Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90
  • Car model: Volvo
  • Producing country: Sweden
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

The Volvo XC90 started at the Detroit Auto Show in 2002. The audience was introduced to a seven-seater all-wheel-drive SUV from the Swedish car industry leader. This is the first model of SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) class. It was designed with the important features of Volvo in mind – durability, environmental protection, sustainability, quality and natural safety. If we take the first half of 2013, the Swedish automobile company has modernized almost all of its cars, except for the latest ones and the XC90 jeep, which, though a lot of time later, but still got its successor.

Thus, the car was presented by Sweden on August 26, 2014. The crossover was distinguished by the presence of a new modular platform SPA, which in turn helped to reduce the weight of the car by 125 kg. And this, without paying attention to the fact that the receiver of the 2015 model year was slightly larger than the earlier model. Officially, the car was presented at a car show in Paris in October 2014. The start of production was planned for the first month of 2015 at the own car factory. The whole model range is Volvo.

Car history

First generation (2002-2014)

At the time of the presentation of the new vehicle (at the NAIAS showroom), the Swedish company decided to encroach on the leadership of sales and popularity of such giants of the automotive market as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Akura, who brought their new cars and upgraded versions of cars for demonstration.

The debut generation of the XS90 was created on the basis of the Volvo V70XC “Cross Country” with all-wheel drive and put in the niche of SUV (if this abbreviation turns out to be – sports and economic purpose). But the employees of the company did not want to stay on the existing models, so in the near future they were working on this machine, which mainly affected the level of safety.

Volvo XC90 2002

Following the successful release of the first version of the off-road vehicle, they began to produce an updated version of the same car – Volvo XC 2007. The presentation of the SUV took place in America, however, already at the more authoritative exhibition of cars in New-York.


On the outside, the first-generation Volvo XC90 looked pretty presentable and luxurious. It is clear that this was achieved with the help of the original body design, which resembled a wagon, as well as high ground clearance.

The appearance of the Volvo XC90 I perfectly combines the strict solidarity and classic beauty in each body line. The exterior gives out his affinity with other cars of the Swedish company. When you look at the front of the vehicle, you can see the already known radiator grille, made in the form of a trapeze.

Volvo XC90 2006Side view of Volvo XC90 2006Rear view of Volvo XC90 2006

Volvo XC90 2007

There are smooth hood lines and the familiar shape of the front lighting. It is worth noting that just with the help of front lamps, the car has a kind, but confident “look”. The new Swedish crossover Volvo XC90 was upgraded in 2013. Changes cannot be called cardinal, as they touched only the shape of the headlights and grille, as well as the appearance of the wheels. In addition, there was a choice of several colorful bodywork solutions.


The new model, released in 2007, already had a higher level of noise isolation, ventilation system and space inside the car. Any passenger, just like the owner of the car, could adjust his seat, which received a leather finish.

Back in 2007, the seats already had a heating function and could be adjusted in height, which is not so often found even in the latest models today. Perhaps it turned out because of the practicality of Swedish specialists and designers, who know what a harsh climate is.

Interior of Volvo XC90 2006

What also distinguishes the Volvo XS90 is the presence of a truly spacious salon with a thoughtful use of every centimeter of interior. The car has received 3 rows of folding chairs, which provides additional comfort during passenger accommodation and luggage.

Sitting in front of the owner and the passenger in the SUV “cuts” a massive panel, which has a radio, GSM-telephone, climate control system and all the keys to configure additional options. Solid dimensions, together with the optimal angle of inclination in relation to the windshield do not bother with many buttons installed on it.

They are all equally accessible to the owner as well as to the front passenger. A couple of simple control units of the music system are located on the rear racks, so they can be controlled by passengers on the 2nd and 3rd row of Swedish crossover Volvo XS90.

The nice thing is that you can control some of the means, such as a radio and a telephone, on the steering wheel, which has received duplicate buttons.

