Volvo S90

Volvo S90
  • Car model: Volvo
  • Producing country: Sweden
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Body Type: Sedan

Volvo S90 2016-2017, is a flagship sedan from the Swedish car manufacturer, which replaced the S80. The new Volvo S90 was presented in December 2015, and its global presentation took place in January 2016 at the Detroit Motor Show.

European motorists were able to see the novelty in spring, in March, at the Geneva Motor Show. In this review, we will try to find the best qualities of this sedan, learn more about its appearance, interior, technical characteristics and talk about its safety, which is certainly a trump card. The whole model range is Volvo.

Car history

When December 1997 came, the management of the Volvo Company decided to put on sale its new flagship E-class car, which was named the C90. The car changed the sedan 960 and, in reality, was a slightly improved model. Conveyor production did not last that long – the production was stopped in April 1998 due to the appearance of a successor in the form of a three-drive C80 with front drive.

The “first” version of Volvo C90 serves as a representative of the “business” union on the European specification (E-class) in the body of the sedan. The length of the vehicle is 4 871 millimeters, width 1 750 millimeters, and height 1 420 millimeters. The “travelling” condition of a sedan makes from 1 643 to 1 700 kg, and full weight varies from 2 010 to 2 100 kg, depending on which complete set is chosen.

Volvo S90 1998

The exterior design of the Volvo S90 1997 has strict corner lines. Although there is no need to be surprised, as at the end of the 1990s this appearance was in fashion. The headlamp optics also received rectangular shapes. The bumper is not a three-dimensional one, but it looks like the size of the bumper adds a kind of forward performance.

The arches of the wheels turned out to be bloated. With the help of this solution, the appearance of the car is slightly softened. The lines on the sides are strict and straight. Windows are massive, the viewing angle is quite large. The rear part was also decided to make it very strict. The stern has large rectangular headlights, and the bumper slightly supports the common line.

Side view of Volvo S90

There is no room for extra elements, as the Volvo S90 is a business class car. The exterior is well intertwined with the interior of a Swedish sedan. Everything in the interior has been done with high quality and beauty, which is typical for Volvo. The saloon is spacious, and seats are ergonomic even today, which makes the owner and passengers feel very good.

If we compare it with the previous model, the novelty had an extended set of interior design in terms of its finishing. The salon could be made in light colors, which were appreciated by many customers. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the representative purposes, when transporting important people, it is often chosen the light performance of the salon.

Interior of Volvo S90 1998

Besides, there was a difference in certain elements of the interior. These included the gearshift design, armrests, handbrake and lever. In addition, the equipment had front and side airbags, ABS, leather seats and air conditioning. During emergencies, the vehicle provided excellent safety. Experts have thought over and have improved system of protection against a body deformation from each party.

On the technical side under the hood of the original Volvo C90 1997 car a pair of 6-cylinder, 2.9-liter in-line engines were installed, which operated on gasoline. There was a multipoint fuel supply, 24-valve gas distribution mechanism.

Photo of Volvo S90 of 1998

The Junior gave 180 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 260 Nm of torque at 4,350 rpm. The Sr. already produced 204 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 267 Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm. Together with these engines worked a five-speed mechanical box or four-range automatic box, which directs all efforts only to the wheels installed at the back. The version of the prestigious machine was designed on a rear-wheel drive “trolley” with a longitudinally positioned engine.

The machine received an independent suspension on both axles: front were transverse levers with leaf springs and stabilizer of transverse stability, and on the rear axle was a system of levers and rods, leaf springs and transverse stabilizer. The “first” sedan C90 had a steering system of “pinion-rail” type, where there was a hydraulic booster, as well as disc brakes on all wheels (the front were ventilated) with ABS support.

Among the advantages of the model are good safety, high structural reliability, excellent dynamic characteristics, comfortable suspension, acceptable equipment, soundproofing and perfect controllability, regardless of the size of the vehicle.


The appearance of Volvo S90 2016-2017 was designed in accordance with the company’s corporate design component, which is distinguished by the front light blocks with T-shaped running lights, called “Hammer Torah”. Such optics could be observed on the model Volvo XS90.

In our case, it already crowns the front of the new flagship car, which, of course, has its own stylistic differences. In addition to easily recognizable headlights, the front part of the sedan is crowned with a stylish radiator grille with a large number of vertical jumpers and a massive manufacturer’s nameplate, a neat bumper with modest compartments of fog lights, a solid hood with unique punches on the sides.

Volvo S90 photo car

The appearance of the flagship version shows the classicism and avant-garde, which are combined in one bottle. Initially, you look at the design of the car, because of the previous model, could remain only a large shape of the car, and all the other things have changed almost beyond recognition.

