• Car model: Lada
  • Producing country: Russia
  • Year of issue: 2001
  • Body Type: Hatchback

VAZ-2114 is a five-door hatchback manufactured by the Volga Automobile Plant. The restyled version of VAZ-2109 was produced under the conventional name “Samara-2”. The car differed from the previous models by a unique design of the nose area of the body, received new headlights, hood, radiator lining, bumper and moldings. The whole model range is Lada.

The official presentation took place in 2001, and serial production of this vehicle lasted for 10 years (from spring 2003 to December 2013). Throughout its history, the machine has undergone various improvements. The Lada-2114 was replaced by the new Lada Priora.

Domestic hatchback VAZ-2114 is quite common among the young population and is often acquired for the first time from the driving experience. The vehicle is referred to the budget niche, so it is not necessary to demand bright indicators and characteristics of the vehicle. Lada-2114 is suitable for country trips, as it has good road clearance, which allows to cope with minor obstacles and unevenness of the road surface.

Car history

As mentioned above, the production of the “14th model” lay at the Volga Automobile Plant. The car, which was equipped with a new name “Lada 2114 Samara-2”, was created on the platform of the famous VAZ-2109. Many owners of the “nine” are already tired of obsolete front panel, so the new European panel is very much loved by the drivers.

Serial production of the domestic hatchback was launched in 2003. Lada-2114 Samara was equipped with a familiar four-cylinder eight-valve 1.5-liter power plant, which was able to prove itself well on the model 2109. When the year 2007 came, the car has been updated, which affected the technical part.

VAZ-2114 car

The range of power units was supplemented by a new 8-valve 1.6-liter engine. The catalyst was now installed directly next to the internal combustion engine, and it also received a plastic housing. The changes also affected the dashboard. The company pleased the drivers with the presence of an on-board computer. The glove box at the top of the panel is missing, and the panel itself is finished with hard plastic.

Three years later, Super-Auto specialists significantly upgraded VAZ-2114 in 2010. Now under the hood of the domestic hatchback there was a sixteen-valve power unit from Lada Prior. Thanks to the cooperation with Recaro, it was possible to equip the machine with new seats and suspension. Production of Lada VAZ-2114 was stopped on December 24, 2013. “The “transitional” version, represented by the 14th model, has successfully replaced the new version from Lada – Priora.


Despite the release of a newer model, there are few differences between VAZ-2114 and VAZ-2109 in terms of bodywork. The novelty possessed:

  • A new front end of the body;
  • New shape lenses;
  • New hood;
  • Other radiator grille;
  • Improved quality of plastic on bumpers;
  • Spoiler;
  • Moldings;
  • Overlays on the thresholds.

One thing can be said frankly: VAZ-2114 was very lucky because of the policy pursued by the manufacturer. In fact, the pioneer in this series was a car VAZ-2115 in the body of a sedan, which, as practice has shown, was a real pancake coma.

Photo of the car VAZ-2114

Taking into account the mistakes made, developed for the 15th innovation and the use of time-tested features of 2109, it was possible to release a complete and one of the most successful vehicles in the history of AvtoVAZ – Lada-2114. The weight of the vehicle was 970 kg, and its payload was 425 kg. The height of the ground clearance is 160 mm.

After modifications by Super-Auto in 2011, the clearance was increased by 5 millimeters. This was achieved through the installation of racks from Lada Priora. Between the headlights there is a small radiator grille. Part of the reason for this was that the engine did not need large airflow to cool down. This is where the hood handle is located, which is very practical.

VAZ-2114 car photo

The VAZ-2114 has become much better than its predecessor in terms of appearance and interior design. The design turned out to be more streamlined and stylish.

The side part of VAZ-2114 has external mirrors, made in rectangular form. Thanks to this solution, the driver better controls the situation on the road. I would like to mention separately the doors of the 14th model. They have a special mechanism for opening, which contributes to a more comfortable landing and disembarkation of passengers.

According to AvtoVAZ’s designers, the door opening angle is almost 90 percent. Not every car can boast such characteristics to improve the level of comfort for its passengers and owner. The five-door model comes with 13-inch wheels, which can be replaced with more massive ones if desired.

