Volvo V60 Cross Country

Volvo V60 Cross Country
  • Car model: Volvo
  • Producing country: Sweden
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Body Type: Station Wagon

When November 2014 came, the Volvo car company decided to present at the Los Angeles Motor Show the off-road version of the V60 wagon, which was purchased as a standard prefix “Cross Country”. April 2015 became a special year for the Russian market, as the vehicle got to us, after which it started receiving orders.

Many people already know that sometimes on the platform of some of their cars, some companies produce something new. For example, from the most standard hatchbacks, they produce compact crossovers, from the version of the universal – almost full-fledged parquet flooring. That’s why Volvo decided to keep up with the idea by producing a car based on the V60 universal. The whole model range is Volvo.


When the B60 was just coming out, a large number of specialized media, along with critics and experts, considered it one of the most stylish and attractive in its category. And it is a well-deserved high score. Therefore, the Swedish experts only need to take a good base and make every effort not to spoil it in the process of restructuring into a crossover. To your and me joy, they have done well and kindly.

Auto V60 Cross Country

Yes, the car has retained the elegance, dynamics of the lines, the rapidity of the image, but also got new bodywork elements that make you look at the car in a new way. The nose part is decorated with a wide mouth of the grille with a grid, the shape of which resembles a bee honeycomb.

The traditional nameplate of the company from Sweden is still in its place. The engineers equipped the car with large head optics, bi-xenon and LED stuffing, which brings its beauty to the appearance of the car, a long powerful hood, which successfully connects with no less massive bumper installed in front, and is complemented by elements of aerodynamics, as well as sections on the fog lanes, which were made of LED lamps.

Side view of V60 Cross Country

If we talk in general, the front of the car Volvo V60 Cross Country, looks very cool and even bold. On a hood it is possible to notice relief stampings. The side part looks elegant. There is a continuation of adaptation of the car to the features of a small SUV.

This is noticeable by the dodgers, plastic protection of the arches, large alloy wheels, which can be 18 and 19 inches. There is also a presence of large doors, high glazing, powerful bodies of external mirrors of rear visibility, LED repeaters of turns, an impressive roof and other things that actually makes it possible to estimate Volvo V60 Cross Country not as a universal, but as almost a real crossover.

Rear view of the V60 Cross Country

The rear of the car has a large, comfortable luggage compartment door, chrome-plated elements, a beautifully designed exhaust system and protection that allows you to overcome even the most difficult sections of the road in peace.

Frankly speaking, the aft part of Volvo, gives an opportunity to find a lot of things similar not only to the version of the wagon, on the platform of which the Cross Country was designed, but also to the version of the sedan S60, which company has also decided to reconstruct into a sedan with parquet flooring, producing a version of S60 Cross Country.

Front view of V60 Cross Country

The machine creates the feeling of a very stylish and in some degree refined crossover. This is not a classic SUV, designed for frequent driving on impassable roads and broken roads of our country. In spite of the fact that it has got dodgers, overlays on thresholds from plastic, and also the slightly underestimated plastic edge on a forward bumper, it only for the decorative purposes.

Photo of a car Volvo V60 Cross Country

Such protection will not have a practical effect, but with the help of the impressive ground clearance, the lower part of the car will be preserved. They remained unchanged, except for the large red-and-white tail-lights, which were created in the corporate style. The latter also concern the rear walls of the body. Black plastic bumper has a decorative strip of matte metal.


The interior of the Cross Country off-road car, fully replicates the existing model V60, where everything looks simple, stylish, functional and expensive. When you find yourself inside the car for the first time, you are reluctant to emphasize the excellent quality of any parts, buttons and stitches.

The materials used for the finishes are simply beautiful. If there is plastic, it is soft even where competitors use cheaper, harder. We adjusted the details just perfectly, the gaps between the joints are the smallest, and any button is not only expensive, but also pressed with a “family” pleasant effort.

Interior Volvo V60 Cross Country

The front panel was minimalist in style, which is slightly diluted by the unique “soaring” console in the center. The dashboard is adjusted and changed to the mood, and all the information displayed is read with lightning speed, so that the driver is not distracted from the driving on the road for a long time.

The seats installed in the front can be confidently called model seats, because they have an optimal ratio of density, girth and softness. There is a good lateral support that can keep a person in an optimal position when entering steep bends at high speed.

