Opel Mokka

Opel Mokka
  • Car model: Opel
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2012
  • Body Type: SUV

Opel Mokka is a sub-compact crossover from the German manufacturer Adam Opel AG, which is part of the General Motors Group. This new SUV is presented in the “K1” class. The presentation was held in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show. This vehicle is aimed at young and active customers who are interested in a nice design, good driving comfort and competitive price. The current version of the car is quite popular in many countries. That’s why the restyling model Opel Mokka 2017 attracts so much attention to itself. The whole model range is Opel.

Such an interesting name, according to the manufacturer, was given to the machine by the name of one of the Arabic coffee varieties. In the model range, the car was arranged for Opel Antara. The model is produced under different names, it depends on the market. So in the USA and China everyone knows it as Buick Encore, and in Great Britain as Vauxhall Mokka. The Opel Corsa E platform was taken as the basis.

Compared to it, this model has become larger in size. In the original equipment Opel Mokka is sold with front drive, intelligent all-wheel drive is available in a more expensive version. Also, for an additional fee, a second-generation road sign recognition system is installed and much more.


The Mocha Opel 2012 can easily contain all the criteria of compactness and fits perfectly under the city crossover. It can easily attract the eye at a glance. Any element in this car has been carefully considered, as evidenced by the beautiful exterior mirrors, which received a spectacular streamlined shape.

The car as a whole looks stylish and youthful. The structure of Opel Mocha’s character is perfectly evidenced by its muscular appearance and its shape, which is undoubtedly elegant. The car turned out to be energetic and sporty. The body line of the belt tends upwards, which makes it not very aggressive.

Opel Mokka 2012

The overhangs are short, and the wheel arches are rounded, which indicates the good cross-country ability of the German car. A powerful front bumper, which is also the lower air inlet, was covered with a coarse-grained mesh. It is framed in the bottom part of the plastic, which has a black color with an inherent lip aerodynamic shape, which together looks quite stylish.

It should be added that such a “lip” can be dismantled, which will increase the height of the ground clearance to the level of 187 mm, and this is a good result, especially given the quality of our roads. However, if you remove it, the buyer will get rid of the auxiliary aerodynamic and mudguard device.

The fog lights fit on inserts that simulate auxiliary ducts. The headlights are large and almond-shaped, with characteristic LEDs, a sloping hood with stylish ribs and waves and a strict false radiator grille.

Front view Opel Mokka

From the outside, the Opel makes you look at it with its extended wheel arches, the edge of which is covered with safety covers, the material of which is unpainted plastic. Moreover, the high window sill and the sloping roof are “hooked”. On the side of the German car Opel Mokka 2012, at the bottom there is a stamping, which starts from the front door and then rises on the rear surface, creating a strong, inflated arch of wheels.

Located slightly above the rib, on the side, neatly makes more side volume of the car, while driving along the line of door handles and disappears smoothly in the installed rear lighting equipment. External mirrors were installed on thicker legs.

Side view Opel Mokka

Opel Mokka 2012 is elegant and embodies functional and practical qualities. The dynamic shape of the rear window is neatly transformed into a rear rack, which gives the car a rapid appearance. The developers had to pay special attention to the aerodynamic characteristics of the machine.

They were able to cope with the task, which is noticeable by the stylish front bumper and radiator grille, which optimizes the air flow in the engine room. Details have also been specially developed to complement the rear spoiler and reduce the water plume that follows the machine.

As a result, the developers have been able to achieve an aerodynamic drag coefficient of only 0.36, which is even higher than the results of average research in its class. It also has a positive effect on fuel consumption and provides improved driving stability.

Opel Mokka rear view

The stern of the Opel Mokka 2012 car hides a large and convenient for loading trunk door, but almost immediately did not do without a spoon of tar – a tiny glass was installed, which impairs visibility. The Opel is also equipped with an integrated spoiler, which also has an auxiliary stop-light.

The rear-mounted bumper received a black plastic “protection”, duplicate stop lights and a diffuser. The rear light-amplifying system, like droplets, tends to descend from the high ledges of the strong rear arches.

Bixenon lighting with advanced AFL+ adaptive lighting system is available as an option, which can also be automatically adjusted from high beam to low beam and change the brightness of the lighting.


In the German car Opel Mokka everything was literally done for the feeling of free space and providing ultimate comfort. This is evidenced by the wisely arranged control panel, interior finishing with quality materials and armchairs with a high fit.