In the nose of the car, in the area of the radiator grille, there is a “chopped” shape, all the elements are arranged vertically in relation to the ground. Based on this, we can conclude that the aerodynamic performance of the machine was not the first place for the engineering staff.

Front view of Volvo S90

The machine’s emblem has a camera, which indicates a system of all-round visibility. A little lower, you can find headlight washers on the front bumper, and underneath them a pair of holes for installing sensors and sensors, with chrome inserts. The side part of the flagship car has a domed roof, which is crowned with a characteristic fin, body sides with smooth contours, large doorways, elegant mirrors, elegant rear view mirrors, large cuts arches of the wheels for no less massive 20 inch wheels.

Despite the fact that the car turned out to be very modern, the door handles remained of the mechanical type in the classic version. On the circle of glasses, the designers introduced a chrome bezel, and the lower part of the doors has a chrome strip. Side visibility mirrors were installed on the door, not in the corner of the side window. The mirrors were equipped with built-in turntables and a side camera. The fillet part of the new sedan looks, at least non-standard, with the help of intricate rear lights, which resemble the letter “C” in shape.

Side view of Volvo S90

They take up little space on the luggage compartment lid, which also has chrome nameplates. The latter indicate the name of the brand and its modification. At the bottom of the rear bumper, there are seats for two quadrangular nozzles of the exhaust system, which have been spread on the sides. Speaking in general, the appearance of the new flagship sedan was just nice. The car perfectly retains the presence of various lines, body passages and embossing. There is not even a single element, which would look foreign and repulsed.

Rear view of Volvo S90

It is worth starting with the fact that the machine is based on a universal base of SPA, which has already served as the basis for the famous crossover XS90. But for the sedan, it made it possible to produce the ultimate rigid frame, in the production of which, used steel with different strength properties, as well as aluminum. Optics was made on the basis of LED system. The rear bumper is elongated and has a small step for luggage compartment. It is good that from under the rear bumper there is no fuel tank, as well as silencers or other elements of walking and suspension.


After watching the new sedan from the outside, there are very pleasant impressions, but when you drive, you realize that the interior is made even better. There is a successful combination of color shades and high-class finishing materials, helps to create a unique atmosphere inside the car, which is not every car has.

Extremely comfortable placement is achieved due to well profiled front seats and not less comfortable, located on the second row, sofa, which was originally designed for three people, but is actually 2-uh local.

Interior of Volvo S90

The console installed in the center is fully unloaded from the control parts, which in earlier versions were represented by various buttons and switches. Instead, it was decided to install a large 9.5-inch display of the Sensus Connect multimedia system, which takes full responsibility for the interaction with the driver.

On the side of the screen, there are unusually long and massive air inlets. You can find only a block of small size, with classic buttons, which provides quick access to a whole list of options. It was placed under the main display.

Sensus Connect multimedia system display

The instrument panel on the Volvo S90, fully corresponds to the status of the machine, so has a graphical design with different variations in the display of information. The car has a connection to the iPhone, supports the Apple CarPlay system, provides Internet access via Android Auto, supports Wi-Fi.

You can display an image of the navigation system. Touch screen control makes it much easier to get away from the keys. Everything is very thoughtful, informative and easy to reach. Salon of the new sedan S90 of 2016 looks really spectacular and really luxurious, than fully justifies the status of a premium Scandinavian car. The dashboard has a 12.3-inch screen and a “meaty” multifunctional steering wheel with a three-spoke design.

Instrument panel Volvo S90

Horizontal spokes can be used to find the touch buttons on the multimedia system. The topmost front panel has audio speakers. The materials are of the highest quality, there is expensive leather, natural wood and aluminum. The back row has a hospitable profile and a sufficient amount of free space in each direction. The front seats have a good ergonomic “body build” with clearly developed side rollers, as well as a lot of settings.

Complete with the T5 Inscription, the T5 Inscription will have a front seat with optional ventilation and side adjustment of the backrest. The separating console for the front seats has a small touchscreen design, where you can choose the desired temperature mode and the option of heating (cooling) the rear seats.

Rear row Volvo S90

As color solutions for the interior can be divided into quality leather, where there is a presence of black, cream and white, as well as perforated leather, where the presence of black, cream and white with black inserts. The luggage compartment of the Swedish flagship car has about 500 liters of free space, which is very good, given that this car is not a machine for the transportation of goods. The underground “hold” niche has a compact spare wheel and a set of tools. Top-end kits will also have air suspension cylinders.