Salon V60 Cross Country

It is possible to fit behind a steering wheel of the car without any special problems to any person, no matter what equipment and growth he has. This has been achieved thanks to a large number of seat and steering wheel settings. The steering wheel itself has an optimal diameter and has a slightly convex section, which makes it feel as if the steering wheel is “in”.

Rear seats are not uncomfortable and provide an opportunity to sit comfortably for three people, but there is not much free space in the Volvo V60 Cross Country wagon. And a transmission tunnel passing through the floor will cause discomfort for the passenger sitting in the center.

Volvo V60 Cross Country trunk

The luggage compartment is not a record-breaking one, but it provides about 430 litres of usable space. However, this is not all, if necessary, you can increase the amount of useful space if you fold the backrests of the rear seats, which are divided into not a pair, but into 3 sections, which causes a separate sense of gratitude.

Therefore, in order to transport the length, it is not necessary to drop all passengers off. It is nice that the car has decorative elements of decoration, such as wood and polished metal.



The Swedish car with increased cross-country ability is equipped with two diesel engines and a single gasoline engine. The basic version is considered to be a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, which develops 150 horsepower at 4,250 revolutions per minute.

Stronger units come in the form of a 5-cylinder turbocharged 2.4-liter engine, which produces about 190 horsepower at 4,000 revolutions per minute. The most powerful unit is a gasoline 5-cylinder 2.5-liter turbine engine, which has a direct injection. It accelerates up to 249 horses at 5,400 rpm.

All Volvo V60 Cross Country powertrains are synchronized with the non-alternative automatic 6- and 8-speed gearbox, which together with the basic 2.0-liter variant transmits torque to the front wheels, and all the “older” ones to the two axles, as there is already a four-wheel drive transmission with a clutch Haldex, which is located in the rear axle.

Engine Volvo V60 Cross Country

On the technical side, the SUV is unified with the simple Volvo V60, where the Ford EUCD architecture is present. There you can find independent pendants “in a circle”. The vehicle is driven by an electric power steering system. Brake system is represented by the presence of fully disc brakes, which are complemented by the option of ventilation on the front wheels.


The novelty of the Swiss automobile production is presented in the following dimensions: length, universal is 4 638 mm, width is 1 899 mm, height is 1 545 mm, wheelbase is 2 774 mm. The height of the road clearance is solid, as much as 201 mm, which will please the domestic car enthusiasts of our country. The version of the universal had only a modest 136 mm of ground clearance. The curb weight of the car is from 1 712 0 1 836 kg.


It is not a secret that safety is the main “trick” of all Volvo machines, what Swedish specialists and engineers spend the most hours on. That’s why the Cross Country Universal is equipped with the IntelliSafe system, which is designed to protect not only those who sit in the car itself, but also those who are outside it. Among this we can highlight the presence of automatic detection of pedestrians and motorists.

IntelliSafe system

Separately, I would like to say about the CitySafety system, which will prevent collisions with other cars when driving at a speed not exceeding 50 km/h. In addition, the car uses services to monitor the condition of the driver, monitors the “blind” zone and can warn the driver of moving cars in a crossed direction.

CitySafety System

This makes it easier to get out of tight parking spaces, even if the driver’s visibility is limited. The new Volvo V60 Cross Country comes with a stabilisation system, anti-locking, directional stability, seat belts with pretensioners and ISOFIX child restraints.

Security systems include availability:

  • Electric lock inside for passenger doors with indication;
  • Chauffeur door lock protection against mechanical opening;
  • Mechanical locking of rear door locks;
  • The gauge of volume of antitheft system;
  • The gauge of level of the car of anti-theft system;
  • Antitheft system Volvo;
  • Immobilizer.

Availability is considered to be a safety feature:

  • Airbags for chauffeur and passenger sitting next to each other;
  • Side airbags SIPS;
  • Inflatable air curtains IC;
  • Fasteners for ISOFIX child seats;
  • Protection against accidental opening of doors from the inside;
  • Tempered side windows, without water-repellent coating;
  • Safety belts with pretensioners (front and rear);
  • Whip injury protection systems WHIPS (front seats);
  • Standard powertrain characteristics;
  • Standard transmission of diagnostic information stored in the electronic module;
  • Toxicity system code, 5+ (8th digit in VIN – H);
  • Emergency stop sign;
  • Alarms for unbelted seat-belts installed in front of seats.