Despite many innovations, the salon has a classic style. It can be noticed by paying attention to metal parts, chrome-plated edges of the appliances, materials of finishing, which are very pleasant to the feeling. The dashboard is smoothly moved to the panels on the sides, on which you can find the branded details of the wing shape.

Opel Mokka interior

All this looks pretty spectacular and visually adds space inside the car. Many devices have a laconic design, and their place of installation does not cause problems in the operation of the machine. The handles on the doors look good and durable, which only adds to the elegance of the interior.

If you have a family and small children, this car is also designed for this. So, for example, with the help of doors that can be opened widely, you can install a child seat without any problems. Generally speaking, the Opel Mokko 2012 showroom was designed with details that are already familiar to many people from the machines Opel Astra J and Opel Insignia.

The multifunctional steering wheel, which has three spokes with tides in the area of correct coverage, makes the feeling more pleasant. In addition, leather steering wheel finishes can be ordered as a separate option. There is also a telescopic adjustment of the steering column.

Opel Mokka dashboard

The instrument panel has a pair of large and two small radii and is complemented by an on-board computer screen that makes it easy to read the necessary information. The torpedo looks like a large crossover size with the inherent rolling potholes, which are stylishly transformed by their edges into door cards.

Located in the center, the console has a color graphic screen, and in the basic equipment – monochrome. A couple of blocks for adjusting the multimedia system and comfort options are clearly arranged on the vertically installed plane. By Opel Mokka photo it is clearly visible.

Opel Mokka front seats

The front seats have a true German profile and a rigid padding. You can also notice the well-defined side and lumbar support rollers. In more expensive modifications, the car is offered with anatomical sports seats with replaceable long pillows and electric drive.

On the first row, there is plenty of free space in all directions, however, everything is not so positive with the second row. People who sit on the back sofa lack free space for their feet and head. But there is also a pleasant bonus – there are air ducts ventilation system.

Opel Mokka rear seats

If we’re talking about the quality of the finishing materials, they’re on top here. It is possible to order the interior decoration with leather, but already in the standard version of the new Opel Mocha 2012 there is a good malleable plastic and pleasant armchair covering. Luggage compartment of the crossover has 356 liters of useful free space.

However, if necessary, it can be enlarged by folding the rear seats and finally getting 1,372 litres, which is certainly more than enough! And that’s not all. There are nice bonuses that allow you to place all sorts of things in 19 different departments.

From the comfort inside the car answer:

  • Rail booster;
  • Rudder adjustment in one plane;
  • Rain sensor;
  • Electric glass drive;
  • Mirror electric drive;
  • Electric steering column drive;
  • Electric adjustment of the driver’s seat;
  • Electric adjustment of passenger seats;
  • Headlight washers.



For Russian car enthusiasts, the car will be available with three motors. The first two are powered by gasoline and designed for 140 horsepower, but if the first one is an atmosphere with a working volume of 1.8 liters, the next one is turbocharged, with a volume of 1.4 liters. The list of “engines” is completed with a diesel modification.

The weakest petrol engine has received four cylinders with in-line arrangement, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism and technology of the distributed food giving out at 3 800 revolutions in a minute of 178 Nm of the limiting moment. The model with a 1.8-liter engine and manual transmission reaches the first hundred in 10.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 180 km/h.

To reach a speed mark of 100 kilometers per hour, a car with such an engine can reach it in 10.9-11.1 seconds. The speed limit does not exceed 180 kilometres per hour. The average consumption is 7.1-7.9 litres in combined mode. It is followed by a more productive “motor” with four cylinders, which received a direct fuel supply, turbocharger, integrated into the inlet manifold and phase shifters at the outlet and inlet.

Opel Mokka engine

At 1,850-4,900 revolutions per minute, it produces 200 Nm. The version with 1.4-liter engine reaches the first hundred in 9.9 seconds (taking into account the considerable weight of the car – 1 854 kg), and the maximum speed is 190 km/h. At 100 km the car eats about 6.7 liters in combined mode.

The lineup of available engines is completed by a four-cylinder 1.7-liter turbo engine with a sixteen-valve gas distribution mechanism and direct injection support. “The engine produces about 130 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 300 Nm of torque at 2,000-2,500 rpm.

The maximum speed will not exceed 184 kilometers per hour, and for every 100 kilometers of the way will be about 5.3 liters of solar oil in a combined mode. It will be possible to accelerate up to the first “hundred” in 10.5 seconds.


