Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60
  • Car model: Volvo
  • Producing country: Sweden
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: SUV

Volvo XS60 is a medium-size crossover, which appeared in 2008. The car was able for a relatively short time of presence on the market of the Russian Federation, to become quite popular among drivers, thus saving the status of the most sold car company from Sweden.

The highlight of the success of the car is its unique style, quality salon, good driving characteristics and rather moderate cost. The new Volvo XS60 of 2014 was restyled, which touched the exterior and interior of the car. The whole model range is Volvo.


Whatever you take a crossover from Volvo in Sweden, it will always be elegant and compact. The first time you look at the XC60, you get the impression that it’s more like a family car than a rough off-road car. It is no secret that the XC60 2014 is a restyled version.

Thanks to the upgrades, the car was able to retain its trademark features, body proportions, bodywork and other small elements. However, there are also those details that have changed, because it was just necessary, and it would not make sense to do this restyling at all.

Volvo XC60 Restyling

The design staff designed a new hood of the crossover, where there are characteristic protrusions and ribs, and the radiator grille has become wider and longer. It also has horizontal chrome-plated ribs, and the company’s nameplate, as usual, is diagonally arranged.

The headlights also changed a little, proportionally to the grille and hood, they became more massive. They did not change the aerodynamic elements, which were on the bumper installed in front. They added a larger air intake to improve cooling of the power unit, and on the side of the bumper they installed pleasant daytime running lights with LED filling, which are now gaining popularity in all countries.

Photo of Volvo XC60

Interestingly, in some countries, they are introduced as a mandatory element on the machine. Due to the installation of the new bumper, the Volvo XC60 crossover has become 17 mm longer, and other dimensions remain the same as in the previous car. Whereas black-coloured plastic used to be used in the past, now it has been replaced by a durable plastic that can be painted in body colour.

For the eye, this innovation has made the car wider and higher. The nose of the car has become more muscular, solid and stylish. On the side, Volvo was almost unchanged, except that they changed the rear view mirrors, changing their body and installing repeaters on them more elongated. The wheel arches in the front became more expressive, which made it possible to install 20 inch wheel rims.

Volvo XC60 2013

The large and wide roof of the machine is almost horizontal. The window sill has been moved from a gentle line to a rapidly moving upward line. On the stern of the Volvo XS60, you can see the modified shape of the bumper, under which successfully placed the exhaust pipes of rectangular shape. Between the spigots, the design staff inserted a diffuser, which was painted in gray or chrome, depending on the equipment.

The top of the rear bumper is equipped with rear headlights, which were stretched along the rear window. As in the previous generation, there is an anti-wing above the glass, a janitor with a washer and a chrome name Volvo under the glass. This name underlines the presence of a long chrome insert. The luggage compartment lid has changed in the same direction as the bumper, becoming a little bit already.

Rear view of the Volvo XC60

There is a massive rear window, with which the visibility has been improved several times. As for the luggage door itself, it is quite wide, so there will be no problems with loading or unloading. The lowermost part of the rear bumper has a reliable metal protection. The number plate stamping and the narrow, long stop-light on the trunk canopy look good.


The interior of the new parquet flooring Volvo XS60 was able to preserve the architecture that we are familiar with the first generation, but the machine has got a lot of high-tech elements and chips, which appeared inside the restyling machines Volvo C60 and Volvo V60 universal.

To begin with, there is a multifunctional 4-spoke steering wheel in front of the driver’s seat, which is ideal for active rim control with clearly defined tides and correct grip. The instrument panel is graphical and has an 8-inch color display, which can change not only the color, but also the image, which is displayed on the display.

Photo of the Volvo XC60 salon

Three different dashboard settings are available – Elegance, Eco and Performance. It depends on the driver’s mood or the information he chooses, the driver will choose the optimal mode of operation of the graphic display.

On the latter, even maps of the navigation system can be displayed. There is also an RSI system that informs you about the signs on the road. For the restyled model used the presence of 7-inch color touch screen display, which is responsible for the management of the audio system, the output of images from the rear view camera and maps of the navigation system RTI.