The second row of seats can easily accommodate three adult passengers. In the first generation of Volvo XS90, the sofa was designed in such a way that it looked like two full-size seats, between which will be installed a third, slightly narrow. It can be transformed into a child seat or a massive armrest table.

All 3 armchairs have longitudinal adjustment and folding backs. Employees of the company decided to pay much attention to the transportation of children. The central seat in the middle row can be moved forward on skids. With the help of this, a little son or daughter will sit closer to her father and mother. In addition, it is easy to remove the armrest box, installed between the front seats.

Second row of Volvo XC90 seats

The third row has two full-size seats with a unique shape. The cushions can be easily removed under the luggage compartment floor, and the backrests can be placed in their place. As a result, you get a luggage compartment with a full-fledged flat floor and solid volume – 613 liters of useful space.

Due to the fact that the backrests of the rear seats can be folded together, the car is able to carry luggage lengths of almost 3 meters, with three or four passengers will be able to sit. When there is no need to transport things, all 7 people will fit comfortably in a Swedish-made SUV.

Photo of the Volvo XC90 2007 showroom

I am very pleased that the designers have provided an abundance of holders for glasses, cans and all kinds of containers. If we talk outside the trunk door, it is divided into 2 areas, which allows you to easily load luggage or use the bottom as a folding chair in long journeys. It is simply impossible not to say about the abundance of functions of the machine to maintain the proper level of safety of people who use the car.

The SUV has advanced systems, such as DSTC and RSC, which are responsible for the safety of the vehicle’s skidding and overturning of the car. The TRACS service is able to block the torque control differentials between each wheel.

In its segment, the Volvo XC90 has been recognized as one of the highest quality cars in this ranking.

While driving in the evening, the engineers provided for the use of a night vision system. In order to make the safety of the people inside the vehicle as safe as possible during the accident, belts with pretensioners and Airbags are installed. In order to distribute the impact energy not on the frontal area, but on the whole plane of the car, the power structure of the car, together with the thresholds, was made of boron-containing steel. The updated model of 2013 differs in the territory of our country in a slightly modernized version, which refers to the appearance and some of the more relevant finishing materials.

Luggage compartment Volvo XC90

Drivers do not have to worry when they leave their own Volvo in the parking lots, because with the help of modern technology, Android and iPhone smartphones, you can put a program that knows how to maintain contact with the electrical component of the machine through wireless networks.

Customers, together with experts, were able to appreciate all the advantages and parameters of the off-road model. The result was the 2011 award: “SUV of the year in Russia”.



The debut crossover family received 4 power units: 3 of them operated on gasoline and one on diesel fuel. It is worth noting that the diesel could produce 184 or 163 horsepower. The line of 2.5-liter gasoline engines with 210 “horses” was started.

Then came the 2.9-liter engine, which already produced 272 horsepower. The top gasoline variant was considered to be the 325 hp 4.4-liter variant of the V8. This engine allowed the vehicle to accelerate to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 7.3 seconds. Engines running on gasoline “ate” a lot of fuel.

Volvo XC90 2006 engine

The starting engine required about 15 liters per 100 km. But the 4.4-liter unit could already require about 20 liters of gasoline. Quite an economical unit is considered to be the diesel version. It consumed about 7.5 liters in combined mode, and in urban areas this coefficient did not exceed 11 liters.

After the upgrade, the engines have undergone minor changes. For example, many people realized that diesel-powered engines are more common than gasoline engines. As a result, only two gasoline engines remained, one of which was completely new and significantly more economical than its predecessors. The engine developed 200 horsepower, so the massive car accelerated to a mark of 100 km / h in 10.3 seconds. “The appetite was reduced to just over 10 litres in the city limits and 6.7 litres on the country road. The 2.5-liter gasoline unit remained the same, slightly ahead of the diesel version in speed.

The first hundred was reached in 9.9 seconds. In the city limits, the engine asked for 15.6 liters, and on the country road – 9 liters. The new 3.2-liter, 238 hp engine was a more economical variant than previous versions. Within the city limits, 16 liters were required, and on the highway 9 liters. It was possible to accelerate up to the first hundred in 9.5 seconds. When 2010 came, the specialists increased the engine power up to 243 horsepower, but kept the same torque.


