such changes in size, Subaru Forrester has not gained too much weight. The use of high-strength steel played an important role here. There are other innovations that are not noticed by the naked eye, but they are very important.

Subaru-Forester side viewThe design department assures that thanks to some changes the body has acquired a stiffer frame, which has led to a decrease in the level of vibration when driving on a bad road. Generally speaking, the exterior of the crossover has been able to retain its recognition parameters, as the changes in the design plan of the updated Subaru Forrester 2016 have a more cosmetic slope than the radical one.

For example, the new lighting technology mentioned above is able to illuminate a turn and, when present in front of a moving object, to change the main beam to the near one in an automatic order. Despite the many similarities with its direct predecessor, Subaru Forester 2016 has become more solid and modern.

Rear view of Subaru Forester 4Also, although there are a lot of assemblies and units unified with other machines of the company, the new Subaru Forester is quite charismatic and bright, as evidenced by its radically unfashionable appearance. Well, who’d want to charm him, wouldn’t you say? And why would you do that? A Japanese is unlikely to be the right choice for the “clubbing” youth, who are still attracted to the brilliant chrome-plated glamorous crossovers. In fact, we are facing a full-fledged men’s car.


The Subaru Forester 2016 salon looks as laconic, functional and aesthetic as ever. The instrument panel looks spectacular, all elements of settings are quite clear and easy to work with. Soft plastic is used in the top panel finish. At the levers of turntables the functionality has been changed, the zone of wipers has not changed and as usual has the function of heating, and the windshield washer begins to work when the checkbox is pressed. The steering wheel is equipped with keys to control the multimedia and other systems.

In the most comfortable equipment for seats were provided increased fit, comfortable backrest and a wide range of settings. In general, the interior of the car contains the best traditions of quality and ergonomics of the Forester model, but taking into account all this, it looks quite modern.

From the area of novelties we can distinguish the security service, which has incorporated such components as emergency braking system, adaptive cruise control, help in climbing and descending. With these novelties, the driver can feel safe and secure in all weather conditions.

As soon as you get inside, the space inside is immediately noticeable. From the very beginning, this brand was distinguished by excellent capacity, but the new family of free space has become even more. In the “top” version the quality interior finishing was used. It is clear that in the standard version of the materials are not marked at a high level, but everything is done qualitatively, soundly and meets current standards. The multimedia system has acquired a six-inch screen. The multifunctional steering wheel has the correct shape, very convenient and cute.

The screen mentioned above displays information from the onboard computer and a certificate on the functioning of the transmission with all-wheel drive. On the central console there are 3 “lamb” of 2-zone climate control system. Though in the interior of Subaru Forester there are no expensive and exquisite elements, but there are no cheap materials there, which can’t but please. The quality of assembly corresponds to the high European level. In the top equipment for armchairs offered finish of leather. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in 10 directions. In addition, a position memory function is available.

Rear sofa has received the function of heating already in the standard equipment of the Japanese vehicle. For people who sit on the back row, there is a comfortable sofa with an adjustable angle of inclination of the back, as well as a folding armrest and a solid reserve of free space on all sides.

Thanks to the variator, which is less noisy, as well as thicker door windows, inside the upgraded Subaru Forester 2016 you can feel less vibration and noise. As a separate option, the Harman/Kardon Premium Speaker System is available with eight loudspeakers with a total power output of overwhelming 440 watts This will be enough to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding audiophiles.

Rear seats Subaru Forester 4Luggage compartment has 500 litres of free space. As in previous models, the 4th generation has the usual pockets, rear seat folding keys to increase the volume of the trunk, socket and cargo hooks.
Is it really that great? No, but there is a spoonful of tar – it’s a transmission floor tunnel that protrudes. But if necessary, you can increase the free space inside the SUV Subaru Forrester, by folding the rear seats, which results in 1,577 litres of usable space.

Luggage compartment Subaru Forester 4It’s nice to have an almost flat floor, which allows you to transport the dimensions of the elements. Under this floor, a spare wheel has found its place.



The fourth generation restyled car will be delivered to the Russian car market together with a pair of gasoline atmospheric power units, which are four-cylinder with horizontal-opositional arrangement of cylinders, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism of DOHC type with AVCS function and multipoint fuel injection.

Synchronized motors with Lineartronic wedge variator and all-wheel drive system with active distribution (AST), where there is a multi-disc coupling with electronic control. The standard torque is distributed in a 60/40 ratio, where most of the torque goes to the front wheels, but depending on driving conditions, these figures may vary.