It is also possible to order a more modest audio system as a separate option, where there will be a 5-inch color display, but for the modern owner today it is important to have a large screen with no less than a large selection of options that allow you to connect various digital media, access the Internet, watch videos.

Interior Volvo XC60

Most interestingly, the crossover can provide Wi-Fi. Speaking of electronic stuffing, the Swiss can compete with the Japanese. There is a fully automatic control panel adaptive cruise control (ACC), navigation system, rear view camera, which is designed for parking.

As for the interior of the crossover, it has not acquired any significant differences, it can be attributed especially to the shape of the panel installed in front of the materials and finishes. If to speak for an ergonomic component here there is almost nothing to pick on, any key stands on the place and at once you understand why it is necessary for it.

Front seats Volvo XC60

It is clear that you immediately notice a certain uniformity of interior design of Volvo cars, but the entire level of quality offered by the Swiss company, makes it possible to quickly forget about this issue. The seats installed in the front have a wide range of settings that allow the driver and passenger to comfortably fit in different configurations.

And for those who appreciate comfort, it will be better to buy new sports seats, which are available as an option. The upholstery of the seats can be chosen from 4 variations of high quality leather colors – from white marble to light brown.

Almost everywhere you can find the “Inscription” logo, which is embroidered on the headrests of the front seats, on the upholstery of the box, on the installed space of seats, and even squeezed out on the overlays of the thresholds. The number of small compartments for safety of trifles is slightly lacking in the car. It will depend on what equipment is chosen, it will be possible to equip the machine with columns of up to 12 pieces.

Volvo XC60 trunk

Volvo SENSUS can be configured using the buttons on the console or the keys on the steering wheel. Five people can easily fit inside the parquet flooring. What’s important is that everyone can feel completely comfortable. It would be desirable to note a high degree of quality of finishing materials and arrangement.

Luggage compartment has 495 liters of useful space. But if necessary, it can be increased by adding backrests of rear seats, which will provide about 1,450 liters of free space. Interestingly enough, each seat can be removed separately or all at once.



The line of power units for Swedish crossover Volvo XS60 on the market of the Russian Federation has three diesel engines and a pair of gasoline engines. Interestingly, the younger role is played by diesel-powered engines, rather than gasoline-powered ones, as in many other car manufacturers. This list begins with D3 engine with 5 cylinders, the total volume of which is 2.0 liters, direct fuel injection system, 20-valve gas distribution system DOHC and turbocharging.

It is capable of producing 136 horsepower at 3,500 rpm. It consumes this engine about 6.0 liters per 100 km in a combined cycle. Next comes the D4 engine, which has a capacity of 2.4 liters with similar equipment. As a result, it develops about 181 horses at 4,000 rpm. It consumes about 6.4 litres in a combined cycle.

Volvo XC60 engine
T5 Drive-E engine

The top diesel engine is D5, which has the same 2.4 liters of volume, but has a forced turbocharger, with which the power of up to 215 horses is achieved. Consumption of this engine is about 6.4 litres per 100 km. The youngest representative among petrol engines is the T5 Drive-E. It is a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter 16-valve with a DOHC system, direct fuel injection and turbocharging. Its power is equal to 245 horsepower. Gasoline consumption is rather modest, about 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers in combined mode.

The top-of-the-range gasoline engine is a model with six cylinders and a volume of 3.0 litres, which gives it 304 horses at 5,600 revolutions per minute. It eats a little more, or rather no more than 10.7 liters per 100 km in a combined cycle. It is worth noting that the younger engines on gasoline and diesel are equipped with a drive on the front wheels, and all the others with a system of intelligent four-wheel drive.


Synchronized 2.0-liter five-cylinder engine with 6-band automatic gearbox Geartronic, which makes it possible to reach the first hundred in 11.2 seconds. The 2.4-liter engine is coupled with the same 6-band “automatic”, which allows to reach a mark of 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds.

As a gearbox for the top “engine” is the above-mentioned “automatic”, which allows you to accelerate to a mark of 100 km / h in just 8.3 seconds. Synchronized operation of the 245-horsepower gasoline engine together with 8-band “automatic”, which allows you to accelerate up to a hundred in 7.2 seconds.