The debut versions of Volvo vehicles had a manual gearbox. But since 2006 it has been possible to buy a car with no alternative automatic transmission from the Geartronic series: 5-speed version for gasoline versions and 6-speed gearbox for diesel versions. In reality, the car is better called a front-driven crossover.

Volvo XC90 gearbox

The basis for this is the torque setting, which is distributed in a 95/5 ratio. However, it’s not that bad: with any slippage, the electronics are able to convert the torque to the rear wheels, so you can keep the grip on the road.

All-wheel drive is possible thanks to the Haldex clutch and an electronic system that continuously reads information from various sensors. During braking, the front drive is switched off, allowing the ABS system to fully implement its options.

Running gear

The first-generation Volvo XC90 was fitted with an independent front and rear spring suspension. The chassis has a lower centre of gravity and the entire suspension is attached to a rigid body, ensuring the vehicle’s stability during all kinds of manoeuvres.

In addition, the crossover has been equipped with a host of advanced electronic technologies to ensure smooth and safe travel. For example, it has an intelligent rear-wheel steering during steep corners, as well as an anti-rollover system (RSC) that regulates centrifugal forces. All wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes, and the steering system has an electronic gain control system depending on the speed of the machine.


Today, the Swedish car company has the newest systems for checking the safety of its cars. The company’s experts often work on major developments that allow you to see for yourself what exactly happens to the car during a collision, and how the protection systems work in an emergency situation.

Using the information provided by Volvo’s engineers, they can create different machines that can effectively prevent impacts and provide protection if the impact has already occurred. While working on the debut Volvo off-road vehicle, the specialists were able to take into account all the leading technologies and required standards for safety systems.

Volvo XC90 Safety

The Volvo engineers were tasked with making a modern vehicle that would not be inferior to the best cars, both in terms of the characteristics of stable behavior on the roadside and the degree of safety in various types of collisions. Tests conducted by independent organisations have shown that the car has justly earned the highest scores for crossover safety systems from Sweden.

For example, Euro NCAP gave the off-road vehicle Volvo XC90 5 stars, which means full protection for all people who are in the car, which can be attributed to the safety of children. The Road Safety Insurance Institute has presented its results for the popular car in Russia.

Based on the results, the car received the highest rating for the degree of protection in frontal collision and rear-end collision. If you take other SUVs, the Volvo XS90 has a high level of protection against whiplash injuries. With the help of the RSC system, the car is protected from tipping over. It has a gyroscope that monitors the movement of the machine on the road and detects dangerous moments.

When the electronics determines that there is actually a chance of tipping over, the engine speed will be automatically reduced. If necessary, one or more wheels will be braked. When it is not possible to avoid tipping over, the seat belts with pretensioners and inflatable curtains come into operation.

In addition, people can be protected by a sturdy frame that reduces the chance of crushing the inside of the machine in the event of an accident. Even on the third row, the designers provided a good degree of safety. A pair of seats in the third row have a strong structure.

They have been placed above the rear axle, which reduces the likelihood of injury during a side impact. Volvo XS90 was equipped with an actual inflatable curtain covering the seats on the third row. Such an original solution was first proposed by the company specifically for cars in such a niche.

Only cross-mounted power units

All engines of the car Volvo XS90 are installed crosswise. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to increase the passenger compartment and at the same time increase the degree of safety. The transversely placed power unit occupies little space along its length, freeing up a significant free space for the deformation area.

Active safety

In addition to aggregate solutions to provide protection during collisions, the crossover initially has advanced systems in place to prevent the possibility of an emergency. Such electronics refers to the already mentioned RSC system, which supports the stable position of the machine in the event of a risk of overturning.

In addition, the Volvo XS90 has a dynamic stabilisation and traction control system DSTC. The latter technology is able to reduce engine speed and slow down certain wheels when it is necessary to provide stability of movement and prevent skidding.