The 1.8-litre power pack works together with a five-speed manual transmission and front wheel drive or a six-range automatic transmission with all-wheel drive system. The 1.4-liter model is synchronized with the six-speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive.

With the 1.7-liter diesel engine, the designers “tied” the six-band automatic gearbox, which transmits torque to the front wheels. It is nice that the customer can choose for himself in any car a complete set with front or all-wheel drive.


This vehicle was designed on the global base of GM Gamma II, which was developed by employees of the Korean division of GM DAT and completed by the Germans in their country. In reality, it represents an upgraded running gear of Aveo. In front of it was an independent suspension of McPherson type.

Opel Mokka suspension
Car suspension

The rear is semi-independent torsional, even on four-wheel drive vehicles, which many people are not used to seeing, but for reasons of simplicity and economy. Due to the short suspension stroke and low-profile tyres it is possible to compensate for the high center of gravity.

The designers equipped the Mocha Opel with ventilated disc brakes at the front and conventional disc brakes at the rear. The standard equipment of the German crossover Opel Mokka includes a system of stabilization and ABS, antiroll system at the start of the slide, and more “powerful” equipment boasts the presence of systems for monitoring road markings and recognition of signs installed on the road.


The Opel Mokka is 4278 mm long, 1777 mm wide and 1646 mm high. Wheelbase – 2 555 mm. The ground clearance with a safety apron is 158 mm, and after dismantling it – 190 mm, which indicates that the German car marks the place of not bad competitors known crossovers.

Complete sets and prices

The basic equipment of the German Opel Mokka crossover includes daytime running lights, electric power steering, 18-inch iron wheels, monochrome display, music system with CD, MP3 and AUX input with six speakers, electrically powered mirrors and heating function, on-board computer, air conditioning and cruise control.

In addition to the above mentioned, the maximum equipment includes bi-xenon adaptive lighting, rain sensor, light alloy wheels designed for 18 inches, multimedia system with graphic color display, navigation with rear camera, camera for the recognition of signs installed on the road and lane monitoring function.

Opel Mokka 2012

There is also a music system with USB and Bluetooth input, dual-zone climate control, parktronic, electrically operated folding mirrors with heating function, leather interior, electric driver’s seat drive and other “devices” designed to provide a comfortable ride in the crossover.

The most modest modification “Essentia” with the power unit designed for 1.8 liters and 5-speed manual gearbox is estimated from $15 526. The variant with the engine, 1.4 liters capacity with a turbine, four-wheel drive system and 6-speed automatic transmission is estimated in the configuration “Enjoy” from $17 985.

Opel Mokka crossover photo

Fully stuffed version of the Mocha Opel with “Cosmo” and engine with a volume of 1.8 liters and six-speed automatic transmission starts with a mark of $19 830. Variant with a power unit operating on diesel fuel will cost from $21 382, and if you make it a full list of equipment, the price will rise to the mark of $23 058.

Restyling 2016-2017

During the Geneva Motor Show, which began its work in spring 2016, officially presented an updated sub-compact crossover Opel Mocha with prefix “X”. Interestingly, the German workers could not “wait” for spring, so they were able to tell about their own upgraded car in early February.

Restyling Opel Mocha, undoubtedly, was useful to the “machine”. Appearance and interior look much better and now meets the modern style of the company, and now the wheels will be driven by a new turbine power plant. The Germans added high-tech “chips” to the list of equipment.

Exterior Restyling

From the very first glance, the new car Opel Mocha hardly stands out from the previous model, but if you look at the novelty of 2016 more carefully, you can see significant changes. For example, the vehicle has a means of adaptive lighting, with an LED base, another radiator grille, which has become a sign of the new style of not only crossover version, but the entire car list of the company.

The car has got the newest “foggers”, which were sunk in special ducts, making the crossover more aggressive and modern. In addition, thanks to such a bumper, it was possible to reduce the drag index to 0.33, which is almost a record estimate for such machines, sizes and geometry. Opel Mocha 2017 can be classified as a crossover niche by the presence of a wide black border along the entire edge of the car.

Photo Opel Mokka X

Optionally, you can install a full-featured AdaptiveForwardLighting LED headlights, which function in nine modes.

The side part hasn’t changed much, but it won’t work, not to mention the new versions of body painting and bumpers. The list of body painting variants increased by 2 colors – AmberOrange and very red AbsoluteRed. The sides of the crossover body at the bottom are still crowned with interesting stampings, which form wave-shaped transitions in the area of rear arches of the wheels.