Volvo XC60 gearbox

The most powerful 3.0-liter engine works together with a 6-range automatic transmission, which stands in diesel versions. Therefore, the mark of 100 km/h is reached by it in 6.9 seconds.


The Swedish car was designed on the Volvo Y20 platform, with an independent suspension with McPherson stands in front of it and an independent multilever suspension at the back. The car’s suspension works well on almost any roughness on the road, which does not create any discomfort to people inside.

Steering wheel control

The machine is driven by a rack and pinion steering system, which is complemented by an electric power steering system.

Brake system

Ventilated disc brakes are fitted on all wheels of this crossover as a brake system. Even the standard equipment has a decent set of electronic assistants, such as the anti-lock braking system with the option of distributing the braking force between the front and rear wheels and the option of preparing for emergency braking (RAB).

Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with an anti-skidding system (ASR) and a directional stability system (ASC). The body rolls are small and the braking is quite effective.


As mentioned above, the latest generation of Volvo XC60’s dimensions have not changed much when compared to the previous model. The length of the crossover is 4 627 mm, width 2 120 mm, height 1 713. The wheelbase is 2,774 mm and the ground clearance height is 230 mm, which is very good considering the quality of our roads and the possible use of this Swiss.

The track width of the front wheels is 1 632 mm, and the rear wheels are 1 586 mm. It depends on the equipment and power unit, the car can be equipped with light alloy wheel disks, which diagonal will vary from 17 – 20 inches. Even low-profile rubber can be supplied, up to 245/40 R20.

Photo of Volvo XC60

You can paint the car in a not very rich variation of the palette. But among them there will be dark black, brown, beige, white, red, light blue and blue metallic. The charged weight of Volvo XS60 will be from 1,777 kg to 1,872 kg, depending on the equipment chosen.

The maximum load on the roof will be about 100 kg. According to the manufacturer, the maximum weight of the trailer may be from 1,600 to 2,000 kg. Despite the classic design, similar to the first presentation of the model, the crossover does not lose its own popularity, and even vice versa, its implementation only grows.


To ensure the proper level of safety by Volvo, you can talk for hours, because this car company is considered the safest in the world. And it’s not just words, there are hundreds of tests behind them, crash-tests have reached the point where Volvo is literally stuffed with a bunch of airbags.

The body frames were reinforced, and with them the engine bay. The car frame was designed to save the life of the driver and passenger in the event of a collision. The Volvo XC60 comes with the presence:

  • Airbags for the chauffeur and the passenger sitting in front;
  • Side airbags SIPS;
  • Inflatable air curtains IC;
  • Shoulder injury protection systems WHIPS for front seats.

In addition to them, you can find airbags that cover the front glass in the event of a collision. Therefore, the driver and passenger are actually sealed in the event of a collision. The developers decided to add another pillow to the crossover on the hood of the car, which will facilitate the impact with a pedestrian walking on the road and reduce its collision with the front glass. ISOFIX child seat mountings on the rear seats are not bypassed, and the maximum equipment has child seats included.

Thanks to numerous safety tests, it has been possible to study the machine’s behaviour to the smallest detail and to make the best possible variation of protection. Basic equipment has active and passive safety systems, which reduce the risk of injury in an accident. For transportation of children inside the car, special latches are provided for mounting of auxiliary elevation under the child seat, and the seat itself (two-level child seat). Due to the blocking of all doors, it is impossible for children to fall out of the cabin.

There is a system in place to monitor and protect the vehicle from burglary and tampering. Among the electronic security systems that were implemented in the car Volvo XS60, we can highlight the technology of City Safery. It knows how to control the process of driving the car on the road in the city and when there is a position that threatens the health of people, lightning brakes crossover, in order to prevent a blow.

Thanks to the laser beam, which was installed near the rear view mirror, it is possible to scan the front hemisphere. If the difference in speed of movement less than 20 km/h is determined, the service sends a command to the central processor to cut off the fuel supply and switch on the brake system.

Speed mode is controlled by the service up to 50 km/h. It would not be superfluous to mention that this service, which was installed on other cars, was able to protect more than one hundred cars from accidents. With the help of a high level of active safety, it is possible to consider the crossover one of the safest cars in the world.