Active bi-xenon headlamps with swivel option

The company’s management has instructed specialists to work on active bi-xenon headlamps, which are able to repeat the direction of rotation of the vehicle. These headlights significantly improve visibility at night. Thanks to the microprocessor, which receives information about the different characteristics of the machine movement, their self-analysis is carried out, and the electronics is adjusted for the best illumination of the road surface.

The headlamps move at an angle of up to 15 degrees in each direction. In order to avoid rapid wear and tear on the electronics, the headlamp option switches off automatically during the day.

Camera for easier parking

The company can install a camera for the owner to facilitate parking. The purpose of this new device is to prevent pedestrians from being hit by pedestrians while driving backwards. Thanks to the camera, which has a large angle of view, it is possible to show most of the rear zone. However, this is not all – the system displays the planned trajectory of backward movement.

Price and equipment XC90

You can buy a new first-generation car with one of the 2-power units in 3 versions. The basic price starts at $27,639. The cost may differ due to the availability of the 3rd row of seats and types of engines. However, even the basic equipment has a solid component.

The Swedes installed an anti-theft system from Volvo, which has volume sensors and an electronic means of “dead lock”, climate control, where there is a fine purification of air IAQS, as well as diffusers for people sitting behind. In addition, there is a presence:

  • Parktronic;
  • Functions of heating of external mirrors;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Interior finishing Sander Silver;
  • Cruise control;
  • External illumination of the car;
  • Musical system High Performance;
  • Dynamic stabilization;
  • Control of traction and obstacles of overturning;
  • “Rollers” from a light alloy Neptune, calculated on 17 inches.

SUV Volvo XC90

The price of the Volvo XC90 2013 “Executive” version varies from $18,426. Among other things, the company has equipped the car with interior decoration with a soft perforated leather trim, front seats with ventilation and built-in massage, electric drive of front seats (with memory function), installed at the back of the sofa with heating function. In addition, the transmission lever, together with the steering wheel, was finished with wood, where there are leather inserts.

Average equipment still has mats inside the car with the name “Executive”, mahogany finish, water-repellent door windows (in front), auto-darkening side mirrors, electrically driven exterior mirrors, which know how to fold, received heating and lighting, rain sensor and “rollers” Thalia, designed for 18 inches.

Volvo XC90 photo auto

Completes the selection of the “R-Design” version, which is a modified version of the Executive with an optional value of $29,159 and more. Such execution possesses:

  • Sports seats;
  • Interior trim in soft leather;
  • Sports gearbox lever with perforated leather inserts;
  • Aluminum inserts in the cabin;
  • Branded rugs;
  • Matte silver side mirrors with electric drive;
  • Heating and illumination;
  • Water-repellent front side windows;
  • Rain sensor;
  • Auto-darkening rearview mirror;
  • Bumper pads (optional);
  • Threshold plates;
  • Hydraulic power steering with variable force;
  • Double exhaust pipe;
  • 19-inch “rollers” Ixion.

Tuning XC90

For those thinking about tuning the Volvo XC90, it’s worth saying that all the work isn’t as easy as it sounds. This includes the difficulty of finding parts or installing them by yourself, as the car has already gone through many upgrades and improvements from the manufacturer. However, it is difficult not to say that it is impossible.

Among the most common methods of tuning are: chip tuning Volvo, modernization of the interior and effective styling of the car. More often you can find external modifications. For example, they install a spoiler, all kinds of dodgers and enlarged bumpers. Do not forget about the expansion of wheel arches.

Any of these means is quite effective and will help to make the vehicle more massive and aggressive. In addition, the basic radiator grille will be replaced. Nobody has cancelled moldings, side steps, various overlays, bumpers and spoilers.

It is important that thanks to some of these changes, it is possible to improve not only the appearance, but also the aerodynamic characteristics. Thanks to the aerodynamic dodger, it is possible to add originality to the crossover, and it will be resistant to temperature fluctuations and various mechanical influences, which will protect the body of the car for many years to come.