For the new Swedish quality sedan Volvo S90, there are four modifications, a couple of gearboxes and two types of drive. Initially there is a version D4, which is presented as a four-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0-liter. It received a turbocharger and direct injection system, which provides 190 horses at 4,250 rpm. This engine will consume about 4.1 liters per 100 km.

Next comes a similar engine, but it is equipped with a sophisticated PowerPulse system (which collects air under high pressure). The result is a forced engine that produces 235 horsepower at 4,000 rpm. With this engine, the car reaches the first hundred in 7.3 seconds, and the maximum speed is 230 km/h. The average fuel consumption is 5.1 litres per 100 kilometres of mixed mode.

Volvo S90 engine


The gasoline engine is represented by the model T5, which has a volume of 2.0 liters and 4 cylinders. The engine has direct injection and one turbine that generates 264 horses and 350 Nm of torque. The T6 version hides a similar engine under the hood, but with a combined supercharger (mechanical turbocharger and turbocharger), which allows to achieve 320 horsepower at 5,700 rpm.

There is also a gasoline-powered power pack marked T8 TwinEngine. This engine has a hybrid equipment of the machine, which is equipped with a couple of types of engines, the total power of which is 410 horsepower. According to the engineering staff, it will consume about 1.9 liters per hundred kilometers. The electronic charge will be enough for 50 km of traffic. It will be possible to charge it from the usual electric network.


Only the 2.0-liter, 190 hp engine is synchronized with the 6-speed manual gearbox and front drive transmission, which allows the sedan to reach 230 km/h, overcoming the speed barrier of 100 km in 8.2 seconds. The engine, which produces 235 “horses” to work together with an 8-band “automatic” and all-wheel drive system, where there is a multi-disc coupling Haldex in the drive rear axle.

The gasoline engines are coupled to an automatic 8-range gearbox and all-wheel drive system, which allows the first hundred heavy sedan to be reached in just 5.8 seconds. Fuel consumption will be very low, some 7.3 liters of mixed mode.

Running gear

The newest Volvo S90 was produced on a universal SPA platform, where the unit was cross-base. The power structure of the vehicle is made of high-strength steel (35 percent), although there are aluminum parts, including the presence of the beam behind the front bumper, parts of the spars, support of the suspension struts, mounted in front and located in the middle of the crossbar.

The front axle of the machine has an independent two-lever suspension installed. The rear axle has an independent multilever system with a transversely oriented composite cake. As a separate option, a pneumatic chassis can be ordered. The machine’s steering is represented by a rack and pinion mechanism with an additional electro-hydraulic power steering with variable force. The brake system is represented by ventilated disc brakes with support for ABS and other systems.


In size, the new sedan looks as follows: in length, it takes up 4,963 mm, width 1,890 mm, height 1,443 mm. The distance between the front and rear axle is 2,941 mm. By these figures, it is already clear that if you compare the model with the S80, the S90 has already increased, but became a little lower.

The height of the ground clearance is 152 mm. Initially, the new sedan comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, and as a separate option you can install 19-inch rollers. The color scheme has black, snow white and metallic shade: dark blue, white, light grey, dark grey, black, sand, gray blue.


The car represents the presence of modern safety systems, which represent a minimum of 9 airbags, omnipresent in front of the car City Safety system with the option of warning and emergency braking system (can detect people, animals and cyclists).

Queue Assist (able to ensure that the car is driven in the opposite direction by means of adaptive cruise control when stop-and-go mode is activated), run-off road protection (able to recognize the beginning of the car’s departure from the road and neutralize the danger), automatic braking system, a system able to recognize road signs, assistant perpendicular and parallel parking.

Volvo S90 Safety

There is also an assistant assistant for reverse manoeuvring, as well as Pilot Assist (which is able to provide retention of the sedan in the lane, operates this option up to a speed of 130 km / h). Even on the information published by the expert staff about Volvo S90, it is clear that the new car has an excellent set of all kinds of systems.

Quality services are responsible for ensuring the safety of the vehicle, which can be checked by the company on a personal test drive. When the company talked about the high-tech of its own car, they wanted to look at a whole list of electronic assistants. Everyone seems to know that Volvo machines are recognized as the safest machines in the world.

The engineering staff could not simply bypass the new sedan, including a limit list of additional safety options. In addition to the standard airbags, foot pads were introduced (under the front panel). Side by side, all the perimeters were equipped with curtain cushions to protect them from the side impact.

The windscreen was fenced off by a pair of airbags, both outside and inside the cabin. In the cabin, it protects the driver and the front passenger, and from the outside, it is more designed to ensure pedestrian safety in the event of impact. The company has been using a similar system since 2012.