Speed Mode Service
City Safery Service

Together with unique digital technologies and a powerful on-board processor, it was possible to equip the car with a maximum number of electronic assistants. As a separate option, it is possible to order:

  • Adaptive headlamps with light sensor and automatic switching;
  • Tilt prevention system;
  • Wheel pressure sensors;
  • Mirrors with automatic darkening;
  • Water-repellent front side windows;
  • Two-threshold airbags and side curtains.

And the special winter package has an electric heater for the power unit and interior. The heating service is connected to a household outlet using the connector on the front bumper.

Crash test

Complete sets and prices

Our dealers will be offering Volvo XC60 2016 with three basic kits: Kinetic, Momentum and Summum. A 2.0-litre, 150-horsepower, 2.0-litre front-drive, diesel-powered car will be available:

  • Dual-zone climate control;
  • Full electric package;
  • ABS, ESP;
  • CD-audio systems;
  • Six airbags;
  • Cruise control;
  • Light alloy disks;
  • Prestarting heater;
  • Start of the power unit by means of a key.

The price of a car like this would be from $37,938. Summum’s top-of-the-range equipment comes with a gasoline engine with a volume of 3.0 liters, which produces 306 horses, will be estimated at $45,655.

Volvo XC60 2014

Among other things, the car will have a leather interior, MP3-audio system, electric drive on the luggage door, Bluetooth protocol for connecting the phone, as well as front seat servo drives. Optionally, it is possible to establish presence of system of control of dead zones, for 608 $, colouring in “metallic” for 613 $, navigation system for 1735 $, back visibility cameras for 507 $ and adaptive cruise control for 2 035 $.

Second generation Volvo XC60

The presentation of the new medium-size crossover Volvo XS60 in Geneva was started very non-standardly. The company’s management decided to baffle the public who are already accustomed to such events, so they first presented a piece of wood joist. It is clear that the wood is perfectly processed, as this is the material the design staff proposes to install as an interior decoration Volvo XC60 2018.


Some of the exterior lines look very familiar and recognizable because they have migrated to the 90th series. This applies to the inflated sides above the wheel arches and the strict, clear body lines. However, there is room for what separates the new Volvo XC60 2018 from its older brother. Initially, the look is on the new headlights. The stylish and original design, which combines the grille and daytime running lights, makes it feel like a “T” on the side.

The new Volvo XC60

A completely new off-road vehicle body has been increased in size due to the new modular SPA base. The massive radiator grille as if protrudes and hangs over the bumper, emphasizing the aggressiveness and sportiness of the novelty. It has received 2 additional facets. In the center there is still a massive nameplate of the manufacturer.

The bumper was made in the style of continuation of the body, and downstairs it received a large air intake. The fog lamps were replaced by fog lamps on the sides. It is impossible not to notice the big clearance.

Many versions of the Swedish vehicle will receive an air suspension with the possibility of changing the height of clearance. The pneumatic cylinders of the system are located in the “spare parts” department under the luggage compartment floor.

Updated Volvo XC60

The ratio of body proportions looks very harmonious. If you combine all the elements, you can conclude that the new Volvo XS60 2018 has its own temperament and character. In general, the appearance is very attractive, but it seems that it has already seen it somewhere.

When you think about your older brother (Volvo XC90), it all comes to its own. The design team was able to embody the look of a serious and dynamic model. Its head and energy can be seen in many bodywork elements. The management of the Swedish company decided to give up the plastic protection, which stands out from the background of the car body. The protection itself is present, but it fits well with the body.

Volvo XC60 photo carAuto Volvo XC60 2018Rear view of the Volvo XC60

New crossover Volvo XC60

The ground clearance of the new crossover is 216 millimeters, which allows it to easily overcome most obstacles.

Rear headlamps are extended under the top edge of the luggage compartment, and have horizontal lines between the bumper and the luggage compartment door. These lanterns with a complex shape are very decorating the rear of the crossover. Inside they are hidden LEDs.

In general, the back part looks pretty strong. It was possible to achieve this, using an elongated angular shape, emphasized by the rear lights. In general, it can feel like the XS60 is the XS90 after a plastic surgery or lift.

