Lada 112

Lada 112
  • Car model: Lada
  • Producing country: Russia
  • Year of issue: 1999
  • Body Type: Hatchback

Hatchback VAZ-2112, which entered the production line in 1999, became the final link of the “tenth” division. The Lada 110 represents the family of vehicles, which were produced from 1995 to 2008 at AvtoVAZ and other production facilities. The main vehicle of the division was the VAZ-2110 model. VAZ-2112 was replaced by the older Lada Priora model. The whole model range is Lada.

Car history

In 1983 the design of a sedan on the platform of hatchback VAZ-2108 was started. The project was named VAZ-2110. But it is interesting that the design team made too many changes that made the car more expensive. Because of this, in 1984, this project was separated from the project of a simple “transition” of VAZ-2108 to a sedan (which was later named VAZ-21099).

The first experimental version of “dozens” was released in July 1985. The management had plans to put the car into mass production since 1992, but the economic crisis had its impact. The debut versions of “dozens” were released in June 1995. Production was carried out directly by AvtoVAZ.

VAZ-2110 Experienced

Serial production of cars began in August 1996, and it was possible to buy the novelty in the same year. In those years, the world’s technologies of the automotive industry have risen to a new level and a breakthrough to the end of the 1980s, the car could not be called a completely new vehicle. But despite these and other complaints about the quality of assembly in the 1990s, the car was a clear step forward for the Soviet car industry.

If we compare “Zhiguli” and “Samara”, the 2110 were positioned as a car of a higher class, which was modern and competitive both externally and internally. To be more precise, VAZ-2112 has an electronic control system for the powertrain (although the debut versions were with carburettors) and a diagnostic unit (on-board computer).

Photo VAZ-2112

In addition, the Lada 2112 could be equipped with hydraulic power steering and power windows. The body parts were made of galvanized metal, new body painting technology and so on. The production of 2110 marked a new stage in the development of the Soviet automobile industry. The hero of our article Lada 2112 appeared a little later, in 1999, almost immediately after the universal VAZ 2111. Today we will get acquainted closer with this domestic model.


Because of the galvanized bodies “ten” at the time of their release was not a little noise, however, if you walk down the street you can see rust and even through holes on the doorsteps of cars. There are owners of fresh 2112s, and not only of this model of the 10th family, who decided not to use anticorrosive treatment for their galvanized bodies. For this reason, the bottom of such cars was covered with rust very quickly.

The twelfth model turned out to be 93 millimeters shorter than the “sedan” version. Buying has affected only the rear overhang area, but the wheelbase of the two cars is the same. If we compare the vehicles of domestic assembly in the face of “chisel” and VAZovsky classics, the twelfth model has a good aerodynamics even by current standards.

Photo Lada 112

The head resistance is 0.3. Since 2003, the VAZ-21123 small-scale assembly was started, which differs from the standard version by a 3-door body. The doors of VAZ-21123 are 200 millimeters longer than the standard twelfth model. The Lada 21122 had an eight-valve engine and 13-inch wheels, and a more powerful version was supplied with a sixteen-valve powertrain and 14-inch wheels.

It is important to note that in addition to the 3-door body, VAZ 21123 received more advanced wheel arches, so fans of tuning are allowed to install even 15-inch stylish “rollers” on the car. If we take into account Lada Kalina, it is attributed to the division B, but the 10th division and the twelfth model in particular leans to class C.

Photo by Lada 112

VAZ 2112 is 320 millimeters longer than the same Lada Kalina hatchback. However, the dimensions of the domestic hatchback do not allow you to fully fit into the growing modern Golf Class. It is a little unusual and even unpleasant that the company decided to install a cooling radiator under the nose bumper intakes, which for some reason did not receive additional protection.

Quite often the following happens: the stone gets into the radiator, pierces it and causes leakage. The front part of the “little girl” was left unchanged. The headlights provided for the installation of lenses. The hood, mounted on 2 shock absorbers, was at that time just chic in the Soviet automotive industry. The sides of the hood were on the sides, and the hood itself had complicated bends, which slightly burdened its production.