Subaru Forester 4 engine

The standard equipment includes a two-liter powertrain with 150 horsepower. Such an engine allows the crossover to reach the first hundred in 11.8 seconds, and the maximum speed of 192 km / h. Subaru Forrester’s consumption is 7.9 liters per 100 km in a combined cycle.

The top-of-the-range equipment already has an engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters and a power of 171 horses. After 9.9 seconds the SUV already reaches the mark of 100 km/h, and its maximum speed is 196 km/h. In the mixed mode the fuel consumption of Subaru Forester is 8.2 liters per 100 km.

Also available is the 241-horsepower gasoline powered Subaru Forester engine – it was designed for Europeans, for Americans there is a 250-horsepower variation, and for the Japanese there is a 280-horsepower engine.



All the above mentioned engines are paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The turbine motor only comes with a variable speed gearbox. There will be a diesel engine – its volume is 2.0 liters and it gives out, no less than 147 horses and works in pair either with a variator or with a 6-speed manual gearbox.


Speaking of racks, the Japanese used McPherson in front of them and a multileverage behind them. Everywhere there is a full independent multilever suspension. The engineering staff was able to reconfigure it in order to improve smooth running and increase energy consumption. In terms of design, the reinforced suspension remains the same as it was before, but there are many changes.

After the update, you can find here the presence of more rigid brackets for the stabilizer transverse stability, stiffer struts and levers. It was possible to replace all silentblocks together with rubber bushings on more durable, and rubber bumpers have decided to exchange for springs to reduce noise levels. The rear sub-frame, to which the multilever system is mounted, acquired thickened steel, and the hinges are not even found – in return they were installed rigid silent blocks.

Suspension Subaru Forester

Rule control

The Subaru has an electric power steering. As a result of restyling, specialists have changed the gear ratio in the steering unit from 15.5:1 to 14.0:1. As a result, the steering became more informative.

Brake system

An efficient braking system with disc brakes on all four wheels is provided. The front wheels are additionally ventilated. ABS and ESP systems are available.


The fourth generation Subaru Forester off-road vehicle is 4,560 mm long, 1,780 mm wide and 1,700 mm high. The length of the wheelbase is 2 615 mm, clearance is quite large – 215 mm. Thanks to similar road clearance, the crossover can freely feel almost on any covering. Weight of the machine – from 1,499 kg.

Subaru Forester drawing


To increase the safety of the Subaru Forester, the body frame of the ring-shaped profile is reinforced. This technology makes it possible to dissipate and dissipate the collision energy in the event of impact. The body frame is made of high-strength steel, which combines light weight and rigidity.

It has also been decided to use a powertrain that shifts during the collision. As a result, the SUBARU BOXER engine has been absorbed by the SUBARU BOXER engine and the collision force transmission during frontal impact and the displacement of these components from the cab, which will provide the necessary safety for the driver and the passenger sitting next to him.

Pedestrian protection is also well thought out. Thus, there are special places for absorbing the impact force to reduce the level of injury to the pedestrian when hitting with the car. There is an energy-absorbing bumper and special areas near the windscreen wipers.

For the new Forster, front and side airbags for the front passenger and driver have been provided, as well as curtains for both rows of seats and knee pads for the driver. The height-adjustable front seatbelts have a pretensioner. The seats are equipped with a rigid frame, tight head restraints and shock-absorbing fasteners installed inside the seat springs to reduce the chance of spinal injury.

Test crash

The fourth generation of the European specification Subaru Forrester has been able to withstand the stringent EuroNCAP test requirements, which provide a mixed assessment of the groups of “Adult Passenger Safety”, “Child Safety”, “Pedestrian Safety” and “Presence of Auxiliary Security Services”. The new Forester was able to gain good marks in all 4 test criteria and won 5 EuroNCAP stars.

The SUV managed to demonstrate the maximum level of protection of the entire passenger’s body in a frontal impact with a barrier, and the bumper installed in front of it was the highest rating for pedestrian leg safety.

Automotive company Subaru never ceases to improve its own original reinforced frame, which contributes to a rapid branching of the collision force on impact. In terms of safety, the fourth generation of Subaru Forester is on par with Mitsubishi Outlander and Honda CR-V 2015.

It is worth admitting that Outlander is losing out on security equipment, and he is also winning over Honda. The frontal impact of the passenger cabin integrity has not damaged.

Subaru Forester 4 car

Moreover, the car provides security for the hips and knees of the driver and the passenger sitting next door, but as far as the chest is concerned, it may suffer minor damage. A lateral collision with another vehicle provides the driver with safety throughout the body, and a minimum degree of protection has been applied to the chest in the event of a collision with a pole.

