Volvo V90

Volvo V90
  • Car model: Volvo
  • Producing country: Sweden
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Body Type: Station Wagon

The Volvo V90 is a new massive all-rounder from the Swedish manufacturer, which has changed the model with the name B70. The whole world will be able to see the Swedish novelty Volvo V90 in spring, in March 2016 in the Geneva Motor Show. This car represents the E-class. Interestingly, the company has already managed to show its car officially in winter, on February 18. The presentation was held in Stockholm. The universal was placed on the SPA platform, presented it with an elegant design and a large number of the latest features. The whole model range is Volvo.


The appearance of the new wagon is perfectly intertwined with the classic design and elements of the avant-garde. The car has standard proportions of a spacious wagon, where there is an extended hood, impressive doors, falling down to the back of the roof line, original headlights, which are decorated with inserts of LEDs, having a hammer-shaped configuration.

The radiator grille has a trapezoidal shape, so it looks neat and stylish. The side part of the new car has exquisite exterior mirrors, which were installed on the sharpened legs, which were built into repeaters of turns with LED filling. The car has massive wheel arches, which can accommodate 20 inch wheel rims.

Volvo V90 photo

The back part of the novelty 2016-2017 does not make the car heavier than it is used for, but gives the car lightness and elegance. The presence of a sloping roof with a flattened antenna and rear body supports has a characteristic fracture, which provides the appearance of the car with swiftness and dynamics. I would like to say for the beautiful rear lights V90.

They have a non-standard shape, consisting of complex boomerangs, and they also elegantly decorate the wagon, spreading their “wings” on the body rack almost to the roof, carefully entering the trunk door. A pair of strong exhaust pipes, which received a chrome finish, have a type of parallelogram in the section, which emphasizes the dynamic quality of the car.


The cabin of the Volvo V90 station wagon and everything related to it, has passed from the sedan version of the C90, without any changes. It has a modern panel architecture, installed together with a 9-inch multimedia screen, a 12.3-inch digital toolbar, a solid multifunctional steering wheel and high-end materials. Inside the new Volvo V90, it will be impossible to find cheap plastic or fabric. Everything is at the highest level.

Interior of Volvo V90

By default, the cabin is equipped with a 4-zone climate control system, and the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat are equipped with heating, massage and ventilation options. Any person can sit comfortably, which was achieved with the help of an abundance of settings in all directions. The interior of the car is designed for 5 people. Here you can find well-formed seats on the first and second rows of seats and a large amount of free space. Certainly, it is necessary to admit that only two passengers can feel comfortable on the second row. Everything is the fault of a pronounced floor tunnel.

Volvo V90 photo salon

The car has a large number of shelves, cup holders, holders, pockets for the safety of various trifles. The Volvo V90 rear bodywork is organized by a spacious 575-liter luggage space of correct shape. If necessary, it can be increased by adding backrests of rear seats, which will provide about 1 526 liters of free space with backrests of rear seats laid in a flat floor. In the “hold” of the car you can find “docking” and a set of tools. Top-of-the-range equipment also has pneumatic cylinders.



Cars from Sweden Volvo V90 Estate, model T5, were equipped with a 254-horsepower gasoline engine, which can reach the first hundred in 7.0 seconds. The D4 model, which has 190 horsepower and allows to accelerate up to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, is presented in front of us as a diesel version.

A couple of modifications are equipped with a non-alternative drive on the front wheels, but a more powerful version comes with a four-wheel drive system. The D5 version, which comes with a solid fuel engine and PowerPulse boost system, has been able to boost up to 235 horses and 480 Nm. This made it possible to reach the first hundred in 7.2 seconds. The version of the T6 wagon has an engine that gives 320 horsepower with a turbine and a mechanical supercharger.

All engines are synchronized with only 8-range automatic gearboxes. The maximum speed, depending on the chosen equipment, will be from 225 – 250 km/h. Diesel engines consume between 45 and 4.9 litres of fuel in a mixed cycle. Gasoline engines already require 6.8 to 7.4 litres per 100 km.

Volvo V90 engine

For the novelty, the Swiss company has introduced a large number of electronic assistants, which includes a system of semi-autonomous driving Pilot Assist, which is able to automatically hold the car in its own lane at speeds up to 130 km / h. In addition, there is an option, which monitors pedestrians and large animals. We have not forgotten about all-around visibility cameras, automatic parking and assistance at intersections, as well as other systems.