The Lada 2112 side part turned out to be really fast and sporty. The side is slightly licked, has infusions of bumpers and well thought-out aerodynamics. Everyone has got used to the design of this car for a long time. It is impossible to talk about whether it is beautiful or not, as it is already a part of our life. Absolutely any domestic driver will recognize this vehicle.

After its first release, most people thought that in front of them a foreign car. Everybody felt pleasant feelings from the design, but today VAZ 2112 has many competitors. People have already forgotten about this car, but its design does not lose anything to modern foreign cars.

Lada 112 rear view

From the very beginning, the car was conceived both externally and internally as a sports version of the standard 2110. Trying to standardize the cars in the same way, it was decided to leave the rear lights, then fashionable lane, passing through the entire rear part. The spoiler that was placed on the back door is not a design fad, but rather a necessity. It appeared because of the emergence of the lifting force when moving.


If a person who drove the “tenth” model sits in the “girl”, he will immediately find a rather important difference. The gearbox cover is made of plastic and VAZ-2112 has a little more. Because of this, from the right side of the brake pedal to the transmission tunnel gearbox housing, about 9 centimeters. It turns out that there should still be a gas pedal in these 9 centimeters.

It is clear that it’s not so convenient to press such pedals, because together with the accelerator pedal you can press the brake in reverse order. The steering wheel is exactly the same as in the usual “tenth” models. Cars received an adjustable angle of inclination “steering wheel”. As for the seats and door cards of the twelfth model, they were covered with the same color-coded fabric, which was dyed by the body of the vehicle.

Interior Lada 112

Due to the anti-wing installed on the luggage compartment lid, the visibility level drops significantly. Some car owners decide to dismantle it, justifying themselves by the fact that this improves the appearance of the Lada 2112. The glove compartment in front of the front passenger is large enough to hold A4 sheets.

The expensive version of the Lada 2112 Suite has been provided with a trip computer, informing the owner about the current fuel consumption, average consumption and the distance the car can travel on the remaining fuel.

Speaking of the front panel, it reminds some of the familiar lowest torpedoes from the early releases of the “eights”. The engineers were able to create a convenient dashboard combination. Of course, there are some uncomfortably located control buttons, but the torpedo as a whole is not as bad as it may seem.

Photo of the Lada 112 salon

It is worth being frank: the twelfth model has a hard plastic that makes often squeaky sounds, but it is clear that it is much more ergonomic than the “eighth” family. In the center you can see the famous alarm device with a car pattern, informing the driver that not all the doors are closed. The clock, the alarm button, which could be done a little bit more, and the fuser and flap adjustments were placed on the side.

In general, sitting at the “helm” of Lada-2112 is quite free. However, the steering wheel covers the buttons of light, fog lights and heating of glass. The switches are conveniently placed under the steering wheel, so there is no need to reach them. The steering wheel is directly adjusted in thickness, so it is convenient to use. I would also like to thank the engineering staff for installing height-adjustable seat belts.

There’s plenty of room at the feet of the man sitting in front. The factory decided not to spoil the door cladding in any way, which is why it causes more pleasant emotions than, for example, Lada Priora’s rigid plastic. The presence of a pleasant, fluffy upholstery material and a comfortable pocket underneath will only please the driver. The rear part can no longer be so pleasing. A passenger sitting on the rear sofa VAZ 2112 will come into contact with the front seat, but the sofa itself is quite comfortable.

It is two-piece (the backrest is divided into 2 parts). It was “moved” to the twelfth model from 2111. This made it easier to transport luggage. The average person does not rest his head on the ceiling. Looking around the ceiling upholstery one can notice a rather interesting element. Black plastic box has a sensor that sets the optimal temperature inside the car.

VAZ 2112 salon

It is impossible to say that the luggage compartment of VAZ 2112 is very large, but it is not small, as for such a class. There are 399 liters for the driver. But if necessary, this figure can be increased by folding the parts of the back of the “gallery” in a ratio of 2:1, which provides a volume of up to 730 liters of usable space.

The underground raised floor of a hatchback possesses a standard set – a high-grade spare wheel and necessary tools. Also it is possible to notice a small shelf for easy things from above. The speakers are located near the rear windows. Even among the differences from the machines of the 8th family can be distinguished low loading height, which greatly facilitates the loading / unloading of luggage.