VAZ-2114 side view

The back part was fulfilled with a glance at new ideas and solutions. The stern BA-2114 has modified headlights, which received 3 signals: stop, reverse and turn signals. This element is very practical and interesting. Moreover, this solution saves a small amount of space. I use such technologies almost all automobile concerns.

In general, the appearance of the VAZ-2114 has become more pleasant, modern and not so sharp, compared to the VAZ-2109. Stylish dodger on the whole edge of the car added a certain zest of appearance. It is nice that the bumpers were now painted to match the color of the body. The appearance of the new trucks was equipped with sports features: the cut of headlights was narrowed, the shape of the hood cover was changed, the body became more streamlined.

VAZ-2114 rear view

Aerodynamic parameters were first identical to those of model 2115. However, later, the drag coefficient of the upgraded Lada-2114 was even lower – 0.45 vs. 0.46 of the “standard” 2109. But the balance of lifting forces has changed seriously: the total lifting force has slightly increased, but now it is distributed evenly along the axes. Due to such improvements, the quality of driving at high speeds is improved.

A small feature of the Lada 2114 car is the installed spoiler, which allows you to increase the grip on the road, as well as the dynamic data of the car. The double benefit of this is that it is already in the basic version from the factory.


As for the finishing of the salon VAZ-2114, it has inexpensive, but high-quality materials. Rigid plastic of the front panel squeaks very strongly while driving. From the point of view of our drivers, the salon can be considered even “luxury”, as it has an on-board computer, seat heating function, two windows and fog lights.

The on-board computer displays information about the amount of gasoline in the tank, the number of kilometers that can still be driven, the average cost and time. The steering wheel is comfortable and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. It is very pleasant that the steering wheel does not interfere with a full view of the dashboard. The salon of the updated VAZ-2114 also has a heater with an updated structure. The doors are equipped with central locks.

Interior of VAZ-2114

It is worth mentioning the new europanel separately. It has two LCD displays. The left corner of the “dashboard” is occupied by a temperature sensor, which informs the driver about the current engine temperature to prevent overheating of the power unit. This sensor is designed as a scale. Next comes the tachometer, which received a round design.

The central upper part of the tachymeter is equipped with an arrow-shaped tachymeter. Near the engine speed sensor there is a scale that displays the speed of the machine. The maximum value on the speedometer is 200 kilometers per hour. Finally, the upper right side shows the level of gasoline in the tank. Underneath this sensor there are size and high beam alarms as well as a brake system fault message.

VAZ-2114 salon

It wasn’t without a fence thermometer. The driver’s seat is not the most comfortable. It is simply impossible to adjust. When landing, the notch presses on the back, and most car owners sin on it. The central part of the vehicle has emergency signs, which look like a normal dark strip during normal operation of the vehicle.

Due to the new panel structure, the ventilation of the interior has been improved. The problem of air supply to the deflectors on the sides has been eliminated. The armchair lining has a fabric structure, which over time is covered with highly visible scuff marks. Many elements of interior decoration are very loosened and creaky, which can be heard at the slightest movement. But it is nice that such a defect can be easily eliminated.

Also restyling model Lada 2114 is equipped with fasteners of safety belts from “tens”. The ceiling has received a customizable flashlight interior lighting. Lada 2114 has no abundance of free space for passengers. The sofa installed at the back is uncomfortable and uncomfortable during long trips. Although the rear seats can be folded, but in normal condition they take up a lot of space.

It’s not gonna be so convenient for a grown man to sit in the back. In principle, even a normal person with average height will not feel comfortable. The rear window lifts are manual. A lot of owners of the fourteenth model fight against outside noise in the cabin with the help of sound and vibration insulation. However, due to these improvements, the weight of the vehicle is increased significantly.

Some owners of VAZ-2114 complain about jamming of rear doors, so they are difficult to open. Also, the loud and unpleasant sound of closing the doors has not gone away. If you fold the back row and remove the shelf, the useful space inside the Russian hatchback will be more – 600 liters. In the normal position, the luggage compartment is not allocated a large volume – 330 liters.

Trunk VAZ-2114

It is also unpleasant that the factory shelf, which we talked about a little higher, is constantly drumming. That’s why many people recommend buying an acoustic shelf that will dampen such unpleasant sounds. In general, the upgrade has had a positive impact on the inside, although there are also controversial issues. For example, the stove has become more powerful, but because of this increased the level of noise produced.