The wagon’s construction component has an independent suspension on paired levers mounted in front of the vehicle, and a multilever system with a transverse composite cassette on the rear axle (as a separate option, an air system can be installed). The steering is carried out by means of electro-hydraulic power steering. The braking system is available on the Volvo V90 Aesthete in the form of disc brakes on all wheels, which are complemented by modern assistants.


The Volvo V90 Estate was based on the modular SPA base. Therefore, the overall characteristics of the premium wagon are as follows: length, machine is 4 936 mm, width 2 019 mm, height 1 475 mm, the size of the wheelbase at the level of 2 941 mm.


The list of security systems provided by the Swedish company is very impressive. In addition to the availability of adaptive cruise control systems, the list of options includes a system that can monitor the level of fatigue of the driver, an advanced parking assistant, emergency braking option in an automatic manner, which is able to respond not only to the suddenly appeared in front of the car transport, but also to a person or even an animal jumping out on the road. Electronic systems are able to read the readings from the signs on the road and track the markings on the road, which prevents the unplanned restructuring of the car from its own ranks.

Complete sets and prices

According to unverified data, the novelty of the Swedish production will not get to the land of the Russian Federation, but it makes no sense to be very sad, as it will be possible to buy a model with high ground clearance under the name of Volvo V90 Cross Country. In European countries, the universal Volvo V90 will be valued at 44,000 euros.

Rear view of the Volvo V90

Like the previous model, the Volvo V90 of 2016 will be available in 3 basic configurations: Standard, Comfort and Luxe. The most starting equipment has an on-board computer, side and front airbags, climate control, ABS system, course stability, help at the start on the rise, rear parktronic, modern satellite navigation system, touch screen display and three-point belt with pretensioners.

The top version has, among other things, the presence of leather interior trim, six airbags, rear parktronic, dual-zone climate control and digital navigation system. The front row seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and massage options, along with automatic seat position adjustment.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • High level of comfort;
  • High quality assembly;
  • Luxurious design of the new bodywork;
  • Rich equipment;
  • A large number of security systems and electronic assistants;
  • A wide range of power units;
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics;
  • Availability of good noise isolation;
  • Stable paint and varnish coating;
  • Large arches of wheels and wheel rims themselves;
  • Stylish lighting;
  • Small fuel consumption;
  • Good capacity of a luggage compartment which can be increased, having folded backrests of back seats thus.

Cons of a car

  • Relatively high price;
  • Cheap service;
  • Tough suspension;
  • Frequent electronics failures;
  • Small height of road clearance;
  • The passenger sitting in the middle of the second row will not be so convenient because of the transmission tunnel.

We sum up

The Swedish car company has always been known for good, quality and safe cars, and the Volvo V90 2016 was no exception. The car has a stylish front optics with gaining popularity, LED lamps, which can be found on the back. The entire silhouette of this versatile shows all its speed, sporty, but at the same time stylish. On the sides of the car you can see beautiful punches, as well as massive wheel arches with no less large alloy wheels.

The rear part is very stylish, the bottom of which is decorated with a car. There you can see large exhaust pipes. Inside, everything is as usual, just like in Volvo cars, and unusually expensive, stylish and of high quality as in other cars. There’s even wood that’s very pleasing to the eye. The instrument panel is designed in a digital style and is very informative, which helps to quickly read the necessary information.

Next to it there is a large display on the centre console from which you can operate the various machine systems, which makes it very easy to operate the machine without loading the centre console. The steering wheel is very comfortable, which can be said about the seats installed in the front, which have good side support, ventilation, massage and electrical adjustment.

Volvo V90 car

There is plenty of space in the front and back where there is room for three passengers, but sitting in the middle may not be as comfortable because of the transmission tunnel installed in the floor. The station has a large luggage compartment with a capacity of 575 litres. However, if necessary, it is possible to increase the volume even further by adding the rear seat kickbacks, which will also provide a flat loading area. The Volvo V90 is equipped with strong engines with relatively low fuel consumption.

As a result, the machine has good dynamic characteristics. As with all Swedish vehicles, the Volvo V90 has a very good level of safety not only for the driver and passengers sitting next to him, but also for other road users, passengers and even animals. I am glad that even the basic equipment has received good equipment and a decent list of features. It is nice that the Swedish company is not standing still, but is constantly improving.

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Volvo V90 and Volvo V90 Cross Country photo

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