Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ
  • Car model: Subaru
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Body Type: Coupe

The Subaru BRZ was created in cooperation with Toyota. The rear-drive coupe was presented in late November 2011 in Tokyo. BRZ stands for Boxer Rear-Wheel Drive Zenith. In a word, the opposing engine, the rear drive and some zenith. When 2014 came, the Japanese company released an upgraded version of the coupe. In addition, the majority of motorists in Russia will be pleased with the increase in the quota. The modernization also affected the next year 2015. As a result, the vehicle has undergone minor technical changes.

Restyled versions of Subaru BRZ 2017 will be sold in North America in August-September 2016. The cost of the model will be at least $25500. Later, the car will be delivered to other countries. During the modernization, the two-door sports car was slightly improved exterior, the saloon was updated, the opposing power unit was adjusted and a more rigid and clasped suspension was installed on the car. The whole model range is Subaru.


If you look at the photos and videos that relate to Subaru BRZ, it immediately becomes clear that describing this machine is not so easy. However, we will try to do it. We should start with the fact that the appearance of Subaru is actually original and unique, we can say inimitable.

The nose part of the Japanese car is distinguished by the presence of droplet-shaped optical lighting system, in which each head lamp consists of a rim, consisting of LEDs and forming a daytime running light. A large front bumper with a spoiler in it. You can also see the elegant trapezoidal grille, cleverly installed “foggers” and smooth lines of the body. After viewing the front of the car, there is only one admiration.

Front view of Subaru BRZ

The body of the car looks fast, the hood is long and the roof is shaped like a dome. The posts in front of the car look very cool, and the rear mirrors have received graceful legs. Looking at the Japanese car from the side, its sporting qualities and “soul” are immediately evident.

This can be noticed by the relief inflated wheel arches, elegant wings, two powerful doors, beautiful sporting exterior mirrors, sills, stylish rims. The fact that BRZ received the doors without window frames is also pleasant. Absolutely all the lines and appearance of the car are delightful!

Side view of Subaru BRZ

The rear part is made in the form of a sports car, and gives the car a beautiful appearance. It is worth noting at once that the body is quite low, which provides a low center of gravity. Due to this, the car experiences less overload during a steep turn.

The Japanese bodywork was made with high strength steel, the hood was made of aluminum, and the rear windows were thinner than the front ones. Subaru BRZ’s stern has beautiful optics, stylish dimensions, which are slightly similar in design to the front.

Subaru BRZ view from behind

The massive rear bumper has a diffuser in its place, along with fog lights and a pair of separated on both sides of the exhaust pipes. The sound from the exhaust system is quite pleasant, which will be appreciated by many car enthusiasts. The luggage compartment door is equipped with an engineering and design staff, a small and neat, but unusual spoiler, which is complemented by side wings.

Judging by the external characteristics of the Japanese, it is simply not possible to call it a classic car with sports qualities. By all parameters it is noticeable that the car was designed for a high-speed driving style. The design staff managed to fulfill the main task – to provide consumers not with a banal appearance, but something original, in other words, a unique look.

Subaru BRZ sports car

To confuse this car with any other, it will be difficult, except, of course, Toyota – after all they are rather similar. As for the choice of color of body painting, here you will be upset, because for the automobile market of our country only one variant of painting is provided – saturated blue color. However it is not necessary to worry strongly for similar cars on roads not so much – to be allocated all the same to turn out.


As for the interior of the Japanese two-door door, everything is assembled with high quality, but not very expensive materials. In Russia, this car will be produced only in a single, however, quite full configuration. To get behind the steering wheel of Subaru BRZ, you first need to open the door, move your foot over the threshold with a wide design and overlay of aluminum.

Sitting on the driver’s seat, it is noticeable that it has a rather low seat. It has a strong anatomical profile and a characteristic side support. The upholstery of the armchairs was made of genuine leather and Alcantara, which shows a stylish red stitch.

Subaru BRZ steering wheelSubaru BRZ instrument panelSubaru BRZ gearbox

Subaru BRZ Salon

By the way, it can be traced not only on the seats, but also on the steering wheel trim, gearshift handles, parking brakes, door cards. It is able to refresh the gloomy interior. The steering wheel is quite comfortable and also has a leather finish, but still looks simple.

The instrument panel has three radii, where the center is the engine speed sensor with a digital speedometer window and on-board computer screen. The front panel, to confess, did not cause such pleasant sensations as the exterior of the car. In the center is a radio with CD, MP3, AUX, USB and six speakers, and underneath them is a climate control unit with comfortable nut-shaped knobs.

Subaru BRZ photo salon

The steering column can be adjusted in four directions, and the driver’s seat in 6 directions, which allows you to choose the best position for driving. The luggage compartment has 243 liters of free space, and if necessary, you can fold the back of the back row, thereby increasing the useful space.