For 10 years of serial production of Lada 2114, several power units were placed under its hood. At first it is worth mentioning the 1.5-liter, 8-valve engine, which developed 78 horsepower and 116 Nm. It consumed such an engine of about 7.3 liters for every 100 kilometers in combined mode.

This modification has an injector inlet with control through an electronic block, instead of the outdated carburetor one. A new camshaft with corrected phases was not necessary. After AvtoVAZ introduced the VAZ-2114 injector into the “engine”, a group of engineers increased the efficiency of the engine by adding power to it. On the other hand, it was also possible to reduce the “fuel appetite”.

VAZ-2114 engine

In 2004, a modification of the power unit with a working volume of 1.6 liters was produced. The engine produced 81 horsepower and 125 Nm. In the combined mode, the engine consumed 7.6 liters for each hundred kilometers. The eight-valve injector propulsion system has an increased volume due to the increased height of the cylinder by 2.3 millimeters, which provided a greater stroke of the piston.

Instead of the ignition module, a coil was installed. The new version of the engine became more powerful and environmentally friendly, but petrol consumption increased compared to the first 1.5-liter engine. In addition, in the same year, a 1.6-liter version of the engine with a 16-valve system was released.

This engine has already produced 89 “horses” and 131 Nm of rotational force. Based on passport data, 7.5 litres of gasoline in combined mode is required for every 100 kilometers of travel.
In 2007, this engine was subjected to serious revision. The working volume remained at the same level of 1.6 litres. But the capacity has increased to 98 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque.

It is pleasant that the increased capacity did not affect the “fuel appetite”. According to the passport data, the new product consumes 7.2 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. The VAZ-2114 engine of the past 3 years has been well worked on and introduced several changes.

VAZ-2114 engine photo

The connecting rod and piston group was lightened by 39%. The drive of the gas distribution mechanism was changed – now it was automatically tightened. Holes for valves became smaller in size. The quality of the cylinder honing has increased significantly.


All VAZ-2114 engines work together with a five-speed manual transmission, which has been improved. All torque potential is transmitted exclusively to the front wheels. Both transmission and undercarriage were developed only by Russian engineers.

Running gear

The vehicle was built on the platform of the previous model – the time-tested “nine” (VAZ-2109), which was subjected to major upgrades. The front wheels work with McPherson columns, and the rear wheels work with longitudinal levers or screw springs. Operating the machine does not cause the most pleasant sensation, as there is no power steering.

The steering wheel itself is made on the type of pinion-rail. Brake system of the domestic hatchback has disc brakes in front and drum mechanisms in the back. If we take the average speed of 80 kilometers per hour, the braking distance in the presence of passengers will be 40 m.


Talking about the security level of Lada-2114 is not very pleasant. The car has not received airbags and has too thin body metal, which is not able to provide an adequate level of protection in an emergency situation. The vehicle deforms strongly even in case of slight impacts, so you can advise not to move at high speeds.

Complete sets and prices

The Lada-2114 package will not be very rich. However, the machine is practical, unusual and has a list of necessary functions. The car possesses:

  • Climate control;
  • A seat with an abundance of settings;
  • Steering wheel, which can be set both on the departure and the vertical plane;
  • Dashboard with engine speed and speed sensors;
  • On-board computer;
  • Central console with an abundance of buttons;
  • Anti-blocking system;
  • Front seat heating function.

VAZ-2114 2001

It is impossible to buy a new car VAZ 2114, as the production of such a model has been stopped. But on the second-hand car market it is possible to buy quite a good variant. The price may vary depending on the year of manufacture, equipment and general condition. On the average it is about 3 724 $.


Any car owner wants his car to be different and stand out on the road. In addition, drivers want to improve their technical performance by increasing power or reducing their “fuel appetite”. The best way to achieve these goals is by tuning your vehicle.

It involves improving visual properties, driving characteristics and comfort. It is pleasant that the most part of Lada 2114 tuning can be done independently. The main parts of tuning can be distinguished by several:

  • Appearance;
  • Inner part;
  • Powertrain compartment, chassis and other improvements that improve the performance of hatchback.

Tuning VAZ-2114

Body Tuning

The easiest way to modernize the body for a domestic car is to paint the body in unusual colors or use stickers. With the help of the game of contrasts it will be possible to make the car flashy and noticeable in the city stream. However, it is very important not to forget to agree with the traffic police, as the color of the car is specified in the documents.