Tuning XC90

With the aid of the step ladder, the machine’s energy and passability are increased. It is important to do everything carefully and without rushing to avoid additional difficulties.

Reviews from the owners

If you look at most of the reviews of the owners of Volvo XS90, many note the absence of serious complaints. Reliability in operation is distinguished, the car behaves well on the road. He is not afraid of winter time. Inside there are comfortable seats, and the interior decoration pleases with its quality, the skin is strong and elastic. The power unit is reliable, the safety margin is confident.

There is no sense in talking about safety, as the company is the leader in this segment. The comfortable and practical transformation of the interior is pleasing. The car is distinguished by rather low fuel consumption (largely depends on the variant of the installed “engine”). The body is very strong, the thickness of the metal does not cause any questions, and the quality of paintwork makes you respect the “Swede”.

There is a lot of free space inside. The suspension perfectly swallows many irregularities and does not require premature repairs. Despite the considerable history, the car has modern electronic systems designed to help the driver to drive the car. It is clear that the car should not be perceived as a real SUV, but, if stuck, you will have a better chance to get out than the simple parquet flooring.

Volvo got an acceptable height of ground clearance and some, but all-wheel drive. The owners of Volvo XS90 do not like the high cost of branded parts. Some engines “eat” a lot of fuel. Often there is a lack of a real four-wheel drive. Also, some are upset by a slightly outdated front panel, although all controls are at hand and intuitively understandable.

Exterior XC90 II

The appearance of the Swedish crossover is really striking. This is a cute new car with beautiful headlights, which are decorated with a “Torah hammer” in the LED version. The car was able to show itself completely differently and reached a new level. Volvo XC90 2015 became more serious, tighter and stylish.

The body contours were revised along with a new bumper and well-designed hood impressions, which together made it possible to improve the aerodynamic performance of the XC90. Therefore, the aerodynamic drag index is 0.30 Cx, and this is despite the fact that the car has grown in size.

Front view of Volvo XC90

The nose of the Volvo XC90 has a large false radiator grille with a large number of chrome-plated vertical bars and a brand-new nameplate in the center. The head optics, which is slightly narrowed, is made in LED version.

Located below the bumper, it simply attracts with its lines and shapes, as well as details of aerodynamics. The side part of the crossover looks concretely and even a little bit strict, muscular, and the special refinement is provided by almost even line of a roof, side glasses of the considerable size, big and comfortable doors and mirrors of a rear kind which look powerful.

Photo Volvo XC90 II

The side is also intriguing with sporting notes, stylish rear-view mirrors. Slightly inflated arches of the wheels hide the original rims of the wheels, and convenient thresholds provide Volvo XS90 II additional shine. By the way, light alloy rims are supplied with the car for 21 inches, with eight spokes, and as an option you can order light alloy rims 22-inch.

At the stern you can see a powerful bumper, a sophisticated rear optic with LED technology and a large rear window with a rich spoiler above it. Speaking in general, about the appearance of the Volvo XC90 2017 new body – it has changed very well and has almost nothing to do with the previous model.

Side view of Volvo XC90 II

The car was designed by Thomas Ingelat, the author of the newest style, which they want to use for other new cars of their company. It is worth recalling that the basis for the exterior design was the concept car XC Concept Coupe, which was demonstrated at the international car showroom in 2103 year.

The car began to look great, fresh and modern. Swedish crossover Volvo XC90 was designed almost from scratch – more than 90% of the elements with parts and assemblies are new. The bodywork of the new power-type bodywork of the new family was widely used aluminum, as well as several types of steel: conventional, high, ultra-high, extra-high and ultra-high.

Rear view of the Volvo XC90 II

This allowed the Volvo XC90 to have a good body stiffness, with a very low weight of 400 kg. The use of modern and lightweight elements in the bodywork, hinged panels, doors, chassis, powertrain, made it possible to whistle to a minimum of the maximum weight of the standard version of Volvo.