For the Lada 112, they offered a line of in-line gasoline four-cylinder engines, which many people know from the “ten”. In the beginning, the hatchback had a 1.5-liter engine, where there was a carburettor power system. As a result, the engine developed 73 “horses” and 109 Nm.

However, very quickly this “engine” was replaced by eight and six-valve power units, which received a multipoint injection. The working volume of such engines was 1.5 – 1.6 liters. The new engines produced 79-90 hp and 109-131 Nm of torque. Motors from 7.3 to 8 liters in mixed mode consume.

VAZ-2112 engine

In fact, the VAZ-2112 engine is a qualitative evolution of the VAZ-2111 power plant, but it has already received a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism instead of eight valves. Among the main differences we can highlight the use of 4 valves per cylinder, 2 camshafts, which contributes to the engine at one time to supply more fuel and air mixture to the combustion chamber and more quickly withdraw the exhaust gases to the exhaust system.

Up to 3,000 rpm the engines function almost equally, but when the arrow exceeds 3,000, the 16-valve engine is more dynamic. Interestingly, gasoline consumption is lower than on the 8-valve (2111). The motor itself (1.5) is injector, in-line and has an upper camshaft position.

The gas distribution system has a belt drive. Many owners of VAZ-2112 faced with a belt breakage of the timing belt. This is a very unpleasant event, because during the belt break the gas distribution mechanism of the valve bend. The new cylinder head has hydro-compensators, which allows drivers not to adjust the thermal clearance of the valves. In addition, the main bearings have additional oil channels.


Together with the Lada-2112 power plant there is a mechanical five-speed gearbox. All torque is transmitted only to the front wheels. The first hundred kilometers is achieved in 12-14 seconds. The maximum speed mode does not exceed 170-185 kilometers per hour.

Running gear

Technically, the domestic hatchback does not differ much from the “standard” sedan. For a basis have put the forward-drive “cart” having independent suspension of type McPherson in front and semi-independent structure with a torsion beam behind. The steering device has a rack and pinion mechanism, and the brake system has disc brakes in front and drum mechanisms at the back.

Complete sets and prices

To date, it is possible to purchase a supported domestic model of VAZ-2112 in a well-groomed condition from 2,328 $. There is not much to say about the equipment. The car has a hydraulic power steering and a stove, which increases the level of comfort. Safety is low.


VAZ-2112 is one of the best solutions of the Russian automotive industry. The car possesses small comfort. However, many people strive to distinguish their vehicle by tuning. Nowadays tuning has become very popular, especially for domestic cars. Due to the fact that manufacturers have reduced the bodywork, hatchback has become more convenient while driving.

To one more advantage it is possible to add high ability to maneuver during turns that does the given car similar to the car of a sports class. “Dvenashka” represents a complete and comfortable car in general, but almost every master will find what needs to be improved. For example, you can update the silhouette of the car. To do this, a variety of additions are used, which allow you to create a new appearance of the Lada 2112. In addition, experts advise to increase the aerodynamic data of the vehicle.

Appearance tuning

New body components should be used to change the appearance. Some VAZ-2112 owners resort to stylish aerodynamic dodging, which can have different appearance. There is a sports type, and there is a dodger that emphasizes the unique style and characteristic feature of the Soviet hatchback.

After the installation of such dodgers, the “little girl” will be a bit like American cars. There are two varieties of aerodynamic dodger for a similar five-door dodger:

  • The first – with a sporty slope – influences the smoothness of driving at high speed due to the correct structure;
  • The second is a styling enhancement. The set includes an impressive air intake, which allows you to easily cool the engine and brake system.

Tuning VAZ-2112

You can upgrade your car if you work on its backlight. The lighting is not only installed under the floor itself, but also underneath the stern lanterns. More modern front optics will help to rejuvenate the hatchback, giving it athletic notes. In this case, LED lighting is used.

On the practical side, you can install a heated windshield, which helps to save a lot of time during the cleaning of the glass in winter. In warm season, such tuning VAZ-2112 helps to reduce sweating of the vehicle.