Air intakes can be referred to the interesting details of the car modernization. Some people change the appearance of the hood and roof. Although the driving characteristics of the vehicle do not depend on it, the appearance of the tuning model will become more unusual. Not so often, but still you can find the “lambo doors”, which looks very catchy.

Machine doors that open upwards will be difficult to leave unattended. It is not that easy to do this work. It is very important not to forget to adjust the gaps. In the future, you can improve the comfort of driving in the dark with the help of tuning headlights Lada 2114. You can paint the lamps and put LED elements or lenses in them.

If there is no desire to bother, sold factory version of headlights for Lada 2113-15, which differ from the basic ones. To give the appearance of your car you can install a set of stylish dodger. It has:

  • Front and rear bumper;
  • Anti-wing;
  • Overlays on the wing.

With the help of such parts it will be possible to increase the air flow to the VAZ-2114 power unit and improve aerodynamics. The appearance of the car will get more sporty notes. Elements for tuning are purchased both separately and in a set. They are distinguished by their appearance, durability, weight and other parameters. Among the drawbacks of such modernization it is necessary to highlight the high cost of body elements.

It is also worth mentioning the side mirrors. Standard elements do not differ in the big review and in a cold time there appears ice. Specialized stores can offer mirrors without these shortcomings. With the help of new mirrors you will not only improve the appearance of the car, but also increase the level of comfort and driving safety.

To the small details which are capable to improve appearance VAZ-2114, carry overlays of the various plan and appearance. There is also the presence of more modern wind turbines, air intake bumper, overlays on the arches of the wheels, etc.

Salon Tuning

Changes can be made not only to the appearance of our hatchback, but also to the inside. There are different ways to tunnel the VAZ-2114 salon, as almost everything can be changed. To the most simple tuning of the 14th model it is possible to carry:

  • Installation of the armrest;
  • Replacing the rearview mirrors;
  • Installation of nozzles for mobile gadgets;
  • Decorations.

It is important to understand that the total modernization of the Lada 2114 salon by own efforts will take some time and considerable funds. It is necessary to understand at once that it is necessary for you personally and at the moment.

Next, you can cover the doors and the interior as a whole. Inside, the car can be covered with a variety of materials. Fabrics, leathers and even rustic leather are perfect. Then the audio system and dashboard are installed. Dashboard can be used factory, or you can install a newer, which will significantly brighten up the interior of the car.

Some carry out gluing of surfaces by vibroisolation sheets. Such works will help to provide noise reduction inside VAZ-2114. It is unlikely that the basic steering wheel causes a pleasant feeling, so it can be replaced by a sports steering wheel.

But it is important to remember that such changes may interest traffic police officers. To improve their car, they install LED lighting of the bottom, luggage compartment and interior. This will have a positive effect on the visual perception of the car.

Tuning the chassis

If we talk about the modernization of the “walk”, it will not have a positive impact on the appearance of the machine, but will significantly increase the dynamics and behavior of hatchback on the roadway. There are 2 variants of the given tuning: sports and economy. The sports variant implies an increase in the driving characteristics of the vehicle, which will allow the car to be more dynamic.

The name of the second option speaks for itself – it reduces fuel consumption. Among the main systems that are being improved are the powertrain and the walkway. Tuning of the Lada 2114 suspension includes calibrating the entire system, carrying out hatchback runs, as well as upgrading individual components:

  • I’ll replace the springs;
  • Improvement of shock absorbers;
  • Installation of the stabilizer of transverse stability.

Such improvements will improve the level of driving comfort and optimize the behavior of VAZ-2114 on the road. As a result, the car will rock less, will stop rolling at a sharp turn.

Powertrain Tuning

Tuning the engine of the 13th, 14th or 15th model is quite difficult, but it is possible. In order to increase the engine power it is necessary to re-flash the control unit and to increase the diameter of the cylinders by means of boring. To achieve a better result, the BC that distributes the gas can be replaced. Together these actions are quite safe and help to increase the engine power up to one third.

More efficient, but risky, methods include installing a turbine and replacing the crankshaft with a new, extended stroke piston. Such work will make the VAZ-2114 more dynamic, but it often leads to a rapid failure of the hatchback engine. Nobody canceled the possibility of chip-tuning VAZ-2114, which will also add power or reduce fuel consumption without using the disassembly of the “engine”.