His younger brother weighs 100 kg more. The designers’ composition is correct and accurate in setting priorities for the body of the machine, which makes it easy not to worry about its size. On the top of the body there are no many curves and punches, which are often used by modern crossovers.

The volvo is characterized by clean lines of sidewalls, with a small relief of stiffening ribs, located in the lower parts of the door, which are distinguished by moldings that look stylish and are near the threshold. The car looks beautiful, modern and presentable, and no matter what color – the appearance of the crossover successfully combines Nordic refinement with solidity and healthy aggression.

Interior XC90 II

The interior, following the appearance of the new Volvo, has also undergone many changes. Interestingly, the salon claims the title of the premium class standard. The engineering staff was able to achieve a good increase in free space on all rows of seats, which may be 2 or 3, depending on what modification (5 or 7 seats). In addition, it is possible to achieve improved noise insulation inside the car.

Interior Volvo XC90 II

Only high quality natural materials, such as leather, wood and metal inserts, were used for the interior decoration. In the more expensive version, the gearshift handle is handcrafted from crystal. On the panel located in front, there are almost no usual keys, all controls are focused on the screen, 9.5 inches diagonal, which has support for touch input, has voice control and which has a clear interface Sensus, which provides quick access to all parameters without the need to search through the menu.

It is possible to connect different Apple and Google devices together with the onboard system. Luggage compartment Volvo is very good and, if you fold the rear seats, there will be 1,899 liters of free space, and the length of it can accommodate materials up to 2,040 mm. The interior design is presented as the best and most refined in the entire biography of the automobile concern.

Thin backrests were used as ergonomic chairs. The presence of additional legroom for passengers sitting on the 2nd row does not affect the comfort and safety of people sitting in front. The front seats in the standard version have side, lumbar support and cushion length settings.

Massage and ventilation functions can be optionally installed. The 2nd row seats are made in the form of 3 separate seats and any of them can be individually adjusted. The last row of optional seats is no longer as comfortable as the first two, but all crossovers have this problem. But people are up to 170 cm tall, I will feel quite comfortable on the 3rd row.

Volvo XC90 II SalonPhoto of Volvo XC90 IIVolvo XC90 II passenger seats

Luggage compartment Volvo XC90 II

This Swede can transport seven people in peace. And if suddenly you need to transport the cargo, then without much effort pillows hide under the floor of the luggage compartment, and the backs are in their place. And we end up with a luggage compartment with a flat floor surface of 613 liters. Salon Volvo XS90 2017 turned out to be good in all characteristics – it is light, charming, comfortable at home and tidy to the small things.

Specifications XC90 II

Power unit XC90 II

The second Volvo XS90 family acquired a new range of power units powered by gasoline and diesel fuel from the Drive-E division. Each of them has four in-line cylinders with a total volume of 2.0 liters. It is used for direct fuel injection and sixteen valve gas distribution mechanism of DOHC type with turbocharger.

As a standard in our country will come D5 diesel, which is characterized by the latest function of individual control of fuel injection i-Art with feedback, optimizing the consumption of diesel fuel is much better than the Common Rail system. The D5 diesel engine delivers 225 horsepower. A slightly simplified diesel set D4 will not be able to come to the Russian territory, but will be sold only on the European territory.

Volvo XC90 II engine

Lovers of gasoline engines will love a couple of engines, the weakest of which (T5) is capable of developing 249 horses. The top one (T6) will get additional equipment with a compressor of mechanical drive. With it, it will reach 320 horsepower, and the torque limit will be 400 Nm.

Such a power unit allows to reach the first hundred kilometers in 6.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 230 km/h. It consumes about a hundred kilometers in mixed mode for about 7.7 liters. It is planned to add a hybrid version (T8) with an electric motor Siemens, which will give 80 horses to the motor.