In spite of the fact that the car is considered to be a two-seater one, it will be more truthful to call it a 2+2 formula – there are still places for passengers behind, though it is extremely small. For children or luggage compartment – there will be just enough space there.



It is no coincidence that Japanese engineers take pride in the engine and its good location. It has been moved to the centre of the body for optimum control and stability when cornering. The result is a fairly low centre of gravity and a 53:47 weight distribution between the two axles.

Speaking of the engine itself, we are dealing with a two-liter inline four. Despite the fact that sports cars are equipped with turbocharged engines, here it is atmospheric. It develops the power of 200 horsepower, the injection system was taken from Toyota.

Subaru BRZ engine

The dynamics declared by the Japanese is 7.6 seconds, which is exactly how long it will take for BRZ to accelerate to a hundred. But the maximum speed of this model is 230 km/h, which is not so bad! Another pride of the developers is the extremely low carbon dioxide emission – only 159 grams per km.

Running gear

Japanese suspension is typical for a rear-wheel drive car, so we will not focus on it. The trunk space is relatively small (243 liters), but it can be increased by folding the rear seats.


Here we will mention the dimensions of the car. The sports car is 4,240 mm long, 1,775 mm wide, 1,285 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm. The level of road clearance is only 120 mm, which is not enough for the roads of Russia, but taking into account the main buyers from Europe, the company has made the right decision. This will allow the car to feel more confident at high speeds and steep turns.


Systems that are designed to provide an adequate level of security include the Subaru BRZ:

  • Emergency braking systems;
  • Indicator of unbuckled belt (driver and front passenger);
  • Front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters;
  • ISOFIX systems (child seats are secured with special fasteners and come with fastening straps);
    seven SRS airbags;
  • Motor immobilizer;
  • Systems of traumobezopasnoho pedalnogo knots;
  • Safety belts with 3-point fasteners for passengers sitting behind;
  • Girders of strengthening of lateral doors;
  • ABS;
  • Systems of dynamic stabilization;
  • Self-locking differential;
  • Front, lateral, pillows-blinds and knee pillows of safety pillows SRS;
  • The support beam of a column of a steering wheel;
  • Front seats that reduce the chance of whiplash injury to the neck.

The Ring-ShapedReinforcementFrame power structure is also a pleasure. Thanks to this, the sports coupe is easy to operate and has an improved safety system. The entire construction protects the body of the machine and increases the reliability of the doors, roofs and supports.

The engineering staff used excellent high-strength steel, which allows the machine to “absorb” the collision in case of a possible accident, while protecting the driver and passengers. The car also has an excellent wide view, which allows the driver to receive timely, complete and verified information about the position on the road.

Updated Subaru BRZ

The appearance of the updated BRZ is pleasantly different from that of other vehicles in the Subaru model list. The sports coupe has received a bright, memorable and rapid design of the appearance, which immediately notifies that we are looking at a real sports car, albeit a budget level.

The front area of the compartment has a modernized drop-shaped LED optics of headlights, modified front bumper, where there are enlarged slots of air intakes and round headlights with fog lights with LED filling. The lower part of the bumper has almost no bodywork elements – all the space is occupied by air intakes.

New Subaru BRZ

The most important one was placed in the center. It looks like a large trapeze, without a grid, but is divided into parts by thin lines. On the sides there is a pair of cooling systems responsible for timely cooling of the braking system. As a separate option, it is possible to install a modified cover of the engine compartment, which emphasizes the dynamic and sporting habits of the car.

Collaboration with the automobile company Toyota was not in vain. As a result, the sports coupe has turned out to be bright, dynamic, attractive and has a rather acceptable price.

Photo of the new Subaru BRZ

The side part was made in the best traditions of traditional sports cars. Subaru BRZ 2017, has a long hood, round roof line and firing stern. Separately, it is worth mentioning the large alloy wheels, which are shoes with low profile tires and a modest “fin” on the roof, which changed the standard antenna.

The car remains compact coupe, however, a little adds to the aggression. The rotating lights are now located in a slightly unusual place – on the wheel arches. In general, the side of the car Subaru BRZ, has not changed so much. Here you can see only the most simple cosmetic changes, which touched the mirrors, door handles, glass trim and other things.

The rear part has an improved overall LED lighting, a modified bumper with a sporty diffuser and an enlarged spoiler placed on the boot lid. There are also a couple of large exhaust pipes on the sides of the rear bumper.

The ground clearance is 130 millimetres, which causes problems while the kerbs are being crossed. Although it is worth noting that this is not a critical minus, because the car is a true sports car. If we compare the car with the previous version, there are two variants of possible body painting – Lapis Blue Pearl and Pure Red.

Optionally, the owner can order a special package Perfomance, which has shock absorbers Sachs, brakes from Brembo and larger alloy wheels 17-inch.