However, in reality, the car is quite an independent unit, and it is necessary to evaluate it without looking back at the older relatives. Due to the slightly sloping roof, the stern glass has a small size. In its place spoiler with built-in flashlight. In the lowest part on the sides you can see a pair of rectangular exhaust pipes.


When you sit in a stylish crossover, you feel the unusual atmosphere inside, which fits the exterior of the novelty. The finishing was done with taste and luxury. The “cleaning” and the tunnel that separates the driver’s seat from the passenger seat look very stylish and organic. Driving is very convenient, as all settings are in close proximity to the owner. Ergonomics is at the highest level. The salon has a 9.6-inch multimedia screen, four-zone climate control, Wi-Fi and many other features.

Interior Volvo XC60 2018

It is not superfluous to tell about the comfortable and compact steering wheel, which has control buttons. The tunnel, which divides the front area into 2 parts, ends with a modest control unit for the rear passengers. Under the hands of the driver installed control lever modes of operation of the box “machine”, the joystick multimedia system and the button of the parking brake, which is electric in the car.

In addition, the designers have made a small glove compartment, which is covered with a hatch made of high-quality wood. The front seats have electric drive, heating and massage functions. On the rear sofa there is a possibility of its folding by means of electronic control.

With the help of the panoramic roof and expensive interior upholstery, the interior is distinguished by special light and comfort, as well as the atmosphere of comfort. All passengers will be able to feel the difference in the free legroom, as it has increased. The same applies to the increased volume of luggage compartment – 505 liters of useful space.

Panoramic roof

Although the luggage compartment of the new car seems to be large, too high a floor takes up a little bit of volume. Do not forget that under the luggage compartment floor there is not a full-size spare wheel and air suspension cylinders. Underneath them is a gearbox transmission, along with an independent suspension. In addition, if necessary, you can fold the backrests of the rear seats, which will significantly increase the free space.

The luggage compartment door, which is electrically powered, was a pleasant surprise. This function is very useful and in demand for all motorists.

Volvo XC60 trunk

Knowledgeable people will be able to understand even from the overview and photos that the Volvo XC60 2017 was created in the style of pedantic Germans. Here you can see the aristocracy, restraint and not pathos luxury, concerning only the quality and practicality. All materials of the interior are distinguished by excellent quality.

This can include upholstery of armchairs, interior design and even decorative elements, which were carried out by specialists with diligent attention and scrupulousness. Thanks to the touch panel, it was possible to combine the maximum number of settings and applications.

Touchscreen display
Touchscreen display

Once again, the front seats resemble racing uniforms and have a good side support that can confidently hold the saddle during steep corners and on uneven roads. The panoramic roof and rear seat backrest are electrically powered by a hatch, which is also nice.

That’s all it takes to control the movement from row to row, to manage parking, to steer and brake. At a speed of up to 130 kilometers per hour, the car can be controlled by an autopilot. It is also important that the interior can be not only white, but also dark and even burgundy.

Based on this, the buyer can choose the colors and materials by himself. Although there is mainly a comfortable seat for two people at the back, if necessary, a third passenger can be seated in the middle, but he will not have special comfort. The important thing is that the rear seats have side support. Built-in armrest has integrated cup holders, which increases comfort.

Front seats Volvo XC60Rear seats Volvo XC60Rear sofa photo Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 Salon

The control unit of the multimedia system’s main options looks very unusual. It is made in such a way that it feels as if the buttons are directly inserted into the leather panel itself. It looks really unique and unusual. Paying attention to the description of the features, it is not superfluous to notice that the Swedes have put a quality audio system.

It’s nice that some speakers have been integrated specifically to create surround sound. If you combine a high-quality multimedia system and good speakers, the sound quality is very rich. Summing up the interior, I would like to say that the Swedes did not save on the quality of finishing. Everywhere there are smooth seams and modern equipment. The car looks stylish not only because of its appearance, but also because of its pleasant interior.

Technical specifications II-generation

Generation II powertrain

Speaking of the technical component, the novelty of the Swedish production is as beautiful as its exterior and interior. For the second version of the crossover a couple of gasoline and diesel power plants announced. Diesel list is represented by “engines” D4 and D5.