Opel Mokka X

In place of the rib, which runs along the door handle line and at the end disappears on the stern lanterns. On the back side of the change is more significant. New lanterns with LEDs and a new spoiler are striking. The handle for opening the luggage compartment door looks standard.

Although it is a little unclear why the handle was installed here, as the new car Mocha has an opening sensor, which is placed under the bumper. To open the trunk door, you only need to pass your foot. Speaking in general, when looking from different sides, a modest crossover from Opel company looks like a nice car. Modernized German “baby” was able to preserve its characteristic sports qualities and excitement that form an elegant body line.

Interior Restyling

Paying attention to the interior, you clearly notice that the designers have tried well in the interior decoration. At once to tell something bad will not turn out – the “crossover” version actually looks cool. The manufacturer decided to keep silent about finishing materials, but at first glance one can feel the resemblance to Astra. Here workers offer 2-zone climate control, audio system, where there is a linear input and Bluetooth.

In addition, the updated Opel Mocha 2017 crossover has a display that supports touch input and a navigation system. Importantly, depending on the equipment selected, the centre console will be equipped with a 7-inch or 8-inch touchscreen for the IntelliLink Multimedia Centre. The Infotainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces.

New Opel Mokka salon

The developers have also revised the control panels of the climate and audio system. Now there is no previous large set of buttons, which were replaced by more concise blocks of keys. Proceeding from the Opel Mocha photo of the seats, I would like to write about their quality separately. Employees of the company worked them out, taking into account orthopedic parameters. After that, the seats were certified in the largest orthopaedic center of Germany.

Ergonomic component of the driver’s seat, as usual, at the height. The steering wheel can be adjusted in several positions, and the driver’s seat has a wide range of settings.

Interestingly enough, the screen has migrated, and now it is positioned correctly, without obstructing the driver’s view of the Mocha Opel. In general, the “dashboard” looks more solid and cute now, as there are complex shapes. The dashboard itself has become more technologically advanced. Now there are no chrome-plated wells, because the management has focused on more constructive buyers.

Machine technology has been able to take a confident step forward. The radiator grille has an installed multifunctional camera, working with the system of recognition of signs on the road, with the means of control of marking and means of active safety. The 2017 model was taught traffic rules.

Opel Mokka X

A system that is able to recognize road signs not only can display information on the dashboard, but can also install a limiter to some extent. Some people will think that the vehicle will think for its owner, but this is not the case. Just press the accelerator pedal to the floor and the car will move faster, but the dashboard will show a warning. For the driver and passengers, the upgraded Opel Mokka 2017 will remain the same hospitable crossover as the pre-recovery model.

The front part has comfortable seats with an optimal profile and a wide range of settings. The rear part was equipped with a comfortable sofa with an acceptable amount of free space. The luggage compartment has not changed, the volume remained the same – 356 liters with rear seats and 1,372 without backrests. Under the luggage compartment floor there was a compact “spare part” and a set of tools.

Specifications Restyling

Mower unit

The motor range of the restyling model Opel Mocha 2018 has a gasoline four-cylinder, 1.4-liter turbo engine, which supports direct fuel injection. As a result, the engine develops 152 horsepower at 5600 rpm and 245 Nm of thrust limit at 2000 to 3500 rpm. It will take about 9.6 seconds to reach the speed limit of 100 km/h, and the maximum speed does not exceed 196 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption averages about 6.7 litres for every 100 kilometers.

Opel Mokka X engine

The designers did not forget about the turbocharged, 1.4-liter diesel “four”, which received two levels of boost. The very first version received 110 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 300 Nm at 2000 to 3500 rpm. The more powerful engine already produces 136 “horses” at 3500 to 4000 rpm and 320 Nm at 2,000 rpm.

The car with such engine is accelerated up to 100 km/h in 10.3 seconds, and the limiting speed mode does not exceed a mark in 187 km/h. Consumption of diesel 4.5 liters for every 100 kilometers on the road or 5.2 liters in urban mode.


In conjunction with the powertrain, there are six-speed automatic or manual gearboxes. There is a front drive or adaptive all-wheel drive transmission, where there is an electromagnetic clutch between the axles, dividing the torque in a ratio of 100/0 to 50:50.