The restyled Subaru BRZ 2017 now features a multifunctional steering wheel, a multifunctional 4.2-inch color monitor on the dashboard, which is placed to the right of the engine speed sensor and improved climate control. Thanks to the 4.2-inch color monitor, the driver is provided with an abundance of necessary information.

For example, the system informs about lateral overloads during corners, about the level of opening of the throttle, force and braking level. In addition, the system shows the angle by which the steering wheel was turned, the temperature of the oil in the power pack and coolant, and the voltage in the battery.

Interior Subaru BRZ

Instead of the factory “music”, the central area was equipped with a 6.2-inch display of the original multimedia entertainment system SUBARU Starlink. But the climate control unit itself has not received any changes and still has three stylish “twists”. In general, the architecture of the panel, installed in front, looks elegant and modern. Moreover, the panel meets the general stylistic component of the sports coupe.

In general, the interior of the new model of Japanese production, looks more modern. Partly it was possible to achieve it by means of installation of various multimedia “chips”. The new Subaru BRZ 2018 has a traditional sports car finish with alcantara, leather and metal.

For an inexperienced driver it will be extremely difficult to understand what and why to be on the central console. It has a whole bunch of different buttons and washers, as well as a variety of sensor elements. It is worth saying that Japanese specialists managed to decorate it all beautifully and pleasantly, as all controls were scattered all over the height of the panel.

Multifunction display Subaru BRZ

Interestingly, the tunnel itself is also functional. It has a large gear shift handle, parking brake, two cup holders and even a small armrest. The previously mentioned steering wheel, the employees of Subaru made in the best traditions of the company.

It is of a thin type and has a large size and multifunctional spokes that allow not only to monitor the music system, but also to control electronic assistants. But the dashboard is devoid of a lot of features, because it has only 3 sensors that show the speed, speed and so on.

Dashboard Subaru BRZ

Seats are a mixture of comfortable seats and sports buckets. Alcantara and a small amount of leather were used as the finishes. The filling was made with a good soft material, and the presence of seat belts and good side support allowed to increase the already high level of safety. The front row of seats has heating and adjustment functions. The second row does not have as much free space as the front row, but a couple of people with average height can fit in.

Despite the fact that the “Japanese” represents a sports car, he received an acceptable luggage compartment – almost 250 liters of useful space. This should be enough for everyday use. Although the interior of the Subaru BRZ 2018 has quite inexpensive finishing materials, the quality of the assembly and the level of fit of the parts does not cause any complaints.



If we compare the second version with the predecessor, the upgraded version of the “Japanese” received an improved 2.0-liter opposition engine that produces 208 horsepower at 212 Nm of peak thrust. There is no exact information about the dynamic component yet, but the management assures that the car is accelerated to the first hundred by 0.2-0.3 seconds faster than the prerestyling version.

Subaru BRZ engine

The speed limit is the same as on the first model – 230 kilometers per hour, but the fuel consumption in the gentle mode is about 6 liters in a combined environment. However, as soon as the car leaves the city line and moves on the racetrack, fuel consumption increases by almost 3 times – 16.2-18.3 liters per every 100 kilometers.


The Japanese company has equipped the two-liter engine with a six-band “mechanics” or six-band automatic gearbox. There are no questions to the operation of the gearbox – all in Japanese style.

Running gear

The new sports compartment has stiffer shock absorbers and springs, as well as a reinforced spacer, which is located between the front struts. This has improved safety and body stiffness. We would like to talk separately about the reconfigured chassis and the installation of more massively dimensioned rear stabilizers.

This introduction has had a good effect on the behavior and controllability of the sports car. In addition, it is possible to postpone the intervention of the stabilization system during a sharp turn at high speed.

Also, it would not be superfluous to remind that the vehicle was created with a glance at motorists who know how to drive the car in unexpected situations and who will be able to give a “full life” to the updated Subaru BRZ 2017.


As before, the Japanese sports vehicle has a high torsional strength, which has a positive effect on the control of the coupe and does not allow the coupe to be extremely restrained in turning. However, with all this, do not forget the class and form factor BRZ – this car will not be a family car.

Of course, Subaru can carry a couple of adults and two children, but it will not be possible to consider a sports suspension comfortable. All security systems installed for the previous generation have found their application in the novelty of 2017. The Japanese have always taken safety seriously, and the 2017 Subaru BRZ is no exception.

Price and equipment

As a choice, several versions will be offered to buyers, the price of which starts from $44500. The basic equipment has:

  • Xenon optics of headlights with LED filling;
  • Headlight washers;
  • Rear spoiler;
  • Leather finish of gear lever and multifunction steering wheel;
  • Decorative overlays on sills and pedals made of aluminum;
  • Heating of windshield and stern glass;
  • Heating of sports seats on the front row;
  • Heated side mirrors;
  • Two-level climate control;
  • Full electric package;
  • Backlighting of a trunk;
  • Cruise control;
  • Multimedia complex with capacitive display, 6.2 inches diagonal;
  • System Brake Assist and ABS;
  • System EBD and Hill-start Assist which helps to begin movement in mountain.