They are represented by an aluminum 2.0-liter “four” with in-line arrangement of cylinders. Intelligent injection of i-Art, turbocharging and gas distribution mechanism with sixteen valves is installed. The “Junior” version develops 190 horsepower at 4,250 rpm and 400 Nm of torque at 1,750-2,500 rpm.

Engine D4
Diesel engine D4

The “older” version already produces 235 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 480 Nm of peak performance at 1,750 to 2,250 rpm. The most “simple” diesel version reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 8.4 seconds, and its maximum speed does not exceed 205 kilometers per hour.

The “top” diesel engine is accelerated to the first hundred in 7.2 seconds, and the maximum speed is 220 kilometers per hour. The engines consume no more than 5.2 liters for every 100 kilometers in a mixed cycle.

The gasoline list includes T5 and T6 engines, which received a 2.0-liter aluminum four-cylinder engine with direct injection, six-valve gas distribution mechanism, turbocharging and adjustable gas distribution phases.

Gasoline engine
Gasoline engine T5

The first engine received 254 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 350 Nm of torque at 1,500-4,800 rpm. The second engine, with the help of a turbine and drive compressor, produces 320 horsepower at 5,700 rpm and 400 Nm at 2,200-5,400 rpm.

The 254-horsepower engine can accelerate to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 6.8 seconds, and its maximum speed is 220 kilometers per hour. More powerful 320 hp engine reaches the first hundred in 5.9 seconds, and the maximum speed does not exceed 230 kilometers per hour.

The most powerful engine consumes no more than 7.7 liters of power for every 100 kilometers in the city cycle, and on the road no more than 7.3 liters of gasoline.

Transmission II-generation

Both gasoline and diesel-powered units operate only with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive transmission, where there is a Haldex multi-disc clutch, which selects up to 50 percent of the torque on the rear wheels depending on the road surface.

Suspension II-generation

The second family Volvo XS 60 was built on a shortened SPA trolley, where the power unit is located transversely. High and ultra-high strength steel was used in the construction of the body structure. The standard suspension includes a spring two-lever suspension in front and a multilever suspension at the back, where there is a transverse composite leaf spring on the rear axle. However, as a separate option, an air chassis and air-sprung shock absorbers can be installed for SUV.

Steering II-generation

If before there was an electric amplifier, then the novelty is a rack and pinion steering system and electro-hydraulic amplifier with adjustable characteristics.

Brake system II-generation

Everything’s the same here. All wheels have ventilated brake discs that work closely with auxiliary systems such as ABS, EBD and other electronic “things”.

Crash second-generation test

The safety level of the vehicle has always been the same, and the Swedes are the leaders in this niche. The following fresh crossover crash test videos show that you can see this once again. More recently, the company has demonstrated its own brand new car XS60.

In its “brainchild”, the engineering staff tried to introduce the most advanced technologies in the field of safety. However, one theory here will not be enough, so it is necessary to check everything. In addition to loud statements, the Swedes have carried out various tests for their new crossover.

Now the safety system of the newest Volvo XS60 has a steering system. With the Steering assist, the new Steering assist system has become even more dependent on it for safety services. For example, it is an autopilot function similar to that found in Tesla vehicles.

Full control over the steering wheel, gearbox, brake pedals and gas pedals will help prevent collisions at speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour. The service provides an opportunity to drive a Volvo while the owner keeps his hands on the wheel. In the event that the owner removes his hands from the steering wheel, the system will automatically reduce the speed of the new crossover and take control of the car until the full stop of the car.

A large number of modern cars focus on the appearance and style of their own cars, however, the Swedish company remains at the same time with its opinion and continues to move confidently in the direction of security. During the presentation, instead of large photo folders, the Volvo manual, as usual, showed a variety of video crash tests.

Crash test Volvo XC60

It should be recalled that the most important goal of such tests is experience and improvement, as well as minimization of the potential for road traffic injuries. A list of side tipping tests at a speed of 50 kilometres per hour is being initiated.

The video shows that the roof of the car was able to withstand powerful impacts, so the driver, along with the passengers, is well protected. The Airbag and other safety features were able to operate at a limit level to provide adequate protection for the driver and passengers.