Active safety and suspension can include availability:

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS);
  • Advanced stabilization system;
  • Dynamic traction stabilization and control systems (DSTC);
  • Emergency Brake Assist Systems (EBA);
  • Stop lamp flashing functions for emergency braking;
  • Rear parking radar;
  • The system able to prevent rolling of the car on lifting;
  • Interservice run 20 000 km;
  • Intellectual information system of the driver (IDIS);
  • Systems City Safety;
  • The chassis Dynamic;
  • Automatic switching-off of a parking brake at the beginning of movement of the car;
  • Electronic speed limiter 210 km/h;
  • Functions of automatic switching on of neutral speed at a car stop and holding the brake pedal more than 5 seconds.

Complete sets and prices

In the Russian Federation, the Volvo V60 Cross Country will be sold with three complete sets – Kinetic, Momentum and Summum.

The easiest equipment has a solid list of options, including an in-saloon filter, climate control, immobilizer and branded anti-theft system, a complete electric package, a 5-inch color screen multimedia system, front and side airbags, ABS, EVA, DSTC and IDIS systems, seat heating functions on the first row, 16-inch alloy wheels and electronic parking brake. The seats will also be covered with fabric. The cost of the initial equipment will be from 33 127 $.

V60 Cross Country 2015

Completions of Momentum and Summum will additionally have a cruise control, audio system settings buttons on the steering wheel, 17-inch alloy wheels, a large display of multimedia system, the diagonal of which will be as much as 8 inches, electric driver’s seat, better quality audio-package, dual-zone climate control, LED fog lights, and bi-xenon headlights. Momentum will cost from $33,896 and Summum from $35,586.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Updated and pleasant appearance of the car;
  • LED lamps;
  • Beautiful hood with embossing;
  • Massive arches of wheels;
  • Powerful back of the car;
  • Good height of road clearance;
  • Beautiful interior;
  • Quality of applied materials and the level of assembly at the height;
  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • All elements are in place, intuitive and easy to reach;
  • Beautiful dashboard;
  • There is a colour display on the centre console;
  • There is a tree;
  • Comfortable and comfortable front seats with well developed side support;
  • A lot of free time;
  • Sufficiently comprehensible volume of luggage branch;
  • Powerful power units;
  • System of a full drive (optionally);
  • Presence of electronic assistants and various systems;
  • Providing a high level of safety not only for the driver, sitting next to passengers, but also for pedestrians;
  • A good list of available functions even in the basic equipment;
  • You can choose from several engines.

Cons of a car

  • It’s a small car;
  • The wheels could be set to a larger radius;
  • The salon is not as new as the exterior of the car, it moved from the wagon version;
  • A passenger sitting in the middle of the second row may not be comfortable because of the transmission floor tunnel.

Summing up

Summing up the car, there are only pleasant feelings. It is worth thanking the company Volvo, which has worked for fame. The design of the car’s exterior is pleasant, modern, sporty, but at the same time, stylish. There is also bixenon and LED lighting, which is now very popular.

All this suggests that the Swiss do not want to lag behind the advanced technology, on the contrary, they are confidently moving forward. The hood has received beautiful and bright punches. The side part has solid wheel arches, where you want to put large alloy wheels. The stern has a large luggage compartment door.

Side view V60 Cross Country

The salon, although it has migrated from the version of the universal and does not have anything new, looks great. Everything is very high quality and expensive. The level of assembly, as always, is at the height. There is a convenient and universal steering wheel, a nice dashboard, a central console, which is crowned with a color screen. It is nice to have a tree, which gives a certain status.

The seats installed in the front have various adjustments, are very comfortable and have a well-developed side support, which will help to keep the body in an optimal position during sharp turns. There is plenty of room in the machine, both in front and behind. The second row can accommodate three passengers, but sitting in the middle, will not be very comfortable because of the floor transmission tunnel.

Back view V60 Cross Country

Although the luggage compartment is not record-breaking, it can be enlarged by adding some parts of the backrest, which not only increases the useful volume, but also leaves one or two passenger seats, so as not to “evict” people. Powertrains do their job perfectly well. The car has a large list of different systems and assistants that are designed to help the driver on the road.

As with all Volvo vehicles, the level of safety is at the highest level, making it a safe means of travel even for families. It’s also nice to know that even the basic equipment has a wide range of options and services to choose from. We can see that Volvo company is not standing still, but is constantly improving, improving existing cars and producing new ones, such as Volvo V60 Cross County.

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Volvo V60 Cross County photo

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