Among the innovations is the system of detection of other traffic participants. Following the detection, the information is fed to the windscreen via the projection screen. Having found and recognized the object, the service is able to quickly notify the driver of the approach.

Run-off Road Mitigation will give an opportunity to bring the sedan from the exit to the side of the road in an emergency, turning the steering wheel in the right direction and slowing down, but all the same, the driver’s actions will be a priority. From protection services, it is necessary to allocate the immobilizer, the standard alarm system.

Pedestrian detection

It allows you not to worry about whether or not you have put your car on the alarm or not, as soon as you leave with the keychain after 10 meters, the service will automatically lock all the doors. There are also more well-known systems such as parktronic, all-around visibility of the car, control of driver fatigue. And this is not a complete list of what can install Volvo in a new sedan.

Security systems include availability:

  • Motion sensor of the anti-theft system;
  • Buttons of the central locking system with indication installed on the front doors;
  • Dead Lock systems;
  • Anti-theft system machine level sensor;
  • Anti-theft Volvo system.

Passive safety is more of a passive safety feature:

  • Airbags for the chauffeur and front passenger;
  • Side airbags SIPS;
  • Inflatable air curtains IC;
  • ISOFIX child seat mountings;
  • Fixing of rear head restraints;
  • Safety belts with pretensioners (front and rear);
  • Whip injury protection systems WHIPRS (front seats);
  • Emergency stop sign;
  • Alarm for unbuckled belts.

Active safety and suspension can include availability:

  • Emergency Brake Assist Systems (EBA);
  • Stop lamp flashing functions for emergency braking;
  • Rear parking radar;
  • Systems which is able to prevent rolling of the car on lifting;
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC);
  • Impact hazard warning systems, when moving forward;
  • Inter-service mileage of 20 000 km;
  • Intellectual information system of the driver (IDIS);
  • Systems Volvo On Call;
  • Dynamic chassis;
  • Rear brake disks 17″;
  • Brake disks 17″;
  • Electronic speed limit 230 km/h;
  • Systems of the control of pressure in wheels (TPMS).

Crash test

Complete sets and prices

The Swedish stylish Volvo S90 sedan is accepted in the Russian Federation from June 6, 2016, but the debut cars will reach dealers only in late autumn – early winter. The basic version of the new car with a 249-horsepower engine, front wheel drive and 8-range automatic transmission will cost from $41,597.

More powerful complete set D5 (235-strong diesel unit) and T6 (320-strong gasoline engine) will be completed with all-wheel drive system. Their cost will range from $58,553, respectively. After some time there will be simpler versions of T4 and D4.

Photo of the new Volvo S90

Speaking of equipment, the car is equipped with the latest security systems, which includes even a new option that can detect large animals. It functions day and night, and in the event of a risk of impact, the electronic system will be able to automatically activate the brakes.

There is also a system of assistance at the intersections, cameras, all-around visibility, automatic parking, tracking of “blind” areas, prevention of involuntary exit from the roadway to the side of the road and the system of semi-automatic driving, which operates on the platform of adaptive cruise control, at a speed of no more than 130 km / h.

The basic equipment will have front and side airbags, entertainment and information system, two-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, front seat heating, standard audio system, adaptive cruise control, ABS, ESP, and front window washer nozzle heating.

Reviews from the owners

Judging by the feedback from the owners of the new Volvo S90, they are attracted by the strict Scandinavian appearance, high level of safety, acceptable adaptation to winter conditions of use and a high degree of reliability. There are a lot of options to choose from, so each customer will be able to choose a luxury sedan for their needs. However, there is one system which cannot be abandoned – adaptive cruise control with automatic braking option and Pilot Assist.

Owners praise the good quality of noise isolation, which allows to get rid of extraneous noise almost completely. Swedes have long been known for reliable controllability, which makes the car go through turns as if on rails. Interestingly, drivers note reliable driving even on ice, which makes it an honor for Volvo engineers and designers.

Thanks to the good suspension, the car moves comfortably, however, the height of the ground clearance, especially in winter, could be higher. Although the powertrains are sharp, the Volvo S90 doesn’t consume as much fuel as it does, yet it does. The level of visibility is good, and if necessary, you can use all-round cameras. But again, there are small pitfalls – the rear camera isn’t exactly in the right place, so it’s quickly covered in dirt.

The quality, assembly level and ergonomics of the interior are at the highest level. Slightly upset the inner door handles, where cheap plastic is used as a material. A distinctive criterion in the purchase of this machine, we can call leadership in the field of ensuring the proper level of safety. Also, despite the considerable size of the back row, a passenger sitting in the middle will not be as comfortable as sitting passengers on the sides.