In rear impact, the armchairs and head restraints do not allow for any serious damage to the occupants. The Japanese car is well worried about the protection of small children, from 18 months to three years of age.

Subaru Forester 4 2016The movement of the child sitting in front of the vehicle remains at a minimum level, and in case of a lateral collision they are fixed in the restraints, which reduces the chance of contact between the head and a rigid element of the cabin to zero. The test has shown that despite the relatively safe front bumper, the front edge of the bonnet carries with it a danger in all areas.

Owner Reviews

Despite the fact that it has not yet been a long time after the start of sales in the Russian Federation, the owners of the 4th generation of Subaru Forrester already have some opinion. Drivers agree that the car is universal, comfortable and comfortable.

The crossover deserved high points for the proper degree of safety. Many people are attracted by the fact that the model is assembled directly in Japan. Perhaps, the biggest drawback is the high cost – and that, it happens because of fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate. The model is perfect for adults who are men who know what they want from life. The pendant is simply designed for broken roads, mud and countryside. The car knows its business and to this extent it has not changed by a single gram, after another update.

Japanese specialists have managed to create a quality and reliable suspension, which is not afraid of the killed road. Moreover, it is quite soft and allows you to feel confident on almost any part of the road at any time of year.

Complete sets and prices

In the Russian Federation, the fourth generation of Subaru Forester 2015 is estimated at $25088,31. Basic equipment has 6 airbags, ABS, ESP, lift start assistance function, 2-zone climate control, fog lights, fabric interior upholstery, electric adjustment and seat heating function, electric windows on all doors, standard music and 17-inch wheel rims.

The medium equipment of the Subaru Forester has an additional rear view camera, bi-xenon optics of the front lighting with washers. For this equipment, you will have to pay from $28240,43. Top configuration of the SUV comes with a 2.5-liter engine, cruise control, light and rain sensors, leather upholstery, multimedia center with a 7-inch display and off-road assistance system “X-mode”. Such a top version is estimated from $32868,98.

Subaru Forester 4 car picture

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Good cross-country ability;
  • Excellent controllability;
  • Resistant ground clearance;
  • Nice suspension;
  • Excellent visibility due to high planting;
  • Capacity for transporting oversized cargo;
  • Capacity for transporting oversized cargo
  • Li>Like low fuel consumption;
  • Almostly spacious luggage compartment;
  • Many free space inside the car;
  • Qualitative assembly;
  • Presence of bi-xenon lighting;
  • Good dynamic car;
  • Stylish, modern and aggressive exterior design;
  • Nice, quality and modern interior;
  • Inside the machine there’s a beautiful ergonomics;
  • Comfortable multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Adjustable seats (the driver’s seat is adjustable in 10 positions and also has a memory function);
  • Improved centre panel with 7 colour touchscreen display;
  • Improved cabin noise insulation;
  • Providing a high level of safety not only for the driver and passengers, but also for other road users and pedestrians
  • Honest four-wheel drive system;
  • Large wheels;
  • New lighting system for improved visibility at night.

Cons of a car

  • Expensive parts;
  • High price of components;
  • Many details are complex in their design;
  • Not all service stations are capable of repairing the car, which can only be done in service centers, and the prices there are appropriate
  • Mediate noise isolation;
  • No route computer;
  • After a while, the back door begins to squeak and tap;
  • Many number of cupholders are able to hold the cans, but the bottles fall out all the time.
  • Higher value;
  • Torsion tunnel.

We sum up

Summing up the results of the Japanese SUV of the 4th generation Subaru Forester, I would like to notice at once that the car has not lost its former attractive qualities, but on the contrary, has acquired new excellent properties. The appearance has been slightly improved. There is a new front lighting. Clearance Subaru can’t help but attract by its cross-country ability, which will undoubtedly be a good thing, given the quality of our roads, and even when driving off-road. I am glad that the designers have not reduced the space in the cabin, it is enough here.

And the luggage compartment, which already has a large capacity, if necessary, can be increased by adding up the backrests of the seats, which will make it possible to transport large-size cargo. Power units went to the Japanese quite priemistye, which will allow you to feel confident in overtaking, moving up the mountain. It is pleasant to strengthen the safety level of the car and to receive well-deserved EuroNCAP awards.

Subaru Forester 4 crossover

Despite the rather powerful engines, they are known for their low fuel consumption. Forrester’s passability allows it to be used even where a simple car will not pass, which allows the system of full drive. It can be used for traveling, resting with your family, and in general using the car every day – it won’t bother you. If to speak in general, this car turned out to be an appropriate “addition” to the family Forester.

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Subaru Forester 2015 photos

Test drive

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