Salon Tuning

The inside of the car is the favorite part of the car for tuning enthusiasts. Owners usually decide to set up the interior lighting. Not everyone likes the standard dashboard lighting. Such work can be carried out by any car owner hatchback Lada 2112. There are craftsmen who replace the ceiling with the one similar to Lada Priora.

It fits perfectly, as it corresponds to the dimensions. Similar actions are carried out and with a covering of doors. To improve the level of comfort, noise insulation works are carried out. Also for convenience, new seats are installed with good side support, high-quality music system and so on.

Technical part tuning

To upgrade the performance of the twelfth model, it is important to increase the working volume. It is determined by the stroke diameter and piston. This volume is increased by using the factory version or by improving it with your own hands. If you choose the second case, you will have to convert the factory stroke, but this way you can not significantly increase the volume.

Today, chip tuning of the engine is very popular. There is an economic and original sports version of chip tuning VAZ 2112. The sports way includes increase of dynamic indicators of the car in city line. We will have to be ready to increase fuel consumption.

If it scares away a little bit of the fuel appetite, you can switch to gas equipment. The economy option reduces fuel consumption in the city, which is exactly what many people are interested in.

The given works are carried out with use of the special equipment and skill, therefore it is strongly advised to carry out similar processes on qualitative service stations.

Comparison with competitors

Hatchback VAZ-2112 doesn’t have any special rivals. But the choice of a potential buyer can also fall on VAZ-2114, Lada Kalina. The car 2114 has a low cost, high visibility, ease of operation and maintenance, as well as the lack of price jumps. And VAZ-2112 is equipped with a more powerful engine, braking system with ventilation function, interior decorated in a modern style and spacious luggage compartment.

Reviews from the owners

The owners of VAZ 2112 note that this car is one of the best cars of domestic production. Drivers talk about the ease of repair, good fuel consumption and relative speed stability. Details are much cheaper than for similar foreign cars. The car is quite reliable, there is a large range for tuning fans.

The good sharpness of the car was influenced by excellent aerodynamics. On the other hand, 2112 is not a foreign car, so you can meet dancing body gaps, low quality of metal, zero safety, squeaky salon and insufficient space for rear passengers. The quality of spare parts also leaves much to be desired. However, for the first car, the domestic hatchback is ideal. The car also has a drive on the front wheels, which facilitates driving in winter.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • It’s a small price to pay;
  • Acceptable ground clearance height;
  • Simplicity of repair and inexpensive spare parts;
  • Front drive;
  • Acceptable volume of luggage compartment;
  • Low aerodynamic resistance;
  • Possibility for tuning;
  • The hydraulic amplifier of a steering wheel;
  • Full-valued spare wheel.

Cons of a car

  • Outdated exterior design and salon;
  • Poor quality assembly;
  • Frequent breakdowns;
  • Inside the salon unpleasant sounds;
  • Little free space;
  • Uncomfortable seats;
  • Low level of safety;
  • Lack of power.


Although the VAZ-2112 car has not been produced for a long time, it can be quite often found on the streets of many cities of the former Soviet Union. The car was able to recommend itself quite well, especially at the beginning of production. Many even took this hatchback for a foreign car. Even today the car has not so rough design, as for example “nine” or similar cars, and looks even modern.

If the driver does not ignore his car, it will look good. The “Dvenashka” has received average height of road clearance, front drive, more or less good interior and volume boot. It is clear that the model cannot compete with foreign cars, but for its price is the best option.

Lada 112 Coupe

It is especially suitable for tuning lovers, as it has a lot of opportunities to improve the appearance, interior and technical part. It will not be possible to avoid low-quality interior, low noise insulation. Also inside, especially on the back row, there is not enough free space. Squeaky sounds will accompany the driver on the road at all times.

Power plants do not always have enough power, mainly there is a lack of power during overtaking. But the engine can be called quite economical, even in urban areas. VAZ 2112 is not an ideal car, but for the first car it will work well, as it has a small cost in the secondary market, low price tags for spare parts and is easily repaired.

We advise you to read the article: AutoVAZ history – LADA cars

VAZ 2112 photo

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