The video shows that only minor elements of the crossover were damaged, but the body itself was not deformed. This is a pleasant result, because a lot depends on it, and most importantly – the life of a person. The newest structure of the roof construction does not allow the novelty to turn over for a long time, but, on the contrary, helps to stop.

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how protection inside a car works. Anyone who wants to buy a 2nd generation Volvo XC60, will be able to see how the tests were conducted and what was the result. The second frontal crash-test showed the efforts of the engineering staff, who worked to ensure that during the impact of individual parts of the power unit and wheels, folded under the vehicle, and not broke into the machine to people.

Such a bodywork design, together with the development of the engineering staff helped to get rid of a large number of accidents. For example, it is possible to refer here the exit of the front panel and various blows of the legs near the knees.

The third and final test was conducted with a head-on collision. In reality, this is the most difficult test for any brand of car, so it takes many hours of work of the engineering staff to demonstrate the smallest favorable results. Often this impact covers a small area of the vehicle’s nose (25 per cent of its width), and the negative effects are felt by all passengers.

The Volvo engineers managed to do it differently. They decided to modify the base of the car so that such a collision was always a sliding one. As a result, the collision power does not pass to the whole car, and the body deviates to the side. It turns out that the body takes people and the owner of the crossover Volov XC60 II away from the collision area as far as possible. It is very pleasant that such innovations are planned to be used not only in the new car, but also in future cars.

Complete sets and prices XC60 II

The initial equipment of Volvo XC60 2018 is estimated from 44 964 $ and has a fairly extensive list of additional equipment. In addition to the basic things for this class of cars, the standard equipment will have:

  • Climate control;
  • Branded system with MP3 support;
  • Electrical adjustment of mirrors with heating option;
  • Front and rear power windows;
  • Adjustments of the steering wheel in two directions;
  • Front seats with heating option.

Rear view of the Volvo XC60

The standard list also includes aluminum rollers, standard parktronic, adaptive LED headlamps, automatic parking brake, start of the power unit with the help of a button and an assistant start on the rise. Safety is ensured by 8 airbags, multi-mode stabilization system and cruise control.

As a separate option, the rear camera, dead zone monitoring system, rain sensor, downhill assistance and adaptive cruise control can be installed. In addition, a leather interior, electric seat adjustment with memory function, steering wheel heating and a preheater can be purchased at an additional cost.

Comparison with competitors

The Swedish car Volvo XC60 2018 2nd generation belongs to the class of compact crossovers. Its competitors include Kia Sportage III, Skoda Karoq, BMW X4(F26), Skoda Yeti 2014, Subaru XV 2 families, Vortex Tingo FL, Subaru Forester 2015, Mercedes GLK-Class, Infiniti JX, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Land Rover Discovery, Lexus RX, Infiniti FX, Acura RDX, Subaru Tribeca, Honda Pilot, Infiniti QX60, Cadillac XT5, Cadillac SRX, Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Acura MDX.

As you can see, the Swede has plenty of opponents. That’s why the company tries to make high-quality, stylish, powerful and safe cars that can compete with other cars.

Reviews from the owners

To a large extent, many car owners on the Internet make good reviews of Volvo. Among the advantages are design, interior, dynamics, braking system, safety, passability, climate system, good “noise”, bright light of standard lighting and excellent music system. Based on Volvo XC60 reviews, the car is well controlled and has enough power unit even during overtaking, if the crossover is not heavily loaded.

Low consumption is also a significant benefit. High ground clearance fits our Russian roads perfectly. The volume of luggage compartment is sufficient. The seats are very comfortable and have good side support. Rear-mounted seats fold up and form a flat floor.

Volvo XS60 keeps the road well, especially at high speeds – the steering wheel remains informative. The winter package, when you get into the car in winter, includes the heating of the windshield, seats and steering wheel, and then just enjoy it. Drivers do not like the freezing of janitors, the fact that the central armrest is not regulated, lacks regular luggage compartment lighting. Often in rainy weather dirt drips behind the collar when the luggage door is open.