New sports car Subaru BRZ

More expensive equipment of the sports coupe has a more advanced audio system included in the company’s proprietary multimedia system SUBARU Starlink, upgraded braking system, where there is a Brembo caliper, reinforced shock absorbers Sachs, an expanded list of active and passive safety systems and 17-inch alloy wheels, shoes in special tires with a low profile. The maximum performance exceeds the price index for $50,000, although even in such a case, the model can be classified as “affordable” sports vehicles.

Comparison with competitors

For today, inexpensive sports coupe in Russia are sold not in such a large amount. Only BMW 2-series, Audi TT and Chevrolet Camaro are in great demand. In addition, this includes Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Cars are in approximately the same price category, but differ in technical terms.

Reviews from the owners

Japanese sports coupe owners praise the car for its controllability, suspension and relatively low fuel consumption (provided that the speed does not exceed 120 kilometers per hour). It is necessary to note beautiful and stylish appearance, excellent dynamics and reliability. The car is quite inexpensive in maintenance and purchase, is subject to a small tax.

It is almost as pleasant to drive a Japanese as it is to drive a famous 911 Porsche, however, taking this into account, Subaru costs several times less and is better adapted for everyday use. The ergonomics issue has been successfully solved by the company’s specialists, however, only a couple of people will be able to sit comfortably inside the car. The salon itself is made qualitatively and there are sports notes, as if warming up the thirst for speed.

Buyers complain about the lack of proper noise isolation, poor quality music system and weak brakes. Inadequately functioning keyless access. Electronics is not always friendly with low temperature conditions. When using the Subaru BRZ at -25 degrees Celsius and below, in some cases one or more icons on the “device” light up, indicating the failure of some systems.

Also, based on feedback from Subaru BRZ owners, the vehicle is missing a turbine. There is also a lack of proper volume in the luggage compartment. It will be extremely difficult to move on the roads of Russia, with such a small height of ground clearance. In general, the car is more focused on those who like to “drown” and who like to enjoy fast driving.

Tuning Subaru BRZ

It should be admitted that the Japanese car already looks good and aggressive from the factory, however, if necessary, it is possible to improve or adjust the appearance of the sports hall to suit your needs. To do this, you can buy and install a front bumper lining made of carbon, carbon air intakes of side sills, carbon aerodynamic lining of front wings, carbon lining of door handles, carbon lining of door handles.

Carbon fibre is still being used to install the rear wing. Inside it is possible to get a carbon fiber overlay of a torpedo, carbon inside overlays of door handles. It is no coincidence that all the elements are made of carbon plastic, as it has good strength and low weight, which plays an important role in the dynamism of the vehicle.

Some dare to modernize their power part by introducing a compressor that significantly increases the engine power. However, the engine from the factory goes atmospheric, so all manipulations with the engine are at your own risk.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Acceptable pricing policy;
  • Excellent dynamic indicators;
  • Good controllability of the car;
  • Presence of a comfortable suspension bracket;
  • The car is well adapted to everyday driving;
  • Interior details differ in their quality;
  • Reliable car;
  • Attractive appearance of a sports car;
  • Not bad aerodynamic;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • High level of safety;
  • The new version received LED lighting in front and behind;
  • The dashboard has a color display that shows all the necessary information about the car;
  • The central console has a 6.2-inch color screen that supports touch control;
  • The seats have good side support;
  • Powerful power unit;
  • Low weight of the car.

Cons of a car

  • Tight interior;
  • Small luggage compartment;
  • High cost of service;
  • On the back sofa is very little free space;
  • Low height of road clearance for our country.

Summing up

After the update, the second generation of Subaru BRZ 2017 was able to retain its recognizable features, but it became even better. This can be attributed to the new light elements in the front and back, which have been improved and have been filled with LEDs. The car still looks aggressive and sporty, causing a pleasant feeling of watching the exterior.

Inside, it seemed that there were more changes than outside. The steering wheel became more pleasant and received various adjustments, which help to change the parameters without being distracted by the control of the sports car Subaru BRZ 2017. A small color screen is conveniently placed behind the wheel, displaying all the necessary information about the car.

Auto Subaru BRZ 2017

The central console now has a 6.2-inch color touchscreen display and an enhanced multimedia system. Below is the engine start button. The gearshift lever looks original. Specialists of Subaru company have gone the thought over way, having improved the car a little and without resorting to global changes that could cause decrease of interest among buyers. The model became fresh, and the whole technical part was improved. The quality of driving has also improved. The engineers did not sit idly by!

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Subaru BRZ 2017 photos

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