Comparison with competitors

In this price segment, the VAZ-2114 car does not have many direct competitors. But the choice except for the 14th model may fall on VAZ-2112 or younger Lada Priora. There is no point in talking about significant differences, but it is clear that Lada Priora will be newer and more modern.

All machines are produced by the same manufacturer, so there will be no cardinal differences. Someone will like Lada-2114, because of its more sporty appearance, but there will be connoisseurs for VAZ-2112 or Lada Priora. In any case, the choice is made by everyone personally.

Reviews from the owners

Owners of Lada 2114 note a more modern and beautiful appearance of the car, if you compare the model with VAZ-2112 or even more so with the “nine”. The car takes even its value, especially if you compare it with used foreign cars. Hatchback, according to the owners, is easy enough to drive.

The latest versions received front power windows, on-board computer, rear window heating and so on. The power plant turned out to be quite sharp. The height of the ground clearance, which allows you to use the car not only for urban travel, cannot but please.

Domestic hatchback is unpretentious in service. The cost of spare parts is not as frightening as on the same foreign cars. With such a sharp enough power unit, fuel consumption is within normal limits. Tuning enthusiasts will find the car ideal, as it has a large bridgehead for modernization options both outside and inside. It is also worth mentioning the excellent aerodynamics.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account the quality of the finishing materials and not the best assembly. VAZ-2114 drivers complain about unreliability, lack of free space inside the machine, low quality of iron and paintwork materials. Often the car is purchased for the family, and the 14th model suffers in terms of safety, because there is no even a driver’s airbag.

Also the car has no air conditioner and often breaks down. There is a feeling of discomfort during long trips. Seats lack good side support. The plastic of the front panel is quite zhetysky.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Good aerodynamics;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Quite sharp power plants;
  • Acceptable height of ground clearance;
  • In honor of the young population;
  • Many possibilities for various improvements;
  • Already the base car has small and stylish back spoiler;
  • The forward drive;
  • Good firmness;
  • Colour of bumpers under colour of a body;
  • Good wear resistance of a suspension bracket;
  • More pleasant europanel;
  • There is an on-board computer;
  • Heating of front seats;
  • Cost;
  • Electric windows;
  • Cast wheels with the possibility of installing larger diameter “rollers”;
  • Adjustable steering column;
  • Ease of repair;
  • Small fuel consumption.

Cons of a car

  • Often breaking the doorknobs;
  • The bumpers are also very easy to break because they are plastic;
  • The car is rotting very quickly, you need to treat it with primer yourself, as the manufacturer has missed it;
  • There is not much free space inside;
  • Low level of safety;
  • There is no air conditioner and power steering;
  • Low quality of assembly;
  • Rigid front panel plastic;
  • Small luggage compartment.


Taking into account the information about the Russian “five-door”, we can safely say that VAZ-2114 is a car with more advantages than disadvantages. The car cannot be classified as a comfortable and luxurious car in the premium segment. The quality of parts, elements and assembly in general is far from ideal. But even taking into account all these defects, it is impossible to say that hatchback turned out to be frankly bad.

It has a pleasant and stylish appearance, unpretentious in maintenance and repair, allows you to carry out various tuning, which concerns not only the appearance, but also the interior of the car. Here it is also worth to add low cost of the car as a whole and small prices for spare parts.

VAZ-2114 photo auto

Of course, it’s a security issue, because she’s not here. Also inside there is very little free space, and the luggage compartment has a small volume. Power units have enough power for dynamic movement, and “fuel appetite” will not seriously exhaust your wallet. Separately, it is worth noting the energy-intensive suspension and good control, which was achieved thanks to the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle.

In contrast to its predecessors, VAZ-2114 received an adjustable steering column, on-board computer, front seat heating function and electric windows for front doors. There was also a European panel with two small LCD displays. All this has significantly increased the overall level of comfort.

Hatchback VAZ-2114

Therefore, Lada-2114 can be safely advised to beginners and amateurs to dig in the car. This hatchback is often found on the roads of many cities and continues to faithfully carry out their service, regardless of the time.

We advise you to read the article: AutoVAZ history – LADA cars

VAZ-2114 photo

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