Volvo XC90 II hybrid engine

It will rotate the rear wheels up to a maximum speed of 150 km/h. The total power of the hybrid modification will reach about 400 horsepower, and the torque – 640 Nm. The hybrid version has 5 modes of operation and a good LG Chem battery with heating and cooling option, which is autonomous and can be used with a simple household network. The company predicts a range of modest 40 km (modest, because the Tesla cars travel more than one hundred kilometers on a single battery charge).

Transmission XC90 II

All engines are synchronized with a single automatic 8-band gearbox. In addition, all engines except the T5 are powered by a fifth-generation Haldex all-wheel drive system in the rear-wheel drive.

XC90 II chassis

Aluminum hangers with steel sub-frames are installed at both the rear and front. The front axle is equipped with an independent suspension system with double wishbones. The rear axle is equipped with a multilever construction, which is complemented by a transverse cavity.

Optionally, an air suspension can be installed with the option of changing the ground clearance in automatic mode, depending on the road surface conditions and the selected driving mode. Each wheel is equipped with a reinforced disc braking system. And the front wheels are still ventilated. The steering wheel functions by means of a rack and pinion mechanism and is supplemented with an electric hydraulic power steering with variable force.

Dimensions XC90 II

The length was 4,950 mm, the wheelbase increased to 2,984 mm, the width of the crossover grew to 2,008 mm, and the height dropped by 9 mm, the mark is 1,775 mm. Clearance is 235 mm, so if we speak for it, it is a clear advantage, especially given the quality of our roads. Many automobile companies can envy him. The total weight of the new product in 2015 is 1,940 kg.

Safety XC90 II

Speaking of safety, everyone already knows that in this spectrum the car company Volvo is in a leading position. That’s why its new Volvo XC90 crossover has an excellent braking system, a low centre of gravity, a large number of AirBags, a parking heater and other new options to protect the driver, passengers and other road users.

Safety is the responsibility of City Safety, which sees animals, pedestrians and cyclists in front of you during the day and at night. The Queue Assist function, on the other hand, monitors the movement of vehicles in front of the vehicle in stop-and-go mode (fully replicates manoeuvres).

The run-off road protection system notices the beginning of the exit from the road surface, and the function auto brake at intersections provides automatic braking, which ensures complete stopping of the car in a certain situation, even when turning at intersections.

There is also an option that detects road signs, helps to park perpendicularly and in parallel, assists in reversing in low visibility conditions, and an option to track dead zones and cross markings. The direct safety of the driver and passengers is the responsibility of nine AirBags, the seat-belt pretensioners of all seats.

A pair of RSC and ROPS systems are in operation. This reduces the chance of tipping over in the event of an impact by half. In the event of a tip-off, the jeep can provide the maximum possible safety with durable body beams and curtains, which are inflated when necessary (activated when the electronic sensor is triggered).

Parking in reverse is very easy because the rear view camera is installed. The car is dominated by a highly effective deformation zone, which greatly reduces the chance of injury.

Crash test

Complete sets and prices XC90 II

In the standard version, the Swedish car comes with:

  • LED daytime running lights;
  • Fog lights;
  • Rear lights made of LEDs;
  • Full electric package;
  • Heating of the front seats;
  • Seats with energy absorbing frame;
  • 4-zone climate control;
  • Belt pretensioners on each seat;
  • Minimum of six AirBags;
  • Signal recognition option;
  • Circular parktronic.

In addition, 18-inch light alloy wheels, halogen headlights and the Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving system are coming from the factory. The top version has an electric drive of the front seats, leather interior design, 20-inch wheel rims, virtual combination of instruments with a display designed for 12.3 inches, projection display, high-end music system and other “chips”.

New Volvo XC90 II

Optionally, it is possible to highlight a smart climate control system with autonomous functioning for seats on the third row, cameras with all-around visibility, projection screen, Wai-Fai access point, pedestrian and cyclist recognition function, warning system and safe passage options.