There is no protective cover on the rear bumper, so the paint can be damaged during loading/unloading. Too bad that the fuel filter is installed in the back of the car. It may freeze at very low temperatures. The turning radius is large, which may cause discomfort during parking. But in general, the Swedish crossover is more positive feedback, so there is every reason to believe that this vehicle is assembled well, is a reliable and safe car.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Luxurious and memorable appearance of the crossover;
  • Spacious interior;
  • The big luggage compartment which if necessary, can be increased, having folded backrests of back seats;
  • Comfortable and comfortable armchairs with good side support;
  • Many different settings;
  • Transformation of the interior;
  • Excellent noise isolation;
  • Reliable brake system;
  • Rich even base equipment;
  • Large arches of wheels with not less massive wheel rims from a light alloy;
  • Large luggage door;
  • Pleasant and qualitative salon;
  • Touchscreen display on the centre console;
  • The rear row can comfortably accommodate three passengers;
  • Good height of road clearance which will allow to use the car even on easy impassability;
  • Many electronic systems and assistants;
  • Strong power units, which also have a relatively low fuel consumption;
  • The best safety system in the world is not only for the driver and passengers sitting next to each other, but also for other road users, including pedestrians;
  • Good suspension;
  • Availability of all-wheel drive system;
  • 9-inch multimedia system screen;
  • Quality seats;
  • Winter options package is very helpful.

Cons of a car

  • Despite its low weight, the suspension levers are quite thin;
  • High cost;
  • Expensive maintenance and spare parts;
  • Transmission is often out of order;
  • Slowly warms up the salon;
  • High floor luggage compartment.

We sum up

The latest generation of the Swiss crossover Volvo XC60 2016 is capable of success. Even previous generations have been selling quite well and are still in demand, and with the release of the restyled version, it is reasonable and logical to expect another wave of growth in sales of machines. The front of the car has become more sporty, youthful, but at the same time, stylish.

The modern optics allows to improve visibility on the road section that will allow to increase safety to which word, here is given a lot of accent. The novelty has received the big wheels with massive arches of wheels. The rear part of the car has stylish rear lights, a pair of exhaust pipes and a large luggage compartment door, which allows you to load and unload loads without much difficulty.

Volvo XC60 R-Design

The new salon is just above all praise. This can be attributed both to the beautiful dashboard and to the display installed on the central console, which supports touch input. The quality of the materials used in the interior is as high as their fit. The steering wheel is very comfortable and has various buttons that can be controlled by the machine options. The front seats are comfortable and have good side support to keep the driver and front passenger in the corners.

There is plenty of free space in the car, which can be said about the second row, which can easily accommodate three adults. The luggage compartment is not a record-breaking one, but it is able to place all the necessary things to leave the whole family for a rest. And if necessary, you can increase the volume, adding up the backrests of the rear seats, and they are added together as one, and all together, which is certainly a plus.

The height of the ground clearance together with the four-wheel drive system are clearly advantages of this car, which allows it to pass even where simple parktenics will not pass. Powertrains do their job perfectly well and consume less fuel, which makes them quite economical. They are pleased with the various systems designed to help the driver on the road and in dangerous situations.

Volvo XC60 2017

The suspension swallows all the irregularities perfectly, which will be very useful given the quality of our roads. It’s no secret that Volvo pays special attention to safety, and the Volvo XC60 2016 is no exception. Therefore, the crossover can even be called a family car. The only thing is that the car is not cheap, which is a minus, and sometimes it does not warm up the salon well.

But it is extremely difficult to pick on Swiss car manufacturers as they do everything qualitatively. You can see that the company from Sweden is constantly updating its cars, producing new ones. Both of them fully comply with modern standards of technology and safety. The second generation of Volvo XC60 became even better. Specialists of the company tried to work on the shortcomings that were before. The level of noise insulation has improved even further.

The design became sporty, aggressive and stylish. The headlights and rear optics are just what the owner needs to stand out from the crowd of cars. The level of equipment has improved, and the quality of assembly and materials used, still corresponds to the premium level of the car. The Volvo XC60 2017 has indeed become another car that has retained its recognizable features, but has improved in many ways!

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Volvo XC60 photo

Test drive

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