Running gear

Speaking for the technical part of the novelty, it is the same as at Opel Mokka 2012. The basis is the GM Gamma II platform, where there are independent drains McPherson ahead and a semi-independent scheme with a U-shaped twist beam at the back. Acceptable ground clearance allows you to feel confident almost everywhere.

The crossover steering is rack and pinion-type and has an integrated electrical booster, and all-wheel brakes. Front brakes are ventilated. There is support for ABS, Brake Assist, EBD and other “lotions”.


Restyled car Opel Mokka 2017 received adaptive LED-head optics, assistant when driving in heavy traffic, pressure sensors in tyres, emergency deceleration system, assistant when starting to the mountain and descending from the slope, rain sensors, RLAD-projection on the windshield.

On safety degree the vehicle not only does not lose to more expensive classmates, but also can compete for cars above a class. This is an eloquent indication of the machine’s ability to be a loyal and reliable friend to the whole family. The car allows you to drive it even on long journeys on the road.

Crash test

In our article you can read the results of the Opel Mokka crash-test, which was conducted by the specialists of the European association Euro NCAP in accordance with the new, strictest standards in the segment of machine safety.


After the frontal impact, the crossover cabin geometry was not changed, and from the sensors on the dummies, it became clear that they demonstrated good protection of all body parts for the driver and front passenger. The hips and knees were also well protected. After repeated tests with different mannequins, which were sitting in different positions, it became clear that the Mocha Opel has equally good protection.

Photo crash test Euro NCAP
Crash test Euro NCAP

During the test, which simulates a side impact, the German crossover was able to gain the maximum number of marks out of the possible ones. The machine provided the same good protection for all body parts. Then there was the most severe impact (side impact on the post), which showed the average degree of protection of the chest of the passengers. But the head, stomach and pelvic protection was very good. The seats, together with the head restraints, showed good rear impact protection.


During a dynamic safety test with a 3-year-old child mannequin sitting in the forward-facing child car seat, the compact crossover received the highest score. When there was a frontal impact, the dummy moved forward within tolerance.

Opel Mokka Crush Test

In the side impact test, the “children” remained firmly anchored in the car seats and the seats themselves remained anchored in the clips. It turns out that the possibility of getting head injury on the interior cladding is minimal. The airbag for the front passenger can be deactivated to use the rearward-facing child seat.


Although the Opel Mokka bumper was able to score a maximum number of points for pedestrian leg protection, the nose of the hood was found to be very dangerous. In all other respects, the hood was able to provide a degree of safety in areas where children’s heads were likely to come into contact with the hood. For adult pedestrians, the hood of the car is much more dangerous than for children.

Security systems

All the necessary systems are available in all versions of the Mocha Opel, which can not but please. Research results have shown that the systems are fully compliant with Euro NCAP standards. In general, for electronic security systems, the crossover was able to get the maximum score out of the possible.

Mocca Packages and Prices 2016-2017

The car of the popular brand in Russia will be available in three versions. Interestingly, their price does not differ much. The first equipment is Essentia. The cost of the car in such a configuration is $15857,00. It is reasonable to conclude that the car for such funds will not have a rich tooling.

The role of the engine is played by a 1.8-liter, 140-horsepower engine running on gasoline. The whole force is transmitted to the wheels by means of a five-stage mechanical gearbox. It is important to note that the basic equipment includes installation of only the front drive.

The standard equipment has stabilization systems and ABS, which allow increasing the stability of the vehicle on the road. Also, it is unusual that the car, which has a front drive, received a system of help start up the mountain. If to speak for quality of the used materials at interior furnish it is rather high enough.

Opel Mokka 2016

The Mocha Opel 2017 Enjoy is coming up. In this version it is possible to choose several options of equipment – a gasoline 1.8-liter “engine”, synchronized with a manual five-speed gearbox or six-speed gearbox, as well as 1.8-liter power plant with a six-speed automatic gearbox, which gives the torque to all four wheels.

The first option will cost not less than $17270,00, and for the box “machine”, it will be necessary to pay another 70 thousand rubles. The all-wheel drive version will cost at least $18997,00. As a separate option it is possible to establish a system of lane position control, as well as an option that knows how to recognize road signs.

In addition, it is possible to install a more advanced system of control of the climate system and a better audio system. It turns out that by paying a reasonable price, your car will be able to improve not only in quality, but also in reliability and practicality.

Opel Mokka photo auto

The most top-of-the-range equipment is called – Cosmo. Here you can put a 1.8-liter engine with a mechanical gearbox, 1.4-liter power plant with “automatic”, 1.8-liter engine with automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive system, 1.4-liter “engine” operating on gasoline and synchronized with the automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive system.