Comparison with competitors

The Volvo S90 sedan mainly competes with Japanese and European cars, as well as some American companies. Our hero doesn’t have many opponents, but they do. The principle that we chose our competitors was based not only on technical base or dimensions, but also on cost and class, although some variants still got a big price gap. As a result, the Swedish model shares the market with Lexus IS, Audi A6, BMW 5, Jaguar XF, Mercedes-Benz E300 and Cadillac CT6.

Lexus has not so much power and small size, but received excellent technical stuffing and amazing opportunities for use. This model is estimated at about $39,199. Audi A6 is a European competitor for the “Swedish”, which is also inferior in size and has received simplified specifications, if you draw parallels with the cost. The basic version of Audi is sold from $39,199.

Next comes a German sedan, but BMW 5, which is able to compete with the already mentioned vehicles. Bavarian car serves as one of the most purchased models and it costs from 39 045 $. After the German sedan there is an elegant “British” Jaguar, the cost of which is slightly higher in standard version, but the model has just incredible opportunities for the driver. The car costs about $43,196.

The Cadillac is a representative of the American market and has an abundance of aluminum parts, which allowed the sedan to get the same mass as the more compact models. However, the fact that the saloon has cheap plastic and poorly designed levers and switches spoils the idea of an “American”. The basic complete set costs about 45 425 $.

Completes the list of the main rivals of Volvo S90, another “German” – Mercedes-Benz. Inside the car has a 12.3-inch touch screen. In general, all interior decoration, as it should be, is at the highest level. The sedan has enough reserve, so do not think that this opponent is suitable only for a measured and quiet ride. The given car is estimated at 44 395 $.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice and stylish appearance;
  • Availability of popular nowadays LED equipment;
  • Abundance of chrome parts;
  • Big arches of wheels with not less massive wheel rims;
  • Stylish exhaust pipes;
  • High-quality and expensive interior;
  • Convenient digital dashboard;
  • The big display located on the central console;
  • Presence of a tree;
  • Comfortable and comfortable seats installed in front;
  • The back row has a lot of free space;
  • The big luggage compartment with reserve and tools;
  • Strong power units;
  • Optionally, a four-wheel drive system is available;
  • A large number of different security systems;
  • The company is the world leader on safety maintenance not only the driver and passengers sitting near it, and also pedestrians, bicyclists;
  • Good dynamics of the car;
  • Rich complete set even in the base plan;
  • Acceptable ground clearance height.

Cons of a car

  • Big size;
  • Ideal aerodynamic characteristics;
  • A sitting passenger on the second row in the middle will not be so comfortable, because of the central tunnel;
  • High cost of the car.

Summing up

The Swiss have managed to produce a car of a prestigious class, with a recognizable silhouette, but making it more modern and stylish. The front of the sedan looks even sporty, which will please younger customers. Everything that is not taken for granted shows that the company is doing its best to keep its quality brand, which will be well received. Many elements eloquently testify to the fact that the company is not standing still, but is constantly developing, applying the latest technology in their cars.

The stylish hammers that we have already seen on the XS90 SUV are also present here.  Under the massive arches of the wheels are no less large and stylish alloy wheels. The rear part has received unusual lanterns and stylish and beautiful exhaust pipes. The Volvo S90 2016 saloon is just above all praise. Everything is made and fitted qualitatively. All the elements are expensive, there is even wood. The dashboard is in a modern graphic style, which is complemented by a stylish multimedia screen, on which you can display various information and images from the cameras.

Volvo S90 Inscription

The steering wheel is very comfortable and pleasant to work with. The front seats are cool and comfortable, unless they lack improved side support. The rear row can accommodate three adult passengers, but only the one sitting in the center can be hindered by the central tunnel. However, there is plenty of space on both the first and second row.

The sedan has a solid volume of luggage compartment, a spare wheel in the “basement” department and tools. Power units have a good power reserve, and low fuel consumption, which is very good. The engine dynamics are astonishing. The car can be equipped as a separate option, with all-wheel drive system, which will allow you to get a newer feeling.

Volvo S90 sedan

In general, even the basic equipment is well equipped, and the Swiss company provides a large list of auxiliary functions, which is great. The company keeps the brand of the safest cars in the world, which was confirmed once again on the model S90 sedan. And safety is provided not only to the driver and those sitting next to him, passengers, but also to pedestrians and cyclists. As a result, the Volvo S90 2016-2017 sedan is strong, stylish, modern and safe.

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Volvo S90 photo

Test drive

Video overview

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