With three gasoline engines an automatic 6-speed gearbox is synchronized, and for the diesel one a 6-speed gearbox is also supplied, but only on mechanics. In Russia, the Volvo XC 90 with a basic configuration will cost from 51,792 $, if you want to buy a seven-seater, you will need to make another $ 1379. The gasoline variant will cost the buyers at least 54 398 $. And here the price of top version Inscription starts with an indicator 55 977 $.

Competitors XC90 II

The Swedish crossover rivals include Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, BMW X5 3.5i/3.0d, Porsche Cayenne S, Mercedes GL, Range Rover Sport, Acura, Infiniti QX70 and Audi Q7. Here, as they say, for taste and color, the comrade is not present. Someone likes German cars with their strict appearance.

Earlier, Volvo could be distinguished only by the rear dimensions, but now, the car differs from any side, including the front, where you can see the LED “hammer”. From the above list there are models that are full-fledged off-road vehicles, which cannot be said about the XS90.

Therefore, if you want to buy a car, which is needed for off-road travel and do not want to spend a lot of money on its maintenance – it is better not to choose a Swedish option. For example, you can look in the direction of Toyota or other options. But if stability and dimensional stability are important for you, and you also sometimes go out with your family – buy a Volvo XC90.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Modern, pleasant appearance;
  • Powerful power units;
  • The car is pleasantly and comfortably controlled;
  • Good even base complete set;
  • Modern exterior lighting using LED technology;
  • Worthy height of road clearance;
  • Improved aerodynamics;
  • Excellent dynamics;
  • Excellent work of a suspension bracket;
  • The latest generation has received an improved and innovative interior;
  • There is a color display that supports touch control;
  • Comfortable steering wheel;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Abundance of chrome parts;
  • Increased safety level;
  • Inside there is enough free space;
  • There is an option start/stop for city mode;
  • An abundance of all sorts of electrical systems to help the driver manage the crossover;
  • The rear rows can be transformed;
  • The newest dashboard, which is characterized by excellent information;
  • Improved noise insulation;
  • High fit and good visibility;
  • Very high quality interior finishing materials.

Cons of a car

  • High value;
  • No full-fledged four-wheel drive;
  • Expensive maintenance and parts.

We sum up

In conclusion, I would like to say that the employees of the Swedish company did a great job, significantly improving their crossover. The second generation of Volvo XS90 has become more modern, more beautiful and voluminous. The novelty looks stylish and mature. I especially want to focus on the front, where there is a new LED design in the style of a hammer. The car received an abundance of chrome on all parts of the body.

The rear part is still distinguished by the presence of light dimensions of unusual shape, typical for Swedish models. Everything has changed inside. It became much more comfortable to sit and long journeys will not cause fatigue. The second generation stands out due to the minimalism inherent in expensive cars. There is a new dashboard, which stands out for its informative character.

Volvo XC90 hybrid

Instead of a large number of buttons, the centre console now features a large, colour touchscreen display that allows all the necessary information to be displayed directly from the centre console. All interior elements are made qualitatively, there are no backlashes and gaps. When finishing the interior of Volvo XC90 II, used only high-quality and expensive materials, so the owner will not feel cheap.

You can choose between two or three rows of seats. It’s nice that the interior can be transformed in different ways, adapting it to your needs. Music system at the height. There are a large number of various electronic assistants that help the driver when driving. Perhaps, it is not necessary to talk about safety systems, as the company Volvo is in this niche flagship of advanced technology.

Volvo XC90 2015

Powerful power units have sufficient characteristics to make the owner feel comfortable and do not have any problems when overtaking or driving down the hill. Although it’s a crossover, many other cars in different classes may envy its dynamics. Although the model cannot be used as a real SUV, it can easily get out of hard-to-reach places thanks to the all-wheel drive system.

Now the Swedish car will be able to compete confidently with other European and overseas competitors in the automobile market. It is worth noting that he has a great chance, because often such cars are chosen by people who have a family – and every head of the family worries about reliability, comfort and safety of his car. In this moment, Volvo fits perfectly.

We advise you to read the article: Volvo’s history

Volvo XC90 2015 photo

Test drive


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