There is really much to choose from. The initial version is estimated from $18526,00, and if you install an automatic gearbox, the price tag will rise to the mark of $19232,50. Two all-wheel drive versions will cost from $20253,00 and $21116,50, respectively.

The top version has a 1.7-liter diesel engine, all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. As additional options, the front seats and steering wheel, rear camera, parking sensors and other systems are heated. The interior is dominated by high quality plastic and leather.

Competitors Mocha Opel

Russian drivers have already fallen in love with the popular SUV class, which includes small crossovers, which are obviously not designed for off-road driving. But they have received many advantages, including low cost, good equipment and stylish appearance. Among the opponents of the German, we can distinguish four potential competitors.

Among them, Nissan Juke, which has a more unusual appearance, and Peugeot 2008, which has a strict style of interior decoration, but lower height of road clearance (only 165 millimeters). Next comes Renault Captur, also having an unusual design, but not such a quality interior as the German one. The list is completed by the Japanese car Mitsubishi ASX,, which is already in the basic configuration is inferior to the Mokka Opel.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Car value;
  • Advanced electronics;
  • Availability of an on-board computer;
  • Good comfort;
  • Admissible interior space;
  • Economical power units;
  • Exclusive options available;
  • Pleasant appearance of the car;
  • Resistant ground clearance;
  • Personal safety;
  • Can choose all-wheel drive equipment;
  • The updated version has a more convenient layout of the color display, which is also touch-screen;
  • Qualitative interior;
  • Small size;
  • Good machine safety level;
  • Comfortable seats.

Cons of a car

  • Small spectrum for choosing the desired power unit for the Russian Federation;
  • No record luggage compartment;
  • Li>Like diesel engine;
  • Powerful undervalued front lip, which can be corrected by removing it;
  • Rear passengers don’t have enough space for their legs and head.

Owner’s Reviews

Generally speaking, based on Opel Mocca, we can say that most car owners are satisfied with their choice and consider the car reliable. Among the advantages, drivers note a high landing, good handling, acceptable braking system, an abundance of various crates. Thick steel protection of the powertrain was a pleasant surprise. Despite the 175-millimeter ground clearance, the car rarely gets stuck in winter.

At low temperatures, the vehicle can be started without difficulty. Of course, the suspension seems a little harsh when the car is empty, but if four people are sitting, it all falls into place. Judging by the feedback from the owners of Opel Mocha, there are no problems with the paint coating during the year of driving. Climatic system copes with its duties well – in winter the salon heats up properly, and in summer cools down quickly.

All controls, handles – all placed German engineers wisely, so set up everything is very easy and simple. The quality of seats is at the height. It is very easy to adjust them to yourself, however, there is a lack of lumbar support, so when you travel long distances, your back may leak.

At the same time, even a car with a 140 hp engine lacks power. The volume of the luggage compartment is very small, so it is possible to transport goods in the rear seat. Watching the situation behind the vehicle is very difficult. All the fault is a small rear window, as well as wide stands. Drivers also talk about increased fuel consumption, not very high quality audio system and navigation system.

Despite the small car, there is enough space inside. I was pleased with the option of heating the steering wheel, which will be very useful, given our cold winters. The headlights shine far and well, and they can also be adjusted. It is important to understand that the car is not designed for off-road driving, although there is an acceptable height of ground clearance and a system of intelligent four-wheel drive.

We sum up

The updated version of Opel Mokka 2017 was able to maintain the inherent trends of the already popular crossover in Russia. The appearance has become more aggressive and stylish. The front optics is attracting the attention of even the most demanding motorist. Stylish wheels complement the car perfectly. Inside there is also enough free space, despite the small size of the vehicle.

The quality of the finish is high. The central console has a touchscreen display, which is now better located than previous models. Thanks to this, the number of buttons has been significantly reduced, which has unloaded the front of the cabin. The seats are very comfortable and easy to set up.

Opel Mokka 2017

The luggage compartment still does not have a large capacity for luggage transportation, but if necessary, you can lower the backrests of the rear seats, which will significantly increase the useful volume. In general, the update for the German crossover Opel Mocha, has made the car even better, and a fairly reasonable price, allows the car to compete successfully with other competitors.

We advise you to read the article: Opel’s History

Opel Mokka X photo

Test drive

Video Overview of Mocha X

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